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REPORTS, 1963 - 1981

Published and Edited by
Dawn Yolton
Publications Coordinator

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This report lists, in chronological order, all reports published by the
Stanford Computer Science Department sinne 1963.  Each report is identified
by a Computer Science number, author's name, title, National Technical Information
Service (NTIS) retrieval number@foot(If this number is not given it means that
the report is probably not available from NTIS.), date, and number of pages.



In the Bibliography which follows, there is a listing for each Computer Science
Department Report published as of the date of this writing.  Each listing contains
the following information:

The report number(s)

The author(s)

Whether or not the report is a thesis

The "title" of the report

The number of pages in the report

The month and yea it was published

The cost of the report (if any)

Special symbols preceding the report number indicate availability at this writing
as follows:

+ hard copy or microfiche,

0 microfiche only,

* out-of-stock

If there is no special symbol, then it is available in hard copy only.

All Computer Science Reports that are in stock may be requested from:
@p(Stanford University
Computer Science Department
Publications Coordinator
Bldg. 460 Room 206
Stanford, CA  94305)


Rising costs and restrictions on the use of research funds for printing reports have
made it necessary to charge for reports at their replacement cost. By doing so, we will
be able to reprint popular reports rather than simply declaring them "out of print".
Microfiche on the other hand is available free of charge.

Alternatively, reports that are out-of-stock at Stanford University may be ordered
(for a nominal fee), in either hard copy or microfiche form, from:
National Technical Information Service
P.O. Box 1553
Springfield, VA  22161

If there is no NTIS number given, then they may or may not have the report.  In
requesting copies in this case, give them both the Stanford report number and
the group number.

Reports that are also Ph.D. theses have been so marked and, if out-of-stock at
Stanford University , may be ordered from:
University Microfilm
P.O. Box 1346
Ann Arbor, MI  48106

They are available from University Microfilm in both hard copy and microfiche.


If you are ordering for the first time, please send a written request for the
reports you request.  Please be sure to list the reports by their Computer
Science report numbers.  

Send no money at the time of ordering.  You will receive an invoice with the
reports requested by mail.  
It is imperative when remitting your check or money order to be sure that 
your invoice accompanies the payment for proper handling of your account.

If you wish to become a regular subscriber of our repoots, and receive regular
updates to our Bibliography, please send a written notice to the following 
address that yo would like to be added to our mailing list:

@p(Publicatins Coordinator
Computer Science Department
Stanford University
Stanford, CA  94305)



STAN-CS-63-1 (AD462108), J.  B. Rosen, @i(Primal Partition Programming for
Block Diagonal Matrices), 23 pages, November 1963.

STAN-CS-63-2 (AD427753), J.  M.  Pavkovich, @i(The Soultion of Large
Systems of Algebraic Equations), 46 pages, December 1963.

STAN-CS-64-3 (AD430445), G.  E.  Forsythe (translated by), @i(The Theorems
in a Paper by V.  K. Saulev 'On an Estimate of the Error in Obtaining
Characteristic Functions by the Method of Finite Differences' ), 6 pages,
January 1964.

STAN-CS-64-4 (AD434858), Stefan Bergman and J. G. Herriot, @i(Numerical
Solution of Boundary Value Problems by the Method of Integral Operators),
24 pages, February 1964.

STAN-CS-64-5 (N-6519765), J.  B. Rosen, @i(Existence and Uniqueness of
Equilibrium Points for Concave N-Person Games), 28 pages, March 1964.

STAN-CS-64-6 (AD600164), R. W. Hockney, @i(A Fast Direct Solution of
Poisson's Fourier Analysis), 28 pages, April 1964.

STAN-CS-64-7 (PB176753), J. B.  Rosen, @i(Sufficient Conditions for Optimal
Control of Convex Processes), 29 pages, May 1964.

STAN-CS-64-8 (AD603116), G.  Golub and W.  Kahan, 
@i(Calculating the
Singular Values and Pseudo-Inverse of a Matrix), 33 pages, May 1964.

STAN-CS-64-9 (AD604012), Charles Anderson, @i(The QD-Algorithm as a Method
for Finding the Roots of a Polynomial Equation When All Roots are
Positive), 74 pages, June 1964.

STAN-CS-64-10 (AD603163), R.  L. Causey (Thesis), @i(On Closest Normal
Matrices), 131 pages, June 1964.

STAN-CS-64-11 (PB176754), T.  Nakamura and J.  B.  Rosen, @i(Elastic-
Plastic Analysis of Trusses by the Gradient Projection Method), 32 pages,
July 1964.

STAN-CS-64-12 (AD608292), G.  Golub and P.  Businger, @i(Numerical Methods
for Solving Linear Least Squares Problems (and) an Algol Procedure for
Finding Linear Least Squares Solutions), 27 pages, August 1964.

STAN-CS-64-13 (N65-27058), V.  Pereyra and J. B.  Rosen, @i(Computation of
the Pseudo- inverse of a Matrix of Unknown Rank), 28 pages, September

STAN-CS-64-14 (TT-65-61724), V. A. Efimenko (translated by G. Reiter and
C.  Moler), @i(On Approximate Calculations of the Eigenvalues and
Eigenfunctions of Boundary Value Problems in Partial Differential
Equations), 20 pages, November 1964.

STAN-CS-65-15 (AD611366), D. W. Grace (Thesis), @i(Computer Search for
Non-Isomorphic Convex Polyhedra), 137 pages, January 1965.

STAN-CS-65-16 (AD611427), G. E. Forsythe and G. H. Golub, @i(Maximizing a
Second Degree Polynomial on the Unit Sphere), 31 pages, February 1965.

STAN-CS-65-17 (AD611434), G.  E. Forsythe and N.  Wirth, @i(Automatic
Grading Programs), 17 pages, February 1965.

STAN-CS-65-18 (AD612478), V.  Pereyra, @i(The Difference Correction Method
for Non- Linear Two-Point Boundary Value Problems), February 1965.

STAN-CS-65-19 (TT-65-61839), M. I. Ageev and J.  Maclaren, @i(English
Equivalents of Metalinguistic Terms of Russian ALGOL), March 1965.

STAN-CS-65-20 (PB176755), N.  Wirth and H.  Weber, @i(EULER:  A
Generalition of ALGOL and its Formal Definition), 115 pages, April 1965.

STAN-CS-65-21 (PB176756), D. D. Fisher, J. von der Groeben and J. G.
Toole, @i(Vectorgardiographic Analysis by Digital Computer, Selected
Results), 104 pages, May 1965.

STAN-CS-65-22 (AD616676), C. B.  Moler (Thesis), @i(Finite Difference
Methods for the Eigenbales of Laplace's Operator), 142 pages, May 1965.

STAN-CS-65-23 (AD618214), B. D.  Rudin (Thesis), @i(Convex Polynomial
Approximation), 44 pages, June 1965.

STAN-CS-65-24 (AD616611), V. V. Klyuyev and N. I.  Kokovkin Shoherbak
(translated by G. J.  Tee), @i(On the Minimization of the Number of
Arithmetic Operations for the Solution of Linear Algebraic Systems of
Equations), 24 pages, June 1965.

STAN-CS-65-25 (AD618215), P.  G.  Hodge, @i(Yield-Point Load Determination
by Nonlinear Programming), 24 pages, June 1965.

STAN-CS-65-26 (not at NTIS), G. E. Forsythe, @i(Stanford University's
Program in Computer Science), 15 pages, June 1965.

STAN-CS-65-27 (AD618216), E. A. Volkov (translated by R. Bartels), @i(An
Analysis of One Algorithm of Heightened Precision of the Method of Nets
for the Solution of Poisson's Equation), 29 pages, July 1965.

STAN-CS-65-28 (AD618217), J.  Miller and G. Strang, @i(Matrix Theorems for
Partial Differential an Difference Equations), 33 pages, July 1965.

STAN-CS-65-29 (AD624837), V. Pereyra, @i(On Improving an Approximate
Solution of a Functional Equation by Deferred Corrections), 32 pages,
August 1965.

STAN-CS-65-30 (SS624-829), S. Marchuk (translated by G. J. Tee), @i(The
Automatic Construction of Computational Algorithms), 56 pages, September

STAN-CS-65-31 (SS626-315), P. A. Raviart, @i(On the Approximation of Weak
Solutions of Linear Parabolic Equations by a Class of Multi-step
Difference Methods), 55 pages, December 1965.

STAN-CS-65-32 (SS633-557), R. W.  Hockney, @i(Minimum Multiplication
Fourier Analysis), 53 pages, December 1965.

STAN-CS-65-33 (PB176763), N.  Wirth, @i(A Programming Language for the 360
Computers), 23 pages, December 1965.

STAN-CS-66-34 (SS630-998), J.  M. Varah, @i(Eigenvectors of a Real Matrix
by Inverse Iteration), 24 pages, February 1966.

STAN-CS-66-35 (PB176758), N. Wirth and C. Hoare, @i(A Contribution to the
Development of ALGOL), 64 pages, February 1966.

