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The following is a key to reading the different report numbers.

STAN-CS-: This is the number given to the report by the Department of
Computer  Science.   It  is  this number  that  should  be  used when
ordering a report from us.

AIM-:  This   is  a  "group"   number.   It  stands   for  Artificial
Intelligence Memo.

HPP-: This is a "group" number.  It stands for  Heuristic Programming

SU326: This is a DOE  sponsored report, and this is their  number for

SLAC-:  This report  may  also be  ordered from  the  Stanford Linear
Accelerator Center using this number.

LBL-:  This report  may also  be ordered  from the  Lawrence Berkeley
Laboratory using this number.

CSL-:  This report  may  also be  ordered from  the  Computer Science
Laboratory (Department of Electrical Engineering) using this number.

PB:  This  report  may   be  ordered  from  the   National  Technical
Information Service using this number.

AD:  This  report  may   be  ordered  from  the   National  Technical
Information Service using this number.

AD-A:  This  report  may  be  ordered  from  the  National  Technical
Information Service using this number.

For example:  If a report was numbered
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STAN-CS-77-611 (AIM-298, AD-A046 703)

it means that you could order the report from the Stanford Department
of Computer  Science by  the number  STAN-CS-77-611.  You  could also
order it from  the Artificial Intelligence  Group by the  number AIM-
298.  And if neither place had copies left available, you could write
to the National  Technical Information Service  and ask for  the same
report by specifying number AD-A046 703.

For people with access to the  ARPA Network, the texts of some  A. I.
Memos are stored online in  the Stanford A. I. Laboratory  disk file.
These are designated below  by "Diskfile:  <file name>"  appearing in
the header.

To order reports from the Stanford Department of Computer Science (or
the Artificial Intelligence Group), use the following address:
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Publications Coordinator
Department of Computer Science
Stanford University
Stanford, California 943O5 USA

To order reports from the National Technical Information Service, use
the following address:
.begin nofill
U.S. Department of Commerce
National Technicl Information
5285 Port Royal Road
Springfield, Virginia 22161 USA

Memos  that are  also Ph.D.  theses are  so marked  below and  may be
ordered from:
.begin nofill
University Microfilm
P. O. Box 1346
Ann Arbor, Michigan 48106
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STAN-CS-63-1 (AD462108), J.  B. Rosen, "Primal  Partition Programming
for Block Diagonal Matrices", 23 pages, November 1963.

STAN-CS-63-2  (AD427753), J.  M.  Pavkovich, "The  Soultion  of Large
Systems of Algebraic Equations", 46 pages, December 1963.

STAN-CS-64-3  (AD430445),  G.  E.  Forsythe  (translated   by),  "The
Theorems in a Paper by V.  K. Saulev 'On an Estimate of the  Error in
Obtaining   Characteristic  Functions   by  the   Method   of  Finite
Differences' ", 6 pages, January 1964.

STAN-CS-64-4 (AD434858), Stefan Bergman and J. G. Herriot, "Numerical
Solution  of  Boundary  Value  Problems  by  the  Method  of Integral
Operators", 24 pages, February 1964.

STAN-CS-64-5 (N-6519765), J.  B. Rosen, "Existence and  Uniqueness of
Equilibrium Points for Concave N-Person Games", 28 pages, March 1964.

STAN-CS-64-6 (AD600164),  R. W. Hockney,  "A Fast Direct  Solution of
Poisson's Fourier Analysis", 28 pages, April 1964.

STAN-CS-64-7  (PB176753),  J. B.  Rosen,  "Sufficient  Conditions for
Optimal Control of Convex Processes", 29 pages, May 1964.

STAN-CS-64-8  (AD603116), G.  Golub  and W.  Kahan,  "Calculating the
Singular Values and Pseudo-Inverse of a Matrix", 33 pages, May 1964.

STAN-CS-64-9  (AD604012), Charles  Anderson, "The  QD-Algorithm  as a
Method for Finding the Roots of a Polynomial Equation When  All Roots
are Positive", 74 pages, June 1964.

STAN-CS-64-10 (AD603163), R.  L. Causey (Thesis), "On  Closest Normal
Matrices", 131 pages, June 1964.

STAN-CS-64-11  (PB176754), T.  Nakamura  and J.  B.  Rosen, "Elastic-
Plastic Analysis  of Trusses by  the Gradient Projection  Method", 32
pages, July 1964.

