perm filename BIBLIO[USE,CSR]1 blob sn#227277 filedate 1976-07-26 generic text, type C, neo UTF8
C00001 00001
C00019 00003	                        FINDING THE ROOTS                                        
C00027 00004	                        TION OF ALGOL AND     H.WEBER                            
C00035 00005	                        TION OF WEAK SOLU-                                       
C00043 00006	CS 44    SS638-818      RELAXATION METHODS    W.KAHAN            8 AUG 66    35  
C00051 00007	                                                                                 
C00059 00008	                                                                                 
C00067 00009	                                                                                 
C00075 00010	CS 94                   THE FORMAL DESCRIP-   A.C.SHAW           5 APR 68    205 
C00083 00011	                                                                                 
C00091 00012	CS 121   AD682978       ACCURATE BOUNDS FOR   C.B.MOLER          19 FEB 69   17  
C00099 00013	CS 131   SLAC 96        THE USE OF MAN-       L.B.SMITH          MAR 69      287 
C00107 00014	                                                                                 
C00115 00015	                        ODD/EVEN REDUCTION    G.H.GOLUB                          
C00123 00016	CS 167   AD712460       SEMANTICS OF ALGOL-   S.IGARASHI         JUN 70      95  
C00131 00017	                                                                                 
C00139 00018	CS 196   AD725167       MATRIX COMPUTATIONS   C.B.MOLER          DEC 70      13  
C00147 00019	                                                                                 
C00155 00020	CS224    PB212183       PARALLEL PROGRAMMING  A.ERSHOV           JUL 71      15  
C00163 00021	                                                                                 
C00171 00022	                        BASED ON MINIMIZATION DONALD KNUTH                       
C00179 00023	                                                                                 
C00187 00024	                        VISORY SYSTEMS                                           
C00195 00025	                        DIFFERENTIAL EQUATIONS                                   
C00203 00026	CS 298                  A PARALLEL ALGORITHM  P.M.KOGGE          JUL 72      33  
C00211 00027	                        USE IN EMULATION                                         
C00219 00028	CS 323   AD755137       A FAST METHOD FOR     M.A.MALCOLM        NOV 72      11  
C00227 00029	AIM188                  AND APPLICATIONS OF                                      
C00235 00030	CS 349   PB221115       TIME BOUNDS FOR       M.BLUM             APR 73      22  
C00251 00032	                                                                                 
C00259 00033	DENDRAL                 CULES:  RULE FORMATION                                   
C00267 00034	                        TURING CONCEPT                                           
C00275 00035	                        STATEMENTS                                               
C00283 00036	                        ILLIAC IV-TYPE COMPUTERS                                 
C00291 00037	                        IN A MECHANICAL THEOREM                                  
C00299 00038	AIM244                  OF PARRY                                                 
C00307 00039	AIM 253                 INFERENCES, AFFECTS   K.M. COLBY                         
C00315 00040	                                                                                 
C00323 00041	                                                                                 
C00331 00042	                        CONTROL UNIT BASED ON                                    
C00339 00043	CS 527   NOT AT NTIS    CENTER FOR RELIABLE   E.J. MCCLUSKEY     OCT 75      100 
C00347 00044	                                                                                 
C00355 00045	                                                                                 
C00363 00046	                        MACHINE INDUCTION SYSTEM                                 
C00371 00047	                        GRAMMATICAL                                              
C00379 00048	                                              A.SAMUEL                           
C00387 00049	                                                                                 
C00395 00050	AIM100                  PROPERTIES OF         Z.MANNA            OCT 69      21  
C00403 00051	                        EXPERIENCE WITH       F.R.HILF                           
C00411 00052	                                                                                 
C00419 00053	                                                                                 
C00427 00054	SLACP 593               SLAC SPIRAL READER    M.HU               MAY 69          
C00435 00055	                        THROUGH REVERSIBLE                                       
C00443 00056	SLACR 95                PEG - AN INTER-       L.B.SMITH          FEB 69          
C00451 00057	                                                                                 
C00459 00058	                                                                                 
C00467 00059	                                                                                 
C00475 00060	                        METHODS: ANALYSIS                                        
C00483 00061	                                                                                 
C00491 00062	TN 8     AD721702       A RE-EVALUATION OF    D.P. SIEWIOREK     MAR. 71     14  
C00499 00063	                        OF ARITHMETIC CODES                                      
C00507 00064	TN 38                   DESIGN OF LOW-COST    J.F. WAKERLY       JAN 74      18  
C00515 00065	                        DATA AND ITS DESCRIPTORS                                 
C00523 00066	                                                                                 
C00526 ENDMK
P (PROGRAMMING SYSTEMS AND LANGUAGES).                                           
REPORT   CLEARINGHOUSE                                                           
NO.      STOCK NO.      TITLE                 AUTHOR             DATE        PAGE
CS 1     AD462108       PRIMAL PARTITION      J.B. ROSEN         8 NOV 63    23  
                        PROGRAMMING FOR                                          
                        BLOCK DIAGONAL                                           
CS 2     AD427753       THE SOLUTION OF       J.M.PAVKOVICH      6 DEC 63    46  
                        LARGE SYSTEMS OF                                         
                        ALGEBRAIC EQUATIONS                                      
CS 3     AD430445       THE THEOREMS IN A     TRANSLATED BY      20 JAN 64   6   
                        PAPER BY V.K.         G.E.FORSYTHE                       
                        SAULEV "ON AN                                            
                        ESTIMATE OF THE                                          
                        ERROR IN OBTAIN-                                         
                        ING CHARACTERISTIC                                       
                        FUNCTIONS BY THE                                         
                        METHOD OF FINITE                                         
CS 4     AD434898       NUMERICAL SOLUTION    STEFAN BERGMAN     28 FEB 64   24  
                        OF BOUNDARY VALUE     J.G.HERRIOT                        
                        PROBLEMS BY THE                                          
                        METHOD OF INTEGRAL                                       
CS 5     N-6519765      EXISTENCE AND         J.B.ROSEN          31 MAR 64   28  
                        UNIQUENESS OF                                            
                        EQUILIBRIUM POINTS                                       
                        FOR CONCAVE N-PERSON                                     
CS 6     AD600164       A FAST DIRECT         R.W.HOCKNEY        14 APR 64   28  
                        SOLUTION OF POISSON'S                                    
                        EQUATION USING                                           
                        FOURIER ANALYSIS                                         
CS 7     PB176753       SUFFICIENT            J.B.ROSEN          1 MAY 64    29  
                        CONDITIONS FOR                                           
                        OPTIMAL CONTROL OF                                       
                        CONVEX PROCESSES                                         
CS 8     AD603116       CALCULATING THE       G.GOLUB            4 MAY 64    33  
                        SINGULAR VALUES       W.KAHAN                            
                        AND PSEUDO-INVERSE                                       
                        OF A MATRIX                                              
CS 9     AD604012       THE QD-ALGORITHM      CHR.ANDERSON       8 JUN 64    74  
                        AS A METHOD FOR                                          
                        FINDING THE ROOTS                                        
                        OF A POLYNOMIAL                                          
                        EQUATION WHEN ALL                                        
                        ROOTS ARE POSITIVE                                       
CS 10    AD603163       ON CLOSEST NORMAL     R.L.CAUSEY         30 JUN 64   131 
CS 11    PB176754       ELASTIC-PLASTIC       T.NAKAMURA         17 JUL 64   32  
                        ANALYSIS OF           J.B.ROSEN                          
                        TRUSSES BY THE                                           
                        GRADIENT PROJECTION                                      
CS 12    AD608292       NUMERICAL METHODS     G.GOLUB            28 AUG 64   27  
                        FOR SOLVING           P.BUSINGER                         
                        LINEAR LEAST                                             
                        SQUARES PROBLEMS                                         
                        (AND) AN ALGOL                                           
                        PROCEDURE FOR FINDING                                    
                        LINEAR LEAST SQUARES                                     
CS 13    N65-27058      COMPUTATION OF THE    V.PEREYRA          1 SEP 64    28  
                        PSEUDOINVERSE OF A    J.B.ROSEN                          
                        MATRIX OF UNKNOWN                                        
CS 14    TT-65-61724    ON APPROXIMATE        V.A.EFIMENKO       24 NOV 64   20  
                        CALCULATIONS OF THE   TRANS. BY                          
                        EIGENVALUES AND       G.REITER                           
                        EIGENFUNCTIONS OF     C.MOLER                            
                        BOUNDARY VALUE PROBLEMS                                  
                        IN PARTIAL DIFFERENTIAL                                  
CS 15    AD611366       COMPUTER SEARCH       D.W.GRACE          29 JAN 65   137 
                        FOR NON-ISOMORPHIC                                       
                        CONVEX POLYHEDRA                                         
CS 16    AD611427       MAXIMIZING A SECOND   G.E.FORSYTHE       5 FEB 65    31  
                        DEGREE POLYNOMIAL     G.H.GOLUB                          
                        ON THE UNIT SPHERE                                       
CS 17    AD611434       AUTOMATIC GRADING     G.E.FORSYTHE       12 FEB 65   17  
                        PROGRAMS              N.WIRTH                            
CS 18    AD612478       THE DIFFERENCE        V.PEREYRA          25 FEB 65       
                        CORRECTION METHOD                                        
                        FOR NON-LINEAR TWO-                                      
                        POINT BOUNDARY VALUE                                     
CS 19    TT-65-61839    ENGLISH EQUIVALENTS   M.I.AGEEV          2 MAR 65        
                        OF METALINGUISTIC     J.MACLAREN                         
                        TERMS OF RUSSIAN ALGOL                                   
CS 20    PB176755       EULER: A GENERALI-    N.WIRTH            27 APR 65   115 
                        TION OF ALGOL AND     H.WEBER                            
                        ITS FORMAL DEFINITION                                    
CS 21    PB176756       VECTORCARDIOGRAPHIC   D.D.FISHER         7 MAY 65    104 
                        ANALYSIS BY DIGITAL   J.VON DER                          
                        COMPUTER, SELECTED      GROEBEN                          
                        RESULTS               J.G.TOOLE                          
CS 22    AD616676       FINITE DIFFERENCE     C.B.MOLER          27 MAY 65   142 
                        METHODS FOR THE                                          
                        EIGENBALUES OF                                           
                        LAPLACE'S OPERATOR                                       
CS 23    AD618214       CONVEX POLYNOMIAL     B.D.RUDIN          4 JUN 65    44  
CS 24    AD616611       ON THE MINIMIZATION   V.V.KLYUYEV        14 JUN 65   24  
                        OF THE NUMBER OF      N.I.KOKOVKIN                       
                        ARITHMETIC OPERA-      SHCHERBAK                         
                        TIONS FOR THE         TRANSLATED BY                      
                        SOLUTION OF LINEAR    G.J.TEE                            
                        ALGEBRAIC SYSTEMS OF                                     
CS 25    AD618215       YIELD-POINT LOAD      P.G.HODGE          18 JUN 65   24  
                        DETERMINATION BY                                         
                        NONLINEAR PROGRAMMING                                    
CS 26    NOT AT NTIS    STANFORD UNIV.'S      G.E.FORSYTHE       25 JUN 65   15  
                        PROGRAM IN COMPUTER                                      
CS 27    AD618216       AN ANALYSIS OF ONE    E.A.VOLKOV         4 JUL 65    29  
                        ALGORITHM OF          TRANSLATED BY                      
                        HEIGHTENED PRE-       R.BARTELS                          
                        CISION OF THE METHOD                                     
                        OF NETS FOR THE                                          
                        SOLUTION OF POISSON'S                                    
CS 28    AD618217       MATRIX THEOREMS       J.MILLER           16 JUL 65   33  
                        FOR PARTIAL           G.STRANG                           
                        DIFFERENTIAL AND                                         
                        DIFFERENCE EQUATIONS                                     
CS 29    AD624837       ON IMPROVING AN       V.PEREYRA          31 AUG 65   32  
                        APPROXIMATE SOLUTION                                     
                        OF A FUNCTIONAL                                          
                        EQUATION BY DEFERRED                                     
CS 30    SS624-829      THE AUTOMATIC         G.MARCHUK          30 SEP 65   56  
                        CONSTRUCTION OF       TRANSLATED BY                      
                        COMPUTATIONAL         G.J.TEE                            
CS 31    SS626-315      ON THE APPROXIMA-     P.A.RAVIART        6 DEC 65    55  
                        TION OF WEAK SOLU-                                       
                        TIONS OF LINEAR                                          
                        PARABOLIC EQUATIONS                                      
                        BY A CLASS OF MULTI-                                     
                        STEP DIFFERENCE METHODS                                  
CS 32    SS633-557      MINIMUM MULTIPLICA-   R.W.HOCKNEY        14 DEC 65   53  
                        CATION FOURIER                                           
CS 33    PB176763       A PROGRAMMING         N.WIRTH            24 DEC 65   23  
                        LANGUAGE FOR THE                                         
                        360 COMPUTERS                                            
CS 34    SS630-998      EIGENVECTORS OF A     J.M.VARAH          8 FEB 66    24  
                        REAL MATRIX BY                                           
                        INVERSE ITERATION                                        
CS 35    PB176758       A CONTRIBUTION TO     N.WIRTH            24 DEC 66   64  
                        THE DEVELOPMENT OF    C.HOARE            REV.            
                        ALGOL                                    12 FEB 66       
CS 36    PB176759       THE CALCULATION OF    J.F.TRAUB          12 APR 66   26  
                        ZEROS OF POLYNOMIALS                                     
                        AN ANALYTIC                                              
CS 37    PB176789       COGENT 1.2            J.D.REYNOLDS       22 APR 66   33  
                        OPERATIONS MANUAL                                        
CS 38    AD662880       CORRECTNESS OF A      J.MCCARTHY         29 APR 66   13  
AI 40                   COMPILER FOR          J.PAINTER                          
CS 39    PB176760       A UNIVERSITY'S        G.E.FORSYTHE       18 MAY 66   26  
                        EDUCATIONAL PROGRAM                                      
                        IN COMPUTER SCIENCE                                      
CS 40    AD639052       HOW DO YOU SOLVE A    G.E.FORSYTHE       16 JUN 66   19  
                        QUADRATIC EQUATION?                                      
CS 41    SS638-976      ACCURATE EIGENVALUES  W.KAHAN            22 JUL 66   53  
                        OF A SYMMETRIC TRI-                                      
                        DIAGONAL MATRIX                                          
CS 42    SS638-797      WHEN TO NEGLECT OFF-  W.KAHAN            25 JUL 66   10  
                        DIAGONAL ELEMENTS OF                                     
                        SYMMETRIC TRI-DIAGONAL                                   
CS 43    SS638-798      TWO WORKING           W.KAHAN           1 AUG 66    28   
                        ALGORITHMS FOR THE    J.VARAH                            
                        EIGENVALUES OF A                                         
                        SYMMETRIC TRI-                                           
                        DIAGONAL MATRIX                                          
CS 44    SS638-818      RELAXATION METHODS    W.KAHAN            8 AUG 66    35  
                        FOR AN EIGENVALUE                                        
CS 45    SS638-799      RELAXATION METHODS    W.KAHAN            9 AUG 66    31  
                        FOR SEMI-DEFINITE                                        
CS 46    SS638-809      TODAY'S COMPUTATIONAL G.E.FORSYTHE       11 AUG 66   47  
                        METHODS OF LINEAR                                        
CS 47    PB173335       AN INTERPRETER FOR    P.ABRAMS           17 AUG 66   61  
                        "IVERSON NOTATION"                                       
CS 48    SS639-166      AN APPROACH TO        W.M.MCKEEMAN       31 AUG 66   124 
                        COMPUTER LANGUAGE                                        
CS 49    SS640-836      AN APPROACH TO        D.R.REDDY          1 SEP 66    143 
AI 43                   COMPUTER SPEECH                                          
                        RECOGNITION BY DIRECT                                    
                        ANALYSIS OF SPEECH WAVE                                  
CS 50    PB176761       SOME SEQUENCE         S.PERSSON          26 SEP 66   176 
AI 46                   EXTRAPOLATING                                            
                        PROGRAMS: A STUDY OF                                     
                        REPRESENTATION AND                                       
                        MODELLING IN INQUIRING                                   
CS 51    AD648394       NUMERICAL CALCULA-    S.BERGMAN          14 OCT 66    35 
                        TION OF TRANSONIC     J.G.HERRIOT                        
                        FLOW PATTERNS         T.G.KURTZ                          
CS 52    PB176762       LECTURE NOTES ON A    A.C.SHAW           9 DEC 66    216 
                        COURSE IN SYSTEMS                                        
CS 53    PB176757       A PROGRAMMING         N.WIRTH            20 DEC 66   81  
                        LANGUAGE FOR THE                                         
                        360 COMPUTERS                                            
CS 54    AD662882       A GENERALIZED         G.GOLUB            13 JAN 67   10  
                        BAIRSTOW ALGORITHM    T.N.ROBERTSON                      
CS 55    AD647200       A STOPPING CRITERION  D.A.ADAMS          10 FEB 67   11  
                        FOR POLYNOMIAL ROOT                                      
CS 56    PB176764       QD-METHOD WITH        F.L.BAUER          1 MAR 67    6   
                        NEWTON SHIFT                                             
CS 57    PB176765       THE USE OF TRANSI-    D.GRIES            17 MAR 67   60  
                        TION MATRICES IN                                         
CS 58    PB176766       RECURSIVE FUNCTIONS   V.TIXIER           20 MAR 67   146 
                        OF REGULAR EXPRES-                                       
                        SIONS IN LANGUAGE                                        
CS 59    SS650-116      ALMOST DIAGONAL       J.H.WILKINSON      3 APR 67    18  
                        MATRICES WITH MULTIPLE                                   
                        OR CLOSE EIGENVALUES                                     
CS 60    SS650-117      TWO ALGORITHMS        J.H.WILKINSON      10 APR 67   13  
                        BASED ON SUCCESSIVE                                      
                        LINEAR INTERPOLATION                                     
CS 61    SS650-610      ON THE ASYMPTOTIC     G.E.FORSYTHE       13 APR 67   43  
                        DIRECTIONS OF THE                                        
                        S-DIMENSIONAL OPTIMUM                                    
                        GRADIENT METHOD                                          
CS 62    SS650-620      VARYING LENGTH        M.TIENARI          17 APR 67   38  
                        FLOATING POINT                                           
                        ARITHMETIC: A NECESSARY                                  
                        TOOL FOR THE NUMERICAL                                   
CS 63    SS650-627      GRAEFFE'S METHOD FOR  G.POLYA            24 APR 67   9   
CS 64    SS651-201      FLOATING-POINT        P.RICHMAN          28 APR 67   32  
                        NUMBER REPRESENTA-                                       
                        TIONS: BASE CHOICE                                       
                        VERSUS EXPONENT RANGE                                    
CS 65    PB176767       ON CERTAIN BASIC      N.WIRTH            1 MAY 67    30  
                        CONCEPTS OF                                              
                        PROGRAMMING LANGUAGES                                    
CS 66    AD652921       THE COMPUTATION OF    J.M.VARAH          26 MAY 67   240 
                        BOUNDS FOR THE                                           
                        INVARIANT SUBSPACES                                      
                        OF A GENERAL MATRIX                                      
CS 67    AD652992       COMPUTATIONAL CONSI-  R.H.BARTELS        2 JUN 67    63  
                        DERATIONS REGARDING   G.H.GOLUB                          
                        THE CALCULATION OF                                       
                        CHEBYSHEV SOLUTIONS                                      
                        FOR OVER-DETERMINED                                      
                        LINEAR EQUATIONS                                         
                        SYSTEMS BY THE                                           
                        EXCHANGE METHOD                                          
CS 68    PB176768       THE PL 360 SYSTEM     N.WIRTH            5 JUN 67    63  
CS 69    PB176769       TRANSLATOR WRITING    J.FELDMAN          9 JUN 67    127 
                        SYSTEMS               D.GRIES                            
CS 70    AD655472       ON COMPUTATION OF     S.BERGMAN          7 JUL 67    77  
                        FLOW PATTERNS OF      J.G.HERRIOT                        
                        COMPRESSIBLE FLUIDS   P.L.RICHMAN                        
                        IN THE TRANSONIC                                         
CS 71    AD655230       AN ALGORITHM FOR AN   M.A.JENKINS        27 JUL 67   38  
                        AUTOMATIC GENERAL     J.F.TRAUB                          
                        POLYNOMIAL SOLVER                                        
CS 72    PB175581       CHEBYSHEV APPROXI-    G.H.GOLUB          28 JUL 67   54  
                        MATION OF CONTINUOUS  L.B.SMITH                          
                        FUNCTIONS BY A                                           
                        CHEBYSHEV SYSTEMS                                        
                        OF FUNCTIONS                                             
CS 73    AD662883       LEAST SQUARES,        P.BUSINGER         31 JUL 67   12  
                        SINGULAR VALUES AND   G.H.GOLUB                          
                        MATRIX APPROXIMATIONS                                    
                        (AND) AN ALGOL PROCE-                                    
                        DURE FOR COMPUTING                                       
                        THE SINGULAR VALUE                                       
CS 74    AD657639       WHAT IS A             G.E.FORSYTHE       7 AUG 67    9   
                        QUADRATIC EQUATION                                       
CS 75    PB175793       THEORY OF NORMS       F.L.BAUER          31 AUG 67   136 
CS 76    AD657450       COLLECTIVELY COMPACT  P.M.ANSELONE       17 APR 67   60  
                        OPERATOR APPROXIMATIONS                                  
CS 77    PB176770       WHAT TO DO TILL THE   G.E.FORSYTHE       22 SEP 67   13  
                        COMPUTER SCIENTIST                                       
CS 78    PB176771       MACHINE UTILIZATION   K.M.COLBY          25 SEP 67   8   
                        OF THE NATURAL        H.ENEA                             
                        LANGUAGE WORD "GOOD"                                     
CS 79    AD662884       360 O.S. FORTRAN IV   R.W.DORAN          OCT 67      21  
                        FREE FIELD                                               
                        INPUT/OUTPUT SUBROUTINE                                  
CS 80    AD662902       DIRECTED RANDOM       J.FRIEDMAN         OCT 67      30  
                        GENERATION OF                                            
CS 81    AD661217       CALCULATION OF GAUSS  G.H.GOLUB          3 NOV 67    28  
                        QUADRATURE RULES      J.H.WELSCH                         
CS 82    PB176775       A DIRECTED GRAPH      L.TESLER           29 DEC 67   31  
                        REPRESENTATION FOR    H.ENEA                             
                        COMPUTER SIMULATION   K.M.COLBY                          
                        OF BELIEF SYSTEMS                                        
CS 83    AD664237       ITERATIVE REFINE-     A.BJORCK           19 JAN 68   28  
                        MENTS OF LINEAR       G.GOLUB                            
                        LEAST SQUARES                                            
                        SOLUTIONS BY HOUSE-                                      
                        HOLDER TRANSFORMATIONS                                   
CS 84    AD692680       A COMPUTER SYSTEM     J.FRIEDMAN         JAN 68      31  
                        FOR TRANSFORMATIONAL                                     
CS 85    PB177426       COMPUTER-AIDED        K.M.COLBY          15 DEC 68   35  
                        LANGUAGE DEVELOP-                                        
                        MENT IN NONSPEAKING                                      
                        MENTALLY DISTURBED                                       
CS 86    PB179162       ALGOL W               H.R.BAUER          JAN 68      90  
CS 87    PB178176       CS139 LECTURE NOTES   J.EHRMAN                       188 
                        PART 1, SECTIONS 1                                       
                        THRU PRELIMINARY                                         
CS 88    AD665672       RELAXATION METHODS    S.SCHECHTER        16 FEB 68   19  
                        FOR CONVEX PROBLEMS                                      
CS 89    PB180920       ALGOL W (REVISED)     H.R.BAUER          MAR 68      42  
CS 90    PB178177       A MULTI-LEVEL         V.R.LESSER         11 MAR 68   20  
                        COMPUTER ORGANIZA-                                       
                        TION DESIGNED TO                                         
                        SEPARATE DATA ACCESSING                                  
                        FROM THE COMPUTATION                                     
CS 91    PB178114       THE PL360 SYSTEM      N.WIRTH            1 APR 68    89  
                                              J.W.WELLS, JR.                     
