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C00002 00002	\|\\M1BDR30\M2SIGN57\M3NGR25\M4NGR20\F2\CUNIMATION INC.
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\F1\CJuly 1,1977


\J	On July 1, 1977 Brian will have worked with Unimation-West Coast Div.,
and the former firm, Vicarm, Inc. for 2 years.  Per his original agreement with
Vicarm, he is reviewed annually for Merit/Cost of Living raises.  
Under the terms of the acquisition of Vicarm by Unimation, his review period
is unchanged.  Brian's last rate increase was on July 1, 1976.  He is thus due for
another review at the present time.

	Brian has always been a person involved and committed to his tasks and
assignments.  He generally performs efficienty and with minimum supervision.
Specific accomplishments this past year have included planning, organizing and 
actually producing the Vicarm, Model M.I.T. and Stanford manipulators.
Since joining Unimation he has been responsible for debugging and refining
almost all mechanical AND electronic hardware and actually producing our prototype
test systems.  Brian is competent in many areas, and easily capable of wearing
many hats.  This is an especially valuable asset in a small group trying cover
a broad range of technologies such as we do at Unimation- West Coast Div.
Brian's administrative interests have also been put to good use.  He has been
responsible for all our bookeeping and the day to day business dealings  of
our division.  Most recently, this has involved placing ads and interviewing
and screening prospective new employees.

	Brian's  broad  engineering  background  has  enabled  him  to  intimately
understand all the
manipulator mechanical and electrical systems to the point that he is competent at new
design, design changes, and debugging of the entire system.

	Brian's strengths are that he is an alert, interested, involved and fast
learning individual receptive to new ideas and capable of efficiently implementing  
them.  He has a friendly personality which makes him an easy person to work with,
an communicate with.

	Brian's weaknesses are few.  The ones which come to mind are that he
could be more agressive in business dealings. Also, his limited big industry
experience limits the scope of his thoughts with respect to concepts
such as assembly line production, mass production, design for large
scale manufacture, etc.  He came directly from Stanford (MSME) to Vicarm,
and thus prototype Vicarm and Unimation robot systems are his only experience.

	Brian's long term objectives are unclear.  A year ago he talked of
returning to school for his MBA.  He also mentioned a planned 3 month summer trip to
Europe last summer.  Nothing has become of either of these plans at the present
time.  He studied for and passed the EIT exam this  spring.  He also bought a house
close to work.   He has said that he is happy with his position, and satisfied 
with his work situation.   I feel that this is truly the case.

	I see promotions for Brian in the area of project organization and management.   
His engineering competence is good, but his experience is still a bit limited. With
time and more experience I see him taking on larger and larger project responsibility.

	Per my conversations with Ted Lindbom and Brian and based on West Coast
pay scales, I recommend a merit/cost of living pay raise of about 11.5% to $1620
per month from his current $1456.
This increase to be effective with the first pay period in July 1977.
I feel that this new salary is commensurate with his current position  and
I have explained to Brian that this is
normally above the Unimation standards, and that next year there is no assurance that a
similarly favorable review will result in the same high percentage raise.\.


Submitted by,

Victor Scheinman
General Manager
West Coast Div.