perm filename COMBIN[3,2] blob sn#393995 filedate 1978-11-15 generic text, type T, neo UTF8
COMBIN is a program  for manipulating fonts  (i.e., character sets)  for
the XGP  (Xerox Graphics  Printer).  COMBIN  allows you  to combine  two
fonts to form a new font.  It asks  for the file names of the two  files
to combine, and a file to put the new font on.  It also asks if you want
to copy  characters automatically  which  occur in  only one  font.   In
general, you  should answer  yes,  unless you  don't  like some  of  the
characters in both fonts.  If you are on a Datadisc, it will ask whether
it should display each pair of characters before you make you selection.

For each ASCII code where the character is defined in both fonts (or, if
you are not in  automatic mode, in either  font), COMBIN will ask  which
font to select the  character from.  (If you're  on a Datadisc and  have
asked to see the characters, it will display them for you.)  If you want
the character from  font #1  (the left-hand  character displayed),  type
"1"; if you want it from  font #2 (the right-hand character), type  "2";
for neither,  type "0".   Anything else  will cause  the display  to  be
redrawn.  ("V" is the accepted command for this.)

Report any bugs to TVR.