CS 92    PB178078       MLISP                 H.ENEA             14 MAR 68   18  
CS 93    PB178115       COMPUTER SCIENCE      G.E.FORSYTHE       27 MAR 68   50  
                        AND EDUCATION                                            
CS 94                   THE FORMAL DESCRIP-   A.C.SHAW           5 APR 68    205 
SLACR84                 TION AND PARSING OF                                      
CS 95    NOT AT NTIS    A FORMAL SYNTAX FOR   J.FRIEDMAN         MAR 68      47  
                        TRANSFORMATIONAL      R.W.DORAN                          
CS 96    AD673673       INTERVAL ARITHMETIC   L.B.SMITH          26 APR 68   26  
                        DETERMINANT EVALUATION                                   
                        AND ITS USE IN TESTING                                   
                        FOR A CHEBYSHEV SYSTEM                                   
CS 97    NOT AT NTIS    RESEARCH IN THE       W.F.MILLER         26 APR 68   49  
                        COMPUTER SCIENCE                                         
                        DEPT. STANFORD U.                                        
                        (NOT AVAILABLE)                                          
CS 98    PB179162       ALGOL W IMPLEMEN-     H.BAUER            20 MAY 68   147 
                        TATION                S.BECKER                           
CS 99    PB179057       LECTURE NOTES ON      J.FRIEDMAN         11 JUN 68   212 
                        FOUNDATIONS FOR                                          
                        COMPUTER SCIENCE                                         
CS 100   PB178877       A COMPUTER MODEL OF   T.H.BREDT          JUN 68      60  
                        INFORMATION PROCESSING                                   
                        IN CHILDREN                                              
CS 101   AD672923       THE FORMAL THEORETIC  D.M.KAPLAN         12 JUN 68   263 
AI 60                   ANALYSIS OF STRONG                                       
                        EQUIVALENCE FOR                                          
                        ELEMENTAL PROGRAMS                                       
CS 102   AD677982       INTEGER PROGRAMMING   A.PNUELI           12 JUL 68   29  
                        OVER A CONE                                              
CS 103   AD692689       LEXICAL INSERTION     T.H.BREDT          JUN 68      47  
                        IN TRANSFORMATIONAL   J.FRIEDMAN                         
CS 104   AD673010       A NUMERICAL INVESTI-  R.BARTELS          31 JUL 68   122 
                        GATION OF THE SIMPLEX                                    
CS 105   AD673674       EPSILON-CALCULUS      P.RICHMAN          16 AUG 68   138 
CS 106   AD673971       A PROGRAM TO PLAY     B.HUBERMAN         19 AUG 68   168 
AI 65                   CHESS END GAMES                                          
CS 107   AD668558       A THREE-STAGE         M.JENKINS          26 AUG 68   46  
                        ITERATION FOR POLY-                                      
                        NOMIAL ZEROS AND ITS                                     
                        RELATION TO GENERALIZED                                  
                        RAYLEIGH ITERATION                                       
CS 108   AD692681       COMPUTER EXPERIMENTS  J.FRIEDMAN         AUG 68      36  
                        IN TRANSFORMATIONAL   (EDITOR)                           
CS 109   AD692690       A COMPUTER SYSTEM     J.FRIEDMAN         30 SEP 68   14  
                        FOR WRITING AND                                          
                        TESTING TRANSFORMATIONAL                                 
                        GRAMMARS--FINAL REPORT                                   
CS 110   PB180920       ALGOL W (REVISED)     H.BAUER            OCT 68      103 
CS 111   AD692691       ANALYSIS IN TRANS-    J.FRIEDMAN         AUG 68      18  
                        FORMATIONAL GRAMMAR   T.MARTNER                          
CS 112   AD692687       A CONTROL LANGUAGE    J.FRIEDMAN         AUG 68      51  
                        FOR TRANSFORMATIONAL  B.POLLACK                          
CS 113   PB188705       THE IMPACT OF         W.J.HANSEN         JUL 68      253 
                        STORAGE MANAGEMENT                                       
                        ON PLEX PROCESSING                                       
                        LANGUAGE IMPLEMENTATION                                  
CS 114   PB182156       CALGEN-AN INTER-      J.GEORGE           DEC 68      75  
                        ACTIVE PICTURE                                           
                        CALCULUS GENERATION                                      
CS 115   AD692686       PROGRAMMER'S MANUAL   J.FRIEDMAN         AUG 68      199 
                        FOR A COMPUTER        T.BREDT                            
                        SYSTEM FOR TRANSFOR-  R.DORAN                            
                        MATIONAL GRAMMAR      T.MARTNER                          
CS 116   AD680036       THE KINEMATICS OF     D.PIEPER           24 OCT 68   157 
AI 72                   MANIPULATORS UNDER                                       
                        COMPUTER CONTROL                                         
CS 117   PB182151       A COMPUTATIONAL       D.ADAMS            DEC 68      130 
                        MODEL WITH DATA FLOW                                     
CS 118   AD681027       MACHINE LEARNING OF   D.WATERMAN         DEC 68      235 
AI 74                   HEURISTICS                                               
CS 119   AD692681       MATHEMATICAL PROGRAM- G.DANTZIG          15 MAY 68   91  
                        MING LANGUAGE         ET AL                              
CS 120   PB182166       MUTANT 0.5:  AN       E.SATTERTHWAITE    17 FEB 68   60  
                        EXPERIMENTAL PRO-                                        
                        GRAMMING LANGUAGE                                        
CS 121   AD682978       ACCURATE BOUNDS FOR   C.B.MOLER          19 FEB 69   17  
                        THE EIGENVALUES OF                                       
                        THE LAPLACIAN AND                                        
                        APPLICATIONS TO                                          
                        RHOMBICAL DOMAINS                                        
CS 122   AD687450       HEURISTIC ANALYSIS    W.C.MITCHELL       24 FEB 69   21  
                        OF NUMERICAL          D.L.MCCRAITH                       
                        VARIANTS OF THE                                          
CS 123   AD696982       EMPIRICAL EVIDENCE    R.P.BRENT          28 FEB 69   18  
                        FOR A PROPOSED DIS-                                      
                        TRIBUTION OF SMALL                                       
                        PRIME GAPS                                               
CS 124   AD687719       MATRIX DECOMPOSI-     G.H.GOLUB          10 MAR 69   52  
                        TIONS AND STATIS-                                        
                        TICAL CALCULATIONS                                       
CS 125   AD692390       GRAMMATICAL           J.FELDMAN          JUN 69      100 
AI 89                   COMPLEXITY AND        J.HORNING                          
                        INFERENCE             J.GIPS                             
CS 126   AD702898       COMPLEMENTARY         G.DANTZIG          MAR 69      10  
                        SPANNING TREES                                           
CS 127   AD687720       ASPECTS OF SPEECH     P.VICENS           APR 69      210 
AI 85                   RECOGNITION BY COMPUTER                                  
CS 128   AD687717       THE METHOD OF         G.H.GOLUB          APR 69      39  
                        ODD/EVEN REDUCTION    B.L.BUZBEE                         
                        AND FACTORIZATION     C.W.NIELSON                        
                        WITH APPLICATION TO                                      
                        POISSON'S EQUATION                                       
CS 129   NOT AT NTIS    RESEARCH IN THE       W.F.MILLER         APR 69      82  
                        COMPUTER SCIENCE                                         
CS 130   PB183907       A CONCEPTUAL          R.C.SCHANK         MAR 69      201 
AIM 83                  DEPENDENCY REPRE-                                        
                        SENTATION FOR A                                          
CS 131   SLAC 96        THE USE OF MAN-       L.B.SMITH          MAR 69      287 
SLACR96                 MACHINE INTERACTION                                      
                        IN DATA-FITTING PROBLEMS                                 
CS 132   NOT YET PRINTED                                                         
CS 133   AD687718       HANDBOOK SERIES       G.H.GOLUB          MAY 69      38  
                        LINEAR ALGEBRA:       C.REINSCH                          
                        SINGULAR VALUE                                           
                        DECOMPOSITIONS AND                                       
                        LEAST SQUARES SOLUTIONS                                  
CS 134   AD700923       LINEAR LEAST SQUARES  G.H.GOLUB          MAY 69      38  
                        AND QUADRATIC         M.A.SAUNDERS                       
CS 135   NOT AT NTIS    COMPILER IMPLEMEN-    D.GRIES            MAY 69      113 
SLACR 102               TATION LANGUAGE                                          
CS 136   NOT AT NTIS    BI-DIRECTIONAL AND    I.POHL             MAY 69      157 
SLACR 104               HEURISTIC SEARCH IN                                      
                        PATH PROBLEMS                                            
CS 137   AD698801       FIXED POINTS OF       P.HENRICI          JUL 69      7   
                        ANALYTIC FUNCTIONS                                       
CS 138   AD696394       THE APPLICATION OF    C.C.GREEN          JUN 69      162 
AI 96                   THEOREM PROVING TO                                       
CS 139   AD695401       A STUDY OF            J.J.HORNING        AUG 69      166 
AI 98                   GRAMMATICAL INFERENCE                                    
CS 140   AD698799       DESIGN - THEN AND     G.E.FORSYTHE       SEP 69      15  
CS 141   PB188542       BOUNDS FOR THE ERROR  G.DAHLQUIST        OCT 69      26  
                        OF LINEAR SYSTEMS OF  S.C.EISENSTAT                      
                        EQUATIONS USING THE   G.H.GOLUB                          
                        THEORY OF MOMENTS                                        
CS 142                  STATIONARY VALUES OF  G.H.GOLUB          NOV 69      22  
                        THE RATIO OF          R.UNDERWOOD                        
                        QUADRATIC FORMS                                          
                        SUBJECT TO LINEAR                                        
*CS 143   AD694464       THREE-STAGE           M.A.JENKINS        AUG 69      199
                        VARIABLE-SHIFT FOR                                       
                        THE SOLUTION OF POLYNOMIAL                               
                        EQUATIONS WITH A                                         
                        POSTERHORI ERROR BOUNDS                                  
                        FOR THE ZEROS                                            
          *HAS ALSO BEEN PRINTED INCORRECTLY AS CS 138                           
CS 144   AD698800       THE MAXIMUM AND       G.E.FORSYTHE       JUL 69      9   
                        MINIMUM OF A POSITIVE                                    
                        DEFINITE QUADRATIC                                       
                        POLYNOMIAL ON A SPHERE                                   
                        ARE CONVEX FUNCTIONS                                     
                        OF THE RADIUS                                            
CS 145   AD698798       METHODS OF SEARCH     P.HENRICI          DEC 69      25  
                        FOR SOLVING POLY-                                        
                        NOMIAL EQUATIONS                                         
CS 146   NOT AT NTIS    ROUNDOFF ERROR        G.U.RAMOS          FEB 70          
                        ANALYSIS OF THE FAST                                     
                        FOURIER TRANSFORM                                        
CS 147   AD699897       PITFALLS IN           G.E.FORSYTHE       6 JAN 70    43  
                        COMPUTATION, OR WHY                                      
                        A MATH BOOK ISN'T                                        
CS 148   PB188749       NOTES ON AVOIDING     D.E.KNUTH          JAN 70      15  
                        "GO TO" STATEMENTS    R.W.FLOYD                          
CS 149   PB188748       OPTIMUM BINARY        D.E.KNUTH          JAN 70      19  
                        SEARCH TREES                                             
CS 150   AD699898       ELEMENTARY PROOF OF   J.H.WILKINSON      JAN 70      8   
                        THE WIELANDT-HOFFMAN                                     
                        THEOREM AND OF ITS                                       
CS 151   NOT AT NTIS    ON THE PROPERTIES OF  E.A.VOLKOV,        JAN 70      26  
                        THE DERIVATIVES OF    TRANS. BY                          
                        THE SOLUTION OF       G.E.FORSYTHE                       
                        LAPLACE'S EQUATION AND                                   
                        THE ERRORS OF THE METHOD                                 
                        OF FINITE DIFFERENCES FOR                                
                        BOUNDARY VALUES IN C(2)                                  
                        AND C(1,1)                                               
                        FORMULAE AND MECHANICAL                                  
                        QUADRATURE RULES                                         
CS 153   AD701358       ERROR PROPAGATION     S.GUSTAFSON        FEB 70      17  
                        BY USE OF INTERPOLA-                                     
                        TION FORMULAE AND                                        
                        QUADRATURE RULES WHICH                                   
                        ARE COMPUTED NUMERICALLY                                 
CS 154   STAN-CS-70-154 THE SPECTRUM OF       H.S.STONE          FEB 70      24  
                        INCORRECTLY DECODED                                      
                        BURSTS FOR CYCLIC                                        
                        ERROR CODES                                              
CS 155   AD705508       THE METHOD OF         B.L.BUZBEE         MAR 70      36  
                        ODD/EVEN REDUCTION    G.H.GOLUB                          
                        AND FACTORIZATION     C.W.NIELSON                        
                        WITH APPLICATION TO                                      
                        POISSON'S EQUATION,                                      
                        PART II                                                  
CS 156   AD713972       ON A MODEL FOR        G.B.DANTZIG        OCT 70          
                        COMPUTING ROUNDOFF                                       
                        ERROR OF A SUM                                           
CS 157   AD705509       ALGORITHMS FOR        R.P.BRENT          MAR 70      54  
                        MATRIX MULTIPLICATION                                    
CS 158   STAN-CS-70-158 PARALLEL PROCESSING   H.STONE            MAR 70      36  
                        WITH THE PERFECT                                         
CS 159   AD708690       THE USE OF DIRECT     J.A.GEORGE         JUN 70      2   
                        METHODS FOR THE                                          
                        SOLUTION OF THE DISCRETE                                 
                        POISSON EQUATION ON                                      
                        NON-RECTANGULAR REGIONS                                  
CS 160   AD707762       A MODEL FOR PARALLEL  T.H.BREDT          APR 70      62  
TR5                     COMPUTER SYSTEMS      E.MCCLUSKEY                        
CS 161   NOT AT NTIS    THE FORMULARY MODEL   L.J.HOFFMAN        MAY 70      81  
SLACR117                FOR ACCESS CONTROL                                       
                        AND PRIVACY IN                                           
                        COMPUTER SYSTEMS                                         
CS 162   AD709564       NUMERICAL TECHNIQUES  R.H.BARTELS        MAY 70      61  
SLACP 760               IN MATHEMATICAL       G.H.GOLUB                          
                        PROGRAMMING           M.A.SAUNDERS                       
CS 163   AD708691       AN ALGORITHM FOR      M.MALCOLM          JUN 70      22  
                        ACCUMULATION OF SUMS                                     
                        WITH SMALL RELATIVE ERROR                                
CS 164   AD708692       ESTIMATES OF THE      TRANSLATED BY      JUN 70      16  
                        ROUNDOFF ERROR IN     L.KAUFMAN                          
                        THE SOLUTION OF A                                        
                        SYSTEM OF CONDITIONAL                                    
                        EQUATIONS, BY V.I.GORDONOVA                              
CS 165   STAN-CS-70-165 THE SCHEDULING OF     H.BAUER            JUL 70      34  
                        N TASKS WITH M        H.STONE                            
                        OPERATIONS ON TWO                                        
CS 166   AD713841       REPRESENTING          E.J.SANDEWALL      JUL 70      27  
AI 128                  NATURAL-LANGUAGE                                         
                        INFORMATION IN                                           
                        PREDICATE CALCULUS                                       
CS 167   AD712460       SEMANTICS OF ALGOL-   S.IGARASHI         JUN 70      95  
AI129                   LIKE STATEMENTS                                          
CS 168   AD713252       VISUAL IDENTIFICA-    M.KELLY            JUL 70      138 
AI 130                  TION OF PEOPLE BY                                        
CS 169   AD711329       EXAMPLES OF FORMAL    D.KNUTH            AUG 70      35  
AI 126                  SEMANTICS                                                
CS 170   AD711334       ANALYSIS AND          T.BREDT            MAY 70      50  
TR6                     SYNTHESIS OF                                             
                        CONCURRENT SEQUENTIAL                                    
CS 171   AD714202       A SURVEY OF MODELS    T.BREDT            AUG 70      58  
TR8                     FOR PARALLEL COMPUTING                                   
CS 172   AD714180       ANALYSIS OF PARALLEL  T.BREDT            AUG 70      59  
TR7                     SYSTEMS                                                  
CS 173   AD714181       THE MUTUAL EXCLUSION  T.BREDT            AUG 70      68  
TR9                     PROBLEM                                                  
CS 174   AD711395       TOWARDS AUTOMATIC     Z.MANNA            AUG 70      55  
AI 127                  PROGRAM SYSTHESIS     R.WALDINGER                        
CS 175   AD713842       A DESCRIPTION AND     M.MALCOLM          OCT 70      14  
                        SUBROUTINES FOR                                          
                        COMPUTING EUCLIDEAN                                      
                        INNER PRODUCTS ON                                        
                        THE IBM 360                                              
CS 176   AD715128       ON GENERALITY AND     E.A.FEIGENBAUM     SEP 70      48  
AI 131                  PROBLEM SOLVING:      B.C.BUCHANAN                       
                        A CASE STUDY          J.LEDERBERG                        
                        USING THE DENDRAL                                        
CS 177   AD715511       THE BOSE-NELSON       R.W.FLOYD          OCT 70      16  
                        SORTING PROBLEM       D.E.KNUTH                          
CS 178   NOT AT NTIS    RESEARCH REVIEW       G.FORSYTHE         OCT 70      186 
CS 179   AD716566       MLISP                 D.C.SMITH          OCT 70      99  
AI 135                                                                           
CS 180   AD715665       COMPUTER INTERPRE-    G.FALK             OCT 70      187 
AI 132                  TATION OF IMPERFECT                                      
                        LINE DATA AS A THREE-                                    
                        DIMENSIONAL SCENE                                        
CS 181                  REDUCE 2 - USER'S     A.C.HEARN          OCT 70      85  
AIM 133                 MANUAL                                                   
CS 182   AD748565       ACCOMODATION IN       J. TENENBAUM       SEP 70      452 
AIM 134                 COMPUTER VISION                                          
CS 183   AD717600       MACHINE LEARNING      G.M.WHITE          OCT 70      40  
AIM 136                 THROUGH SIGNATURE                                        
                        TREES.  APPLICATION                                      
                        TO HUMAN SPEECH                                          
CS 184   AD715512       A NOTE ON A CONJEC-   M.MALCOLM          OCT 70      5   
                        TURE OF J. MORDELL                                       
CS 185   TID22593       GRAPH PROGRAM         E.NELSON           OCT 70      175 
CS 186   AD715513       AN EMPIRICAL STUDY    D.E.KNUTH          NOV 70      50  
AIM 137                 OF FORTRAN PROGRAMS                                      
CS 187   AD197154       MATHEMATICAL PRO-     G.DANTZIG          DEC 70      82  
                        GRAMMING LANGUAGE     ET. AL                             
                        (MPL) SPECIFICATION                                      
                        MANUAL FOR COMMITTEE                                     
CS 188   PB197161       THE TRANSLATION OF    E.ASHCROFT         DEC 70      28  
AI 138                  'GO TO' PROGRAMS TO   Z.MANNA                            
                        'WHILE' PROGRAMS                                         
