perm filename CANON[3,2]8 blob sn#623502 filedate 1981-11-16 generic text, type T, neo UTF8
CSD's ImPrint-10 is hereby named, "Canon"!!!		11/16/81 RAS

Canon can print TEX files compiled with PTex and DviImp.  Listings can not
yet be printed.  For more info ".READ CANON".  Briefly:

To print a .IMP file DO CPRINT[can,sys].  It asks you for the filename  on
which in appends the extension `.IMP'.   Then it sends your file to  Canon
and, currently, sends you lots of boring messages (type ESC O to  suppress
output) and deposits copies of them in a file IS.LOG for you to read  when
you are  senile.  Meanwhile  you go  downstairs and  pick up  your  lovely

There are no guarantees, but it works pretty well now.

Send me questions, comments and money -r