STAN-CS-66-36 (PB176759), J. F.  Traub, @i(The Calculation of Zeros of
Polyynomials and Analytic Functions), 26 pages, April 1966.

STAN-CS-66-37 (PB176789), J. D.  Reynolds, @i(Cogent 1.2 Operations
Manual), 33 pages, April 1966.

STAN-CS-66-38 (AIM-40, AD662880), J.  McCarthy and J.  Painter,
@i(Correctness of a Compiler for Arithmetic Expressions), 13 pages, April

STAN-CS-66-39 (PB176760), G. E. Forsythe, @i(A University's Educational
Program in Computer Science), 26 pages, May 1966.

STAN-CS-66-40 (AD639052), G.  E.  Forsythe, @i(How Do You Solve a Quadratic
Equation?), 19 pages, June 1966.

STAN-CS-66-41 (SS638-976), W.  Kahan, @i(Accurate Eigenvalues of a
Symmetric Tri-Diagonal Matrix), 53 pages, July 1966.

STAN-CS-66-42 (SS638-797), W. Kahan, @i(When to Neglect Off-Diagonal
Elements of Symmetric Tri-Diagonal Matrices), 10 pages, July 1966.

STAN-CS-66-43 (SS638-798), W.  Kahan and J.  Varah, @i(Two Working
Algorithms for the Eigenvalues of a Symmetric Tri-Diagonal Matrix), 28
pages, August 1966.

STAN-CS-66-44 (SS638-818), W.  Kahan, @i(Relaxation Methods for an
Eigenvalue Problem), 35 pages, August 1966.

STAN-CS-66-45 (SS638-799), W. Kahan, @i(Relaxation Methods for Semi-
Definite Systems), 31 pages, August 1966.

STAN-CS-66-46 (SS638-809), G. E.  Forsythe, @i(Today's Computational
Methods of Linear Algebra), 47 pages, August 1966.

STAN-CS-66-47 (PB173335), P. Abrams, @i(An Interpreter for 'Inverson
Notation' ), 61 pages, August 1966.

STAN-CS-66-48 (SS639-166), W.  M. McKeeman (Thesis), @i(An Approach to
Computer Language Design), 124 pages, August 1966.

STAN-CS-66-49 (AIM-43, SS640-836), D. R. Reddy (Thesis), @i(An Approach to
Computer Speech Recognition by Direct Analysis of Speech Wave), 143
pages, September 1966.

STAN-CS-66-50 (AIM-46, PB176761), S. Persson (Thesis), @i(Some Sequence
Extrapulating Programs:  A Study of Representation and Modelling in
Inquiring Systems), 176 pages, September 1966.

STAN-CS-66-51 (AD648394), S. Bergman, J. G. Herriot and T.  G. Kurtz,
@i(Numerical Calculation of Transonic Flow Patterns), 35 pages, October

STAN-CS-66-52 (PB176762), A. C.  Shaw, @i(Lecture Notes on a Course in
Systems Programming), 216 pages, December 1966.

STAN-CS-66-53 (PB176757), N.  Wirth, @i(A Programming Language for the 360
Computers), 81 pages, December 1966.

STAN-CS-67-54 (AD662882), G.  Golub and T.  N.  Robertson, @i(A Generalized
Bairstow Algorithm), 10 pages, January 1967.

STAN-CS-67-55 (AD647200), D.  A.  Adams, @i(A Stopping Criterion for
Polynomial Root Finding), 11 pages, February 1967.

STAN-CS-67-56 (PB176764), F. L. Bauer, @i(QD-Method with Newton Shift), 6
pages, March 1967.

STAN-CS-67-57 (PB176765), D.  Gries, @i(The Use of Transition Matrices in
Compiling), 60 pages, March 1967.

STAN-CS-67-58 (PB176766), V. Tixier (Thesis), @i(Recursive Functions of
Regular Expressions in Language Analysis), 146 pages, March 1967.

STAN-CS-67-59 (SS650-116), J. H. Wilkinson, @i(Almost Diagonal Matrices
with Multiple or Close Eigenvalues), 18 pages, April 1967.

STAN-CS-67-60 (SS650-117), J. H. Wilkinson, @i(Two Algorithms Based on
Successive Linear Interpolation), 13 pages, April 1967.

STAN-CS-67-61 (SS650-610), G.  E.  Forsythe, @i(On the Asymptotic
Directions of the S-Dimensional Optimum Gradient Method), 43 pages, April

STAN-CS-67-62 (SS650-620), M. Tienari, @i(Varying Length Floating Point
Arithmetic:  A Necessary Tool for the Numerical Analyst), 38 pages, April

STAN-CS-67-63 (SS650-627), G.  Polya, @i(Graeffe's Method for
Eigenvalues), 9 pages, April 1967.

STAN-CS-67-64 (SS651-201), P.  Richman, @i(Floating-Point Number
Representations:  Base Choice Versus Exponent Range), 32 pages, April

STAN-CS-67-65 (PB176767), N.  Wirth, @i(On Certain Basic Concepts of
Programming Languages), 30 pages, May 1967.

STAN-CS-67-66 (AD652921), J.  M. Varah (Thesis), @i(The Computation of
Bounds for the Invariant Subspaces of a General Matrix Operator), 240
pages, May 1967.

STAN-CS-67-67 (AD652992), R.  H.  Bartels and G.  H.  Golub,
@i(Computational Considerations Regarding the Calculation of Chebyshev
Solutions for Over-Determined Linear Equations Systems by the Exchange
Method), 63 pages, June 1967.

STAN-CS-67-68 (PB176768), N. Wirth, @i(The PL 360 System), 63 pages, June

STAN-CS-67-69 (PB176769), J.  Feldman and D.  Gries, @i(Translator Writing
Systems), 127 pages, June 1967.

STAN-CS-67-70 (AD655472), S.  Bergman, J.  G.  Herriot and P. L.  Richman,
@i(On Computation of Flow Patterns of Compressible Fluids in the Transonic
Region), 77 pages, July 1977.

STAN-CS-67-71 (AD655230), M.  A.  Jenkins and J.  F.  Traub, @i(An
Algorithm for an Automatic General Polynomial Solver), 38 pages, July

STAN-CS-67-72 (PB175581), G.  H. Golub and L.  B.  Smith, @i(Chebysev
Approximation of Continuous Functions by a Chebyshev Systems of
Functions), 54 pages, July 1967.

STAN-CS-67-73 (AD662883), P.  Businger and G.  H.  Golub, @i(Least Squares,
Singular Values and Matrix Approximations (and) an ALGOL Procedure for
Computing the Singular Value Decomposition), 12 pages, July 1967.

STAN-CS-67-74 (AD657639), G.  E. Forsythe, @i(What is a Satisfactory
Quadratic Equation Solver?), 9 pages, August 1967.

STAN-CS-67-75 (PB175793), F. L. Bauer, @i(Theory of Norms), 136 pages,
August 1967.

STAN-CS-67-76 (AD657450), P.  M.  Anselone, @i(Collectively Compact
Operator Approximations), 60 pages, April 1967.

STAN-CS-67-77 (PB176770), G.  E. Forsythe, @i(What To Do Till The Computer
Scientist Comes), 13 pages, September 1967.

STAN-CS-67-78 (PB176771), K.  M.  Colby and H.  Enea, @i(Machine
Utilization of the Natural Language Word 'Good' ), 8 pages, September

STAN-CS-67-79 (AD662884), R.  W. Doran, @i(360 U.S.  Fortran IV Free Field
Input/Output Subroutine Package), 21 pages, October 1967.

STAN-CS-67-80 (AD662902), J. Friedman, @i(Directed Random Generation of
Sentences), 30 pages, October 1967.

STAN-CS-67-81 (AD661217), G. H. Golub and J. H.  Welsch, @i(Calculation of
Gauss Quadrature Rules), 28 pages, November 1967.

STAN-CS-67-82 (PB176775), L.  Tesler, H.  Enea and K. M.  Colby, @i(A
Directed Graph Representation for Computer Simulation of Belief Systems),
31 pages, December 1967.

STAN-CS-68-83 (AD664237), A.  Bjorck and G.  Golub, @i(Iterative
Refinements of Linear Squares Solutions by House-Holder Transformations),
28 pages, January 1968.

STAN-CS-68-84 (AD692680), J.  Friedman, @i(A Computer System for
Transformational Grammar), 31 pages, January 1968.

STAN-CS-68-85 (PB177426), K.  M.  Colby, @i(Computer-Aided Language
Development in Nonspeaking Mentally Disturbed Children), 35 pages,
December 1968.

STAN-CS-68-86 (PB179162), H.  R. Bauer, S.  Becker and S.  L. Graham,
@i(ALGOL With Programming), 90 pages, January 1968.

STAN-CS-68-87 (PB178176), J. Ehrman, @i(CS 139 Lecture Notes Part 1,
Sections 1 thru Preliminary Version), 188 pages, 1968.