CS 189   AD717601       MATHEMATICAL THEORY   Z.MANNA            DEC 70      24  
AI 139                  OF PARTIAL CORRECTNESS                                   
CS 190   AD719398       AN N LOG N ALGORITHM  J.HOPCROFT         DEC 70      12  
                        FOR MINIMIZING STATES                                    
                        IN A FINITE AUTOMATON                                    
CS 191   PB198494       AN INTRODUCTION TO    V.LESSER           DEC 70      26  
SLACP 904               THE DIRECT EMULATION                                     
                        OF CONTROL STRUCTURES                                    
                        BY A PARALLEL MICRO-                                     
CS 192   AD719399       AN N LOG N ALGORITHM  J.HOPCROFT         DEC 70      6   
                        FOR ISOMORPHISM OF                                       
                        PLANAR TRIPLY CONNECTED                                  
CS 193   NOT AT NTIS    INTENTION, MEMORY AND R.SCHANK           DEC 70          
AI 140                  COMPUTER UNDERSTANDING                                   
CS 194   PB198495       THE ART OF COMPUTER   D.E.KNUTH          DEC 70      28  
                        PROGRAMMING - ERRATA                                     
                        ET ADDENDA                                               
CS 195   723871         THE DIRECT SOLUTION   B.L.BUZBEE         DEC 70      30  
                        OF THE DISCRETE       F.W.DORR                           
                        POISSON EQUATION      A.GEORGE                           
                        ON IRREGULAR REGIONS  G.H. GOLUB                         
CS 196   AD725167       MATRIX COMPUTATIONS   C.B.MOLER          DEC 70      13  
                        WITH FORTRAN AND PAGING                                  
CS 197   NOT AT NTIS    MIX/360 USER'S GUIDE  D.E.KNUTH          JAN 71      11  
CS 198   AD726170       ALGORITHMS FOR FIND-  R.BRENT            FEB 71      250 
                        ING ZEROS AND EXTREMA                                    
                        OF FUNCTIONS WITHOUT                                     
                        CALCULATING DERIVATIVES                                  
CS 199   PB198415       BIBLIOGRAPHY OF       STAFF              FEB 71      28  
                        STANFORD COMPUTER                                        
                        SCIENCE REPORTS 1963-1971                                
CS 200   PB198416       ALGOL 60 PROCEDURES   J.G.HERRIOT        FEB 71      30  
                        FOR THE CALCULATION   C.H.REINSCH                        
                        OF INTERPOLATING                                         
                        NATURAL SPLINE FUNCTIONS                                 
CS 201   AD722434       PLANARITY TESTING IN  J.HOPCROFT         FEB 71      18  
                        V LOG V STEPS:        R.TARJAN                           
                        EXTENDED ABSTRACTS                                       
CS 202   NOT AT NTIS    COMMUNICATING         H.J.SAAL           FEB 71      21  
SLAC 117                SEMAPHORES            W.RIDDLE                           
CS 203   AD730506       THE HEURISTIC         B.BUCHANAN         FEB 71      20  
AI 141                  DENDRAL PROGRAM       E.FEIGENBAUM                       
                        FOR EXPLAINING        J.LEDERBERG                        
                        EMPIRICAL DATA                                           
CS 204   PB198510       FETE - A FORTRAN      D.INGALLS          FEB 71      12  
                        EXECUTION TIME                                           
CS 205   AD731383       AN ALGEBRAIC DEF-     ROBIN MILNER       MAR 71      20  
AI 142                  INITION OF SIMULA-                                       
                        TION BETWEEN PROGRAMS                                    
CS 206   AD726158       MATHEMATICAL ANALYSIS D.E.KNUTH          MAR 71      26  
                        OF ALGORITHMS                                            
CS 207   AD726169       EFFICIENT ALGORITHMS  J.HOPCROFT         MAR 71      19  
                        FOR GRAPH MANIPULA-   R.TARJAN                           
CS 208   AD726171       COMPUTER IMPLEMENTA-  J.A.GEORGE         MAR 71      220 
                        TION OF THE FINITE                                       
                        ELEMENT METHOD                                           
CS 209   AD724867       PROJECT TECHNICAL     J.MCCARTHY         MAR 71      80  
AI 143                  REPORT                & STAFF                            
CS 210   PB201917       ACCESS - A PROGRAM    J.GERRY PURDY      MAR 71      28  
                        FOR THE CATALOG AND                                      
                        ACCESS OF INFORMATION                                    
CS 211   AD727104       AN ALGORITHM TO RE-   M.MALCOLM          MAR 71      8   
                        VEAL PROPERTIES OF                                       
                        FLOATING-POINT ARITHMETIC                                
CS 212   AD727107       TIME AND MEMORY RE-   M.A.MORGANA        MAR 71      7   
                        QUIREMENTS FOR SOLVING                                   
                        LINEAR SYSTEMS                                           
CS 213   PB201629       THE SWITCHYARD PROB-  R.TARJAN           APR 71      13  
                        LEM: SORTING USING                                       
                        NETWORKS OF QUEUES                                       
                        AND STACKS                                               
CS 214   AD727108       COMPLEMENTS AND       R.L.GRAHAM         APR 71      6   
                        TRANSITIVE CLOSURES   D.E.KNUTH                          
CS 215   AD727115       PL360 (REVISED), A    M.MALCOLM          MAY 71      91  
                        PROGRAMMING LANGUAGE                                     
                        FOR THE IBM 360                                          
CS 216   AD732457       REASONING BY ANALOGY  R.E.KLING          MAY 71      180 
AI 147                  WITH APPLICATIONS TO                                     
                        HEURISTICS PROBLEM                                       
                        SOLVING: A CASE STUDY                                    
CS 217   AD731730       DECIDABLE PROPERTIES  E.A.ASHCROFT       MAY 71      9   
AI 148                  OF MONADIC FUNCTIONAL Z.MANNA                            
                        SCHEMAS               A.PNUELI                           
CS 218   AD731038       THE AVERAGE HEIGHT    N.G.DEBRUIJN       MAY 71      7   
                        OF PLANE TREES        D.E.KNUTH                          
CS 219   NOT AT NTIS    COMPUTER COMPARISON   L.QUAM             MAY 71      120 
AI 144                  OF PICTURES                                              
CS 220   AD727116       DYNAMIC MEMORIES WITH H.STONE            FEB 71      32  
TR 14                   ENHANCED DATA ACCESS                                     
CS 221   AD731729       A HEURISTIC PROGRAM-  B.G.BUCHANAN       JUN 71      41  
AI 145                  MING STUDY OF THEORY  E.FEIGENBAUM                       
                        FORMATION IN SCIENCE  J.LEDERBERG                        
CS 222   PB235417/AS    LINEAR REPRESENTA-    W.J.MEYERS         JUL 74      245 
                        TION OF TREE STRUCTURE                                   
                        (A MATHEMATICAL THEORY                                   
                        OF PARENTHESIS-FREE                                      
CS 223   PB203429       PRECEDENCE LANGUAGES  S.GRAHAM           JUL 71      192 
                        AND BOUNDED RIGHT                                        
                        CONTEXT LANGUAGES                                        
CS224    PB212183       PARALLEL PROGRAMMING  A.ERSHOV           JUL 71      15  
AIM 146                                                                          
CS 225   PB203344       NUMERICAL METHODS     A.BJORCK           JUL 71      30  
                        FOR COMPUTING ANGLES  G.GOLUB                            
                        BETWEEN LINEAR SUB-                                      
CS 226   SLAC 133       SIMPLE - A SIMPLE      J.E.GEORGE         JUL 71      92 
SLACR 133               PRECEDENCE TRANSLATOR                                    
                        WRITING SYSTEM                                           
CS 227   SLAC 134       GEMS - A GRAPHICAL     J.E.GEORGE         JUL 71      184
SLACR134                EXPERIMENTAL META                                        
CS 228   PB203343       FUNCTION MINIMIZA-    L.KAUFMAN          JUL 71      30  
                        TION AND AUTOMATIC                                       
                        THERAPEUTIC CONTROL                                      
CS 229   AD732766       VARIATIONAL STUDY OF  E.H.LEE            AUG 71      22  
                        NONLINEAR SPLINE      G.E.FORSYTHE                       
CS 230   PB203601       ALGOL W REFERENCE     R.L.SITES          AUG 71      141 
CS 231   AD732644       A STUDY OF THE REAL-  R.SCHMIDT          AUG 71      165 
AI 149                  TIME CONTROL OF A                                        
                        COMPUTER DRIVEN VEHICLE                                  
CS 232   AD733073       AN ALGORITHM FOR      C.B.MOLER          AUG 71      50  
                        THE GENERALIZED       G.W. STEWART                       
                        MATRIX EIGENVALUE                                        
CS 234   NOT AT NTIS    SOME MODIFIED EIGEN-  G.H. GOLUB         SEPT 71     38  
                        VALUE PROBLEMS                                           
CS 235   NOT AT NTIS    TOWARD INTERACTIVE    R.W. FLOYD         SEPT 71     12  
AIM 150                 DESIGN OF CORRECT                                        
CS 236   AD737648       NUMERICAL COMPUTA-    G.H. GOLUB         SEPT 71     35  
                        TION FOR UNIVARIATE   GEORGE STYAN                       
                        LINEAR MODELS                                            
CS 237   AD737270       A GENERALIZATION      D.C.VAN VOORHIS    SEPT 71     67  
TR16                    OF THE DIVIDE-SORT-                                      
                        MERGE STRATEGY FOR                                       
                        SORTING NETWORKS                                         
CS 238   AD735901       A LOWER BOUND FOR     D.C.VAN VOORHIS    SEPT 71     13  
TR17                    SORTING NETWORKS                                         
                        THAT USE THE DIVIDE-                                     
                        SORT-MERGE STRATEGY                                      
CS 239   AD736610       LARGE (G.D.) SORTING  D.C.VAN VOORHIS    SEPT 71     84  
TR18                    NETWORKS                                                 
CS 240   AD738568       CORRECTNESS OF TWO    RALPH LONDON       OCT. 71     42  
AI 151                  COMPILERS FOR A LISP                                     
CS 241   AD732642       ON THE INFERENCE OF   ALAN BIERMAN       OCT. 71     31  
AI 152                  TURING MACHINES FROM                                     
                        SAMPLE COMPUTATIONS                                      
CS 242   AD738569       THE FRAME PROBLEM     PATRICK HAYES      NOV. 71     24  
AI 153                  AND RELATED PROBLEMS                                     
                        IN AI                                                    
CS 243   AD738570       INDUCTIVE METHODS FOR Z. MANNA           NOV. 71     24  
AI 154                  PROVING PROPERTIES    S. NESS                            
                        OF PROGRAMS           J. VUILLEMIN                       
CS 244   AD738027       AN EFFICIENT          ROBERT TARJAN      NOV. 71     154 
                        PLANARITY ALGORITHM                                      
AI 155                  LARGE TREES AS                                           
                        GENERATED IN THE GAME                                    
                        OF GO                                                    
CS 246   AD740141       A RESEMBLANCE TEST    KEN COLBY          NOV. 71     30  
AI 156                  FOR THE VALIDATION OF S. WEBER                           
                        A COMPUTER SIMULATION F. HILF                            
                        OF PARANOID PROCESS-  H. KRAEMER                         
CS 247   NOT AT NTIS    ONE SMALL HEAD --     YORICK WILKS       DEC. 71     16  
AI 157                  SOME REMARKS ON THE                                      
                        USE OF 'MODEL' IN                                        
CS 248   AD739335       RECURRENCE RELATIONS  MICHAEL FREDMAN    DEC. 71     35  
                        BASED ON MINIMIZATION DONALD KNUTH                       
                        GRAPHY ON THE CON-                                       
                        STRUCTION OF COMPILERS                                   
CS 250   AD740127       PROGRAM SCHEMAS       ASHOK CHANDRA      DEC. 71     13  
AI 158                  WITH EQUALITY         ZOHAR MANNA                        
CS 251   AD736814       AN EFFICIENT PARALLEL HAROLD STONE       JAN. 72     24  
TR19                    ALGORITHM FOR THE                                        
                        SOLUTION OF A TRIDIAGONAL                                
                        LINEAR SYSTEM OF EQUATION                                
CS 252   SU326-P30-14   LARGE-SCALE LINEAR    M. A. SAUNDERS     JAN. 72     40  
                        PROGRAMMING USING THE                                    
                        CHOLESKY FACTORIZATION                                   
AI 159                  THE INFERENCE OF      P. C. SHIELDS                      
                        BEST PROGRAMS                                            
CS 254   AD740330       VON NEUMANN'S COM-    G. E. FORSYTHE     JAN. 72     19  
                        PARISON METHOD FOR                                       
                        RANDOM SAMPLING FROM                                     
                        THE NORMAL AND OTHER                                     
CS 255   AD740140       AUTOMATIC PROGRAM-    J. A. FELDMAN      JAN. 72     20  
AI 160                  MING                                                     
CS 256   AD740331       EDMONDS POLYHEDRA     V. CHVATAL         JAN. 72     22  
                        AND WEAKLY HAMILTONIAN                                   
CS 257   PB208519       ON PASCAL, CODE       NIKLAUS WIRTH      FEB. 72     39  
                        GENERATION, AND THE                                      
                        CDC 6000 COMPUTER                                        
CS 258   AD740332       SOME BASIC MACHINE    HAROLD BROWN       FEB. 72     15  
                        ALGORITHMS FOR INTEGRAL                                  
                        ORDER COMPUTATIONS                                       
CS 259   PB208595       LINEAR LISTS AND      CLARK A. CRANE     FEB 72      131 
                        PRIORITY QUEUES AS                                       
                        BALANCED BINARY TREES                                    
CS 260   AD740110       SHELLSORT AND         VAUGHAN PRATT      FEB 72      59  
                        SORTING NETWORKS                                         
CS 261   SU326-P30-15   THE DIFFERENTIA-      GENE H. GOLUB      FEB 72      35  
                        TION OF PSEUDO-       VICTOR PEREYRA                     
                        INVERSES AND NONLINEAR                                   
                        LEAST SQUARES WHOSE                                      
                        VARIABLES SEPARATE                                       
CS 262   PB209357       BIBLIOGRAPHY          STAFF              FEB 72      36  
CS 263   AD741189       A PROCEDURE FOR IM-   DAVID A. KLARNER   FEB 72      31  
                        PROVING THE UPPER     RONALD RIVEST                      
                        BOUND FOR THE NUMBER                                     
                        OF N-OMINOES                                             
CS 264   AD741189       ARTIFICIAL INTELLI-   YORICK WILKS       FEB 72      42  
AI 161                  GENCE APPROACH TO                                        
                        MACHINE TRANSLATION                                      
CS 265   AD744634       PRIMITIVE CONCEPTS    ROGER SCHANK       FEB 72      80  
AI 162                  UNDERLYING VERBS OF   NEIL GOLDMAN                       
                        THOUGHT               CHUCK RIEGER                       
                                              CHRIS RIESBECK                     
CS 266   NOT AT NTIS    RECURSIVE DEFINI-     JEAN M. CADIOU     MAR 72      160 
AI 163                  TIONS OF PARTIAL                                         
                        FUNCTIONS AND                                            
                        THEIR COMPUTATION                                        
CS 267   PB209629       MPL (AN APPRAISAL      PIERRE BONZON      MAR 72      26 
                        BASED ON PRACTICAL                                       
CS 268   AD742348       DEGREES AND MATCHINGS  V. CHVATAL         MAR 72      16 
CS 269   AD742747       ARITHMETIC PROPERTIES DAVID KLARNER      MAR 72      30  
                        OF CERTAIN RECUR-     R. RADO                            
                        SIVELY DEFINED SETS                                      
CS 270   PB209616       THE LANCZOS ALGORITHM G.GOLUB            MAR 72      21  
                        FOR THE SYMMETRIC     J.H.WILKINSON                      
                        AX =  BX PROBLEM      R.UNDERWOOD                        
                        ANALYSIS OF SUPER-                                       
                        VISORY SYSTEMS                                           
CS 272   AD742748       FIXEDPOINT APPROACH   ZOHAR MANNA        MAR 72      25  
AI 164                  TO THE THEORY OF      JEAN VUILLEMIN                     
CS 273   PB209806       CHROMATIC AUTO-        V. CHVATAL         MAR 72      12 
                        MORPHISMS OF GRAPHS    J. SICHLER                        
CS 274   AD742749       LINEAR COMBINATIONS   DAVID KLARNER      MAR 72      12  
                        OF SETS OF CONSECU-   R.RADO                             
                        TIVE INTEGERS                                            
CS 275   AD742750       SETS GENERATED BY     DAVID KLARNER      MAR 72      16  
                        ITERATION OF A LINEAR                                    
CS276    AD745022       A GENERALIZED LR      LINDA KAUFMAN      APR 72      70  
                        ALGORITHM TO SOLVE                                       
                        AX = BX                                                  
CS  277  NOT AT NTIS    REGION BOUNDARIES     C. T. ZAHN         APR 72      40  
SLACR 149               ON A TRIANGULAR GRID                                     
CS 278   SU326P30-17    USE OF FAST DIRECT    PAUL CONCUS        APR 72      30  
                        METHODS FOR THE       GENE GOLUB                         
                        EFFICIENT NUMERICAL                                      
                        SOLUTION OF NON-                                         
                        SEPARABLE ELLIPTIC                                       
CS 279   AD744313       TOPICS IN OPTIMIZA-   MICHAEL OSBORNE    APR 72      143 
CS 280   AD742751       TWO PAPERS ON PAR-    D. A. BOCHVAR      APR 72          
AI 165                  TIAL PREDICATE CALCULUS                                  
CS 281   AD743598       COMPUTER INTERACTIVE  L.QUAM             APR 72      41  
AI 166                  PICTURE PROCESSING    S.LIEBES                           
CS 282   AD747254       EFFICIENT COMPILATION A.K.CHANDRA        APR 72      40  
AI 167                  OF LINEAR RECURSIVE                                      
                        TATION OF THE SCHWARZ                                    
                        ALTERNATING PROCEDURE                                    
                        FOR ELLIPTIC PARTIAL                                     
                        DIFFERENTIAL EQUATIONS                                   
CS 284   AD745778       EDMONDS POLYHEDRA AND V.CHVATAL          MAY 72      49  
OR 72-6                 A HIERARCHY OF                                           
                        COMBINATORIAL PROBLEMS                                   
CS 285   PB210910       A LINEAR TIME TWO     R.FLOYD            MAY 72      16  
                        TAPE MERGE            A.J.SMITH                          
CS 286   PB211036       ON THE SOLUTION OF    A.K.CHANDRA        MAY 72          
                        MOSER'S PROBLEM IN                                       
                        4 DIMENSIONS, AND                                        
                        RELATED ISSUES                                           
CS 287   AD746146       ADMISSIBILITY OF      S.IGARASHI         MAY 72      36  
AI 168                  FIXED-POINT INDUCTION                                    
                        IN FIRST-ORDER LOGIC                                     
                        OF TYPED THEORIES                                        
CS 288   NOT AT NTIS    LOGIC FOR COMPUTABLE  R.MILNER           MAY 72      36  
AI 169                  FUNCTIONS: DESCRIPTION                                   
                        OF A MACHINE IMPLEMENTATION                              
CS 289   AD748607       LAKOFF ON LINGUISTICS Y.WILKS            JUN 72      20  
AI 170                  AND NATURAL LOGIC                                        
CS 290   AD746147       ADVERBS AND BELIEFS   R.SCHANK           JUN 72      30  
AI 171                                                                           
CS 291   AD746189       SOME COMBINATORIAL    D.E.KNUTH          JUN 72      21  
CS 292   AD746150       SELECTED COMBINA-     V.CHVATAL          JUN 72      31  
                        TORIAL RESEARCH       D.A.KLARNER                        
                        PROBLEMS              D.E.KNUTH                          
CS 293   PB212234       COMBINATORIAL         J.A.LUKES          JUN 72      130 
TR32                    SOLUTIONS TO                                             
