perm filename BORIS[1,VDS] blob sn#047570 filedate 1973-06-04 generic text, type T, neo UTF8
00100						Artificial Intelligence Lab.
00200						Computer Science Dept.
00300						Stanford University
00400						Stanford, Calif.,94305
00500						June 4, 1973
00800	Mr. Boris M. Dobrotin
00900	Guidance and Control Div.
01000	Jet Propulsion Laboratory
01100	4800 Oak Grove Drive
01200	Pasadena, Calif. 91103
01400	Dear Boris:
01600		At long last here is my  edited  version  of  the  paper  you
01700	wrote.     You  are welcome to make more changes should you not agree
01800	with my comments or style.  I admit that I have not spent  a  lot  of
01900	time  going  over  every  detail, but I think I have written what you
02000	want.  If you want something else, tell me, and just maybe I'll  have
02100	a  few  moments  to  write  some more. There are a few errors in your
02200	reasoning- or to put it in a better way, my  reasoning  was  not  the
02300	same  as  yours  on some of the design choices.  Anyway, I dont think
02400	too many people will care as these are complex details which are  not
02500	prone to clearcut decisions anyway.
02700		Well,  good  luck.   I hope you still have enough time to get
02800	the paper revised and sent in before the deadline.  Anyway,  I  think
02900	SRI will give you a couple more days should you need them.
03200						Sincerely,
03600						Vic Scheinman