STAN-CS-68-88 (AD665672), S.  Schechter, @i(Relaxation Methods for Convex
Problems), 19 pages, February 1968.

STAN-CS-68-89 (PB180920), H.  R. Bauer, S.  Becker and S.  L. Graham,
@i(ALGOL W (revised)), 42 pages, March 1968.

STAN-CS-68-90 (PB178177), V.  R.  Lesser, @i(A Multi-Level Computer
Organization Designed to Separate Data Accessing from the Computation),
20 pages, March 1968.

STAN-CS-68-91 (PB178114), N. Wirth, J.  W. Wells, Jr.  and E. H.
Satterthwaite, Jr., @i(The PL360 System), 89 pages, April 1968.

STAN-CS-68-92 (PB178078), H. Enea, @i(MLISP), 18 pages, March 1968.

STAN-CS-68-93 (PB178078), G.  E.  Forsythe, @i(Computer Science and
Education), 50 pages, March 1968.

STAN-CS-68-94 (SLACR-84), A.  C.  Shaw (Thesis), @i(The Formal Description
and Parsing of Pictures), 205 pages, April 1968.

STAN-CS-68-95 (not at NTIS), J.  Friedman and R. W. Doran, @i(A Formal
Syntax for Transformational Grammar), 47 pages, March 1968.

STAN-CS-68-96 (AD673673), L.  B.  Smith, @i(Interval Arithmetic Determinant
Evalation and its Use in Testing for a Chebyshev System), 26 pages, April

STAN-CS-68-97 (not at NTIS), W. F. Miller, @i(Research in the Computer
Science Department at Stanford University), 49 pages, April 1968.

STAN-CS-68-98 (PB179162), H. Bauer, S. Becker and S.  Graham, @i(ALGOL With
Implementation), 147 pages, May 1968.

STAN-CS-68-99 (PB179057), J. Friedman, @i(Lecture Notes on Foundations for
Computer Science), 212 pages, June 1968.

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.once center <<reports 100 thru 199>> 
@i(REPORTS 100 THRU 199

STAN-CS-68-100 (PB178877), T.  H.  Bredt, @i(A Computer Model of
Information Processing in Children), 60 pages, June 1968.

STAN-CS-68-101 (AIM-60, AD672923), D. M. Kaplan (Thesis), @i(The Formal
Theoretic Analysis of Stront Equivalence for Elemental Programs), 263
pages, June 1968.

STAN-CS-68-102 (AD677982), A.  Pnueli, @i(Integer Programming Over a
Cone), 29 pages, July 1968.

STAN-CS-68-103 (AD692689), T.  H.  Bredt and J.  Friedman, @i(Lexical
Insertion in Transformational Grammar), 47 pages, June 1968.

STAN-CS-68-104 (AD673010), R. Bartels, @i(A Numerical Investigation of the
Simplex Method), 122 pages, July 1968.

STAN-CS-68-105 (AD673674), P. Richman (Thesis), @i(Epsiolon-Calculus), 138
pages, August 1968.

STAN-CS-68-106 (AIM-65, AD673971), B. Huberman (Thesis), @i(A Program to
Play Chess End Games), 168 pages, August 1968.

STAN-CS-68-107 (AD668558), M. Jenkins, @i(A Three-Stage Variable-Shift
Iteration for Polynomial Zeros and its Relation to Generalized Rayleigh
Interation), 46 pages, August 1968.

STAN-CS-68-108 (AD692681), J.  Friedman (editor), @i(Computer Experiments
in Transformational Grammar), 36 pages, August 1968.

STAN-CS-68-109 (AD692690), J.  Friedman, @i(A Computer System for Writing
and Testing Transformational Grammars - Final Report), 14 pages,
September 1968.

STAN-CS-68-110 (PB180920), H.  Bauer, S.  Becker, S.  Graham and E.
Satterthwaite, @i(ALGOL W (revised)), 103 pages, October 1968.

STAN-CS-68-111 (AD692691), J.  Friedman and T. Martner, @i(Analysis in
Transformational Grammar), 18 pages, August 1968.

STAN-CS-68-112 (AD692687), J.  Friedman and B. Pollack, @i(A Control
Language for Transformational Grammar), 51 pages, August 1968.

STAN-CS-68-113 (PB188705), W.  J. Hansen, @i(The Impact of Storage
Management on Plex Processing Language Implementation), 253 pages, July

STAN-CS-68-114 (PB182156), J. George, @i(Calgen, An Interactive Picture
Calculus Generation System), 75 pages, December 1968,

STAN-CS-68-115 (AD692686), J.  Friedman, T.  Bredt, R.  Doran, T.  Martner
and B. Pollack, @i(Programmer's Manual for a Computer System for
Transformational Grammar), 199 pages, August 1968.

STAN-CS-68-116 (AIM-72, AD680036), D.  Pieper (Thesis), @i(The Kinematics
of Manipulators Under Computer Control), 157 pages, October 1968.

STAN-CS-68-117 (PB182151), D. Adams (Thesis), @i(A Computational Model with
Data Flow Sequencing), 130 pages, December 1968.

STAN-CS-68-118 (AIM-74, AD681027), D.  Waterman (Thesis), @i(Machine
Learning of Heuristics), 235 pages, December 1968.

STAN-CS-68-119 (AD692681), G.  Dantzig, et al., @i(Mathematical Programming
Language), 91 pages, May 1968.

STAN-CS-68-120 (PB182166), E.  Satterthwaite, @i(Mutant 0.5:  An
Experimental Programming Language), 60 pages, February 1968.

STAN-CS-69-121 (AD682978), C.  B.  Moler, @i(Accurate Bounds for the
Eigenvalues of the Laplacian and Applications to Rhombical Domains), 17
pages, February 1969.

STAN-CS-69-122 (AD687450), W.  C.  Mitchell and D.  L.  McCraith,
@i(Heuristic Analysis of Numerical Variants of the Gram-Schmidt
Orthonormalization Process), 21 pages, February 1969.

STAN-CS-69-123 (AD696982), R.  P. Brent, @i(Empirical Evidence for a
Proposed Distribution of Small Prime Gaps), 18 pages, February 1969.

STAN-CS-69-124 (AD687719), G. H.  Golub, @i(Matrix Decompositions and
Statistical Calculations), 52 pages, March 1969.

STAN-CS-69-125 (AIM-89, AD692390), J. Feldman, J. Horning, J. Gips and S.
Reder, @i(Grammatical Complexity and Inference), 100 pages, June 1969.

STAN-CS-69-126 (AD702898), G.  Dantzig, @i(Complementary Spanning Trees),
10 pages, March 1969.

STAN-CS-69-127 (AIM-85, AD687720), P.  Vicens (Thesis), @i(Aspects of
Speech Recognition by Computer), 210 pages, April 1969.

STAN-CS-69-128 (AD687717), G. H.  Golub, B. L.  Buzbee and C. W.  Nielson,
@i(The Method of Odd/Even Reduction and Factorization with Application to
Poisson's Equation), 39 pages, April 1969.

STAN-CS-69-129 (not at NTIS), W. F. Miller, @i(Research in the Computer
Science Department), 82 pages, April 1969.

STAN-CS-69-130 (AIM-83, PB183907), R.  C.  Schank (Thesis), @i(A Conceptual
Dependency Representation for a Computer-Oriented Semantics), 201 pages,
March 1969.

STAN-CS-69-131 (SLAC-96), L.  B. Smith (Thesis), @i(The Use of Man- Machine
Interaction in Data-Fitting Problems), 287 pages, March 1969.

STAN-CS-69-132, Never Printed.

STAN-CS-69-133 (AD687718), G.  H.  Golub and C.  Reinsch, @i(Handbook
Series Linear Algebra:  Singular Value Decompositions and Least Sequares
Solutions), 38 pages, May 1969.

STAN-CS-69-134 (AD700923), G. H. Golub and M. A.  Saunders, @i(Linear Least
Squares and Quadratic Programming), 38 pages, May 1969.

STAN-CS-69-135 (SLACR-102, not at NTIS), D.  Gries, @i(Compiler
Implementation Language), 113 pages, May 1969.

STAN-CS-69-136 (SLACR-104, not at NTIS), I.  Pohl (Thesis), @i(Bi-
Directional and Heuristic Search in Path Problems), 157 pages, May 1969.

STAN-CS-69-137 (AD698801), P. Henrici, @i(Fixed Points of Analytic
Functions), 7 pages, July 1969.

STAN-CS-69-138 (AIM-96, AD696394), C.  C.  Green (Thesis), @i(The
Application of Theorem Proving to Question-Answering Systems), 162 pages,
June 1969.

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Grammatical Inference), 166 pages, August 1969.

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pages, September 1969.

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Golub, @i(Bounds for the Error of Linear Systems of Equations Using the
Theory of Moments), 26 pages, October 1969.

