perm filename DAD.L1[1,VDS] blob sn#146928 filedate 1975-02-16 generic text, type C, neo UTF8
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C00011 ENDMK
\CPALO ALTO, CA. 94306
\F4\←L\-R\/'7;\+R\→.\→S   Telephone:
\F1\CFebruary 16, 1975

Mr. Morton Witzling
Goldfarb and Fleece
345 Park Avenue
New York, N.Y. 10022

Dear Mr. Witzling:

	Enclosed are some documents pertaining to the estate of my father.  I have
tried to identify them where possible.  The handwritten notes on yellow paper are
mine, for your reference.  I have grouped them into six categories:  
	Trusts, Wills, and Certificates
	Insurance Policies
	Investments and other Assets
	Bills Unpaid
	Checks Uncashed
	Signatures from Mom, Dick, and Myself on Documents
	The enclosed papers represent the important documents I was able to round up while 
in New York.  No doubt there are others which you and I will dig up.  Please make a
list of what you find and what you want and I will attempt to fill you in on the
details I am familiar with.  We can do this by mail, phone or you can wait until
I return to New York sometime in March.

	The following is a list of the papers enclosed.

	1) Trusts, Wills and Certificates

	Trust Indenture- Dated August 5, 1965
	Trust Agreement- Dated Oct. 21, 1959
	Will of William Scheinman
	Death Certificates- 5 copies

	2) Insurance Policies

	Automobile Insurance Policies
	Malpractice Insurance Policy
	Disability Policy
	Major Medical Expense Policy
	Mutual of Omaha- Medical Expense Policies- 3 policies
	Continental Casualty Co.- Medical Expense Policy
	Office Liability Policy -(with Leon Rosenblatt)
	Homeowners Insurance Policy- (with Leon Rosenblatt)
	Equitable Life Policy- with HIP- $50,000
	Equitable Life Policy- with HIP- $15,000
	Blue Cross- Refund Check- uncashed.

	3) Investments and Other Assets

	Keogh Plan papers and contracts- you have bank book already
	Keystone Funds Papers
	Britton Properties Partnership papers ( Movie- "Beyond the Law")
	The Mariner Project 
	Travellers Checks- uncashed
	The Reserve Fund
	Sydart Properties- uncashed interest check enclosed
	Revenue Anticipation Note (RAN) record
	Bankers Acceptance Record

	4) Bills Unpaid

	Funeral Expenses
	Gas Company Credit Cards
	Telephone Bill
	Rent on Office

	5) Uncashed Checks and Payments to Dad

	Payment Checks from Patients- 3 enclosed but more comming in.
	Sydart Properties (check is in category 3 folder)
	Blue Cross - (cjeck is in category 2 folder)

	6) Signatures

	Signed Account Cards and Forms for FNCB
	Claimants Statement for Conn. Mutual Life Ins.
	FNCB managers card- for your reference

	Also enclosed is a preliminary list of the Bonds and Notes my Dad held.
They are presently being kept by my Mother.

	As you know, my father was executor of the estate of William Scheinman. In
this capacity he handled a number of trust accounts.  I have a lot of papers and
documents covering the transactions involved.  Before investing monies in another
professional accounting, I would like to send an informal accounting to all involved.
So- could you please send me all the trustee bank books, so I can do this shortly.

	I have sent Mr. David Mason (my Dad's accountant) the details of his 1974 and
1975 transactions so that he can start on the tax returns.

	Let me know if you need more information.\.


Yours sincerely,

Victor Scheinman