                        PARTITIONING PROBLEMS                                    
CS 294                  MICROPROGRAMMED       H.J.SAAL           JUN 72      20  
SLACP1072               IMPLEMENTATION OF     L.J.SHUSTEK                        
                        COMPUTER MEASUREMENT                                     
CS 295   PB212130       BIDIAGONALIZATION     C.C.PAIGE          JUN 72      27  
                        OF MATRICES AND                                          
                        SOLUTION OF LINEAR                                       
CS 296   AD748606       GROWTH PROPERTIES     M.J.FREDMAN        JUN 72      84  
                        OF A CLASS OF                                            
                        RECURSIVELY DEFINED                                      
CS 297   PB212300       AN ERROR ANALYSIS     C.C.PAIGE          JUN 72      13  
                        OF A METHOD FOR                                          
                        SOLVING MATRIX EQUATIONS                                 
CS 298                  A PARALLEL ALGORITHM  P.M.KOGGE          JUL 72      33  
TR25                    FOR THE EFFICIENT     H.S.STONE                          
                        SOLUTION OF GENERAL                                      
                        CLASS OF RECURRENCE                                      
CS 299   AD752801       SEMANTIC CATEGORIES   S.W.RUSSELL        JUL 72      67  
AI 172                  OF NOMINALS FOR CON-                                     
                        CEPTUAL DEPENDENCY                                       
                        ANALYSIS OF NATURAL                                      
CS 300   AD749848       COUNTEREXAMPLE TO A   M.T.KAUFMAN        JUL 72      5   
C00001 00001
C00002 00002	                        KASAMI AND NINOMIYA                                      
C00025 ENDMK
                        KASAMI AND NINOMIYA                                      
CS 301   SU326-P30-21   PRODUCT FORM OF THE   M.A.SAUNDERS       JUL 72      35  
                        CHOLESKY FACTORIZA-                                      
                        TION FOR LARGE-SCALE                                     
                        LINEAR PROGRAMMING                                       
CS 302   SU326P30-19    SOME USES OF THE      G.H.GOLUB          AUG 72      23  
                        LANCZOS ALGORITHM IN                                     
                        NUMERICAL LINEAR ALGEBRA                                 
CS 303   PB212827       CORRECTNESS OF        F.L.MORRIS         AUG 72      125 
AI 174                  TRANSLATIONS OF                                          
                        PROGRAMMING LANGUAGES -                                  
                        AN ALGEBRAIC APPROACH                                    
CS 304   SU326P30-20    RICHARDSON'S NON-     R.S.ANDERSSEN      AUG 72      76  
                        STATIONARY MATRIX     G.H.GOLUB                          
                        ITERATIVE PROCEDURE                                      
CS 305   AD755139       REPRESENTATION AND    G.AGIN             AUG 72      125 
AI 173                  DESCRIPTION OF CURVED                                    
CS 306   SU326P23-X-2   A BIBLIOGRAPHY        B.W.POLLACK        AUG 72      145 
                        ON COMPUTER GRAPHICS                                     
CS 307                  HADAMARD TRANSFORM    H.TANAKA           AUG 72          
AI 175   NOT AT NTIS    FOR SPEECH WAVE                                          
CS 308   AD754109       RECENT DEVELOPMENT    J.A.FELDMAN        AUG 72      22  
AI 176                  IN SAIL - AN ALGOL    J.R.LOW                            
                        BASED LANGUAGE FOR    R.H.TAYLOR                         
                        ARTIFICIAL INTELLI-   D.C.SWINEHART                      
CS 309   NOT AT NTIS    DYNAMIC CONTROL       V.LESSER           AUG 72      251 
SLACR157                STRUCTURES AND THEIR                                     
                        USE IN EMULATION                                         
CS 310   AD750671       ANOMALIES IN          M.T.KAUFMAN        SEP 72      22  
TR34                    SCHEDULING UNIT-TIME                                     
CS 311   NOT AT NTIS    MODELLING, TRAJECTORY R.PAUL             SEP 72          
AI 177                  CALCULATION AND                                          
                        SERVOING OF A COMPUTER                                   
                        CONTROLLED ARM                                           
CS 312   AD754108       VISUAL FEEDBACK AND   A.GILL             SEP 72      134 
AI 178                  RELATED PROBLEMS IN                                      
                        COMPUTER CONTROLLED                                      
                        HAND-EYE COORDINATION                                    
CS 313   PB218353/1     BIBLIOGRAPHY          STAFF              SEP 72      42  
CS 314   PB212893       PARALLEL ALGORITHMS   P.M.KOGGE          AUG 72      74  
TR43                    FOR THE EFFICIENT                                        
                        SOLUTION OF                                              
                        RECURRENCE PROBLEMS                                      
CS 315   PB212894       THE NUMERICAL         P.M.KOGGE          SEP 72      49  
TR44                    STABILITY OF                                             
                        PARALLEL ALGORITHMS                                      
                        FOR SOLVING RE-                                          
                        CURRENCE PROBLEMS                                        
CS 316   PB212828       MINIMAL PARALELLISM   P.M.KOGGE          AUG 72      45  
TR45                    IN THE SOLUTION OF                                       
                        RECURRENCE PROBLEMS                                      
CS 317   AD750672       AN ANALYSIS OF        F.BASKETT          OCT 72      69  
TR26                    DRUM STORAGE          S.H. FULLER                        
CS 318   AD755140       CONSTRUCTIVE GRAPH    H.BROWN            OCT 72      50  
                        LABELING USING        L.MASINTER                         
                        DOUBLE COSETS         L.HJELMELAND                       
CS 319   SU326P30-22    ON A CHARACTERI-      G.H.GOLUB          OCT 72      14  
                        ZATION OF THE BEST    J.M.VARAH                          
                        L(2) SCALING OF A                                        
CS 320                  WINGED EDGE POLY-     B.G.BAUMGART       OCT 72      46  
AIM179                  HEDRA REPRESENTATION                                     
CS 321   AD759712       COMPUTER IDENTIFI-    R.BAJCSY           NOV 72      156 
AIM180                  CATION OF TEXTURED                                       
                        VISUAL SCENES                                            
CS 322   SU326P30-23    METHODS FOR           P.E.GILL           NOV 72      62  
                        MOFIFYING MATRIX      G.H.GOLUB                          
                        FACTORIZATIONS        W.MURRAY                           
CS 323   AD755137       A FAST METHOD FOR     M.A.MALCOLM        NOV 72      11  
                        SOLVING A CLASS OF    J.PALMER                           
                        TRI-DIAGONAL LINEAR                                      
CS 324   PB214612       SUBPROBLEMS OF THE    H.R.BAUER,III      NOV 72      115 
TR48                    M X N SEQUENCING                                         
CS 325                  REVIEW OF HUBERT      B.G.BUCHANAN       DEC 72      14  
AIM181                  DREYFUS' (WHAT COMPUTERS                                 
DENDRAL                 CAN'T DO:  A CRITIQUE OF                                 
                        ARTIFICIAL REASON)                                       
CS 326   AD754107       CAN EXPERT JUDGES,    K.M.COLBY          DEC 72      12  
AIM182                  USING TRANSCRIPTS OF  F.D.HILF                           
                        TELETYPED PSYCHIATRIC                                    
                        INTERVIEWS, DISTINGUISH                                  
                        HUMAN PARANOID PATIENTS                                  
                        FROM A COMPUTER SIMULA-                                  
                        TION OF PARANOID PRO-                                    
CS 327   AD755138       ASYMPTOTIC BOUNDS     D.A.KLARNER        DEC 72      15  
                        FOR THE NUMBER OF     R.L.RIVEST                         
                        CONVEX N-OMINOES                                         
CS 328   PB218929       AN EFFICIENT IMPLE-   H.GABOW            DEC 72      68  
TR31                    MENTATION OF EDMOND'S                                    
                        MAXIMUM MATCHING                                         
CS 329   PB218875       FOLDS, A DECLARATIVE  I.FANG             DEC 72      290 
                        FORMAL LANGUAGE DEFI-                                    
                        NITION SYSTEM                                            
CS 330   AD758651       AXIOMS AND THEOREMS   M.NEWEY            JAN 73      53  
AIM184                  FOR INTEGERS, LISTS                                      
                        AND FINITE SETS IN LCF                                   
CS 331   AD757364       THE COMPUTING TIME    G.COLLINS          JAN 73      17  
AIM187                  OF THE EUCLIDIAN                                         
CS 332   AD758645       MODELS OF LCF         R.MILNER           JAN 73      17  
CS 333   AD757367       ON THE POWER OF PRO-  Z.MANNA            JAN 73      29  
AIM185                  GRAMMING FEATURES     A.CHANDRA                          
CS 334   AD757366       URAND, A UNIVERSAL    M.A.MALCOLM        JAN 73      10  
                        RANDOM NUMBER GEN-    C.B.MOLER                          
CS 335   SU326P30-24    COMPUTATION OF THE    G.H.GOLUB          JAN 73      12  
                        STATIONARY DISTRI-    E.SENETA                           
                        BUTION OF AN INFINITE                                    
                        MARKOV MATRIX                                            
CS 336   AD758646       ON THE PROPERTIES     A.K.CHANDRA        JAN 73      225 
AIM188                  AND APPLICATIONS OF                                      
                        PROGRAM SCHEMAS                                          
CS 337   PB218682       AESTHETICS SYSTEMS    J.GIPS             FEB 73      22  
AIM189                                        G.STINY                            
CS 338   AD759713       A FINITE BASIS        D.KLARNER          FEB 73      10  
                        THEOREM REVISITED                                        
CS 339   SU326P30-25    COMPUTATION OF THE    G.H.GOLUB          FEB 73      27  
                        LIMITED INFORMATION   W.DENT                             
                        MAXIMUM LIKELIHOOD                                       
CS 340   AD759714       NOTES ON A PROBLEM    M.NEWEY            MAR 73      20  
AIM190                  INVOLVING PERMUTA-                                       
                        TIONS AS SUBSEQUENCES                                    
C00001 00001
C00002 00002	AIM191                  TO PROGRAM VERIFICA-  Z.MANNA                            
C00008 ENDMK
AIM191                  TO PROGRAM VERIFICA-  Z.MANNA                            
CS 342   AD759715       MATROID PARTITIONING  D.KNUTH            MAR 73      12  
CS 343   NOT AT NTIS    COMPUTER BASED        D.R.LEVINE         MAR 73      220 
                        ANALYTIC GRADING FOR                                     
                        GERMAN GRAMMAR INSTRUCTION                               
CS 344   AD759716       THE FOURTEEN PRIMI-   R.C.SCHANK         MAR 73      71  
AIM183                  TIVE ACTIONS AND                                         
                        THEIR INFERENCES                                         
CS 345   NOT AT NTIS    THE MINIMUM ROOT      G.COLLINS          APR 73      25  
AIM192                  SEPARATION OF A       E.HOROWITZ                         
CS 346   AD759717       THE RATIONALE FOR     K.M.COLBY          APR 73      8   
AIM193                  COMPUTER BASED TREAT-                                    
                        MENT OF LANGUAGE                                         
                        DIFFICULTIES IN NON-                                     
                        SPEAKING AUTISTIC                                        
CS 347   PB221170/4     MULTI DIMENSIONAL     K.M.COLBY        APR 73        10  
AIM194                  ANALYSIS IN EVAL-     F.D.HILF                           
                        UATING A SIMULATION                                      
                        OF PARANOID THOUGHT                                      
CS 348   PB222513       HIGH ORDER FINITE     V.PEREYRA          APR 73      86  
         SU326P30-26    DIFFERENCE SOLUTION                                      
                        OF DIFFERENTIAL                                          
CS 349   PB221115       TIME BOUNDS FOR       M.BLUM             APR 73      22  
                        SELECTION             R.FLOYD                            
                        ALSO:  EXPECTED       R.FLOYD                        29  
                        TIME BOUNDS FOR       R.RIVEST                           
C00001 00001
C00002 00002	TR53                    ALGORITHM FOR THE                                        
C00008 ENDMK
TR53                    ALGORITHM FOR THE                                        
                        ASSEMBLY LINE SCHEDULING                                 
CS 351   AD761175       PERFORMANCE OF AN     S.H.FULLER         APR 73      8   
TR27                    I/O CHANNEL WITH                                         
                        MULTIPLE PAGING DRUMS                                    
CS 352   AD761176       THE EXPECTED          S.H.FULLER         APR 73      6   
TR28                    DIFFERENCE BETWEEN                                       
                        THE SLTF AND MTPT DRUM                                   
                        SCHEDULING DISCIPLINES                                   
CS353    AD761185       RANDOM ARRIVALS AND   S.H.FULLER         APR 73      7   
TR29                    MTPT DISC SCHEDULING                                     
CS354    PB221165/4     THE NUMBER OF SDR'S   D.A.KLARNER        APR 73      7   
                        IN CERTAIN REGULAR                                       
CS 355   AD764598       AN ANALYSIS OF        T.G.PRICE          APR 73      8   
TR57                    CENTRAL PROCESSOR                                        
                        SCHEDULING IN MULTI-                                     
                        PROGRAMMED COMPUTER SYSTEMS                              
CS 356   PB222164       MLISP 2               D.C.SMITH          APR 73      92  
AIM195                                        H.J.ENEA                           
CS 357   AD762471       A CONCEPTUALLY BASED  N.M.GOLDMAN        APR 73      88  
AIM196                  SENTENCE PARAPHRASER  C.K.RIESBECK                       
CS 358   AD762470       INFERENCE AND THE     R.C.SCHANK         APR 73      40  
AIM197                  COMPUTER UNDER-       C.J.RIEGER,III                     
                        STANDING OF NATURAL                                      
CS 359   PB222064       A NOTE ON A COM-      H. STONE           MAY 73      8   
TN25                    BINATORIAL PROBLEM                                       
                        OF BURNETT AND COFFMAN                                   
CS 360   AD764014       OPEN,CLOSED AND       R.R.MUNTZ          MAY 73      40  
C00001 00001
C00002 00002	                        CLASSES OF CUSTOMERS                                     
C00272 ENDMK
                        CLASSES OF CUSTOMERS                                     
CS 361   AD764273       AN ALGORITHM FOR THE  H.BROWN            MAY 73      25  
                        CONSTRUCTION OF THE   L.MASINTER                         
                        GRAPHS OF ORGANIC                                        
CS 362   (PRINTED IN OCTOBER, 1973 AS STAN-CS-73-398)                            
CS 363   PB222099       THE LZ ALGORITHM TO   L.KAUFMAN          MAY 73      101 
                        SOLVE THE GENERALIZED                                    
                        EIGENVALUE PROBLEM                                       
CS 364   AD763611       ESTIMATION OF PROB-   R.B.THOSAR         MAY 73      36  
AIM198                  ABILITY DENSITY USING                                    
                        SIGNATURE TABLES FOR                                     
                        APPLICATION TO PATTERN                                   
CS 365   AD767331       AUTOMATIC PROGRAM     S.IGARASHI         MAY 73      50  
AIM200                  VERIFICATION I:       R.L.LONDON                         
                        LOGICAL BASIS AND     D.C.LUCKHAM                        
                        ITS IMPLEMENTATION                                       
CS 366   AD763673       MODEL BASED           G.R.GRAPE          MAY 73      256 
AIM201                  (INTERMEDIATE-LEVEL)                                     
                        COMPUTER VISION                                          
CS 367   AD763601       ORDERED HASH TABLES   O.AMBLE            MAY 73      34  
CS368    AD764396       THE GOALS OF LINGUIS- R.C.SCHANK         MAY 73      44  
AIM202                  TIC THEORY REVISITED  Y.WILKS                            
CS 369   AD764274       THE DEVELOPMENT OF    R.C.SCHANK         MAY 73      26  
AIM203                  CONCEPTUAL STRUCTURES                                    
                        IN CHILDREN                                              
CS 370   AD764288       A HEURISTIC PROGRAM   N.S.SRIDHARAN      JUN 73      30  
AIM205                  TO DISCOVER SYNTHESES H.GELERNTER                        
DENDRAL                 FOR COMPLEX ORGANIC   A.J.HART                           
                        MOLECULES             W.F.FOWLER                         
CS 371   PB223572/AS    A REVIEW OF           D,E,KNUTH          JUN 73      25  
                        "STRUCTURED PROGRAMMING"                                 
CS 372   AD767970       NONLINEAR SPLINE      M.A.MALCOLM        JUN 73      60  
CS 373   AD765353/8WC   SAIL USER MANUAL,     ED: K.VANLEHN      JUN 73      200 
CS 374   AD764275       A MACHINE-INDEPEN-    M.A.MALCOLM        JUN 73      5   
                        DENT ALGOL PROCEDURE                                     
                        FOR ACCURATE FLOATING-                                   
                        POINT SUMMATION                                          
CS 375   SU326P30-27    ON FOURIER-TOEPLITZ   D.FISCHER          JUN 73      30  
                        METHODS FOR SEPARABLE G.H.GOLUB                          
                        ELLIPTIC PROBLEMS     O.HALD                             
CS 376   SU326P30-28    LOWER ESTIMATES FOR   G.MEINARDUS        JUN 73      20  
                        THE ERROR OF BEST     G.D.TAYLOR                         
                        UNIFORM APPROXIMATION                                    
CS 377   AD764652       PREFERENCE SEMANTICS  Y.WILKS            JUN 73      20  
CS 378   AD767333       THE "OPTIMUM-COMB"    J.A.MOORER         JUN 73      25  
AIM207                  METHOD OF PITCH PERIOD                                   
                        ANALYSIS IN SPEECH                                       
CS 379   AD767334       THE HETRODYNE         J.A.MOORER         JUN 73      30  
AIM208                  FILTER AS A TOOL FOR                                     
                        ANALYSIS OF TRANSIENT                                    
CS 380   AD767695/0WC   SCENE ANALYSIS USING  Y.YAKIMOVSKY       JUN 73      120 
AIM209                  A SEMANTIC BASE FOR                                      
                        REGION GROWING                                           
CS 381   AD767694       COMPUTER GENERATION   N.S.SRIDHARAN      JUL 73      18  
                        OF VERTEX-GRAPHS                                         
CS 382   AD767335       AXIOMATIC APPROACH    Z.MANNA            JUL 73      26  
AIM210                  TO TOTAL CORRECTNESS  A.PNUELI                           
                        OF PROGRAMS                                              
CS 383   AD769673       NATURAL LANGUAGE      Y.WILKS            JUL 73      24  
AIM211                  INFERENCE                                                
CS 384   AD769379       THE GENERATION OF     A.HERSKOVITS       AUG 73      50  
AIM212                  FRENCH FROM A                                            
                        SEMANTIC REPRESEN-                                       
CS 385   NOT AT NTIS    RECOGNITION OF CON-   R.B.THOSAR         AUG 73      37  
AIM213                  TINUOUS SPEECH:                                          
                        SEGMENTATION AND                                         
                        CLASSIFICATION USING                                     
                        SIGNATURE TABLE                                          
CS 386   AD767332       A CORNER FINDER FOR   W.A.PERKINS        AUG 73      59  
AIM214                  VISUAL FEEDBACK       T.O.BINFORD                        
CS 387   AD769380       ANALYSIS OF BEHAVIOR  B.G.BUCHANAN       AUG 73      15  
AIM215                  OF CHEMICAL MOLE-     N.S.SRIDHARAN                      
DENDRAL                 CULES:  RULE FORMATION                                   
                        ON NON-HOMOGENEOUS                                       
                        CLASSES OF OBJECTS                                       
CS 388   PB226044/AS    INTERCONNECTIONS FOR  R.C.SWANSON        AUG 73      52  
TR74                    PARALLEL MEMORIES TO                                     
                        UNSCRAMBLE (P)-ORDERED                                   
CS 389   AD771299       APPLICATIONS OF       L.MASINTER         SEP 73      60  
AIM216                  ARTIFICIAL INTELLI-   N.S.SRIDHARAN                      
DENDRAL                 GENCE FOR CHEMICAL    J.LEDERBERG                        
                        INFERENCE - XII       D.H.SMITH                          
