perm filename CPRINT[3,2] blob sn#549008 filedate 1980-12-08 generic text, type T, neo UTF8
CPrint, the Canon printing program, by RAS

CPrint prompts you for a file name.  If the name ends with .CAN, it
is assumed to be a file generated by PTEX and Cantor (try help cantor);
otherwise it is assumed to be a text file.  In the case of the latter,
you will also be promted for the name of a font file (11 pt or smaller)
to print with.

CPrint will then send the file to the Canon's z8000 micro, relaying
any diagnostic messages back to your terminal.  As blocks of data are
acknowledged by the Z8000, "S"s will appear on your screen.  "W"s will
appear when the Z8000 is waiting for the Canon to finish a page before
going on to the next one.  If a "R" appears, there has been an error
in transmission and the z8000 wants data to be resent.  If the resend
switch is off, you will be reprompted and must start over.  If it is on,
it will try to resend, but may fail causing CPrint to hang and the Canon
to possibly die.  To toggle the resend switch, enter "∃" as a filename.
If CPrint hangs, <CALL> out, R CPrint again and if the Canon is still
down, R CStart to reboot.

When the listing has been sent, you will be reprompted for a file name, but
make sure the last page of the listing is out before you start a new one!

In addition, you can type /C # to have multiple copies of listings printed
(to have multiple copies of tex files printed, you have to use Cantor's
/c switch).

Type /q to exit  ...

apologies for the form of this file, it is a very first, rushed draft... ras