STAN-CS-69-142, G. H. Golub and R. Underwood, @i(Stationary Values of the
Ratio of Quadratic Forms Subject to Linear Constraints), 22 pages,
November 1969.

STAN-CS-69-143 (AD694464), M.  A.  Jenkins (Thesis), @i(Three-Stage
Variable-Shift for the Solution of Polynomial Equations with a Posteriori
Error Bounds for the Zeros) (has also been printed incorrectly as
STAN-CS-69-138), 199 pages, August 1969.

STAN-CS-69-144 (AD698800), G.  E. Forsythe, @i(The Maximum and Minimum of a
Positive Definite Quadratic Polynomial on a Sphere are Convex Functions of
the Radius), 9 pages, July 1969.

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Polynomial Equations), 25 pages, December 1969.

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Analysis of the Fast Fourier Transform), February 1970.

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Why a Math Book Isn't Enough), 43 pages, January 1970.

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Avoiding `GO TO' Statements), 15 pages, January 1970.

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19 pages, January 1970.

STAN-CS-70-150 (AD699898), J. H. Wilkinson, @i(Elementary Proof of the
Wielandt-Hoffman Theorem and of its Generalization), 8 pages, January

STAN-CS-70-151 (not at NTIS), E. A.  Volkov (translated by G. E.
Forsythe), @i(On the Properties of the Derivatives of the Solution of
Laplace's Equation and the Errors of the Method of Finite Differences for
Boundary Values in C(2) and C(1,1)), 26 pages, January 1970.

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Interpolation Formulae and Mechanical Quadrature Rules), 23 pages,
February 1970.

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Interpolation Formulae and Quadrature Rules which are Computed
Numerically), 17 pages, February 1970.

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for Cyclic Error Codes), 24 pages, February 1970.

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@i(The Method of Odd/Even Reduction and Factorization with Application to
Poisson's Equation, Part II), 36 pages, March 1970.

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Roundoff Error of a Sum), October 1979.

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Multiplication), 54 pages, March 1970.

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Shuffle), 36 pages, March 1970.

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the Solution of the Discrete Poisson Equation on Non-Rectangular
Regions), 2 pages, June 1970.

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Model for Parallel Computer Systems), 62 pages, April 1970.

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Formulary Model for Access Control and Privacy in Computer Systems), 81
pages, May 1970.

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A.  Saunders, @i(Numerical Techniques in Mathematical Programming), 61
pages, May 1970.

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Accumulation of Sums with Small Realative Error), 22 pages, June 1970.

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@i(Estimates of the Roundoff Error in the Solution of a System of
Conditional Equations, by V. I. Gordonova), 16 pages, June 1970.

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Operations on Two Processors), 34 pages, July 1970.

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Natural-Language Information in Predicate Calculus), 27 pages, July 1970.

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Like Statements), 95 pages, June 1970.

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Identification of People by Computer), 138 pages, July 1970.

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Semantics), 35 pages, August 1970.

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of Concurrent Sequential Programs), 50 pages, May 1970.

STAN-CS-70-171 (CSL-TR-8, AD714202), T. Bredt, @i(A Survey of Models for
Parrallel Computing), 58 pages, August 1970.

STAN-CS-70-172 (CSL-TR-7, AD714180), T. Bredt, @i(Analysis of Parallel
Systems), 59 pages, August 1970.

STAN-CS-70-173 (CSL-TR-9, AD714181), T. Bredt, @i(The Mutual Exclusion
Problem), 68 pages, August 1970.

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Automatic Program Synthesis), 55 pages, August 1970.

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Computing Euclidean Inner Products on the IBM 360), 14 pages, October

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J. Lederberg, @i(On Generality and Problem Solving: A Case Study Using the
DENDRAL Program), 48 pages, September 1970.

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Nelson Sorting Problem), 16 pages, October 1970.

STAN-CS-70-178 (not at NTIS), G. Forsythe and W. F. Miller, @i(Research
Review), 186 pages, October 1970.

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October 1970.

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Interpretation of Imperfect Line Data as a Three-Dimensional Scene), 187
pages, October 1970.

STAN-CS-70-181 (AIM-133), A. C. Hearn, @i(Reduce 2 - User's Manual), 85
pages, October 1970.

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in Computer Vision), 452 pages, Septmeber 1970.

STAN-CS-70-183 (AIM-136, AD717600), G.  M. White, @i(Machine Learning
Through Signature Trees...Application to Human Speech), 40 pages, October

STAN-CS-70-184 (AD715512), M. Malcolm, @i(A Note on a Conjecture of J.
Mordell), 5 pages, October 1970.

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pages, October 1970.

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Fortran Programs), 50 pages, November 1970.

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Language (MPL) Specification Manual for Committee Review), 82 pages,
December 1970.

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Translation of `Go To' Programs to `While' Programs), 28 pages, December

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Partial Correctness), 24 pages, December 1970.

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Minimizing States in a Finite Automaton), 12 pages, December 1970.

STAN-CS-70-191 (SLACP-904, PB198494), V. Lesser, @i(An Introduction to the
Direct Emulation of Control Structures by a Parallel Micro- Computer), 26
pages, December 1970.

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Isomorphism of Planar Triply Connected Graphs), 6 pages, December 1970.

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Computer Understanding), 59 pages, December 1970.

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Programming - Errata et Addenda), 28 pages, December 1970.

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Golub, @i(The Direct Solution of the Discrete Poisson Equation on Irregular
Regions), 30 pages, December 1970.

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Fortran and Paging), 13 pages, December 1970.

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User's Guide), 11 pages, January 1971.

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Zeros and Extrema of Functions without Calculating Derivatives), 250
pages, February 1971.

STAN-CS-71-199 (PB198415), Staff, @i(Bibliography of Stanford Computer
Science Reports 1963-1971), 28 pages, February 1971.

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@i(REPORTS 200 THRU 299

STAN-CS-71-200 (PB198416), J. G. Herriot and C. H. Peinsch, @i(ALGOL 60
Procedures for the Calculation of Interpolating Natural Spline
Functions), 30 pages, February 1971.

STAN-CS-71-201 (AD722434), J. Hopcroft and R.  Tarjan, @i(Planarity Testing
in V Log V Steps: Extended Abstracts), 18 pages, February 1971.

STAN-CS-71-202 (SLAC-117, not at NTIS), H. J.  Saal and W. Riddle,
@i(Communicating Semaphores), 21 pages, February 1971.

STAN-CS-71-203 (AIM-141, AD730506), B. Buchanan, E. Feigenbaum and J.
Lederberg, @i(The Heuristic DENDRAL Program for Explaining Empirical
Data), 20 pages, February 1971.

STAN-CS-71-204 (PB198510), D. Ingalls, @i(FETE - a Fortran Execution Time
Estimator), 12 pages, February 1971.

STAN-CS-71-205 (AIM-142, AD731383), Robin Milner, @i(An Algebraic
Definition of Simulation Between Programs), 20 pages, March 1971.

STAN-CS-71-206 (AD726158), D.  E. Knuth, @i(Mathematical Analysis of
Algorithms), 26 pages, March 1971.

STAN-CS-71-207 (AD726169), J. Hopcroft and R.  Tarjan, @i(Efficient
Algorithms for Graph Manipulation), 19 pages, March 1971.

STAN-CS-71-208 (AD726171), J.  A.  George (Thesis), @i(Computer
Implementation of the Finite Element Method), 220 pages, March 1971.

STAN-CS-71-209 (AIM-143, AD724867), J. McCarthy and Staff, @i(Project
Technical Report), 80 pages, March 1971.

STAN-CS-71-210 (PB201917), J. Gerry Purdy, @i(Access - a Program for the
Catalog and Access of Information), 28 pages, March 1971.

STAN-CS-71-211 (AD727104), M.  Malcolm, @i(An Algorithm to Reveal
Properties of Floating-Point Arithmetic), 8 pages, March 1971.

STAN-CS-71-212 (AD727107), M.  A.  Morgana, @i(Time and Memory Requirements
for Solving Linear Systems), 7 pages, March 1971.

STAN-CS-71-213 (PB201629), R.  Tarjan, @i(The Switchyard Problem:  Sorting
Using Networks of Queues and Stacks), 13 pages, April 1971.

STAN-CS-71-214 (AD727108), R. L.  Graham, D. E.  Knuth and T. S.  Motzkin,
@i(Complements and Transitive Closures), 6 pages, April 1971.

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Language for the IBM 360), 91 pages, May 1971.

STAN-CS-71-216 (AIM-147, AD732457), R.  E.  Kling, @i(Reasoning by Analogy
with Applications to Heuristics Problem Solving:  a Case Study), 180
pages, May 1971.

STAN-CS-71-217 (AIM-148, AD731730), E.  A. Ashcroft, Z. Manna and A.
Pnueli, @i(Decidable Properties of Monadic Functional Schemas), 9 pages,
May 1971.

STAN-CS-71-218 (AD731038), N.  G. Debruijn, D. E.  Knuth and S. O.  Rice,
@i(The Average Height of Plane Trees), 7 pages, May 1971.