STAN-CS-64-12  (AD608292),  G.  Golub  and  P.  Businger,  "Numerical
Methods  for Solving  Linear Least  Squares Problems  (and)  an Algol
Procedure  for Finding  Linear  Least Squares  Solutions",  27 pages,
August 1964.

STAN-CS-64-13 (N65-27058), V.  Pereyra and J. B.  Rosen, "Computation
of  the Pseudo-  inverse  of a  Matrix  of Unknown  Rank",  28 pages,
September 1964.

STAN-CS-64-14 (TT-65-61724), V. A. Efimenko (translated by  G. Reiter
and C.  Moler), "On Approximate  Calculations of the  Eigenvalues and
Eigenfunctions  of Boundary  Value Problems  in  Partial Differential
Equations", 20 pages, November 1964.

STAN-CS-65-15 (AD611366), D. W. Grace (Thesis), "Computer  Search for
Non-Isomorphic Convex Polyhedra", 137 pages, January 1965.

STAN-CS-65-16 (AD611427), G. E. Forsythe and G. H. Golub, "Maximizing
a Second Degree  Polynomial on the  Unit Sphere", 31  pages, February

STAN-CS-65-17  (AD611434), G.  E. Forsythe  and N.  Wirth, "Automatic
Grading Programs", 17 pages, February 1965.

STAN-CS-65-18  (AD612478),  V.  Pereyra,  "The  Difference Correction
Method for Non-  Linear Two-Point Boundary Value  Problems", February

STAN-CS-65-19 (TT-65-61839),  M. I. Ageev  and J.  Maclaren, "English
Equivalents of Metalinguistic Terms of Russian ALGOL", March 1965.

STAN-CS-65-20  (PB176755),  N.   Wirth  and  H.  Weber,   "EULER:   A
Generalition of  ALGOL and its  Formal Definition", 115  pages, April

STAN-CS-65-21 (PB176756), D. D. Fisher, J. von der Groeben and  J. G.
Toole,  "Vectorgardiographic Analysis  by Digital  Computer, Selected
Results", 104 pages, May 1965.

STAN-CS-65-22 (AD616676),  C. B.  Moler (Thesis),  "Finite Difference
Methods for  the Eigenbales  of Laplace's  Operator", 142  pages, May

STAN-CS-65-23 (AD618214),  B. D.  Rudin (Thesis),  "Convex Polynomial
Approximation", 44 pages, June 1965.

STAN-CS-65-24 (AD616611), V. V. Klyuyev and N. I.  Kokovkin Shoherbak
(translated by  G. J.  Tee), "On  the Minimization  of the  Number of
Arithmetic Operations for the Solution of Linear Algebraic Systems of
Equations", 24 pages, June 1965.

STAN-CS-65-25   (AD618215),   P.   G.   Hodge,    "Yield-Point   Load
Determination by Nonlinear Programming", 24 pages, June 1965.

STAN-CS-65-26 (not at  NTIS), G. E. Forsythe,  "Stanford University's
Program in Computer Science", 15 pages, June 1965.

STAN-CS-65-27 (AD618216),  E. A. Volkov  (translated by  R. Bartels),
"An Analysis of One  Algorithm of Heightened Precision of  the Method
of Nets for the Solution of Poisson's Equation", 29 pages, July 1965.

STAN-CS-65-28 (AD618217), J.  Miller and G. Strang,  "Matrix Theorems
for  Partial Differential  an Difference  Equations", 33  pages, July

STAN-CS-65-29 (AD624837),  V. Pereyra,  "On Improving  an Approximate
Solution of a Functional Equation by Deferred Corrections", 32 pages,
August 1965.

STAN-CS-65-30 (SS624-829), S. Marchuk (translated by G. J. Tee), "The
Automatic  Construction  of  Computational  Algorithms",   56  pages,
September 1965.

STAN-CS-65-31 (SS626-315),  P. A. Raviart,  "On the  Approximation of
Weak Solutions of Linear Parabolic Equations by a Class of Multi-step
Difference Methods", 55 pages, December 1965.

STAN-CS-65-32  (SS633-557),  R. W.  Hockney,  "Minimum Multiplication
Fourier Analysis", 53 pages, December 1965.

STAN-CS-65-33 (PB176763), N.  Wirth, "A Programming Language  for the
360 Computers", 23 pages, December 1965.

