perm filename COVERN.MSS[BIB,CSR] blob sn#687825 filedate 1982-11-15 generic text, type T, neo UTF8
The Stanford University Computer Science Department is pleased to 
announce the availability of new technical reports.

@b[TO ORDER REPORTS:  Complete the order form below, and return this entire
page (including mailing label) as soon as possible, with a check or money order
payable to Stanford University.  California residents must add 6.5% sales tax.
Purchase orders will not be accepted.  We regret that we cannot process foreign
orders for less than $5 unless paid by an international money order or made 
payable through a US bank.  To insure proper accounting of your payment, PLEASE
use your CUSTOMER NUMBER on all orders and all payments.  In case a given report
is out of print, we will credit your account, with its cost to be applied against
future orders.]

SUBSCRIPTION RATE: We will offer a subscription rate of $250.00 per year
which will include all reports published by the Computer Science Department
during the entire year.  This subscription rate is only available to ACADEMIC

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