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Comparison of Pictures), 120 pages, May 1971.

STAN-CS-71-220 (CSL-4, AD727116), Harold Stone, @i(Dynamic Memories with
Enhanced Data Access), 32 pages, February 1971.

STAN-CS-71-221 (AIM-145, AD731729), B. G. Buchanan, E. Feigenbaum and J.
Lederberg, @i(A Heuristic Programming Study of Theory Formation in
Science), 41 pages, June 1971.

STAN-CS-71-222 (PB235417/AS), W.  J.  Meyers (Thesis), @i(Linear
Representation of Tree Structure (a Mathematical Theory of
Parenthesis-Free Notations)), 245 pages, June 1971.

STAN-CS-71-223 (PB203429), Susan Graham (Thesis), @i(Precedence Languages
and Bounded Right Context Languages), 192 pages, July 1971.

STAN-CS-71-224 (AIM-146, PB212183), A.  Ershov, @i(Parallel Programming),
15 pages, July 1971.

STAN-CS-71-225 (PB203344), Ake Bjorck and Gene Golub, @i(Numerical Methods
for Computing Angles Between Linear Subspaces), 30 pages, July 1971.

STAN-CS-71-226 (SLAC-133), J.  E.  George, @i(SIMPLE - A Simple Precedence
Translator Writing System), 92 pages, July 1971.

STAN-CS-71-227 (SLAC-134), J. E. George (Thesis), @i(GEMS - A Graphical
Experimental Meta System), 184 pages, July 1971.

STAN-CS-71-228 (PB203343), Linda Kaufman, @i(Function Minimization and
Automatic Therapeutic Control), 30 pages, July 1971.

STAN-CS-71-229 (AD732766), E. H. Lee and G. E. Forsythe, @i(Variational
Study of Nonlinear Spline Curves), 22 pages, August 1971.

STAN-CS-71-230 (PB203601), R.  L.  Sites, @i(ALGOL With Reference Manual),
141 pages, August 1971.

STAN-CS-71-231 (AIM-149, AD732644), Rod Schmidt (Thesis), @i(A Study of the
Real-Time Control of a Computer Driven Vehicle), 180 pages, August 1971.

STAN-CS-71-232 (AD733073), C.  B.  Moler and G.  W.  Steward, @i(An
Algorithm for the Generalized Matrix Eigenvalue Problem), 50 pages,
August 1971.

STAN-CS-71-233 (not at NTIS), Wayne Wilner, @i(Declarative Semantic
Definition), 211 pages, August 1971.

STAN-CS-71-234 (not at NTIS), Gene H.  Golub, @i(Some Modified Eigenvalue
Problems), 38 pages, September 1971.

STAN-CS-71-235 (AIM-150, not at NTIS), R. W. Floyd, @i(Toward Iterative
Design of Correct Programs), 12 pages, September 1971.

STAN-CS-71-236 (AD737648), G.  H. Golub and George Styan, @i(Numerical
Computation for Univeariate Linear Models), 35 pages, September 1971.

STAN-CS-71-237 (CSL-TR-16, AD737270), D.  C.  Van Voorhis, @i(A
Generalization of the Divide-Sort-Merge Strategy for Sorting Networks),
67 pages, September 1971.

STAN-CS-71-238 (CSL-TR-17, AD735901), D. C.  Van Voorhis, @i(A Lower Bound
for Sorting Networks That Use the Divide-Sort-Merge Strategy), 13 pages,
September 1971.

STAN-CS-71-239 (CSL-TR-18, AD736610), D.  C.  Van Voorhis, @i(Large [g.d.]
Sorting Networks), 84 pages, September 1971.

STAN-CS-71-240 (AIM-151, AD738568), Ralph London, @i(Correctness of Two
Compilers for a LISP Subset), 42 pages, October 1971.

STAN-CS-71-241 (AIM-152, AD732642), Alan Bierman, @i(On the Inference of
Turing Machines from Sample Computations), 31 pages, October 1971.

STAN-CS-71-242 (AIM-153, AD738569), Patrick Hayes, @i(The Frame Problem and
Related Problems in AI), 24 pages, November 1971.

STAN-CS-71-243 (AIM-154, AD738570), Z.  Manna, S.  Ness and J.  Vuillemin,
@i(Inductive Methods for Proving Properties of Programs), 24 pages,
November 1971.

STAN-CS-71-244 (AD738027), R.  Tarjan (Thesis), @i(An Efficient Planarity
Algorithm), 154 pages, November 1971.

STAN-CS-71-245 (AIM-155, not at NTIS), John Ryder (Thesis), @i(Heuristic
Analysis of Large Trees as Generated in the Game of Go), 350 pages,
November 1971.

STAN-CS-71-246 (AIM-156, AD740141), Ken Colby, S. Weber, Frank Hilf and H.
Kraemer, @i(A Resemblance Test for the Validation of a Computer Simulation
of Paranoid Processing), 30 pages, November 1971.

STAN-CS-71-247 (AIM-157, not at NTIS), Yorick Wilks, @i(On Small Head --
Some Remarks on the Use of 'Model' in Linguistics), 16 pages, December

STAN-CS-71-248 (AD739335), Michael Fredman and Donald Knuth, @i(Recurrence
Relations Based on Minimization), 35 pages, December 1971.

STAN-CS-71-249 (not at NTIS), Bary Pollack, @i(An Annotated Bibliography on
the Construction of Compilers), 140 pages, December 1971.

STAN-CS-71-250 (AIM-158, AD740127), Ashok Chandra and Zohar Manna,
@i(Program Schemas with Equality), 13 pages, December 1971.

STAN-CS-72-251 (CSL-TR-19, AD736814), Harold Stone, @i(An Efficient
Parallel Algorithm for the Solution of a Tridiagonal Linear System of
Equation), 24 pages, January 1972.

STAN-CS-72-252 (SU326 P30 14), M.  A. Saunders, @i(Large-Scale Linear
Programming Using the Cholesky Factorization), 40 pages, January 1972.

STAN-CS-72-253 (AIM-159, not at NTIS), J. A.  Feldman and P. C.  Shields,
@i(Total Complexity and the Inference of Best Programs), January 1972.

STAN-CS-72-254 (AD740330), G. E. Forsythe, @i(Von Neumann's Comparison
Method for Random Sampling from the Normal and Other Distributions), 19
pages, January 1972.

STAN-CS-72-255 (AIM-160, AD740140), J.  A.  Feldman, @i(Automatic
Programming), 20 pages, January 1972.

STAN-CS-72-256 (AD740331), V. Chvatal, @i(Edmonds Polyhedra and Weakly
Hamiltonian Graphs), 22 pages, January 1972.

STAN-CS-72-257 (PB208519), N. Wirth, @i(On Pascal, Code Generation, and the
CDC 6000 Computer), 39 pages, February 1972.

STAN-CS-72-258 (AD740332), Harold Brown, @i(Some Basic Machine Algorithms
for Integral Order Computations), 15 pages, February 1972.

STAN-CS-72-259 (PB208595), Clark A. Crane (Thesis), @i(Linear Lists and
Priority Queues as Balanced Binary Trees), 131 pages, February 1972.

STAN-CS-72-260 (AD740110), Vaughan R. Pratt (Thesis), @i(Shellsort and
Sorting Networks), 59 pages, February 1972.

STAN-CS-72-261 (SU326 P30 15), Gene H. Golub and Victor Pereyra, @i(The
Diffenentiation of Pseudoinverses and Nonlinear Least Squares Whose
Variables Separate), 35 pages, February 1972.

STAN-CS-72-262 (PB209357), Staff, @i(Bibliography), 36 pages, February

STAN-CS-72-263 (AD741189), David A. Klarner and Ronald Rivest, @i(A
Procedure for Improving the Upper Bound for the Number of n-Ominoes), 31
pages, February 1972.

STAN-CS-72-264 (AIM-161, AD741189), Yorick Wilks, @i(Artificial
Intelligence Approach to Machine Translation), 42 pages, February 1972.

STAN-CS-72-265 (AIM-162, AD744634), Neil Goldman, Roger Shank, Chuck
Rieger and Chris Riesbeck, @i(Primitive Concepts Underlying Verbs of
Thought), 80 pages, February 1972.

STAN-CS-72-266 (AIM-163, not at NTIS), Jean Cadiou (Thesis), @i(Recursive
Definitions of Partial and Functions and Their Computation), 160 pages,
March 1972.

STAN-CS-72-267 (PB209629), Pierre E. Bonzon, @i(MPL (An Appraisal Based on
Practical Experiment)), 26 pages, March 1972.

STAN-CS-72-268 (AD742348), V. Chvatal, @i(Degrees and Matchings), 16
pages, March 1972.

STAN-CS-72-269 (AD742747), David Klarner and R.  Rado, @i(Arithmetic
Properties of Certain Recursively Defined Sets), 30 pages, March 1972.