STAN-CS-66-34  (SS630-998),  J.  M. Varah,  "Eigenvectors  of  a Real
Matrix by Inverse Iteration", 24 pages, February 1966.

STAN-CS-66-35 (PB176758), N. Wirth  and C. Hoare, "A  Contribution to
the Development of ALGOL", 64 pages, February 1966.

STAN-CS-66-36 (PB176759), J. F.  Traub, "The Calculation of  Zeros of
Polyynomials and Analytic Functions", 26 pages, April 1966.

STAN-CS-66-37  (PB176789),  J. D.  Reynolds,  "Cogent  1.2 Operations
Manual", 33 pages, April 1966.

STAN-CS-66-38  (AIM-40,  AD662880),  J.  McCarthy  and   J.  Painter,
"Correctness  of a  Compiler for  Arithmetic Expressions",  13 pages,
April 1966.

STAN-CS-66-39 (PB176760), G. E. Forsythe, "A University's Educational
Program in Computer Science", 26 pages, May 1966.

STAN-CS-66-40  (AD639052),  G.  E.  Forsythe,  "How  Do  You  Solve a
Quadratic Equation?", 19 pages, June 1966.

STAN-CS-66-41  (SS638-976),  W.  Kahan,  "Accurate  Eigenvalues  of a
Symmetric Tri-Diagonal Matrix", 53 pages, July 1966.

STAN-CS-66-42 (SS638-797),  W. Kahan,  "When to  Neglect Off-Diagonal
Elements of Symmetric Tri-Diagonal Matrices", 10 pages, July 1966.

STAN-CS-66-43  (SS638-798),  W.  Kahan  and  J.  Varah,  "Two Working
Algorithms for the  Eigenvalues of a Symmetric  Tri-Diagonal Matrix",
28 pages, August 1966.

STAN-CS-66-44  (SS638-818),  W.  Kahan,  "Relaxation  Methods  for an
Eigenvalue Problem", 35 pages, August 1966.

STAN-CS-66-45 (SS638-799),  W. Kahan,  "Relaxation Methods  for Semi-
Definite Systems", 31 pages, August 1966.

STAN-CS-66-46  (SS638-809),  G. E.  Forsythe,  "Today's Computational
Methods of Linear Algebra", 47 pages, August 1966.

STAN-CS-66-47 (PB173335),  P. Abrams,  "An Interpreter  for 'Inverson
Notation' ", 61 pages, August 1966.

STAN-CS-66-48 (SS639-166), W.  M. McKeeman (Thesis), "An  Approach to
Computer Language Design", 124 pages, August 1966.

STAN-CS-66-49 (AIM-43, SS640-836), D. R. Reddy (Thesis), "An Approach
to Computer  Speech Recognition by  Direct Analysis of  Speech Wave",
143 pages, September 1966.

STAN-CS-66-50 (AIM-46, PB176761), S. Persson (Thesis), "Some Sequence
Extrapulating Programs:  A  Study of Representation and  Modelling in
Inquiring Systems", 176 pages, September 1966.

STAN-CS-66-51 (AD648394), S. Bergman, J. G. Herriot and T.  G. Kurtz,
"Numerical Calculation of Transonic Flow Patterns", 35 pages, October

STAN-CS-66-52 (PB176762), A. C.  Shaw, "Lecture Notes on a  Course in
Systems Programming", 216 pages, December 1966.

STAN-CS-66-53 (PB176757), N.  Wirth, "A Programming Language  for the
360 Computers", 81 pages, December 1966.

STAN-CS-67-54  (AD662882),   G.  Golub  and   T.  N.   Robertson,  "A
Generalized Bairstow Algorithm", 10 pages, January 1967.

STAN-CS-67-55  (AD647200), D.  A.  Adams, "A  Stopping  Criterion for
Polynomial Root Finding", 11 pages, February 1967.

STAN-CS-67-56 (PB176764), F. L. Bauer, "QD-Method with Newton Shift",
6 pages, March 1967.

STAN-CS-67-57 (PB176765), D.  Gries, "The Use of  Transition Matrices
in Compiling", 60 pages, March 1967.

STAN-CS-67-58 (PB176766), V. Tixier (Thesis), "Recursive Functions of
Regular Expressions in Language Analysis", 146 pages, March 1967.

STAN-CS-67-59 (SS650-116), J. H. Wilkinson, "Almost Diagonal Matrices
with Multiple or Close Eigenvalues", 18 pages, April 1967.