                        EXHAUSTIVE GENERATION                                    
                        OF CYCLIC AND ACYCLIC                                    
CS 390   NOT AT NTIS    A CONSTRUCTION FOR    J.GIPS             SEP 73      8   
                        THE INVERSE OF A                                         
                        TURING MACHINE                                           
CS 391   AD770610       SEARCH STRATEGIES     N.S.SRIDHARAN      SEP 73      I   
AIM217                  FOR THE TASK OF ORGANIC                                  
DENDRAL                 CHEMICAL SYNTHESIS                                       
CS 392                  SORTING AND           D.E.KNUTH          OCT 73      31  
                        SEARCHING - ERRATA AND                                   
CS 393   AD772063/4WC   PROOF TECHNIQUES FOR  J.E.VUILLEMIN      OCT 73      97  
AIM218                  RECURSIVE PROGRAMS                                       
CS 394   AD769674       PARALLEL PROGRAMMING: C.A.R.HOARE        OCT 73      33  
AIM219                  AN AXIOMATIC APPROACH                                    
CS 395                  BIBLIOGRAPHY          STAFF              OCT 73      48  
CS396    AD772064       THE USE OF SENSORY    R. BOLLES          NOV 73      24  
AIM220                  FEEDBACK IN A PRO-    R. PAUL                            
                        GRAMMABLE ASSEMBLY                                       
CS 397   SU326P30-28A   COMPUTATIONAL COM-    P. HENRICI         NOV 73      14  
                        PLEX ANALYSIS                                            
CS 398   AD771300       IMAGE CONTOURING      B. BAUMGART        NOV 73      52  
AIM199                  AND COMPARING                                            
CS 399   SU326P30-29    SOLUTION OF SPARSE    C.C.PAIGE          NOV 73      47  
                        INDEFINITE SYSTEMS    M.A.SAUNDERS                       
                        OF EQUATIONS AND                                         
                        LEAST SQUARES                                            
CS 400   AD772509       RECURSIVE DATA        C.A.R.HOARE        JAN 74      32  
AIM223                  STRUCTURES                                               
CS 401   PB226691/AS    MONITORS: AN OPER-    C.A.R.HOARE        JAN 74      25  
                        ATING SYSTEM STRUC-                                      
                        TURING CONCEPT                                           
CS 402   PB229616/AS    ALGOL 60 PROCEDURES   J.G.HERRIOT        JAN 74      40  
                        FOR THE CALCULATION   C.H.REINSCH                        
                        OF INTERPOLATING                                         
                        NATURAL QUINTIC                                          
                        SPLINE FUNCTIONS                                         
CS 403   AD773391       HINTS ON PROGRAMMING  C.A.R.HOARE        JAN 74      29  
AIM224                  LANGUAGE DESIGN                                          
CS 404   AD775452       A CATALOG OF QUADRI/  N.S.SRIDHARAN      JAN 74      48  
                        TRIVALENT GRAPHS                                         
CS 405   NOT AT NTIS    STANFORD COMPUTER     R.DAVIS            JAN 74      38  
                        SCIENCE DEPARTMENT:   M.WRIGHT                           
                        RESEARCH REPORT                                          
CS 406   AD775645       MEMORY MODEL FOR A    W.A.PERKINS        JAN 74      50  
AIM225                  ROBOT                                                    
CS 407   AD778310       FAIL                  F.H.G.WRIGHT       APR 74      50  
AIM226                                        R.E.GORIN                          
CS 408   ADA003483      INFORMATION PRO-      A.J.THOMAS         APR 74      45  
AIM227                  CESSING OF VISUAL     T.O.BINFORD                        
                        PERCEPTION: A REVIEW                                     
CS 409   AD776233       FINAL REPORT: THE     L.EARNEST          APR 74      118 
AIM228                  FIRST TEN YEARS OF                                       
                        ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE                                  
                        RESEARCH AT STANFORD                                     
CS 410   PB231926/AS    MODELLING OF          J.L.PETERSON       APR 74      257 
TR46                    PARALLEL SYSTEMS                                         
CS 411                  AFTER LEIBNIZ...:     D.B.ANDERSON       APR 74      44  
AIM229                  DISCUSSIONS ON        T.O.BINFORD                        
                        PHILOSOPHY AND        A.J.THOMAS                         
                        ARTIFICIAL INTELLI-   R.W.WEYHRAUCH                      
                        GENCE                 Y.A.WILKS                          
CS 412   AD786721       COPILOT:  A           D.C. SWINEHART     MAY 74      213 
AIM230                  MULTIPLE PROCESS                                         
                        APPROACH TO INTER-                                       
                        ACTIVE PROGRAMMING                                       
CS413    ADA001814      SHAPE GRAMMARS AND    J. GIPS            MAY 74      243 
AIM231                  THEIR USES                                               
CS414    AD780452       GEOMED:  A GEOMETRIC  B.G. BAUMGART      MAY 74      46  
AIM232                  EDITOR                                                   
CS415    PB233065/AS    ANALYSIS OF ASSOCIA-  R.L. RIVEST        MAY 74      109 
                        TIVE RETRIEVAL ALGORITHMS                                
CS 416   PB233507/AS    STRUCTURED PROGRAM-   D.E. KNUTH         MAY 74      100 
                        MING WITH "GO TO"                                        
CS 417   PB234102/AS    SOME THOUGHTS ON      R.L. SITES         MAY 74      68  
                        PROVING CLEAN TERMI-                                     
                        NATION OF PROGRAMS                                       
CS 418   PB233045/AS    PROVING THAT COMPUTER R.L. SITES         MAY 74      143 
                        PROGRAMS TERMINATE                                       
CS 419   ADA000086      CONCEPTUAL MEMORY: A  C.J. RIEGER, III   JUL 74      393 
AIM233                  THEORY AND COMPUTER                                      
                        PROGRAM FOR PROCESSING                                   
                        THE MEANING CONTENT OF                                   
                        NATURAL LANGUAGE                                         
CS 420   PB232543/AS    PARTIALLY SELF-       J. WAKERLY         JUL 74     46   
TR50                    CHECKING CIRCUITS AND                                    
                        THEIR USE IN PERFORMING                                  
                        LOGICAL OPERATIONS                                       
CS 421   PB232356/AS    LOW-COST ERROR DETEC- J. WAKERLY         JUL 74     232  
TR51                    TION TECHNIQUES FOR                                      
                        SMALL COMPUTERS                                          
CS 422   NASA-TM-       PARALLEL TRIDIAGONAL  H.S. STONE         JUL 74     42   
TR79     62,370         EQUATION SOLVERS                                         
CS 423   PB232860/AS    ASYMPTOTIC REPRE-     G.S.RAO            MAY 74     16   
TN41                    SENTATION OF THE AVERAGE                                 
                        NUMBER OF ACTIVE MODULES                                 
                        IN AN N-WAY INTERLEAVED                                  
CS 424   PB232602/AS    LOGARITHMIC COMMUNI-  M. SCHLUMBERGER    JUL 74     38   
TR80                    CATIONS NETWORKS                                         
CS 425   PB232598/AS    VULNERABILITY OF      M. SCHLUMBERGER    JUL 74     68   
TR81                    DE BRUIJN COMMUNICA-                                     
                        TIONS NETWORKS                                           
CS 426   PB232597       QUEUING EQUAL LENGTH  M. SCHLUMBERGER    JUL 74     75   
TR82                    MESSAGES IN A LOGARITH-                                  
                        MIC NETWORK                                              
CS 427   PB232624/AS    PERFORMING THE PER-   T. LANG            JUL 74     18   
TN36                    FECT SHUFFLE IN AN                                       
                        ARRAY COMPUTER                                           
CS 428   PB232633/AS    INTERCONNECTIONS      T. LANG            JUL 74     32   
TR76                    BETWEEN PROCESSORS                                       
                        AND MEMORY MODULES                                       
                        USING THE SHUFFLE-                                       
                        EXCHANGE NETWORK                                         
CS 429   PB232623/AS    EFFICIENT DATA        S.E. ORCUTT        JUL 74     31   
TR70                    ROUTING SCHEMES FOR                                      
                        ILLIAC IV-TYPE COMPUTERS                                 
CS 430   PB234513/AS    A NOVEL PARALLEL      S.E. ORCUTT        JUL 74     44   
TR71                    COMPUTER ARCHITECTURE                                    
                        AND SOME APPLICATIONS                                    
CS 431   NOT AT NTIS    PATTERN-MATCHING      K.M. COLBY         JUL 74     23   
AIM234                  RULES FOR THE RECOG-  R.C. PARKISON                      
                        NITION OF NATURAL                                        
                        LANGUAGE DIALOGUE                                        
CS 432   ADA006898      FOL:  A PROOF CHECKER R. W. WEYHRAUCH    JUL 74      60  
AIM235                  FOR FIRST-ORDER       A.J. THOMAS                        
CS 433   AD784513       ON AUTOMATING THE     J.R. BUCHANAN      JUL 74     65   
AIM236                  CONSTRUCTION OF       D.C. LUCKHAM                       
CS 434   SU326P30-31    ALGORITHMS FOR        A. RUHE            JUL 74     50   
                        SEPARABLE NONLINEAR   P.A. WEDIN                         
                        LEAST SQUARES PROBLEMS                                   
CS 435   A001-071       BALANCED COMPUTER     T. G. PRICE        AUG 74      56  
TR88                    SYSTEMS                                                  
CS 436   ADA012477      NATURAL LANGUAGE      Y. WILKS           AUG 74      25  
AIM237                  UNDERSTANDING SYSTEMS                                    
                        WITHIN THE A.I. PARADIGM:                                
                        A SURVEY AND SOME COM-                                   
CS 437   ADA005040      COMPUTATIONAL UNDER-  C.K. RIESBECK      AUG 74      245 
AIM238                  STANDING: ANALYSIS OF                                    
                        SENTENCES AND CONTEXT                                    
CS 438   AD786720       COMPUTER MATCHING OF  M.J. HANNAH        AUG 74      99  
AIM239                  AREAS IN STEREO IMAGES                                   
CS 439   SU326P30-32    ON THE SOLUTION OF    R.W. COTTLE        AUG 74      87  
OR 74-7                 LARGE, STRUCTURED     G.H. GOLUB                         
                        LINEAR COMPLE-        R.S. SACHER                        
                        MENTARITY PROBLEMS: III                                  
CS 440   PB237360/AS    FAST PATTERN MATCHING J.H. MORRIS, JR.   AUG 74      32  
                        IN STRINGS            V.R. PRATT                         
                                              D.E. KNUTH                         
CS 441   ADA000284      AN ANALYSIS OF        D.E. KNUTH         AUG 74      64  
                        ALPHA-BETA PRUNING    R.W. MOORE                         
CS 442   ADA004208      ESTIMATING THE        D.E. KNUTH         AUG 74      30  
                        EFFICIENCY OF BACKTRACK                                  
CS 443   PB236471/AS    EMBEDDING HEURISTIC   D.K. BROTZ         AUG 74      107 
                        PROBLEM SOLVING METHODS                                  
                        IN A MECHANICAL THEOREM                                  
CS 444   AD787035       PROGRESS REPORT ON    C.C. GREEN,        AUG 74      50  
AIM240                  PROGRAM-UNDERSTANDING R.J. WALDINGER                     
                        SYSTEMS               D.R.BARSTOW                        
                                              ET AL.                             
CS 445                  A RELATIVELY          J.H. FRIEDMAN      SEPT 74     21  
SLACP1448               EFFICIENT ALGORITHM   F. BASKETT                         
                        FOR FINDING NEAREST   L.J. SHUSTEK                       
CS 446   AD786723       LCFsmall:  AN IMP-    L. AIELLO          SEPT 74     45  
AIM241                  PLEMENTATION OF LCF   R.W. WEYHRAUCH                     
CS 447   AD787-631      SEMANTICS OF PASCAL   L. AIELLO          SEPT 74     78  
AIM221                  IN LCF                M. AIELLO                          
                                              R. WEYHRAUCH                       
CS 448   SU326P30-33    MATRIX FACTORIZATION  D. GOLDFARB        SEPT 74     45  
                        IN OPTIMIZATION OF                                       
                        NONLINEAR FUNCTIONS                                      
                        SUBJECT TO LINEAR                                        
CS 449   AD785027       PERFORMANCE ANALYSIS  A. SMITH           SEPT 74     323 
TR89                    OF COMPUTER SYSTEMS                                      
CS 450   AD787008       INTERFERENCE IN       F. BASKETT         SEPT 74     45  
TR90                    MULTIPROCESSOR        A.J. SMITH                         
                        COMPUTER SYSTEMS WITH                                    
                        INTERLEAVED MEMORY                                       
CS 451   AD786999       A MODIFIED WORKING    A.J. SMITH         SEPT 74     40  
TR91                    SET PAGING ALGORITHM                                     
CS 452   ADA000500      AUTOMATIC CODING:     J.R. LOW           SEPT 74     110 
AIM242                  CHOICE OF DATA STRUCTURES                                
CS 453   ADA000084      RANDOM MATROIDS       D.E. KNUTH         SEPT 74     30  
CS 454   SU326P30-35    A COMPUTATIONAL       L.S. JENNINGS      SEPT 74     15  
                        APPROACH TO SIMULTANEOUS                                 
CS 455   ADA000083      EDGE-DISJOINT         R.E. TARJAN        SEPT 74     40  
                        SPANNING TREES, DOMINATORS,                              
                        AND DEPTH-FIRST SEARCH                                   
CS456    ADA003815      AL, A PROGRAMMING     R. FINKEL          OCT 74      117 
AIM243                  SYSTEM FOR AUTO-      R. TAYLOR                          
                        MATION:  PRELIMINARY  R. BOLLES, R. PAUL                 
                        REPORT                J. FELDMAN                         
CS457    NOT AT NTIS    TEN CRITICISMS        K.M. COLBY         OCT 74      7   
AIM244                  OF PARRY                                                 
CS458    AD784816       A STUDY IN AUTOMATIC  J.R. BUCHANAN      OCT 74      146 
AIM245                  PROGRAMMING                                              
CS459    ADA000085      FIVE LECTURES ON      T. WINOGRAD        OCT 74      95  
AIM246                  ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE                                  
CS460    PB238148/AS    RANDOM INSERTION      T. PORTER          OCT 74      25  
                        INTO A PRIORITY       I. SIMON                           
                        QUEUE STRUCTURE                                          
CS461    ADA005041      COMPUTER GENERATION   N.M. GOLDMAN       OCT 74      316 
AIM247                  OF NATURAL LANGUAGE                                      
                        FROM A DEEP CONCEPTUAL                                   
CS462                   A FAST, FEATURE-      K. PINGLE          OCT 74      15  
AIM248                  DRIVEN STEREO DEPTH   A.J. THOMAS                        
CS463    ADA002261      GEOMETRIC MODELING    B. BAUMGART        NOV 74      141 
AIM249                  FOR COMPUTER VISION                                      
CS464    ADA003486      STRUCTURED DESCRIP-   R. NEVATIA         NOV 74      125 
AIM250                  TIONS OF COMPLEX                                         
                        CURVED OBJECTS FOR                                       
                        RECOGNITION AND VISUAL                                   
CS465    ADA001373      MYCIN: A RULE-BASED   E.H. SHORTLIFFE    NOV 74      409 
AIM251                  COMPUTER PROGRAM                                         
                        FOR ADVISING PHYSICIANS                                  
                        REGARDING ANTIMICROBIAL                                  
                        THERAPY SELECTION                                        
CS466    ADA002246      RECENT RESEARCH IN    L.EARNEST(ED.)     NOV 74      79  
AIM252                  ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE,                                 
                        HEURISTIC PROGRAMMING,                                   
                        AND NETWORK PROTOCOL                                     
CS 467   ADA007562      CHECKING PROOFS IN    M. AIELLO          NOV 74      55  
AIM222                  THE META-MATHEMATICS  R. WEYHRAUCH                       
                        OF FIRST ORDER LOGIC                                     
CS468    ADA003832      A COMBINATORIAL BASE  S. KROGDAHL        NOV 74      25  
                        FOR SOME OPTIMAL                                         
                        MATROID INTERSECTION                                     
CS469                   MOLECULAR             H. BROWN           DEC 74      38  
                        STRUCTURE ELUCIDATION                                    
CS470                   STABLE SORTING AND    L. TRABB PARDO     DEC 74      75  
                        MERGING WITH OPTIMAL                                     
                        SPACE AND TIME BOUNDS                                    
CS471    ADA003487      THE INTERACTION OF    B. FAUGHT          DEC 74      38  
AIM 253                 INFERENCES, AFFECTS   K.M. COLBY                         
                        AND INTENTIONS IN A   R. C. PARKISON                     
                        MODEL OF PARANOIA                                        
CS472    ADA005407      STANFORD AUTOMATIC    L.H. QUAM          DEC 74      15  
AIM254                  PHOTOGRAMMETRY        M. J. HANNAH                       
CS473    ADA005412      AUTOMATIC PROGRAM     N. SUZUKI          DEC 74      28  
AIM255                  VERIFICATION II:                                         
                        VERIFYING PROGRAMS BY                                    
                        ALGEBRAIC AND LOGICAL                                    
CS474    ADA007563      A METHODOLOGY FOR     F.W. V.HENKE       JAN 75      45  
AIM256                  VERIFYING PROGRAMS    D.C. LUCKHAM                       
CS475    ADA005413      FORMAL SEMANTICS OF   M.C. NEWEY         JAN 75      184 
AIM257                  LISP WITH APPLICATIONS                                   
                        TO PROGRAM CORRECTNESS                                   
CS476    ADA006294      A HYPOTHETICAL        C.C. GREEN         JAN 75      45  
AIM258                  DIALOGUE EXHIBITING   D. BARSTOW                         
                        A KNOWLEDGE BASE FOR                                     
                        A PROGRAM-UNDERSTANDING                                  
CS477    NOT AT NTIS    LONGEST COMMON        V. CHVATAL         JAN 75      18  
                        SUBSEQUENCES OF       D. SANKOFF                         
                        TWO RANDOM SEQUENCES                                     
CS478    SU326P30-36    ILL-CONDITIONED       G.H. GOLUB         FEB 75      66  
                        EIGENSYSTEMS AND THE  J.H. WILKINSON                     
                        COMPUTATION OF THE                                       
                        JORDAN CANONICAL FORM                                    
CS479    SU326P30-38    ERROR BOUNDS IN THE   F. CHATELIN        FEB 75      24  
                        APPROXIMATION OF      J. LEMORDANT                       
                        EIGENVALUES OF                                           
                        DIFFERENTIAL AND                                         
                        INTEGRAL OPERATORS.                                      
CS480    A008804        NOTES ON GENERALIZED  D.E. KNUTH         FEB 75      45  
                        DEDEKIND SUMS                                            
CS481    SU326P30-39    DIFFERENCE METHODS    J. OLIGER          FEB 75          
                        FOR THE INITIAL-                                         
                        BOUNDARY VALUE PROBLEM                                   
                        FOR HYPERBOLIC EQUATIONS                                 
CS482    NOT AT NTIS    AN ALGORITHM FOR      J.A. FRIEDMAN      MAR 75      31  
SLACP1549               FINDING BEST MATCHES  J.L. BENTLEY                       
                        IN LOGARITHMIC TIME   R.A. FINKEL                        
CS483    ADA011835      ON PACKING SQUARES    P. ERDOS           MAR 75      8   
                        WITH EQUAL SQUARES    R.L. GRAHAM                        
CS484    ADA011832      ON SUBGRAPH NUMBER    R.L. GRAHAM        MAR 75      18  
                        INDEPENDENCE IN TREES E. SZEMEREDI                       
CS485    ADA011834      ON MULTIPLICATIVE     P. ERDOS           MAR 75      18  
                        REPRESENTATIONS OF    E. SZEMEREDI                       
CS486    SU326P30-37    EIGENPROBLEMS FOR     A. BJORCK          MAR 75      19  
                        MATRICES ASSOCIATED   G.H. GOLUB                         
                        WITH PERIODIC BOUNDARY                                   
CS 487                  A VARIABLE METRIC     J. H. FRIEDMAN     APR 75      34  
SLACP 1573              DECISION RULE FOR NON-                                   
                        PARAMETRIC CLASSIFICATION.                               
