perm filename CSD[3,2] blob sn#788078 filedate 1985-04-04 generic text, type T, neo UTF8
Various files containing personnel and department information are
available on the [PER,ACT] directory.

The file LOC.PTY[PER,ACT], suitable for reading with E or printing on your
favorite printer, contains a list of people in the Computer Science
Department, with each person's office room number and phone number.
To find this information for a user who has an SU-AI account, you can
use the command "FIND name", where "name" can be, for example, the
user's programmer name or last name.  (FIND will, in this case, search the
file WHOZAT, which contains address and office information of users.)

Corrections to the online address file (including office numbers, office
phones, home addresses, home phones, etc.)  should be mailed to

Jacks Hall building problems should be reported to Amy Atkinson,
in room 258, Jacks Hall.

The files TODAY.PTY[P,DOC] and WEEK.PTY[P,DOC] list seminars,
colloquia, etc., for today and for the next 7 days respectively.

Some files on other directories are also of general department interest.

The file CSD.BBD[INF,CSD]/2P describes the contents of some files
containing information concerning CSD.  Look particularly on p. 2.
Note that that file may not be up to date.

Page 2 of BBOARD.TXT[2,2]/2P describes certain bulletin board, gripe,
notice, and documentation files for the WAITS system on SU-AI.