STAN-CS-67-60 (SS650-117), J. H. Wilkinson, "Two Algorithms  Based on
Successive Linear Interpolation", 13 pages, April 1967.

STAN-CS-67-61  (SS650-610),  G.  E.  Forsythe,  "On   the  Asymptotic
Directions of the  S-Dimensional Optimum Gradient Method",  43 pages,
April 1967.

STAN-CS-67-62 (SS650-620), M. Tienari, "Varying Length Floating Point
Arithmetic:  A Necessary Tool  for the Numerical Analyst",  38 pages,
April 1967.

STAN-CS-67-63   (SS650-627),   G.   Polya,   "Graeffe's   Method  for
Eigenvalues", 9 pages, April 1967.

STAN-CS-67-64   (SS651-201),  P.   Richman,   "Floating-Point  Number
Representations:  Base Choice Versus Exponent Range", 32 pages, April

STAN-CS-67-65  (PB176767), N.  Wirth, "On  Certain Basic  Concepts of
Programming Languages", 30 pages, May 1967.

STAN-CS-67-66 (AD652921), J.  M. Varah (Thesis), "The  Computation of
Bounds for the Invariant Subspaces of a General Matrix Operator", 240
pages, May 1967.

STAN-CS-67-67   (AD652992),  R.   H.   Bartels  and   G.   H.  Golub,
"Computational Considerations Regarding the Calculation  of Chebyshev
Solutions  for  Over-Determined  Linear  Equations  Systems   by  the
Exchange Method", 63 pages, June 1967.

STAN-CS-67-68 (PB176768),  N. Wirth, "The  PL 360 System",  63 pages,
June 1967.

STAN-CS-67-69  (PB176769),  J.  Feldman  and  D.  Gries,  "Translator
Writing Systems", 127 pages, June 1967.

STAN-CS-67-70  (AD655472),  S.  Bergman,  J.  G.  Herriot  and  P. L.
Richman, "On Computation of  Flow Patterns of Compressible  Fluids in
the Transonic Region", 77 pages, July 1977.

STAN-CS-67-71  (AD655230),  M.  A.  Jenkins  and  J.  F.  Traub,  "An
Algorithm for an Automatic General Polynomial Solver", 38 pages, July

STAN-CS-67-72  (PB175581), G.  H. Golub  and L.  B.  Smith, "Chebysev
Approximation  of  Continuous  Functions by  a  Chebyshev  Systems of
Functions", 54 pages, July 1967.

STAN-CS-67-73  (AD662883),  P.  Businger  and  G.  H.  Golub,  "Least
Squares,  Singular Values  and Matrix  Approximations (and)  an ALGOL
Procedure for Computing the Singular Value Decomposition",  12 pages,
July 1967.

STAN-CS-67-74  (AD657639), G.  E. Forsythe,  "What is  a Satisfactory
Quadratic Equation Solver?", 9 pages, August 1967.

STAN-CS-67-75 (PB175793), F. L. Bauer, "Theory of Norms",  136 pages,
August 1967.

STAN-CS-67-76  (AD657450),  P.  M.  Anselone,  "Collectively  Compact
Operator Approximations", 60 pages, April 1967.

STAN-CS-67-77  (PB176770),  G.  E. Forsythe,  "What  To  Do  Till The
Computer Scientist Comes", 13 pages, September 1967.

STAN-CS-67-78  (PB176771),  K.   M.  Colby  and  H.   Enea,  "Machine
Utilization of the Natural Language Word 'Good' ", 8 pages, September

STAN-CS-67-79  (AD662884), R.  W. Doran,  "360 U.S.  Fortran  IV Free
Field Input/Output Subroutine Package", 21 pages, October 1967.

STAN-CS-67-80 (AD662902), J. Friedman, "Directed Random Generation of
Sentences", 30 pages, October 1967.

STAN-CS-67-81 (AD661217), G. H. Golub and J. H.  Welsch, "Calculation
of Gauss Quadrature Rules", 28 pages, November 1967.

STAN-CS-67-82  (PB176775), L.  Tesler, H.  Enea and  K. M.  Colby, "A
Directed  Graph  Representation  for  Computer  Simulation  of Belief
Systems", 31 pages, December 1967.

STAN-CS-68-83  (AD664237),  A.   Bjorck  and  G.   Golub,  "Iterative
Refinements   of    Linear   Squares   Solutions    by   House-Holder
Transformations", 28 pages, January 1968.