CS488    ADA011445      ON COMPLETE SUB-      B. BOLLOBAS        APR 75      16  
                        GRAPHS OF R-CHROMATIC P. ERDOS                           
                        GRAPHS.               E. SZEMEREDI                       
CS 489   ADA011833      REGULAR PARTITIONS    E. SZEMEREDI       APR 75      8   
                        OF GRAPHS                                                
CS 490   ADA014429      NUMERICAL EXPERI-     R. WM. GOSPER      MAY 75      31  
                        MENTS WITH THE                                           
                        SPECTRAL TEST.                                           
CS 491                  DELETION IN BINARY    G. D. KNOTT        MAY 75      93  
                        STORAGE TREES.                                           
CS 492                  QUICKSORT             R. SEDGEWICK       MAY 75      352 
CS 493   PB244421/AS    DESCRIBING AUTOMATA   R. KURKI-SUONIO    MAY 75      37  
                        IN TERMS OF LANGUAGES                                    
                        ASSOCIATED WITH THEIR                                    
                        PERIPHERAL DEVICES,                                      
CS 494                  SOURCE LANGUAGE       E.H.SATTERTHWAITE, MAY 75      345 
                        DEBUGGING TOOLS.      JR.                                
CS 495   ADA014424      THE DEPENDENCE        S. KROGDAHL        MAY 75      29  
                        GRAPH FOR BASES                                          
                        IN MATROIDS.                                             
CS 496   SU326 P30-41   AN ITERATIVE BLOCK    R. UNDERWOOD       MAY 75      133 
                        LANCZOS METHOD FOR                                       
                        THE SOLUTION OF LARGE                                    
                        SPARSE SYMMETRIC                                         
CS 497   ADA016825      DISTANCE MATRICES     R. L. GRAHAM       AUG. 75     48  
                        OF TREES              L. LOVASZ                          
CS 498   ADA017025      AUTOMATICALLY PROVING H. SAMET           AUG. 75     214 
AIM 259                 THE CORRECTNESS OF                                       
                        TRANSLATIONS INVOLVING                                   
                        OPTIMIZED CODE                                           
CS499                   PYGMALION: A CREA-    D.C. SMITH         AUG 75      193 
AIM 260                 TIVE PROGRAMMING                                         
CS 500   PB246708/AS    TOWARDS BETTER        R. KURKI-SUONIO    AUG 75      29  
                        DEFINITIONS OF PRO-                                      
                        GRAMMING LANGUAGES.                                      
CS 501   ADA016810      PROCEDURAL EVENTS     O. PETTERSEN       AUG 75      8   
AIM 261                 AS SOFTWARE INTERRUPTS.                                  
CS 502   ADA016808      SYNCHRONIZATION OF    O. PETTERSEN       AUG 75      14  
AIM 262                 CONCURRENT PROCESSES                                     
CS 503   ADA016807      THE MACRO-PROCESSING  O. PETTERSEN       AUG 75      20  
AIM 263                 SYSTEM. STAGE2:                                          
                        TRANSFER OF COMMENTS                                     
                        TO THE GENERATED TEXT                                    
CS 504   ADA017370      ON SPARSE GRAPHS WITH E. SZEMEREDI       AUG 75      14  
                        DENSE LONG PATHS                                         
CS 505   ADA017053      SOME LINEAR PRO-      V. CHVATAL         AUG 75      30  
                        GRAMMING ASPECTS OF                                      
CS 506   ADA017176      OPERATIONAL           M. GORDON          AUG 75      30  
AIM 264                 REASONING AND DENOTA-                                    
                        TIONAL SEMANTICS                                         
CS 507                  TOWARDS A SEMANTIC    M. GORDON          AUG 75      25  
AIM 265                 THEORY OF DYNAMIC                                        
CS 508                  ON COMPUTING THE      J. EVE             AUG 75      14  
                        TRANSITIVE CLOSURE                                       
                        OF A RELATION                                            
CS 509   ADA017331      FINDING THE MAXIMAL   M. OVERTON         AUG 75      72  
                        INCIDENCE MATRIX      A. PROSKUROWSKI                    
                        OF A LARGE GRAPH                                         
CS 510   ADA017054      ANALYSIS OF THE       A. YAO             AUG 75      10  
                        SUBTRACTIVE ALGORITHM D. E. KNUTH                        
                        FOR GREATEST COMMON                                      
CS 511   ADA017294      SOFTWARE IMPLEMENTA-  P. DUBOST          AUG 75      35  
                        TION OF A NEW METHOD  J.-M. TROUSSE                      
                        OF COMBINATORIAL                                         
CS 512                  APPLICATIONS OF PATH  R.E. TARJAN        OCT 75      53  
                        COMPRESSION ON BALANCED                                  
CS 513                  A SURVEY OF TECH-     J.L. BENTLEY       OCT 75      30  
SLACR186                NIQUES FOR FIXED                                         
                        RADIUS NEAR NEIGHBOR                                     
CS 514                  A MICROPROGRAM        N. TOKURA          OCT 75      29  
                        CONTROL UNIT BASED ON                                    
                        A TREE MEMORY                                            
CS 515                  FAST MULTIPLE-        R.P. BRENT         OCT 75      22  
                        PRECISION EVALUATION                                     
                        OF ELEMENTARY FUNCTIONS                                  
CS 516   SU326P30-42    ON THE RELATION       J. STOER           OCT 75      103 
                        BETWEEN QUADRATIC                                        
                        TERMINATION AND CON-                                     
                        VERGENCE PROPERTIES                                      
                        OF MINIMIZATION                                          
CS 517                  DISTANCES IN          V. CHVATAL         OCT 75      24  
                        ORIENTATION OF        C. THOMASSEN                       
CS 518                  AGGREGATION OF        V. CHVATAL         OCT 75      27  
                        INEQUALITIES IN       P.L. HAMMER                        
                        INTEGER PROGRAMMING                                      
CS 519                  PRODUCTION RULES AS   R. DAVIS           NOV 75      37  
AIM266                  A REPRESENTATION FOR  B. BUCHANAN                        
                        A KNOWLEDGE-BASE      E. SHORTLIFFE                      
                        CONSULTATION PROGRAM                                     
CS 520                  ON THE REPRESENTA-    F.W. VON HENKE     NOV 75      41  
AIM267                  TION OF DATA STRUCTURES                                  
                        IN LCF WITH APPLICATIONS                                 
                        TO PROGRAM GENERATION                                    
CS 521                  DEPTH PRECEPTION IN   C. THOMPSON        NOV 75      16  
AIM268                  STEREO COMPUTER VISION                                   
CS 522                  AUTOMATIC PROGRAM     D.C. LUCKHAM       NOV 75      29  
AIM 269                 VERIFICATION IV:      N. SUSUZKI                         
                        PROOF OF TERMINATION                                     
                        WITHIN A WEAK LOGIC OF                                   
CS 523                  BAIL - A DEBUGGER     J.F. REISER        NOV 75      26  
AIM 270                 FOR SAIL                                                 
CS 524                  AN OVERVIEW OF        R. DAVIS           NOV 75      40  
AIM 271                 PRODUCTION SYSTEMS    J. KING                            
CS 525                  RECONSTRUCTION OF     S. GANAPATHY       NOV 75      204 
AIM 272                 SCENES CONTAINING                                        
                        POLYHEDRA FROM STEREO                                    
                        PAIR OF VIEWS                                            
CS 526                  GRAPH THEORY AND      R.E. TARJAN        NOV 75      23  
                        GAUSSIAN ELIMINATION                                     
TR 100                  COMPUTING, CURRENT    J.F. WAKERLY                       
                        RESEARCH              R.C. OGUS                          
CS 528                  SOLVING PATH PROBLEMS R.E. TARJAN        NOV 75      45  
                        ON DIRECTED GRAPHS                                       
CS 529                  FAST ALGORITHMS FOR   J.L. BENTLEY       NOV 75      29  
SLACP 1665              CONSTRUCTING MINIMAL  J.H. FRIEDMAN                      
                        SPANNING TREES IN                                        
                        COORDINATE SPACES                                        
CS 530   SU326P30-40    AN ADAPTIVE FINITE    M. LENTINI         NOV 75      42  
                        DIFFERENCE SOLVER     V. PEREYRA                         
                        FOR NONLINEAR TWO POINT                                  
                        BOUNDARY PROBLEMS WITH                                   
                        MILD BOUNDARY LAYERS                                     
CS 531                  ALGORITHMIC ASPECTS   D.J. ROSE          NOV 75      44  
                        OF VERTEX ELIMINATION R.E. TARJAN                        
                        ON DIRECTED GRAPHS                                       
CS 532                  BIBLIOGRAPHY OF       P.E. JACOBS        NOV 75          
                        COMPUTER SCIENCE                                         
                        DEPARTMENT TECHNICAL                                     
CS 533   SU326P30-44    A GENERALIZED CONJU-  P. CONCUS          DEC 75      24  
                        GATE GRADIENT METHOD  G.H. GOLUB                         
                        FOR THE NUMERICAL     D.P. O'LEARY                       
                        SOLUTION OF ELLIPTIC                                     
                        PARTIAL DIFFERENTIAL                                     
AIM1                    PREDICATE CALCULUS    J.MCCARTHY         MAR 63      5   
                        WITH "UNDEFINED"                                         
AIM2                    SITUATIONS, ACTIONS,  J.MCCARTHY         JUL 63      11  
                        AN CAUSAL LAWS                                           
AIM3                    "THE MIKADO" AS AN    F.SAFIER           JUL 63      4   
                        ADVICE TAKER PROBLEM                                     
AIM4                    CLOCK FUNCTION FOR    H.ENEA             AUG 63          
                        LISP 1.5, (OUT OF                                        
AIM5                    ALGEBRAIC SIMPLIFI-   H.ENEA             AUG 63      1   
                        CATION                D.WOOLDRIDGE                       
AIM6                    NON-PRINTING          D.WOOLDRIDGE       AUG 63      2   
                        COMPILER (OUT OF PRINT)                                  
AIM7                    PROGRAMS WITH         J.MCCARTHY         SEP 63      7   
                        COMMON SENSE                                             
AIM8                    STORAGE CONVENTIONS   J.MCCARTHY         SEP 63          
                        IN LISP 2 (OUT OF PRINT)                                 
AIM9                    COMPUTING ESTIMATES   C.M.WILLIAMS       DEC 63      9   
                        FOR THE NUMBER OF                                        
                        BISECTIONS OF AN N BY                                    
                        N CHECKERBOARD FOR N                                     
                        EVEN (OUT OF PRINT)                                      
AIM10                   IMPROVEMENTS IN       S.R.RUSSELL        DEC 63      3   
                        LISP DEBUGGING                                           
AIM11                   AN ALGEBRAIC          D.WOOLDRIDGE       DEC 63      57  
                        SIMPLIFY PROGRAM IN                                      
AIM12                   DOCUMENTATION OF      G.FELDMAN          JAN 64          
                        THE MAC MAHON SQUARES                                    
                        PROBLEM (OUT OF PRINT)                                   
AIM13                   THE NEW LISP SYSTEM   D.WOOLDRIDGE       FEB 64      4   
                        (LISP 1.55)                                              
AIM14                   COMPUTER CONTROL OF   J.MCCARTHY         JAN 64      6   
                        A MACHINE FOR                                            
                        EXPLORING MARS                                           
AIM15                   AXIOMATIZATION AND    M.FINKELSTEIN      JUN 64      6   
                        IMPLEMENTATION        F.SAFIER                           
AIM16                   A TOUGH NUT FOR       J.MCCARTHY         JUL 64      3   
                        PROOF PROCEDURES                                         
AIM17                   FORMAL DESCRIPTION    J.MCCARTHY         JUL 64      2   
                        OF THE GAME OF PANG-KE                                   
AIM18                   AN EXPRESSION INPUT   J.HEXT             JUL 64      5   
                        ROUTINE FOR LISP                                         
AIM19                   PROGRAMMING           J.HEXT             AUG 64      14  
                        LANGUAGES AND TRANSLATION                                
AIM20                   SOURCE LANGUAGE       R.REDDY            AUG 64      37  
                        OPTIMIZATION OF                                          
AIM21                   LISP 2 SPECIFICA-     R.W.MITCHELL       AUG 64      12  
                        TIONS PROPOSAL                                           
AIM22                   KALAH - THE GAME AND  R.RUSSELL          SEP 64      13  
                        THE PROGRAM                                              
AIM23                   IMPROVEMENTS TO THE   R.RUSSELL          SEP 64      12  
                        KALAH PROGRAM                                            
AIM24                   A FORMAL DESCRIP-     J.MCCARTHY         SEP 64      43  
                        TION OF A SUBSET OF                                      
AIM25                   A FORMAL SYSTEM OF    R.MANSFIELD        SEP 64      7   
AIM26                   EXPERIMENTS ON        R.REDDY            OCT 64      19  
                        AUTOMATIC SPEECH                                         
                        RECOGNITION BY A                                         
                        DIGITAL COMPUTER                                         
AIM27                   A PROOF-CHECKER       J.MCCARTHY         MAR 65      7   
                        FOR PREDICATE                                            
AIM28                   PROBLEMS IN THE       J.MCCARTHY         MAR 65      7   
                        THEORY OF COMPUTATION                                    
AIM29                   ISOLATION OF          C.M.WILLIAMS       JAN 65      9   
                        IMPORTANT FEATURES                                       
                        OF A MULTITONED                                          
AIM30                   AN INITIAL PROBLEM    E.FEIGENBAUM       APR 65      8   
                        STATEMENT FOR A       R.W.WATSON                         
                        MACHINE INDUCTION                                        
                        RESEARCH PROJECT                                         
AIM31                   PLANS FOR THE         J.MCCARTHY         APR 65      5   
AIM32                   THE 138 ANALOG        H.RATCHFORD        MAY 65      9   
                        DIGITAL CONVERTER                                        
AIM33                   THE ADVICE TAKER      B.HUBERMAN         JUN 65      10  
                        AND GPS                                                  
AIM34                   A TELEVISION CAMERA   P.CARAH            JUN 65      8   
                        INTERFACE FOR PDP-1                                      
AIM35                   SIMPLE SIMON          F.SAFIER           JUN 65      17  
AIM36                   UTILIZATION OF A TV   J.PAINTER          SEP 65      6   
                        CAMERA ON THE PDP-1                                      
AIM37                   AN ON LINE ALGEBRAIC  K.KORSVOLD         NOV 65      36  
                        SIMPLIFICATION PROGRAM                                   
AIM38                   A FILTER FOR A        D.WATERMAN         JAN 66      19  
                        MACHINE INDUCTION SYSTEM                                 
AIM39                   A PROGRAM TO FIND     K.PINGLE           JAN 66      22  
                        OBJECTS IN A PICTURE                                     
AIM41                   A PROPOSAL FOR A      P.ABRAMS           MAY 66      10  
                        PROOF-CHECKER FOR     D.RODE                             
                        CERTAIN AXIOMATIC                                        
                        SYSTEMS (OUT OF PRINT)                                   
AIM42                   A PROPOSAL FOR A      K.PINGLE           JUN 66      11  
                        VISUAL INPUT ROUTINE                                     
AIM44                   SEMANTIC CORRECTNESS  J.PAINTER          MAR 67      130 
                        OF A COMPILER FOR AN                                     
                        ALGOL-LIKE LANGUAGE                                      
AIM45                   SOME COMPLETENESS     D.KAPLAN           OCT 67      22  
                        RESULTS IN THE                                           
                        MATHEMATICAL THEORY                                      
                        OF COMPUTATION                                           
AIM47                   LOGICS OF SCIENTIFIC  B.BUCHANAN         DEC 66      210 
                        DISCOVERY (OUT OF PRINT)                                 
AIM48                   CORRECTNESS OF A      D.KAPLAN           JUL 67      46  
                        COMPILER FOR ALGOL-                                      
                        LIKE PROGRAMS                                            
AIM49                   DENDRAL - A COMPUTER  G.SUTHERLAND       FEB 67      34  
                        PROGRAM FOR GENERATING                                   
                        AND FILTERING CHEMICAL                                   
AIM50                   REDUCE USERS' MANUAL  A.C.HEARN          FEB 67      53  
                        (SUPERSEDED BY AI-133)                                   
AIM51                   CHOOSING AN EYE FOR   L.EARNEST          APR 67      154 
                        A COMPUTER                                               
AIM52                   SOME STUDIES IN       A.L.SAMUEL         JUN 67      48  
                        MACHINE LEARNING                                         
                        USING THE GAME OF                                        
                        CHECKERS II - RECENT PROGRESS                            
AIM53                   THE PDP-6 PROOF       B.WEIHER           JUN 67      48  
AIM54                   MECHANIZATION OF      J.LEDERBERG        AUG 67      29  
                        INDUCTIVE INFERENCE   E.FEIGENBAUM                       
                        IN ORGANIC CHEMISTRY                                     
AIM55                   FIRST THOUGHTS OF     J.FELDMAN          AUG 67      18  
AIM56                   USE OF OPTICAL        W.WICHMAN          AUG 67      69  
                        FEEDBACK IN THE                                          
                        COMPUTER CONTROL                                         
                        OF AN ARM                                                
AIM57                   REDUCE, A USER-       A.C.HEARN          OCT 67      69  
                        ORIENTED INTER-                                          
                        ACTIVE SYSTEM FOR                                        
                        ALGEBRAIC SIMPLIFICATION                                 
AIM58                   AN ADAPTIVE COMMAND   M.D.CALLERO        DEC 67      161 
                        AND CONTROL SYSTEM                                       
                        UTILIZING HEURISTIC                                      
                        LEARNING PROCESSES                                       
AIM59                   A FORMAL THEORY       D.M.KAPLAN         MAY 68      20  
                        CONCERNING THE                                           
                        EQUIVALENCE OF                                           
AIM61                   NOTES ON THEORY OF    T.ITO              MAY 68          
                        COMPUTATION AND                                          
                        PATTERN RECOGNITION                                      
AIM62                   HEURISTIC DENDRAL:    B.BUCHANAN         JUL 68      76  
                        A PROGRAM FOR         G.SUTHERLAND                       
                        GENERATING EXPLANATORY                                   
                        HYPOTHESIS IN ORGANIC                                    
AIM63                   REGULAR EXPRESSIONS   D.KAPLAN           JUL 68      42  
                        AND THE EQUIVALENCE                                      
                        OF PROGRAMS                                              
AIM64                   FORMALIZATION OF      Z.MANNA            JUL 68      18  
                        PROPERTIES OF                                            
AIM66                   AN ALGOL-BASED        J.FELDMAN          AUG 68      31  
                        ASSOCIATIVE           P.ROVNER                           
AIM67    AD680487       ARTIFICIAL INTELL.    E.FEIGENBAUM       AUG 68      39  
                        THEMES IN THE                                            
                        SECOND DECADE                                            
AIM68                   THE VALIDITY          Z.MANNA            AUG 68      20  
                        PROBLEM OF THE        A.PNUELI                           
AIM69    AD677588       PROJECT TECHNICAL     J.MCCARTHY         SEP 68      90  
                        REPORT                E.FEIGENBAUM                       
AIM70    AD680072       THE PROBLEM OF        A.C.HEARN          DEC 68      14  
AIM71    AD677520       PREPROCESSING FOR     P.VICENS           OCT 68      33  
                        SPEECH ANALYSIS                                          
AIM73    AD678878       SOME PHILOSOPHICAL    J.MCCARTHY         NOV 68      51  
                        PROBLEMS FROM THE     P.HAYES                            
                        STANDPOINT OF ARTIFICIAL                                 
AIM75                   A NOTION OF           R.C.SCHANK         DEC 68      21  
                        LINGUISTIC CONCEPT:                                      
                        A PRELUDE TO                                             
                        MECHANICAL TRANSLATION                                   
AIM76                   A CONCEPTUAL          R.C.SCHANK         JAN 69      22  
                        PARSER FOR NATURAL                                       
AIM77                   THE MODELING OF       J.D.BECKER         JAN 69      21  
                        SIMPLE ANALOGIC                                          
                        AND INDUCTIVE                                            
                        PROCESSES IN A                                           
                        SEMANTIC MEMORY SYSTEM                                   
AIM78                   ON THE USE OF EN-     D.R.REDDY          JAN 69      23  
                        VIRONMENTAL, SYNTACTIC                                   
                        AND PROBABILISTIC CON-                                   
                        STRAINTS IN VISION AND                                   
AIM79    AD685611       CONTEXTUAL ANALYSIS   D.R.REDDY          JAN 69      71  
                        OF PHONEMES OF        R.B.NEELY                          
AIM80    AD685612       HEURISTIC DENDRAL:    G.SUTHERLAND       MAR 69      46  
                        A FAMILY OF LISP                                         
AIM81    AD685613       REFINEMENT THEOREMS   D.LUCKHAM          MAR 69      31  
                        IN RESOLUTION THEORY                                     
AIM82    AD685614       FORMALIZATION OF      Z.MANNA            MAR 69      26  
                        PROPERTIES OF RE-     A.PNEULI                           
                        CURSIVELY DEFINED                                        
