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                        CSL REPORT ORDER FORM

   To order reports, complete  and return this form  to  the Computer
Systems Laboratory.  To  return  this form  to  us, simply   fold  it
so  that  the  Laboratory address on  the reverse side  shows, staple
and affix postage.

   Please DO  NOT send  any money with  your order.   A bill  will be
enclosed when  the reports  are sent  to you.   The number  of copies
avaalable is limited and will be distributed on a  first-come, first-
served basis.

   Please DO NOT use this form for ordering reports published  by the
Computer Science Department  and DO NOT  use their form  for ordering
OUR reports.  These  reports are handled  by two different  people in
two different buildings.



City & Zip Code:


Check off the reports you are interested in.


|B   CSL TR-195       $5.00               |B   CSL TR-195       FREE
|B   CSL TR-197       not available       |B   CSL TR-197       FREE
|B   CSL TR-199       $4.60               |B   CSL TR-199       FREE
|B   CSL TR-200       $4.05               |B   CSL TR-200       FREE