STAN-CS-68-84  (AD692680),  J.  Friedman,  "A  Computer   System  for
Transformational Grammar", 31 pages, January 1968.

STAN-CS-68-85  (PB177426),  K.  M.  Colby,  "Computer-Aided  Language
Development in  Nonspeaking Mentally  Disturbed Children",  35 pages,
December 1968.

STAN-CS-68-86 (PB179162), H.  R. Bauer, S.  Becker and S.  L. Graham,
"ALGOL With Programming", 90 pages, January 1968.

STAN-CS-68-87 (PB178176),  J. Ehrman, "CS  139 Lecture Notes  Part 1,
Sections 1 thru Preliminary Version", 188 pages, 1968.

STAN-CS-68-88  (AD665672),  S.  Schechter,  "Relaxation  Methods  for
Convex Problems", 19 pages, February 1968.

STAN-CS-68-89 (PB180920), H.  R. Bauer, S.  Becker and S.  L. Graham,
"ALGOL W (revised)", 42 pages, March 1968.

STAN-CS-68-90  (PB178177),  V.  R.  Lesser,  "A  Multi-Level Computer
Organization   Designed   to  Separate   Data   Accessing   from  the
Computation", 20 pages, March 1968.

STAN-CS-68-91  (PB178114),  N. Wirth,  J.  W. Wells,  Jr.  and  E. H.
Satterthwaite, Jr., "The PL360 System", 89 pages, April 1968.

STAN-CS-68-92 (PB178078), H. Enea, "MLISP", 18 pages, March 1968.

STAN-CS-68-93  (PB178078),  G.  E.  Forsythe,  "Computer  Science and
Education", 50 pages, March 1968.

STAN-CS-68-94   (SLACR-84),  A.   C.  Shaw   (Thesis),   "The  Formal
Description and Parsing of Pictures", 205 pages, April 1968.

STAN-CS-68-95 (not at NTIS), J.  Friedman and R. W. Doran,  "A Formal
Syntax for Transformational Grammar", 47 pages, March 1968.

STAN-CS-68-96   (AD673673),   L.  B.   Smith,   "Interval  Arithmetic
Determinant Evalation and its Use in Testing for a Chebyshev System",
26 pages, April 1968.

STAN-CS-68-97 (not at NTIS), W. F. Miller, "Research in  the Computer
Science Department at Stanford University", 49 pages, April 1968.

STAN-CS-68-98 (PB179162), H. Bauer,  S. Becker and S.  Graham, "ALGOL
With Implementation", 147 pages, May 1968.

STAN-CS-68-99 (PB179057), J. Friedman, "Lecture Notes  on Foundations
for Computer Science", 212 pages, June 1968.
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STAN-CS-68-100  (PB178877),  T.  H.  Bredt,  "A  Computer   Model  of
Information Processing in Children", 60 pages, June 1968.

STAN-CS-68-101 (AIM-60, AD672923), D. M. Kaplan (Thesis), "The Formal
Theoretic Analysis of Stront Equivalence for Elemental Programs", 263
pages, June 1968.

STAN-CS-68-102  (AD677982), A.  Pnueli, "Integer  Programming  Over a
Cone", 29 pages, July 1968.

STAN-CS-68-103  (AD692689), T.  H.  Bredt and  J.  Friedman, "Lexical
Insertion in Transformational Grammar", 47 pages, June 1968.

STAN-CS-68-104 (AD673010), R. Bartels, "A Numerical  Investigation of
the Simplex Method", 122 pages, July 1968.

STAN-CS-68-105 (AD673674), P. Richman  (Thesis), "Epsiolon-Calculus",
138 pages, August 1968.

STAN-CS-68-106 (AIM-65, AD673971),  B. Huberman (Thesis),  "A Program
to Play Chess End Games", 168 pages, August 1968.

STAN-CS-68-107 (AD668558), M. Jenkins, "A  Three-Stage Variable-Shift
Iteration  for  Polynomial  Zeros  and  its  Relation  to Generalized
Rayleigh Interation", 46 pages, August 1968.

STAN-CS-68-108   (AD692681),   J.   Friedman    (editor),   "Computer
Experiments in Transformational Grammar", 36 pages, August 1968.

STAN-CS-68-109  (AD692690),  J.  Friedman,  "A  Computer  System  for
Writing  and Testing  Transformational Grammars  - Final  Report", 14
pages, September 1968.