STAN-CS-72-270 (PB209616), G.  Golub, J.  H.  Wilkinson and R.  Underwood,
@i(The Lanczos Algorithm for the Symmetric Ax = λ Bx Problem), 21 pages,
Marcy 1972.

STAN-CS-72-271 (not at NTIS), William E.  Riddle (Thesis), @i(The Modeling
and Analysis of Supervisory Systems), 174 pages, March 1972.

STAN-CS-72-272 (AIM-164, AD742748), Zohar Manna and J. Vuillemin,
@i(Fixedpoint Approach to the Theory of Computation), 25 pages, March

STAN-CS-72-273 (PB209806), V. Chvatal and J.  Sichler, @i(Chromatic
Automorphisms of Graphs), 12 pages, March 1972.

STAN-CS-72-274 (AD742749), D.  Klarner and Richard Rado, @i(Linear
Combinations of Sets of Consecutive Integers), 12 pages, March 1972.

STAN-CS-72-275 (AD742750), David A.  Klarner, @i(Sets Generated by
Iteration of a Linear Operation), 16 pages, March 1972.

STAN-CS-72-276 (AD745022), Linda Kaufman (Thesis), @i(A Generalized LR
Method to Solve Ax = Bx), 70 pages, April 1972.

STAN-CS-72-277 (SLAC-149, not at NTIS), C.  T.  Zahn, @i(Region Boundaries
on a Triangular Grid), 40 pages, April 1972.

STAN-CS-72-278 (SU326 P30-17), Paul Concus and Gene H. Golub, @i(Use of
Fast Direct Methods for the Efficient Numerical Solution of Nonseparable
Elliptic Equations), April 1972.

STAN-CS-72-279 (AD744313), Michael Osborne, @i(Topics in Optimization),
143 pages, April 1972.

STAN-CS-72-280 (AIM-165, AD742751), D. A.  Bochvar, @i(Two Papers on
Partial Predicate Calculus), April 1972.

STAN-CS-72-281 (AIM-166, AD743598), Lynn Quam, Sydney Liebes, Robert
Tucker, Marsha Jo Hanna and Botond Eross, @i(Computer Interactive Picture
Processing), 41 pages, April 1972.

STAN-CS-72-282 (AIM-167, AD747254), Ashok K.  Chandra, @i(Efficient
Compilation of Linear Recursive Programs), 40 pages, April 1972.

STAN-CS-72-283 (not at NTIS), David R.  Stoutemyer (Thesis), @i(Numerical
Implemtation of the Schwarz Alternating Procedure for Elliptic Partial
Differential Equations), 131 pages, May 1972.

STAN-CS-72-284 (O.R. 72-6, AD745778), V Chvatal, @i(Edmonds Polyhedra and a
Hierarchy of Combinatorial Problems), 49 pages, May 1972.

STAN-CS-72-285 (PB210910), Robert Floyd and Alan J. Smith, @i(A Linear Time
Two Tape Merge), 16 pages, May 1972.

STAN-CS-72-286 (PB211036), Ashok K.  Chandra, @i(On the Solution of Moser's
Problem in 4 Dimensions, and Related Issues), 32 pages, May 1972.

STAN-CS-72-287 (AIM-168, AD746146), Shigaru Igarashi, @i(Admissibility of
Fixed-Point Induction in First-Order Logic of Typed Theories), 36 pages,
May 1972.

STAN-CS-72-288 (AIM-169, not at NTIS), Robin Milner, @i(Logic for
Computable Functions:  Description of a Machine Implementation), 36
pages, May 1972.

STAN-CS-72-289 (AIM-170, AD748607), Yorick Wilks, @i(Lakoff on Linquistics
and Natural Logic), 20 pages, June 1972.

STAN-CS-72-290 (AIM-171, AD746147), Roger Schank, @i(Adverbs and Beliefs),
30 pages, June 1972.

STAN-CS-72-291 (AD746189), Donald E.  Knuth, @i(Some Combinatorial
Lemmas), 21 pages, June 1972.

STAN-CS-72-292 (AD746150), V. Chvatal, D. A. Klarner and D. E. Knuth,
@i(Selected Combinatorial Research Problems), 31 pages, June 1972.

STAN-CS-72-293 (CSL-TN-32, PB212234), J.  A.  Lukes (Thesis),
@i(Combinatorial Solutions to Partitioning Problems), 130 pages, June

STAN-CS-72-294 (SLACP-1072), Harry J. Saal and Leonard J. Shustek,
@i(Microprogrammed Implementation of Computer Measurement Techniques), 20
pages, June 1972.

STAN-CS-72-295 (PB212130), C.  C.  Paige, @i(Bidiagonalization of Matrices
and Solution of Linear Equations), 27 pages, June 1972.

STAN-CS-72-296 (AD748606), Michael L.  Fredman (Thesis), @i(Growth
Properties of a Class of Recursively Defined Functions), 84 pages, June

STAN-CS-72-297 (PB212300), C. C.  Paige, @i(An Error Analysis of a Method
for Solving Matrix Equations), 13 pages, June 1972.

STAN-CS-72-298 (CSL-TR-25), P. M. Kogge and H. S. Stone, @i(A Parallel
Algorithm for the Efficient Solution of a General Class of Recurrence
Equations), 33 pages, July 1972.

STAN-CS-72-299 (AIM-172, AD752801), Sylvia Weber Russell, @i(Semantic
Categories of Nominals for Conceptual Dependency Analysis of Natural
Language), 67 pages, July 1972.

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.once center <<reports 300 thru 399>> 
@i(REPORTS 300 THRU 399

STAN-CS-72-300 (CSL-TN-17, AD749848), Marc T.  Kaufman, @i(Counterexample
of a Conjecture of Fujii, Kasami and Ninomiya), 5 pages, July 1972.

STAN-CS-72-301 (SU326 P30-21), Michael A. Saunders, @i(Product Form of the
Cholesky Factorization for Large-Scale Linear Programming), 35 pages,
July 1972.

STAN-CS-72-302 (SU326 P30-19), G. H. Golub, @i(Some Uses of the Lanczos
Algorithm in Numerical Linear Algebra), 23 pages, August 1972.

STAN-CS-72-303 (AIM-174, PB212827), F.  Lockwood Morris (Thesis),
@i(Correctness of Translations of Programming Languages - an Algebraic
Approach), 125 pages, August 1972.

STAN-CS-72-304 (SU326 P30-20), R.  S.  Anderssen and G.  H. Golub,
@i(Richardson's Non-Stationary Matrix Iterative Procedure), 76 pages,
August 1972.

STAN-CS-72-305 (AIM-173, AD755139), Gerald Agin (Thesis), @i(Representation
and Description of Curved Objects), 125 pages, August 1972.

STAN-CS-72-306 (SU326 P23-X-2), Bary W. Pollack, @i(A Bibliography on
Computer Graphics), 145 pages, August 1972.

STAN-CS-72-307 (AIM-175, not at NTIS), Hozumi Tanaka, @i(Hadamard Transform
for Speech Wave Analysis), August 1972.

STAN-CS-72-308 (AIM-176, AD754109), J.  A. Feldman, J. R. Low, R. H.
Taylor and D.  C. Swinehart, @i(Recent Development in SAIL - an ALGOL Based
Language for Artificial Intelligence), 22 pages, August 1972.

STAN-CS-72-309 (CSL-TR-157, not at NTIS), V.  Lesser (Thesis), @i(Dynamic
Control Structures and Their Use in Emulation), 251 pages, August 1972.

STAN-CS-72-310 (CSL-TR-34, AD750671), Marc T. Kaufman, @i(Anomalies in
Scheduling Unit-Time Tasks), 22 pages, September 1972.

STAN-CS-72-311 (AIM-177, not at NTIS), Richard Paul (Thesis), @i(Modelling,
Trajectory Calculation and Servoing of a Computer Controlled Arm),
September 1972.

STAN-CS-72-312 (AIM-178, AD754108), Ahron Gill, @i(Visual Feedback and
Related Problems in Computer Controlled Hand-Eye Coordination), 134
pages, September 1972.

STAN-CS-72-313 (PB218353/1), Staff, @i(Bibliography of Computer Science
Reports), 42 pages, September 1972.

STAN-CS-72-314 (CSL-TR-43, PB212893), Peter M. Kogge (Thesis, Part I),
@i(Parallel Algorithms for the Efficient Solution of Recurrence Problems),
74 pages, September 1972.

STAN-CS-72-315 (CSL-TR-44, PB212894), Peter M. Kogge (Thesis, Part II),
@i(The Numerical Stability of Parallel Algorithms for Solving Recurrence
Problems), 49 pages, September 1972.

STAN-CS-72-316 (CSL-TR-45, PB212828), Peter M. Kogge (Thesis, Part III),
@i(Minimal Paralellism in the Solution of Recurrence Problems), 45 pages,
September 1972.