AIM84    AD691791       MLISP USERS' MANUAL   D.C.SMITH          JAN 69      57  
                        (REPLACED BY AI 135)                                     
AIM86    AD691788       A MACHINE-ORIENTED    P.J.HAYES          JUN 69      44  
                        FORMULATION OF THE                                       
                        EXTENDED FUNCTIONAL                                      
                        CALCULUS (OUT OF PRINT)                                  
AIM87    AD691789       PROJECT TECHNICAL     J.MCCARTHY         JUN 69      98  
                        REPORT                AI PROJ STAFF                      
                        (OUT OF PRINT)                                           
AIM88    AD691790       LINGUISTICS FROM A    R.C.SCHANK         APR 69          
                        CONCEPTUAL VIEWPOINT                                     
                        (OUT OF PRINT)                                           
AIM90    AD691799       STANDARD LISP         A.C.HEARN          MAY 69          
                        (OUT OF PRINT)                                           
AIM91                   SYMBOLIC ANALYSIS     A.C.HEARN          AUG 69      75  
                        OF FEYNMAN            J.A.CAMPBELL                       
                        DIAGRAMS BY COMPUTER                                     
                        (OUT OF PRINT)                                           
AIM92                   DESIGN OF A COM-      V.D.SCHEINMAN      JUN 69      52  
                        PUTER CONTROLLED                                         
AIM93    AD693106       SOME DECIDABILITY     J.FELDMAN          AUG 69      26  
                        RESULTS ON GRAM-                                         
                        MATICAL INFERENCE                                        
                        AND COMPLEXITY                                           
                        (OUT OF PRINT)                                           
AIM94    AD692391       EXPERIMENTS WITH A    K.COLBY            AUG 69      28  
                        SEARCH ALGORITHM      L.TESLER                           
                        ON THE DATA BASE      H.ENEA                             
                        OF A HUMAN BELIEF                                        
AIM95    AD694971       THE CORRECTNESS       Z.MANNA            AUG 69      44  
                        OF NON-DETERMINISTIC                                     
AIM97    AD694972       DIALOGUES BETWEEN     K.COLBY            AUG 69      28  
                        HUMANS AND AN         D.C.SMITH                          
                        ARTIFICIAL BELIEF                                        
AIM99                   TOWARD AN UNDERSTAND- B.BUCHANAN         SEP 69      66  
                        ING OF INFORMATION    G.SUTHERLAND                       
                        PROCESSES OF          E.FEIGENBAUM                       
                        SCIENTIFIC INFERENCE                                     
                        IN THE CONTEXT OF                                        
                        ORGANIC CHEMISTRY                                        
AIM100                  PROPERTIES OF         Z.MANNA            OCT 69      21  
                        PROGRAMS AND PARTIAL  J.MCCARTHY                         
                        FUNCTION LOGIC                                           
AIM101                  THE COMPUTER REPRE-   R.PAUL             OCT 69      16  
                        SENTATION OF SIMPLY   G.FALK                             
                        DESCRIBED SCENES                                         
AIM102                  GENERALIZATION        D.WATERMAN         JUL 69      74  
                        LEARNING FOR AUTO-                                       
                        MATING THE LEARNING                                      
                        OF HEURISTICS                                            
AIM103                  AN INTERACTIVE        J.ALLEN            OCT 69      27  
                        THEOREM-PROVING       D.LUCKHAM                          
AIM104                  A HEURISTIC PROGRAM   J.LEDERBERG        NOV 69      15  
                        FOR SOLVING A         G.SUTHERLAND                       
                        SCIENTIFIC IN-        B.BUCHANAN                         
                        FERENCE PROBLEM:      E.FEIGENBAUM                       
                        SUMMARY OF MOTIVA-                                       
                        TION AND IMPLEMENTATION                                  
AIM105                  AN OPERATOR WHICH     M.HEUCKEL          OCT 69      37  
                        LOCATES EDGES IN                                         
                        DIGITIZED PICTURES                                       
AIM106                  THE NEAR-MINIMUM      M.KAHN             DEC 69      171 
                        TIME CONTROL OF                                          
                        OPEN-LOOP ARTICULATED                                    
                        KINEMATIC CHAINS                                         
AIM107                  SOME IMPLICATIONS     G.FALK             DEC 69      27  
                        OF PLANARITY FOR                                         
                        MACHINE PERCEPTION                                       
AIM108                  EDGE DETECTION IN     M.D.KELLY          JAN 70      28  
                        PICTURES BY COMPUTER                                     
                        USING PLANNING                                           
AIM109                  SPINOZA II:           R.C.SCHANK         JAN 70      107 
                        CONCEPTUAL CASE-BASED                                    
                        NATURAL LANGUAGE ANALYSIS                                
AIM110                  FORMALIZATION OF      E.ASHCROFT         FEB 70      58  
                        PROPERTIES OF         Z.MANNA                            
                        PARALLEL PROGRAMS                                        
AIM111                  SECOND-ORDER          Z.MANNA            MAR 70      25  
                        MATHEMATICAL THEORY                                      
                        OF COMPUTATION                                           
AIM112                  MACHINE-MEDIATED      F.D.HILF           MAR 70      27  
                        INTERVIEWING          K.COLBY                            
AIM113                  A MUTE PATIENT'S      K.COLBY            MAR 70      19  
                        EXPERIENCE WITH       F.R.HILF                           
                        MACHINE-MEDIATED      W.A.HALL                           
AIM114                  ON THE SYNTHESIS      A.W.BIERMANN       APR 70      31  
                        OF FINITE-STATE       J.A.FELDMAN                        
AIM115                  ON THE OPTIMAL        UGO MONTANARI      MAR 70      35  
                        DETECTION OF CURVES                                      
                        IN NOISY PICTURES                                        
AIM116                  MIND AND BRAIN,       K.COLBY            MAR 70      10  
AIM117                  PROJECT TECHNICAL     J.MCCARTHY         APR 70      75  
                        REPORT                A.I.STAFF                          
                                              DENDRAL STAFF                      
AIM118                  HEURISTICALLY GUIDED  U.MONTANARI        APR 70      29  
                        SEARCH AND CHROMOSOME                                    
AIM119                  AN INFORMATION-       J.BECKER           MAY 70      129 
                        PROCESSING MODEL OF                                      
                        INTERMEDIATE LEVEL COGNITION                             
AIM120                  COMPUTER AS CATALYST  K.COLBY            APR 70      32  
                        IN THE TREATMENT      D.C.SMITH                          
                        OF NONSPEAKING                                           
                        AUTISTIC CHILDREN                                        
AIM121                  CAMERA MODELS         I.SOBEL            MAY 70      89  
                        & MACHINE PERCEPTION                                     
AIM122                  "SEMANTICS" IN        R.C.SCHANK         MAY 70      56  
                        CONCEPTUAL ANALYSIS                                      
AIM123                  SOME SPECULATION      B.G.BUCHANAN       MAY 70      54  
                        ABOUT ARTIFICIAL      T.E.HEADRICK                       
                        INTELLIGENCE AND                                         
                        LEGAL REASONING                                          
AIM124                  SPEECH ANALYSIS BY    M.M.ASTRAHAN       MAY 70      22  
                        CLUSTERING, OR THE                                       
                        HYPERPHONEME METHOD                                      
AIM125                  ARTIFICIAL PARANOIA   K.M.COLBY          JUL 70      34  
AIM137                  AN EMPIRICAL STUDY    D.E. KNUTH         NOV 70      44  
                        OF FORTRAN IN USE                                        
AIM150                  TOWARD INTERACTIVE    R.W. FLOYD         SEPT 71     12  
                        DESIGN OF CORRECT                                        
                             SLAC PUBLICATIONS                                   
SLACP 127               COMPUTATION AND       W.F.MILLER         AUG 65          
                        CONTROL IN COMPLEX                                       
SLACP 171               A SEVENTH-ORDER       J.C.BUTCHER        FEB 66          
                        METHOD FOR THE                                           
                        NUMERICAL SOLUTION OF                                    
                        ORDINARY DIFFERENTIAL                                    
SLACP 191               CHARACTERISTICS OF    R.M.BROWN          MAY 66          
                        SMALL COMPUTER SYSTEMS                                   
                        FOR ON-LINE APPLICATIONS                                 
SLACP 205               THE SLAC HIGH-ENERGY  R.M.BROWN          DEC 66          
                        SPECTROMETER DATA     M.A.FISHER-                        
                        ACQUISITION AND        KELLER                            
                        ANALYSES SYSTEM       A.E.GROMME                         
SLACP 207               A MULTISTEP           J.C. BUTCHER       AUG 66      32  
                        GENERALIZATION OF                                        
                        RUNGE-CUTTA METHODS                                      
                        WITH 4 OR 5 STAGES                                       
SLACP 248               A CONCISE ON-         S.HOWRY            OCT 66          
                        LINE CONTROL SYSTEM                                      
SLACP 251               HUMMINGBIRD, AUTO-    J.VAN DER LANS     JAN 67          
                        MATIC FILM DIGITIZERS                                    
                        AT THE STANFORD L.A.C.                                   
SLACP 255               SYSTEMS FOR THE       C.DICKENS          JAN 67          
                        HUMMINGBIRD AT SLAC                                      
SLACP 299               DISPLAY CONTROL OF    C.DICKENS          APR 67          
                        A CRT-FILM SCANNING                                      
SLACP 300               SYSTEM DESIGN FOR     W.F.MILLER         APR 67          
                        SCANNING AND          J.VAN DER LANS                     
SLACP 302               "LOGICAL" ARITH-      J.EHRMAN           APR 67          
                        METIC ON COMPUTERS                                       
                        WITH TWO'S COMPLEMENT                                    
                        BINARY ARITHMETIC                                        
SLACP 358               A PICTURE CALCULUS    W.F.MILLER         OCT 67          
SLACP 383               STRING DESCRIPTIONS   J.E.GEORGE         JAN 68          
                        OF DATA FOR DISPLAY   W.F.MILLER                         
SLACP 402               A FORMAL PICTURE      A.C.SHAW           APR 68          
                        DISCRIPTION SCHEME                                       
                        AS A BASIS FOR PICTURE                                   
                        PROCESSING SYSTEM                                        
SLACP 429               LINGUISTIC METHODS    W.F.MILLER         AUG 68          
                        IN PICTURE PRO-       A.C.SHAW                           
                        CESSING - A SURVEY                                       
SLACP 479               COMPUTERS AND         L.HOFFMAN          AUG 68          
                        PRIVACY - A SURVEY                                       
SLACP 482               PARAMODULATION AND    G.ROBINSON         SEP 68          
                        THEOREM PROVING                                          
                        IN FIRST-ORDER THEORIES                                  
                        WITH EQUALITY                                            
SLACP 511               MIDAS - A MULTI-      R.D.RUSSELL        OCT 68          
                        LEVEL INTERACTIVE                                        
                        DATA ACQUISITION SYSTEM                                  
SLACP 517               AN ALGORITHM FOR      I.POHL             OCT 68          
                        FINDING BRIDGES                                          
                        AND ITS EXTENSION                                        
SLACP 525               INTERACTIVE           L.B.SMITH          NOV 68          
                        GRAPHICAL SYSTEMS                                        
                        FOR MATHEMATICS -                                        
                        A SURVEY                                                 
SLACP 529               SLAC SPIRAL READER    M.HU               NOV 68          
                        PROJECT               (ET.AL)                            
SLACP 538               A FORMAL DESCRIPTION  C.T.ZAHN           MAR 69      8   
                        FOR TWO DIMENSIONAL                                      
SLACP 540               A SURVEY OF INTER-    L.B.SMITH          JAN 69          
                        ACTIVE GRAPHICAL                                         
                        SYSTEMS FOR MATHEMATICS                                  
SLACP 573               HARDWARE AND SOFT-    W.F.MILLER         MAR 69          
                        WARE FOR EFFECTIVE                                       
                        MAN-MACHINE ITERA-                                       
                        TION IN THE LABORATORY                                   
SLACP 593               SLAC SPIRAL READER    M.HU               MAY 69          
SLACP 664               ON THE INTERACTIVE    A.SHAW             SEP 69          
                        GENERATION AND INTER-                                    
                        PRETATION OF ARTIFICIAL                                  
SLACP 672               GRAPH-THEORETICAL     C.ZAHN             NOV 69      52  
                        METHODS FOR DETECTING                                    
                        AND DESCRIBING GESTALT                                   
SLACP 695               EVALUATION OF SYSTEMS C.DICKENS          NOV 69          
                        PERFORMANCE IN A MULTI-                                  
                        PROGRAMMING ENVIRONMENT                                  
SLACP 723               THE SIMULTANEOUS      C.W.GEAR           MAR 70          
                        NUMERICAL SOLUTION                                       
                        OF DIFFERENTIAL                                          
                        ALGEBRAIC EQUATIONS                                      
SLACP 742               ON DIRECT METHODS     G.GOLUB            MAY 70          
                        FOR SOLVING           B.L. BUZBEE                        
                        POISSON'S EQUATIONS   C.W. NIELSON                       
SLACP 774               BOUNDS FOR THE ERROR  G. GOLUB           OCT 69          
                        OF LINEAR SYSTEMS OF  G. DAHLQUIST                       
                        EQUATIONS USING THE   S. EISENSTAT                       
                        THEORY OF MOMENTS                                        
SLACP 814               MAXIMAL MODELS AND    G. ROBINSON        SEPT 70         
                        REFUTATION COMPLETE-  L. WOS                             
                        NESS: SEMIDECISION                                       
                        PROCEDURES IN AUTOMATIC                                  
                        THEOREM PROVING                                          
SLACP 844               A COMMAND LANGUAGE    J. GEORGE          NOV 70          
                        META-SYSTEM           H. SAAL                            
SLACP 850               FOURIER DESCRIPTORS   C.T. ZAHN          JAN 71      38  
                        FOR TWO DIMENSIONAL   R.Z. ROSKIES                       
SLACP 909               MEASUREMENT OF THE    H. SAAL            JUN 71          
                        TWO PHOTON DECAY OF   ET AL.                             
                        THE K MESON                                              
SLACP 939               AN ONLINE SYSTEM      R. BEACH           AUG. 71         
                        FOR INTERACTIVE       M. A. FISHERKELLER                 
                        PROGRAMMING AND       G.A. ROBINSON                      
                        COMPUTER GENERATED                                       
SLACP 1291              NON-LINEAR CONSTRAINT J.H. FRIEDMAN      JUN 73          
                        ELIMINATION IN HIGH   S. STEPPEL                         
                        THROUGH REVERSIBLE                                       
SLACP 1299              ALTERNATING EULER     C.T. ZAHN          APR 73          
                        PATHS FOR PACKINGS AND                                   
SLACP 1312              A PROJECTION PURSUIT  J.H. FRIEDMAN      SEPT 73         
                        ALGORITHM FOR EXPLOR- J.W. TUKEY                         
                        ATORY DATA ANALYSIS                                      
SLACP 1358              MEASUREMENT OF MULTI- J.H. FRIEDMAN      DEC 73          
                        VARIATE SCALING AND                                      
                        FACTORIZATION IN EXCLU-                                  
                        SIVE MULTIPARTICLE                                       
SLACP 1408              PRIM-9: AN INTER-     M.A. FISHERKELLER  APR 74          
                        ACTIVE MULTIDIMEN-    J.H. FRIEDMAN                      
                        SIONAL DATA DISPLAY   J.W. TUKEY                         
SLACP 1437              REGION BOUNDARIES     C.T. ZAHN          JUN 74          
                        ON A TRIANGULAR GRID                                     
SLACP 1527              MORTRAN2, A MACRO-    A.J. COOK          JAN 75          
                        BASED STRUCTURED      L. SHUSTEK                         
                        FORTRAN EXTENSION                                        
SLACP 1530              STRUCTURED CONTROL    C.T. ZAHN          JAN 75          
                        IN PROGRAMMING LANGUAGES                                 
SLACP 1566              DATA STRUCTURES FOR   C.T. ZAHN          MAR 75          
                        PATTERN RECOGNITION                                      
SLACP 1628              AN IMPLEMENTATION     L. GUARINO         AUG 75          
                        OF PASCAL SETS ON                                        
                        THE IBM 360                                              
SLACP 1651              HEURISTICS FOR        J. BENTLEY         SEPT 75         
                        PARTIAL-MATCH         W. BURKHARD                        
                        RETRIEVAL DATA BASE                                      
                             SLAC REPORTS                                        
SLACR 70                TWO-DIMENSIONAL       C.T.ZAHN           DEC 66      109 
                        PATTERN DESCRIPTION                                      
                        AND RECOGNITION VIA                                      
                        CURVATURE POINTS                                         
SLACR 82                THE HUMMINGBIRD       J.VAN DER LANS     MAR 68          
                        FILM DIGITIZER        J.L.PELLEGRIN                      
                        SYSTEM                J.J.SLETTENHAAR                    
SLACR 94                SPL COMPILER          D.ROSS             DEC 68          
SLACR 95                PEG - AN INTER-       L.B.SMITH          FEB 69          
                        ACTIVE LEAST SQUARES                                     
                        DATA-FITTING PROGRAM                                     
SLACR 102               CIL, COMPILER         D.GRIES            MAR 69          
SLACR 111               SLAC SPIRAL READER    M.HU               JAN 70          
                        COSTRAL SYSTEM                                           
                        REFERENCE MANUAL                                         
SLACR114 AD706741       AN APL MACHINE        P.ABRAMS           FEB 70      213 
TR 3                                                                             
SLACR 118               THE ENGINEERING       L.J. HOFFMAN       JUL 70      46  
                        OF ACCESS CONTROL                                        
                        MECHANISMS IN PHYSICS                                    
                        DATA BASES                                               
SLACR 119               TAXL - A SIMPLE       S.I. DECKER        JUN 70      117 
                        HIERARCHIAL DATA                                         
                        STRUCTURE MANIPULA-                                      
                        TION SYSTEM                                              
SLACR 127               DIRECT EMULATION      V. LESSER          OCT 70          
                        OF CONTROL STRUCTURES                                    
                        BY A PARALLEL MICROCOMPUTER                              
SLACR 135               FORMAT, A TEXT        J.R. EHRMAN        JUL 71      154 
                        PROCESSING PROGRAM    G.M. BERNS                         
SLACR 148               A MODEL FOR           R.D. RUSSELL       JUN 72      183 
                        RESOURCE ALLOCATION                                      
SLACR 161               COMPUTING WITH MUL-   J.V. LEVY          APR 73          
                        TIPLE MICROPROCESSORS                                    
SLACR 162               MODELLING THE TIME    J.A. PFEFFERLE     JUN 73          
                        DEPENDENT BEHAVIOR OF                                    
                        COMPUTER SYSTEMS                                         
SLACR 176               DATA ANALYSIS TECH-   J.H. FRIEDMAN      OCT 74          
                        NIQUES FOR HIGH ENERGY                                   
                        PARTICLE PHYSICS                                         
TR 1     AD696085       ON THE COMPUTATIONAL  P.M. SPIRA         MAY 68      73  
                        COMPLEXITY OF FINITE                                     
TR 2     AD707442       CELLULAR AUTOMATA     A.R. SMITH         DEC. 69     123 
TR 3     AD706741       THE APL MACHINE       P.S. ABRAMS        FEB 70      213 
TR 4     AD706739       ALGEBRAIC PROPERTIES  F.W. CLEGG         APR 70      148 
                        OF FUALTS IN LOGIC    E.J. MCCLUSKEY                     
TR 10    AD720328       A TRANSFORM FOR NAND  H.P. LEE           JAN. 71     45  
                        NETWORK DESIGN        E.S.DAVIDSON                       
TR 11    AD715627       THE SPOOF: A NEW      F.W. CLEGG         AUG. 70     46  
                        TECHNIQUE FOR ANALYZING                                  
                        THE EFFECTS OF FAULTS                                    
                        ON LOGIC NETWORKS                                        
TR 12    AD726215       AN OPTIMAL DRUM       S. FULLER          FEB. 71     76  
                        SCHEDULING ALGORITHM                                     
TR 13    AD203329       PARALLEL IMPLEMENTA-  D.CHAMBERLIN       JAN. 71     178 
                        TION OF A SINGLE ASSIGN-                                 
                        MENT LANGUAGE                                            
TR 15    AD731700       FAULT EQUIVALENCE     R. BOUTE           JUN. 71     55  
                        IN SEQUENTIAL         E.J. MCCLUSKEY                     
TR 20    PB234192/AS    AN ITERATIVE CELL     D.P.SIEWIOREK      DEC. 71     66  
