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			Update to Computer Science Bibliography of Reports

STAN-CS-80-789 (PVG-16, AD-A086 577), D. C. Luckham and W. Polak, %2Ada
Exceptions:  Specification and Proof Techniques%1, 19 pages, February

STAN-CS-80-790 (AD-A086 838), Gio Wiederhold, %2Databases in Healthcare%1,
76 pages, March 1980.

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Gregory A. Jirak, %2MAINSAIL Language Manual%1, 247 pages, March 1980.

STAN-CS-80-792 (CSL TR-167), Clark R. Wilcox, Mary L. Dageforde, and
Gregory A. Jirak, %2MAINSAIL Implementation Overview%1, 70 pages, March

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of Knowledge%1, 90 pages, March 1980.

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Complexity of Combinatorial Algorithms%1, 28 pages, June 1980.

STAN-CS-80-795, Donald E. Knuth, %2The Letter S%1, 33 pages, April 1980.

STAN-CS-80-796 (AIM-335), Arthur Samuel, %2Essential E%1, 33 pages, March

STAN-CS-80-797 (Princeton TR-267, AD-A089 913), Hector Garcia-Molina and Gio
Wiederhold, %2Read-Only Transactions in a Distributed Database%1, 25
pages, April 1980.

STAN-CS-80-798, Robert W. Floyd and Jeffrey D. Ullman, %2The Compilation
of Regular Expressions into Integrated Circuits%1, 28 pages, April 1980.

STAN-CS-80-799 (SLAC-PUB-2504), Jerome H. Friedman, Eric Grosse, and
Werner Stuetzle, %2Multidimensional Additive Spline Approximation%1, 22
pages, May 1980.

STAN-CS-80-800, Donald E. Knuth, %2Deciphering a Linear Congruential
Encryption%1, 10 pages, April 1980.

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Integration of Data Models%1, 228 pages, May 1980.

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Compiler Specification and Verification%1, 288 pages, May 1980.

STAN-CS-80-803, Christopher John Van Wyk (Thesis), %2A Language for
Typesetting Graphics%1, 59 pages, May 1980.

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Correctness by Testing%1, 135 pages, May 1980.

STAN-CS-80-805 (AIM-339, AD-A091 081), Donald B. Gennery (Thesis), %2Modelling the Environment of
an Exploring Vehicle by Means of Stereo Vision%1, 151 pages, June 1980.

STAN-CS-80-806, by William M. Coughran, Jr. (Thesis), %2On the Approximate
Solution of Hyperbolic Initial-Boundary Value Problems%1, 177 pages, June

STAN-CS-80-807 (AD-A091 123), David W. Matula and Danny Dolev, %2Path-Regular Graphs%1,
39 pages, June 1980.

STAN-CS-80-808 (AIM-337, AD-A091 183),
John McCarthy (Principal Investigator), Thomas Binford, David Luckham,
Zohar Manna, Richard Weyhrauch (Associate Investigators),
%2Basic Research in Artificial Intelligence and Foundations of Programming%1,
(75 pages, May 1980).

STAN-CS-80-809 (AIM-338), Morgan S. Ohwovoriole (Thesis), %2An Extention
of Screw Theory and its Application to the Automation of Industrial
Assemblies%1, 186 pages, April 1980.

STAN-CS-80-810 (AD-A091 124), J. Michael Steele and Andrew C. Yao, %2Lower Bounds for
algebraic Decision Trees%1, 12 pages, July 1980.

STAN-CS-80-811 (PVG-18, AD-A091 313), Steven M. German, %2An Extended Semantic
Definition of Pascal for Proving the Absence of Common Runtime Errors%1,
57 pages, June 1980.

STAN-CS-80-812 (HPP-80-14), Edward A. Feigenbaum, %2Knowledge Engineering:
The Applied Side of Artificial Intelligence%1, 14 pages, September 1980.

STAN-CS-80-813 (AIM-340), Hans Peter Moravec (Thesis), %2Obstacle
Avoidance and Navigation in the Real World by a Seeing Robot Rover%1, 174
pages, September 1980.

STAN-CS-80-814 (HPP-80-17, AD-A091 177), Janice S. Aikins (Thesis), %2Prototypes and
Production Rules: A Knowledge Representation for Computer Consultations%1,
204 pages, August 1980.

STAN-CS-80-815 (HPP-80-16), Edward H. Shortliffe, M.D., Ph.D., %2Two
Papers on Medical Computing -- (1) Medical Cybernetics: The Chalenges of
Clinical Computing, (2) Consultation Systems for Physicians: The Role of
Artificial Intelligence Techniques%1, 56 pages, July 1980.

STAN-CS-79-816, Robert L. Blum, M.D., %2Automating the Study of Clinical
Hypotheses on a Time-Oriented Data Base:  The RX Project%1, 12 pages,
November 1979.

STAN-CS-79-817, Jeffrey Scott Vitter (Thesis), %2Analysis of Coalesced
Hashing%1, 111 pages, August 1980.

