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The combination of SAILing ships and SAILboats displayed on free Data Disc
terminals by the WHO phantom (WHOPHN) is determined by the number of days
the system has been up.

    If the system has been up over a month, a SAILing ship leads the
    way, indicating the number of months the system has been up.

    For each remaining week or partial week of uptime so far, one
    SAILboat is displayed.

Boats are replaced by special characters on holidays and other special days.

The one-month ship is a hermaphrodite brig, sometimes called a
brig-schooner, since it may be said to be half brig and half schooner. (1)

The two-month ship is a bark. (1)

The three-month ship is the four-masted bark California. (2)

(1) Robinson, J., and Dow, G. F., The Sailing Ships of New England,
1607-1907, Marine Research Society, Salem, Mass.

(2) Clowes, G. S. L., The Story of SAIL, Eyre and Spottiswodde Publishers
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