STAN-CS-72-317 (CSL-TR-26, AD750672), S. H.  Fuller and F. Baskett, @i(An
Analysis of Drum Storage Units), 69 pages, October 1972.

STAN-CS-72-318 (AD755140), H.  Brown, L. Masinter and L. Hjelmeland,
@i(Constructive Graph Labeling Using Double Cosets), 50 pages, October

STAN-CS-72-319 (SU326 P30-22), Gene H. Golub and James M.  Varah, @i(On a
Characterization of the Best 1↓2 Scaling of a Matrix), 14 pages, October

STAN-CS-72-320 (AIM-179), Bruce G. Baumgart, @i(Winged Edge Polyhedra
Representation), 46 pages, October 1972.

STAN-CS-72-321 (AIM-180, AD759712), Ruzena Bajcsy (Thesis), @i(Computer
Identification of Textured Visual Scenes), 156 pages, October 1972.

STAN-CS-72-322 (SU326 P30-23), P. E. Gill, G. H. Golub, W. Murray and M.
A.  Saunders, @i(Methods for Modifying Matrix Factorizations), 62 pages,
November 1972,

STAN-CS-72-323, Michael A. Malcolm and John Palmer, @i(A Fast MeThod for
Solving a Class of Tri-Diagonal Linear Systems) (also listed on the
abstract as @i(On the Lu Decomposition of Toeplitz Matrices)), 11 pages,
November 1972.

STAN-CS-72-324 (CSL-TR-48, PB214612), Henry R. Bauer, III (Thesis),
@i(Subproblems of the m )x@i( n Sequencing Problem), 115 pages, November

STAN-CS-72-325 (AIM-181), Bruce G.  Buchanan, @i(Review of Hubert Dreyfus'
What Computers Can't Do:  A Critique of Artificial Reason), 14 pages,
November 1972.

STAN-CS-72-326 (AIM-182, AD754107), Kenneth Mark Colby and Franklin Dennis
Hilf, @i(Can Expert Judges, Using Transcripts of Teletyped Psychiatric
Interviews, Distinguish Human Paranoid Patients fRom aAomputer Simul@¬iS←\4∃WLAACeC]=SHA!I←GKgMKf}R0@bdAACGKf0A	KGα+7↔∩↓Ee]∩p4(Q*5$eX5~kv%S≠∪t¬∧#vVS≠¬∃B∧&≡i⊗"∧∃`∧↑f≡-f/∩≥f"¬-⎇f∞fD	Br¬-≡f/∨EAPTε∃λ↔∨N↑∞F␈&≤4∧⊗@⎇;Y∞4→[p→λ:42P∪:vq2\⊂7s⊂⊂ww;2↑⊂7⊗g[ts7b\TV⊂_MP80sYyVεE⊃2qrvX2y⊂_N[Y↔εBεE)j⊂g⊗aiK[Y⊗YL≤⊂∀!Tf⊗b)YXV⊂∀!→_\∞Y≤TVλ$0y7[2⊂#pX7{V⊂⊂4T wλ"s34Xtrw:βE$vx≠2vrw≥0z4w[⊂7s⊂⊃r6ww→9SP&X|4vz[P"pz_t4w3H v3w\4z46JV⊂≠≤λ80sr\VεE"→qrvq→y⊂_\MY↔εEβE)j S⊗aiVMY⊗YY∞P∀ ⊂B218875), Isu Fang (Thesi@LRXA↓$Q
α{C7πbα3π≠?+π∂∃∧#↔≠'vKS'?rαOgO&+5%1β⊃eAβε∨πMbα∪↔∂.k↔Iβ	e]Iph($*≥"ε96≥→5]Mk→MA↓D
&%5	AQ1α!]Ea3)E%1∧kπ3∂|¬Fj∧βY0≠Y|V⊂ ~T |4[vyP0[2⊂*4→wy2v\FE3'\α Inte`∂KeLXA→SMifAC9HA
S9SiJAMKifA%\A	π_RP⊃↓+→βCπ>+E!αV;Wπ↔I↓Ee;→84λhRNRεrj∞M59→5MMλ∧αD→USCuD∧#vVs≠3E∃B∧>]z&>*λ=vff≥n2b∧
RJbε⊗rπε≤|W~B	,⊗w.≡/∩β⊗v2ph!Q%≥$→eT≥~Vv2k≠6 λ¬λ23+&↔
[xZ-d∪:0⊗≠2y⊗⊂⊂4T&wY2v9P≠s⊂&!Q∀V⊂_MFE80YpyV⊂∩0w:p\<P_LMYSεEβE)b S⊗aiVMYVYYLP∀ dSVX\~K⊂ b≠M[YS≠JT∧ Zohar Mannaand Ashok @πQC]⊃aBXA↓RQ∨\4∃iQJ↓!WoKHA←LAAe←Oe¬[[S]≤A
KCQkeKf$X@dr↓aCOKLXA∃C9kCerbrnf8~∀4U~Rε9l~M5]~iMMQαBε⊃]+9MYYJaα7'≡Cπ↔⊃∧	9α7∞c∂?3jβπ;⊃∧≠3↔[*α	9αn{3↔Ibαβ%"-∩ε:⊃`h*¬α,s'[↔↔≠π1α⊗;∪?jα3W7⊗+Iα∨.s↔Kπ&{I%1β	AβC∞;↔M⊃∧Sπ;W∂∪e↓EK9M84Ph*NRq6∞Mk9M5M≠)↓"NαV3∪2
ε3αk&E∩b∧u`∧>}N\"ε∞l@λλUβ⊂⊂)Yw2z0K⊂ 4T⊂wvx:]0z4g[⊂7sεB842P∀z0z4[w0y<H"4yj≤4q:j~ww⊂7Yα an Infinite Mar`↔←β1α7π'∪'a%b↓EIβε∨πM`h"+πw+πKeβ	eMMph(4*≥"ε96≥→5]Mk→MY↓D
&55Aa1α!]Ea3!Y%1∧O#?Zα-9α≡Cπ;∪⊗	↓"SF+O'MJaαβ%D{9βSF(4*C⊗{C↔K&K↔Mβ∞s⊃αππβ3'∂∂#'?;~β?→α¬∪?∨K∞iαO∂F+7πMJa↓II*βCπ∨/→1α+∞sWπKJ↓Ee]~p4(Q*5$eX5~kv5S≠≠t¬∧LUV∪CJD
∃⊂9<nL8→0~~qyP)↑yz2v\TV⊂→⊂80sYyP January 1973.