                        SWITCH DESIGN FOR     E.J. MCCLUSKEY                     
                        HYBRID REDUNDANCY                                        
TR 21    PB234916/AS    A MEASURE OF SWITCH   D.P. SIEWIOREK     DEC 71      57  
                        COMPLEXITY IN SYSTEMS E.J. MCCLUSKEY                     
                        WITH STANDBY SPARES                                      
TR 22    PB234919/AS    MODELS OF SELF-       D.P. SIEWIOREK     DEC 71      42  
                        DIAGNOSABLE SYSTEMS                                      
TR 23    PB234943/AS    AN IMPROVED ALGORITHM D.P. SIEWIOREK     DEC 71      19  
                        FOR SELECTING A SET OF                                   
                        DIAGNOSTIC TESTS                                         
TR 24    PB235760/AS    AN IMPROVED RELIABI-  D.P. SIEWIOREK     DEC 71      41  
                        LITY MODEL FOR NMR                                       
TR 30    PB235304/AS    ADAPTIVE DESIGN       R.T. BOUTE         JUL 72      36  
                        METHODS FOR CHECKING                                     
TR 35    PB236769/AS    SEPARATE NON-         S.G. KOLUPAEV      JUL 72      28  
                        HOMOMORPHIC CHECKING                                     
                        CODES FOR BINARY ADDITION                                
TR 36    PB236868/AS    DESIGN OF A PARALLEL  H. MITARAI         JUN 72      29  
                        ENCODER/DECODER FOR   E.J. MCCLUSKEY                     
                        THE HAMMING CODE USING                                   
TR 37    PB235563/AS    ALGEBRAIC PROPERTIES  R. BOUTE           NOV 72      50  
                        OF TEST SEQUENCES AND                                    
                        FAULT RELATIONS                                          
TR 38    PB235564/AS    EQUIVALENCE AND       R. BOUTE           NOV 72      48  
                        DOMINANCE RELATIONS                                      
                        BETWEEN OUTPUT FAULTS                                    
                        IN SEQUENTIAL MACHINES                                   
TR 39    PB238053/AS    PROPERTIES OF MEMORY  R. BOUTE           NOV 72      47  
                        FAULTS IN SEQUENTIAL                                     
TR 40    PB238951/AS    CHECKING EXPERIMENTS  R. BOUTE           NOV 72      51  
                        FOR OUTPUT FAULTS                                        
TR 41    PB238152/AS    FAULT DETECTION IN    R. BOUTE           NOV 72      82  
                        FUNDAMENTAL MODE CIRCUITS                                
TR 42    AD750670       DESIGN AND SCHEDULING L.E. SHAR          SEPT 72     184 
                        OF STATICALLY CONFIG-                                    
                        URED PIPELINES                                           
TR 47    AD753853       ORTHOGONAL STORAGE    N.K. OUCHI         NOV 72      167 
                        RIGN ORGANIZATION FOR                                    
                        COMPUTER MEMORIES                                        
TR 49                   SELF-TESTING          S.G. KOLUPAEV      AUG 73      51  
                        RESIDUE TREES                                            
TR 52    AD768885       HAZARDS IN ASYNCHRO-  D.R. CHEWNING      SEPT 72     22  
                        NOUS SYSTEMS          T.H. BREDT                         
TR 54    AD768887       DECOMPILATION OF      C. HOLLANDER       JAN 73      186 
                        OBJECT PROGRAMS                                          
TR 55    PB238657/AS    FAULT-TOLERANCE OF    R.C. OGUS          AUG 73      72  
                        THE ITERATIVE CELL                                       
                        ARRAY SWITCH FOR HYBRID                                  
TR 56    PB238118/AS    RELIABILITY MODELING  J. ABRAHAM         JUN 74      73  
                        OF NMR NETWORKS       D. SIEWIOREK                       
TR 58                   MULTIPLE FAILURES     J. LOSQ            OCT 75      139 
                        AND REDUNDANT SYSTEMS                                    
TR 59    AD768884       A STUDY OF GENERAL-   A.B. SALISBURY     JUL 73      83  
                        PURPOSE MICRO-PROGRAMMABLE                               
                        COMPUTER ARCHITECTURES                                   
TR 60    AD768883       THE EVALUATION OF     A.B. SALISBURY     JUL 73      112 
                        MICROPROGRAM IMPLE-                                      
                        MENTED EMULATORS                                         
TR 61                   GENERAL METHODS       J. LINN            MAY 73      140 
                        FOR PARALLEL SEARCHING                                   
TR 62                   A HIGHLY EFFICIENT    J. LOSQ            JUL 75      36  
                        REDUNDANCY SCHEME:                                       
                        SELF-PURGING REDUNDANCY                                  
TR 63                   A GENERAL MODEL       N.C. WILHELM       AUG 73      55  
                        FOR THE PERFORMANCE                                      
                        OF DISC SYSTEMS                                          
TR 64                   ANALYSIS OF FCFS AND  N.C. WILHELM       AUG 73      43  
                        SSTF SEEK SCHEDULING                                     
                        USING AN EMPIRICAL MODEL                                 
                        FOR DISC ACCESSES                                        
TR 65                   RELIABILITY ANALYSIS  R.C. OGUS          NOV 74      108 
                        OF HYBRID REDUNDANT                                      
                        SYSTEMS WITH NONPERFECT                                  
TR 66    ADA013317      COMPUTER PERFOR-      L. SVOBODOVA       JUN 74      90  
                        MANCE AND EVALUATION                                     
                        METHODS: ANALYSIS AND                                    
TR 67    AD770541       REDUNDANCY TESTING    H.P. LEE           MAY 73      73  
                        IN COMBINATIONAL      E.S. DAVIDSON                      
TR 68    AD770555       AN ALGORITHM FOR      H.P. LEE           AUG 73      82  
                        MINIMAL TANT NETWORK                                     
TR 69    AD785075       SEVERAL STOCHASTIC    B.J. COCHI                     279 
                        MODELS OF COMPUTER                                       
TR 72    ADA013318      COMPUTER PERFORMANCE  L. SVOBODOVA                   176 
                        AND EVALUATION                                           
                        METHODS: ANALYSIS                                        
                        AND APPLICATIONS                                         
TR 73    AD768886       COST-EFFECTIVE        A.G. LARSON        AUG 73      178 
                        PROCESSOR DESIGN WITH                                    
                        AN APPLICATION TO FAST                                   
                        FOURIER TRANSFORM COMPUTERS                              
TR 75                   INFLUENCE OF FAULT    J. LOSQ            JUL 75      37  
                        DETECTION AND SWITCHING                                  
                        MECHANISMS ON THE RELI-                                  
                        ABILITY OF STAND-BY                                      
TR 77                   PARALLEL SOLUTION     S.E. ORCUTT        MAY 74      38  
                        METHODS FOR TRIANGULAR                                   
                        LINEAR SYSTEMS OF                                        
TR 83                   A SHUFFLE-EXCHANGE    T. LANG            MAY 74      47  
                        NETWORK WITH SIMPLI-  H. STONE                           
                        FIED CONTROL                                             
TR 84    PB232861/AS    DYNAMIC MEMORIES      H. STONE                       35  
                        WITH FAST RANDOM AND                                     
                        SEQUENTIAL ACCESS                                        
TR 85    NASA-TM-62,371 THE SOLUTION OF       H. STONE                       31  
                        POISSON PROBLEMS                                         
TR 86                   COMPUTATION OF        T. LANG                            
                        VECTOR OPERATIONS IN                                     
                        AN ARRAY COMPUTER                                        
TR 92                   THE COMPLEXITY        J.W. DAVISON       MAY 75      42  
                        OF CONTROL STRUCTURES                                    
                        AND PROGRAM VALIDATION                                   
TR 93                   SEQUENTIAL CIRCUIT    K. PARKER          JUN 75      33  
                        OUTPUT PROBABILITIES  E.J. MCCLUSKEY                     
                        FROM REGULAR EXPRESSIONS                                 
TR 94                   TRUTH-TABLE VERIFI-   F.O. DIAS          JUN 75      32  
                        CATION OF AN ITERATIVE                                   
                        LOGIC ARRAY                                              
TR 95                   THE STACK WORKING     B.R. RAU                           
                        SET: A CHARACTERIZA-                                     
                        TION OF SPATIAL LOCALITY                                 
TR 96                   ANALYSIS OF SEQUEN-   R. BETANCOURT                      
                        TIAL CIRCUITS USING                                      
                        CLOCKED FLIP-FLOPS                                       
TR 97                   DETERMINISTIC SEQUEN- S. VARSZEGI        SEP 75      40  
                        TIAL NETWORKS UNDER                                      
                        RANDOM CONTROL                                           
TR 98                   A TALE OF THREE       W.A. WALLACH                       
                        EMULATORS             L. HOEVEL                          
TR 99                   EMMYPL, A DESCRIP-    J. POLSTRA                         
                        TION AND INTERPRETA-  A. PROSKUROWSKI                    
TR 101                  A NEW PHILOSOPHY FOR  B.R. RAU                           
                        WIRE ROUTING                                             
TR 102                  HIGH PERFORMANCE      W.A. WALLACH                       
                             TECHNICAL NOTES                                     
TN 1                    ANALYSIS AND          T.H. BREDT         JUN 69      15  
                        SYNTHESIS OF CON-     E.J. MCCLUSKEY                     
                        TROL MECHANISMS FOR                                      
                        PARALLEL PROCESSES                                       
TN 2                    FAULT DOMINANCE       K.C.Y. MEI         AUG. 70     26  
                        IN COMBINATIONAL CIRCUITS                                
TN 3     AD720330       DERIVATION OF MINI-   R. BETANCOURT      AUG. 70     26  
                        MUM TEST SETS FOR UNATE                                  
                        LOGICAL CIRCUITS                                         
TN 4     AD720331       ORTHOGONAL VERSUS     S.H. FULLER        OCT. 70     15  
                        ARRAY COMPUTING                                          
TN 5     AD720332       ON RAPID CALCULAT-    D.P. SIEWIOREK     OCT. 70     15  
                        ING TECHNIQUES FOR THE                                   
                        RELIABILITY OF SERIAL                                    
                        TRIPLE-MODULAR REDUNDANCY                                
TN 6                    ON THE NECESSITY OF   T.H. BREDT         NOV. 70     38  
                        MUTUAL EXCLUSION FOR  E.J. MCCLUSKEY                     
                        MUTUAL EXCLUSION                                         
TN 7     AD721701       AN IMPROVED LOWER     D.C. VAN VOOHRIS   FEB. 71     12  
                        BOUND FOR THE BOSE-                                      
                        NELSON SORTING PROBLEMS                                  
TN 8     AD721702       A RE-EVALUATION OF    D.P. SIEWIOREK     MAR. 71     14  
                        THE CLASSICAL MODEL FOR                                  
                        NMR RELIABILITY                                          
TN 9                    ALGORITHMS FOR COM-   R. BOUTE           SEPT. 71    28  
                        BINATIONAL FAULT                                         
                        EQUIVALENCE USING LISP                                   
TN 10                   FAULT EQUIVALENCE IN  E.J. MCCLUSKEY     MAR. 71     36  
                        COMBINATIONAL LOGIC   F. W. CLEGG                        
TN 11                   PERMUTED INDEX        STRICKFADEN        JUN. 71     5   
TN 12                   ON THE NEAR-          H.S. STONE         OCT. 71     8   
                        OPTIMALITY OF THE     S. H. FULLER                       
                        FIRST DRUM SCHEDULING                                    
TN 13                   SWITCH DESIGNS FOR    D.P. SIEWIOREK     DEC. 71     23  
                        HYBRID REDUNDANCY     E.J. MCCLUSKEY                     
TN 14                   A UNIFYING PERSPEC-   D.P. SIEWIOREK     DEC. 71     28  
                        TIVE OF FAULT TOLERANT                                   
                        COMPUTER TECHNIQUES                                      
TN 15                   THREADED TREE         J. LINN            FEB 72      15  
TN 16    AD761172       A SIMULATOR FOR       S.H. FULLER        AUG 72      20  
                        COMPUTER SYSTEMS                                         
                        WITH STORAGE UNITS                                       
                        HAVING ROTATIONAL                                        
TN 18                   PROBABILISTIC TEST    K.P. PARKER        JUN 73      15  
TN 19                   SELF-TESTING MODULO   S.G. KOLUPAEV      JUL 72      14  
                        3 RESIDUE TREE                                           
TN 20                   PROBABILISTIC TREAT-  K. PARKER          NOV 73      9   
                        MENT OF GENERAL       E.J. MCCLUSKEY                     
                        COMBINATIONAL NETWORKS                                   
TN 21                   ANALYSIS OF LOGIC     K. PARKER          JAN 74      21  
                        CIRCUITS WITH FAULTS  E.J. MCCLUSKEY                     
                        USING INPUT SIGNAL                                       
TN 22                   NOTE ON THE CHARAC-   R. BOUTE               73      22  
                        TERIZATION OF RINGS                                      
                        OF INTEGERS IN VIEW                                      
                        OF ARITHMETIC CODES                                      
TN 23                   TRANSIENT FAILURES    J.F. WAKERLY       OCT 74      19  
                        IN TMR SYSTEMS WITH                                      
                        SEQUENTIAL MODULES                                       
TN 26                   DETECTION OF UNI-     J.F. WAKERLY       MAY 73      12  
                        DIRECTIONAL MULTIPLE                                     
                        ERRORS USING LOW-COST                                    
                        ARITHMETIC CODES                                         
TN 27                   ON CALCULATING        N.C. WILHELM       JUN 73      6   
                        MOMENTS FROM                                             
                        PROBABILITY GENERATING                                   
TN 28                   A GATE EQUIVALENT     R.D. REESE         JAN 73      22  
                        MODEL FOR COMBINA-    E.J. MCCLUSKEY                     
                        TORIAL LOGIC NET-                                        
                        WORK ANALYSIS                                            
TN 29    AD768896       A SYNTAX-DIRECTED     T.H. BREDT         DEC 72      18  
                        METHOD FOR OPERATING                                     
                        SYSTEM DESIGN                                            
TN 30                   SIMPLE PROPERTIES OF  N.C. WILHELM       JUN 73      11  
                        SERVED PREEMPTIVE-                                       
                        RESUME QUEUES WITH                                       
                        POISSON ARRIVALS AND                                     
                        ARBITRARY SERVICE TIMES                                  
TN 31                   FAULT MASKING IN      F.J.O. DIAS        JAN 74      19  
                        COMBINATIONAL LOGIC                                      
TN 32                   A COMBINATORIAL       J.A. ABRAHAM       JAN 74      24  
                        SOLUTION TO THE RELI-                                    
                        ABILITY OF INTERWOVEN                                    
                        REDUNDANT LOGIC NETWORKS                                 
TN 33                   REDUNDANCY SCHEME     J. LOSQ            JAN 74      28  
                        FOR OPTIMUM MULTIPLE                                     
                        FAULT TOLERANCE                                          
TN 34                   COMPUTER NETWORKS     J. LOSQ            JAN 74      35  
                        WITH CONSTANT MAXIMUM                                    
                        DELAY UNDER COMMUNI-                                     
                        CATION LINE FAILURES                                     
TN 35                   THE PROBABILITY OF A  R.C. OGUS          JAN 74      36  
                        CORRECT OUTPUT FROM                                      
                        A COMBINATIONAL CIRCUIT                                  
TN 37                   BIBLIOGRAPHY ON       J.A. ABRAHAM       MAR 74      10  
                        COMPUTER NETWORK                                         
TN 38                   DESIGN OF LOW-COST    J.F. WAKERLY       JAN 74      18  
                        GENERAL-PURPOSE       E.J. MCCLUSKEY                     
                        SELF-DIAGNOSING COMPUTERS                                
TN 39                   CHECKED BINARY ADDI-  J.F. WAKERLY       JAN 74      18  
                        TION USING PARITY                                        
                        PREDICTION AND CHECKSUM                                  
TN 40                   A WEIGHTED BUDDY      K.K. SHEN          APR 74      23  
                        METHOD FOR DYNAMIC    J.L. PETERSON                      
                        STORAGE ALLOCATION                                       
TN 42                   ERROR RECOVERY TECH-  E. FREGNI          JUN 74      28  
                        NIQUES IN COMPUTER    R.C. OGUS                          
                        SYSTEMS: A SURVEY                                        
TN 43                   A MARKOV MODEL OF A   E. FREGNI          AUG 74      14  
                        RECONFIGURABLE        M.D. BEAUDRY                       
                        SYSTEM                R.C. OGUS                          
TN 44                   THE EFFECT OF THE     T.G. PRICE         APR 74      18  
                        CENTRAL PROCESSOR                                        
                        SERVICE TIME DISTRIBU-                                   
                        TION ON PROCESSOR UTILI-                                 
                        ZATION IN MULTI-PROGRAMMED                               
                        COMPUTER SYSTEMS                                         
TN 45                   THE DETECTION OF      A.M. USAS          APR 74      35  
                        ERRORS IN PERIODIC                                       
TN 46                   AN IMPLEMENTATION     T. HAUGLAND        AUG 74      18  
                        OF THE ARPANET FILE                                      
                        TRANSFER PROTOCOL FOR                                    
TN 48    PB237652/AS    SOFTWARE PROTABILITY, J.C. WARREN, JR.   SEP 74      79  
                        A SUMMARY OF RELATED                                     
                        CONCEPTS AND SURVEY                                      
                        OF PROBLEMS AND APPROACHES                               
TN 49                   THE GAME OF END       D. BELSNES         OCT 74      9   
                        WITH EVEN                                                
TN 50                   FLOW CONTROL IN       D. BELSNES         OCT 74      15  
                        PACKET SWITCHING                                         
TN 51                   IMPLEMENTATION OF     D.L. RUSSELL       NOV 74      8   
                        A PASCAL COMPILER     J.Y. SUE                           
                        FOR THE IBM/360                                          
TN 52                   CORRECTNESS CONDITION C.R. HOLLANDER     SEP 75      16  
TN 53                   A CLOSED SYSTEM OF    C.R. HOLLANDER     DEC 74      12  
                        REPRESENTATION FOR                                       
                        DATA AND ITS DESCRIPTORS                                 
TN 54                   INTERNAL FRAGMEN-     D.L. RUSSELL       JAN 75      22  
                        TATION IN A CLASS OF                                     
                        BUDDY SYSTEMS                                            
TN 55                   THE ERROR LATENCY     J.J. SHEDLETSKY    NOV 74      22  
                        OF A FAULT IN A       E.J. MCCLUSKEY                     
                        COMBINATIONAL DIGITAL                                    
TN 56                   THE ERROR LATENCY     J.J. SHEDLETSKY    DEC 74      25  
                        OF A FAULT IN A       E.J. MCCLUSKEY                     
                        SEQUENTIAL DIGITAL                                       
TN 57                   FUNCTIONAL DESCRIP-   C. NEUHAUSER       AUG 75      30  
                        TION OF THE EMMY                                         
                        MAIN MEMORY SYSTEM                                       
TN 58                   MICROS, MINIS AND     E.J. MCCLUSKEY     JUN 75      13  
TN 59                   FAIL-SAFE CIRCUITS:   A.M. USAS          JUN 75      5   
                        A MEANS TO IMPROVE THE                                   
                        RELIABILITY AND MAIN-                                    
                        TAINABILITY OF I/O                                       
TN 60                   BOOLEAN NETWORK       E.J. MCCLUSKEY     JUL 75      7   
                        PROBABILITIES AND     K.P. PARKER                        
                        NETWORK DESIGN        J.J. SHEDLETSKY                    
TN 61                   RELIABILITY OF MICRO- J. F. WAKERLY      APR 75      27  
                        COMPUTER SYSTEMS                                         
                        USING TRIPLE MODULAR                                     
TN 62                   THE MINERVA MULTI-    L.C. WIDDOES, JR.  JUL 75      26  
TN 63                   CONSTRUCTION OF       C.R. HOLLANDER     AUG 75      21  
                        PRIMITIVES FOR A                                         
                        MULTIPROCESS ENVIRONMENT                                 
TN 64                   COMPACT TESTING:      K.P. PARKER        SEP 75      22  
                        TESTING WITH COMPRESSED                                  
TN 65                   AN EMULATION ORIENTED C. NEUHAUSER       OCT 75      67  
                        DYNAMIC MICROPROGRAM-                                    
                        MABLE PROCESSOR (VERSION                                 
TN 66                   SYSTEM/360 EMULATOR   W.A. WALLACH                       
                        PERFORMANCE ESTIMATE                                     
TN 67                   PROPOSED ENHANCE-     L. HOEVEL                      5   
                        MENTS TO EMMY         W.A. WALLACH                       
TN 68                   ARPA INTERNETWORK     V. CERF            NOV 75          
                        PROTOCOLS PROJECT                                        
                        STATUS REPORT                                            
TN 69                   STUDIES IN THE        M.J. FLYNN                         
                        ORGANIZATION OF                                          
                        COMPUTER SYSTEMS                                         
                        1975 PROGRESS SUMMARY                                    
TN 70                   STUDIES IN THE        M.J. FLYNN                         
                        ORGANIZATION OF                                          
                        COMPUTER SYSTEMS, A                                      
                        PROPOSAL SUBMITTED TO