perm filename BOISE[3,2] blob sn#755808 filedate 1984-05-28 generic text, type T, neo UTF8
To print a file on Boise, the HP2680A printer located in MJH 433, type the

	.boise filename/switches

where "switches" may include the standard spooler switches (see Appendix
A3 of the Monitor Command Manual, MONCOM.BH[S,DOC]/119P), and the /ROTATE
and /DVI switches.  /ROTATE causes your output to be rotated 90 degrees,
and also uses a smaller font.  /DVI indicates that your file is a DVI file
(output from TeX), not a text file, and contains its own typesetting
instructions.  (If the extension of your filename is ".DVI", then you do
not need to give this switch; thus it is almost never needed.)  /ROTATE
has no effect on DVI files.

For text (non-DVI) files, the sizes of lines and pages are as follows:

Unrotated (portrait): 88 chars/line, 70 text lines/page (72 if /NOHEADER).
Rotated (landscape): 144 chars/line, 58 text lines/page (60 if /NOHEADER).

Please report any bugs with the command GRIPE BOISE.  For problems with
DVI mode, contact Joe Pallas (Pallas@Pescadero).  Make sure, of course,
that the problem is in Boise and not in your file.