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CHARGE figures out what your charges on SAIL are for one month.  To run it, type
R CHARGE  to the monitor.  You will be asked what month you want charges for.
Typing <return> will give you the current month.  Data is available for the past
11 months, and for the current month to date.  Typing anything other than a
month or <return> will make CHARGE print out help text.

You can get charges for any user by typing  R CHARGE;FOO  where FOO is the
user's programmer name.

SAIL charge rates are as follows:

  September 1, 1985 to present:
    Job time: $2.57 per hour (no charge for detached and PTY subjobs)
    CPU time:  2.57 per minute
    Disk space: .18 per block per month (1024 words per block)

The job time and CPU time rates during "B" time are 2/3 of the "A" rates; the
rates during "C" time are 1/3 of the "A" rates.

The time periods are:

				  Weekday   Weekend
		    0000-0800	|    C	  |	    |
				+---------+    C    |
		    0800-1300	|    	  |	    |
				|    A    +---------+
		    1300-1800	|    	  |    B    |
		    1800-2400	|    B	  |    C    |

No adjustments are made for holidays.