STAN-CS-68-110  (PB180920), H.  Bauer, S.  Becker, S.  Graham  and E.
Satterthwaite, "ALGOL W (revised)", 103 pages, October 1968.

STAN-CS-68-111 (AD692691), J.  Friedman and T. Martner,  "Analysis in
Transformational Grammar", 18 pages, August 1968.

STAN-CS-68-112  (AD692687), J.  Friedman and  B. Pollack,  "A Control
Language for Transformational Grammar", 51 pages, August 1968.

STAN-CS-68-113  (PB188705),  W.  J. Hansen,  "The  Impact  of Storage
Management on  Plex Processing  Language Implementation",  253 pages,
July 1968.

STAN-CS-68-114 (PB182156), J. George, "Calgen, An Interactive Picture
Calculus Generation System", 75 pages, December 1968,

STAN-CS-68-115  (AD692686),  J.  Friedman,  T.  Bredt,  R.  Doran, T.
Martner and  B. Pollack, "Programmer's  Manual for a  Computer System
for Transformational Grammar", 199 pages, August 1968.

STAN-CS-68-116   (AIM-72,   AD680036),  D.   Pieper   (Thesis),  "The
Kinematics  of  Manipulators  Under  Computer  Control",  157  pages,
October 1968.

STAN-CS-68-117 (PB182151), D. Adams (Thesis), "A  Computational Model
with Data Flow Sequencing", 130 pages, December 1968.

STAN-CS-68-118  (AIM-74,  AD681027), D.  Waterman  (Thesis), "Machine
Learning of Heuristics", 235 pages, December 1968.

STAN-CS-68-119   (AD692681),  G.   Dantzig,  et   al.,  "Mathematical
Programming Language", 91 pages, May 1968.

STAN-CS-68-120  (PB182166),   E.  Satterthwaite,  "Mutant   0.5:   An
Experimental Programming Language", 60 pages, February 1968.

STAN-CS-69-121  (AD682978), C.  B.  Moler, "Accurate  Bounds  for the
Eigenvalues of the Laplacian and Applications to  Rhombical Domains",
17 pages, February 1969.

STAN-CS-69-122  (AD687450),  W.  C.  Mitchell  and  D.  L.  McCraith,
"Heuristic  Analysis  of  Numerical  Variants  of   the  Gram-Schmidt
Orthonormalization Process", 21 pages, February 1969.

STAN-CS-69-123  (AD696982), R.  P. Brent,  "Empirical Evidence  for a
Proposed Distribution of Small Prime Gaps", 18 pages, February 1969.

STAN-CS-69-124 (AD687719),  G. H.  Golub, "Matrix  Decompositions and
Statistical Calculations", 52 pages, March 1969.

STAN-CS-69-125 (AIM-89,  AD692390), J. Feldman,  J. Horning,  J. Gips
and  S.  Reder,  "Grammatical Complexity  and Inference",  100 pages,
June 1969.

STAN-CS-69-126  (AD702898),   G.  Dantzig,   "Complementary  Spanning
Trees", 10 pages, March 1969.

STAN-CS-69-127 (AIM-85,  AD687720), P.  Vicens (Thesis),  "Aspects of
Speech Recognition by Computer", 210 pages, April 1969.

STAN-CS-69-128  (AD687717),  G. H.  Golub,  B. L.  Buzbee  and  C. W.
Nielson,  "The Method  of Odd/Even  Reduction and  Factorization with
Application to Poisson's Equation", 39 pages, April 1969.

STAN-CS-69-129 (not at NTIS), W. F. Miller, "Research in the Computer
Science Department", 82 pages, April 1969.

STAN-CS-69-130  (AIM-83,  PB183907),   R.  C.  Schank   (Thesis),  "A
Conceptual   Dependency   Representation   for   a  Computer-Oriented
Semantics", 201 pages, March 1969.

STAN-CS-69-131  (SLAC-96), L.  B. Smith  (Thesis), "The  Use  of Man-
Machine Interaction in Data-Fitting Problems", 287 pages, March 1969.

STAN-CS-69-132, Never Printed.

STAN-CS-69-133  (AD687718), G.  H.  Golub and  C.  Reinsch, "Handbook
Series  Linear  Algebra:   Singular  Value  Decompositions  and Least
Sequares Solutions", 38 pages, May 1969.

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