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C00002 00002					Stanford Artificial Intelligence
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				Stanford Artificial Intelligence
				Stanford, California 94305
				29 Nov 1973

Mr. Thomas W. Burtnett
Manager of Computer Operations
Coordinated Science Laboratory
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Urbana, Illinois 61801

Dear Mr Burtnett,

I just  today recieved your  request for a  SAIL system. As  it turns
out, we are in  the middle of a rather substantial editing job on the
files, in preparation for the joint maintainence procedures discussed
at the workshop.  I expect to have the basic groundwork done in about
two  weeks, and to have the other  sites' changes in the files around
the end of January (we are primarily research people  here, and not a
software house, so some things must be done at odd moments). Stanford
does not have 9-track tape drives.   However, I believe that I'll  be
able to  get you a  "correct" version of  SAIL for DEC  10-50 systems
which will reflect all the (very) latest additions to the language in
about two weeks. I am writing this letter to explain the delay.  

We are planning to  send periodic updated  systems to DECUS after  we
get all the conditional assemblies updated (the current DECUS version
is  about 4 months old and contains some  known bugs), so you will be
able to keep up to date fairly easily in the future.   Also, you will
be able to obtain manuals & documentation updates through DECUS.

I  hope this  will  meet your  needs.   If  you  should require  more
information, feel free to write.


				Russell H. Taylor