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The ImPrint-10 is ready for printing			      11/27/81 RAS

There is no such thing as a  Canon printer at Margaret Jacks Hall.  We  do
have its successor, an ImPrint-10, manufactured and provided by the Imagen
Corporation.  The ImPrint-10 in  our basement is  hereby named `Canon'  to
honor its ancestor.

Currently, there is no Canon spooler, files must be printed one at a time.
And the printing program does not inform the user if Canon is out of paper
or other necessities.  Please watch your files print.

Only Impress (.IMP) files can be printed.  The program MakImp converts DVI
files and  listings  to  ImPress  files.  PTEX  (Pascal  version  of  TEX)
processes TEX input into a DVI file.

To print IMP (Impress) files, DO CPRINT[can,sys].  It will ask you for the
filename, on the end of which it will append the string `.IMP'.  Since  it
merely appends the extension, no directory may be specified.

.READ CANON on Sail for more information.

Check the file Canon.con[can,sys] for message about Canon's condition if
the establishment is nice enough to leave messages.

Send information about  bugs to  RAS.  Since  we will  eventually build  a
spooler, I  need not  hear  about deficiencies  in the  printing  program.

1)  IF Canon SPEWS PAPER, PULL OUT THE PAPER TRAY and reinitialize.
2)  There are no title pages yet, any untended listings will be trashed.