perm filename CSD[3,2]1 blob sn#542023 filedate 1980-11-14 generic text, type T, neo UTF8
The file LOC.PTY[INF,CSD], suitable for reading with E or printing on your
favorite printer, contains a list of people in the Computer Science
Department, with each person's office room number and phone number.

The file CSD.BBD[INF,CSD]/2P describes the contents of some files
containing information concerning CSD.  Look particularly on p. 2.

Page 2 of BBOARD.TXT[2,2]/2P describes certain bulletin board, gripe,
notice, and documentation files for the WAITS system on SU-AI.

Jacks Hall building problems should be reported to Mary Taxiera
in room 256, Jacks Hall.

Corrections to the online address file should be mailed to ADDRESS-UPDATES.