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Procedures and Program Derivation%1, 178 pages, August 1980.

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of the Manipulation of Formal Proofs%1,130 pages, August 1980.

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System That Aids in Constructiong Knowledge-Based Consultation Programs%1,
192 pages, June 1980.

STAN-CS-80-821, Doublas B. West and Craig A. Tovey, %2Semiantichains and Unichain
Coverings in Direct Products of Partial Orders%1, 20 pages, September 1980.

STAN-CS-80-822,Bengt Aspvall (Thesis),%2Efficient Algorithms for certain 
Satisfiability and Linear Programming Problems%1, 59 pages, September 1980.

STAN-CS-80-823, David Elliot Shaw (Thesis), %2Knowledge-Based Retrieval on a 
Relational Database Machine%1, 280 pages, August 1980.

STAN-CS-80-824,Tung Yun Mei, %2LCCD, A Language for Chinese Character Design%1,
63 pages, October 1980.

STAN-CS-80-825, C. P. Schnorr, %2Refined Analysis and Improvements on Some 
Factoring Algorithms%1, 30 pages, November 1980.

STAN-CS-80-826,Gio Wiederhold, Anne Beetem, and Garrett Short, %2Database      
Approach to Communication in VLSI Design%1, 11 pages, October 1980.

STAN-CS-80-827, Andrew Chi-Chih Yao, %2On the Parallel Computation for the 
Knapsack Problem%1, 11 pages, November 1980.

STAN-CS-80-828, Donald E. Knuth and Michael F. Plass, %2Breaking Paragraphs 
Into Lines%1, 66 pages, November 1980.

STAN-CS-80-829, Bengt Aspvall and Frank Liang, %2The Dinner Table Problem%1,
13 pages, December 1980.

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Time Algorithms for Five-Coloring a Planar Graph%1, 23 pages, December 1980.

STAN-CS-80-831, Daniel D. K. Sleator (Thesis), %2An O(nmlogn) Algorithm for Maximum 
Network Flow%1, 81 pages, December l980.

STAN-CS-80-832, Danny Dolev, %2Scheduling Wide Graphs%1, 43 pages, December 1980.

STAN-CS-80-833, John Russell Gilbert (Thesis), %2Graph Separator Theorems and 
Sparse Gaussian Elimination%1, 104 pages, December 1980.

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Equation%1, 139 pages, December 1980.

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Electron Density Maps%1, 118 pages, December 1980.

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Programs, Part I: The Temporal Framework%1, 62 pages, June 1981.

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37 pages, March 1981.

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February 1981.

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6 pages, January 1981.

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6 pages, March 1981.

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Teaching Systems%1, 19 pages, November 1980.

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Programs, Part II: Temporal Proof Principles%1, 51 pages, September 1981.

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Programs, Part III:  Proving Eventualities%1, 35 pages, March 1981.

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Programs, Part IV:  The Non-temporal Alternative%1, 45 pages, March 1981.

STAN-CS-81-846, Danny Dolev, %2The Byzantine Generals Strike Again%1,
26 pages, March 1981.

STAN-CS-81-847, Henry F. Korth, %2The Optimal Locking Problem in a Directed 
Acyclic Graph%1, 6 pages, March 1981.

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Characters%1, 9 pages, April 1981.

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Multiprogrammed Computer System%1, 28 pages, March 1981.

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on a Local Computer Network%1, 23 pages, December 1980.

STAN-CS-81-851, Gio Wiederhold, %2Binding in Information Processing%1,
41 pages, May 1981.

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Theory%1, 9 pages, May 1981.

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Hypergraphs%1, 10 pages, May 1981.

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22 pages, May 1981.

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Algorithm%1, 51 pages, June 1981.

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Fluid Domains%1, 190 pages, May 1981.

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Reasoning%1, 128 pages, May 1981.

STAN-CS-81-858, V. Pan,
%2The Bit-Operation Complexity of Approximate Evaulation of Matrix & Polynomial
Products Using Modular Arithmetic%1, 6 pages, June 1981.

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and Bilinear Arithmetic Algorithms%1, 21 pages, June 1981.

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Decomposition of a Linear Time Invariant Dynamic System, A Numerical Approach%1,
81 pages, June 1981.

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and 2-D Images%1, 181 pages, June 1981.

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Problems in Terms of Some Algebraic Quantities%1, 4 pages, June 1981.

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Solving Seminar%1, 84 pages, June 1981.

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19 pages, May 1981.

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Languages%1, 21 pages, June 1981.

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%2ADAM - An Ada Based Language for Multi-processing%1, 71 pages, July 1981.

STAN-CS-81-868, Donald E. Knuth, %2The Last Whole Errata Catalog%1, 42 pages, 
July 1981.

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Science - 1978/79 to 1980/81%1, 225 pages, July 1981.

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Automatic Typesetting Systems%1, 77 pages, June 1981.

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15 pages, August 1981.

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from Temporal Logic Specifications%1, 28 pages, September 1981.

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230 pages, August 1981.

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Part I, Part II%1, 124 pages, September 1981.