λSTAN-CS-↔3-338 (AD↔59713)( David A Klarner, @i(AFini@QJA¬CMSfA)!K←eK4~∃%KYSgSi∃HRX@D`AaC≥KfXA→KEekαKe↓	I]M8hP4*N$
β≠αV"RJBλ|Vv*	¬bα∧⎇⎇G.∩≥f"¬|≡'⊗.dλF.wEAPTε∃λ6}o∞↑F∂&≥⎇bε}d∞FF*	M⊗nOL\B∧Nliw⊗N≡M⊗}r	\↔FN↑]R∧f≥<VfN
≥8=≠n¬+β"F&h≤_,|<kλλl8\],≡↑('⊗lkC!!"Tuλ→K0teVlk,fFλ
∃∪[p~→yP7wλ0P(9≠q62vCE$w;≠v;4w→P(2i≠zz0z~ww9P_yP)zX9rxzYw1ryJV⊂→_λ80sr\V⊂&p\1t⊂_N[YWεBεE)j⊂g⊗aiK[YVYM_P∀ RfVX\LV⊂ b
[~→≠L∀V⊂)Z6zrfλ%pz=λ0w2⊗7t0yλ&pw7_V⊂ 4J FE$→zy4y]4qP \897pXt⊂:7H(97s\0rP+→y4s4Xpz4w[∀V⊂~⊂80sYyV⊂&Xy1t⊂\[YWβEαE)U g⊗aTV[YVLZ→⊂∀⊂b≠Z\MXZTVλ"7w0[2⊂%w≥z4⊗⊂⊂4T&p]97trλ(0y:~z4ww~w3TVλ_YεE≤0sryK⊂&py_t⊂_\MYWεEβE)j S⊗aiVMYVYZP∀77]⊂0z⊂∪*$iTK⊂"0{~r⊂)↔λ&2{4[2P∀*~2ytyJV⊂ 4J!wvx≥z2y⊗H!0yrYεE w_v<z4XP#y0Y4w3P→7y⊂#Yy6pwλ#y0v[py⊂$[9z9:Xz4ww
V⊂→→⊂80sYyV⊂&Xy1t⊂\[YWβEεE)U g⊗aTV[YVLZ~⊂∀⊂dfVXN→V⊂ Q≠Z\[L[∀V⊂∀7sryλ!W⊂)Xt0w5K⊂ 4T∃42P#≠zy:2YwεE(≤4vtz~{2P Xz4ww≤P0w2λ*42t\⊂$w3→y2w1YyTV⊂
XP80YryV⊂∪py1tλ_\[YKεEεE∀j g⊗PiV[YKYZ~P
P80sYyV⊂ \94v⊂\[YWβEεE)U g⊗aTV[YVLZ≠⊂∀⊂dfVXNYV⊂ Q≠Z\[L[TV⊂∩rw72]4⊂&p\5P!w[1<V⊂⊂4T*4→P)0z~ww0vλ37yεB!wvx≥z2y⊂⊂0yrbλ*92p]6rw:λ7s⊂&_w3zpYrP"4Y34qz[:4ryH4w⊂'≠w9x2Xutw3H zz4\z4qFB!t4v→92w∀K⊂≤⊂8_sryVλ x94[⊂_\[LWεEεB)j gaiV[LVYZ≠H∀ dfKX\Z⊗λ(!→→X[X↔M∀V⊂%Yw72z~⊂&W⊂⊂wv1<H0w2⊂⊃90w5[4w⊂"→w74yCE$4v→⊗⊂ 4J&zv:~P"4vYw9tw[0v⊂ [0v<yZyP4wλ"{0v≥pz4w→P0P)Zvzv0]4ww⊂≠s⊂(0\0w7tYεE*4≠zst:λ(97qYyyryJV⊂_Xλ80sr\V⊂ x≤4v⊂_N[YWεBεE)j⊂g⊗aiK[YVYM≤⊂∀)UYY≠⊂∀→X⊗Y
⊗⊂(!→→~XLTV⊂+⊂⊂(2\2|y0K⊂ 4T∩4st⊂∪y22yλ#4w4]2FE"~s32y→w1rP∀wv:z~ww⊂7Y⊂"4s→2y2w≥4pv⊂⊃xzpz~ww9TK⊂≤≠⊂≤0sryK⊂ x9~v⊂_\MYWεEβE)j S⊗aiVMYVYZ∞P∀(!→_XXMTV⊂&Xw:rvλ!6:vK⊂)7q→y:⊂#≠7|r⊗λ+0zsZ7⊂(9_z:⊗⊂∀7w0v→εE)4]2yz⊂_w2⊂)≠q2y:λ*0y5_w⊗⊂ ~T*4vYP!7z[29P3≠y⊂)r[2qz4[w∀V⊂_w2⊂)≠q2y:λ#67|YεE0w→⊂)7w_v2⊂)~{2yz⊂ 4T⊃|82q]2r⊂*~vrP!≠zw29H37y∀rv2q]4ww∀K⊂~XP≤0sryK⊂ x9~vεE_N[YWεBεE)j⊂g⊗aiK[YVYMX⊂∀!Tf⊗j)ZYV⊂⊂b≠[_L[[TVλ&py1H*↔⊂%Xzs6p[⊗⊂ 4J w⊂ [6wyzFE'x≥4vpvλ v3w\4z46H37y⊂≥42P \yvq6≡P&4w→P)qt→r:v4[3P(9≠q62vJV⊂→_H80sr\VεE \94v⊂\[YWβEεE)U g⊗aTV[YVLZXP∀⊂if⊗j∀⊗Y≠Vλ b≠[X[ZTK⊂)pv]rv⊂$⊂⊂#:[62y⊗λ 4T(→y37y≠pw1rH7sεE_w⊂$WSP!t0[72v⊂≥tz4⊂∪zv:4\62P(_stw3H"9:v\TV⊂≤λ80sr\V⊂ x≤4v⊂_N[YWεBεE)j⊂g⊗aiK[YVYMY⊂∀!Tf⊗j)Y≤⊗⊂⊂b≠[_L[[∀Vλ)pvzYv⊂$↔λ#:v6→y⊗⊂ ~T*42H"|82Xz2rεB"4s3→y2w1YP!2z≥rrw⊂≥42P)S*#⊂0[2⊂&j∀*⊂"9≥vP)qZ2r:v~w3P"~yqtx≠4w2yJV⊂≠εB80sr\V⊂ x≤4v⊂_N[YWεBεE)j⊂g⊗aiK[YVYMYP∀!Tf⊗j)Y≤V⊂⊂b≠[_L\~TVλ)pvzYv⊂$↔λ⊂#:v≠2y⊗⊂⊂4T)0[27vP⊂y94{_v9FE_w2⊂&U(*⊂"~yqP)Xt2r:[4w3P⊃4yqt\64w2\TV⊂≠H80sr\V⊂ x≤4v⊂_N[YWεBεE)j⊂g⊗aiK[YVYMZ⊂∀(⊂→→_XM~WZ∀K⊂"0{~r⊂ Wλ%v0y≠2y⊗⊂⊂4T*4→P':vX2y⊂7Y⊂)b)	yP4wβE!ry≥0tw⊂∀2szv_y⊂)|\z2vyJV⊂≠P≤0sryK⊂ x9~v⊂_\MYWεEβE)j S⊗aiVMYVYZMP∀!iS⊗j)⊗M[V⊂ Q≠[~~N\∀V⊂∃47vp\P#W⊂∀94qrK⊂ 4T⊂w⊂ w_v<yt\P7sεB!rw:≤0v⊂(≤7qry\wy⊂)Xt2r:[4w3P~w⊂&z[:4x9≠sy0v[rr⊂![vx:z→y⊂)|\z2vyJV⊂≤εB80sr\V⊂ x≤4v⊂_N[YWεBεE)j⊂g⊗aiK[YVYM[⊂∀ RfVX\MV⊂(!→→_[
∀V⊂"_{4r⊂⊂pw34Yv2⊂)[tz4⊂_w2⊂$≠y0qrH%↔εE⊃w2pVλ 4T&S$ih→
V⊂≤Yλ80sr\V⊂&p↑P_\[LWεEεB)j gaiV[LVYZ[H∀ dfKX\[⊗λ b≠[~≠XTK⊂'2t[⊂&W⊂⊃wv26Xw⊂0w→⊂!t9~yz7x~2y⊂%KεE)4Yyq2qZV⊂ 4J P!w[1rx:≥pv6<H!0yrY⊂)rw≥2w1rH(0y0\490yYy∀V⊂∞≤⊂80YryV⊂∪p|FE\[YWβEαE)U g⊗aTV[YVLZ\⊂∀⊂dfVXN[V⊂ Q≠[→~

STAN-CS-73-359 (CSL-TN-25, PB222064), Harold Stone, @i(A Note on a
Combinatorial Problem of Burnett and Coffman), 8 pages, May 1973.

STAN-CS-73-360 (CSL-TR-33, AD764014), Richard R.  Muntz and Forest
Baskett, @i(Open, Closed and Mixed Networks of Queues with Different
Classes of Customers), 40 pages, May 1973.

STAN-CS-73-361 (Serra, AD764273), Harold Brown and Larry Masinter, @i(An
Algorithm for the Construction of the Graphs of Organic Molecules), 25
pages, May 1→73.

STAN-CS-73-362, appears in print as STAN-CS-73-398.

STAN-CS-73-363 (Serra, PB222099), Linda C. Kaufman (Thesis), @i(The LZ
Algorithm to Solve the Generalized Eigenvalue Problem), 101 pages, May

STAN-CS-73-364 (AIM-198, AD763611), R.  B.  Thosar, @i(Estimation of
Probability Density Using Signature Tables for Application to Pattern
Recognition), 36 pages, May 1973.

STAN-CS-73-365 (AIM-200, AD767331), Shigeru Igarashi, Ralph L. London and
David C.  Luckham, @i(Automatic Program Verification I: Logical Basis and
itq Implementation), 50 pages, May 1→73.

STAN-CS-73-366 (AIM-201, AD763673), Gunnar Rutger Grape (Thesi@LRXA↓$Q≠←I∃X~∃¬¬gKf@!∪]iKI[KIS¬iJ[→∃mKXR↓π←[aUiKdAYSgS←8RX@dTlAaC≥KfXA5Cr@bdnf\~(~∃')¬≤[π&4nfZfXn@Aβ⊂nlfl@bRXA=YJAβ5EYJA¬]HA	=]CYH↓
P→↓∧[;WSBaαβ%D{K∪↔⊗+⊃α#∂≠ 4*&#↔~I1↓M βCπ∨/→1α7∂I↓Ee;→84(hRNRεpj∞M5;→5MY@∧αD→QS∪β%D∧#vfC≠Ke∃B¬⊗||Wα∧5`¬≡≡≥fZε≥lB¬N}-⊗≡Z
v $∪~;L}:<u
≤h∃~]|↑(
,=Z0→Zz2r), 44pages, Eay 1973.	α
CS-'∪-369 (AIM
203, AD764274), Rggep C.Schank, @i(The Deve@1←a[K9hA←L4∃π←]
Kaik¬XA'iIkGikIKfAS8AπQS1IeK\$X@dl↓aCOKLXACd@brnL\~∀~)')β≤5π&ZnLZfn`Qβ∪~4d`jX↓βλnlPdppR0A≤]&8@A'e%IQCe¬\XA∞8AπKY∃a]iKHXAα](X⊂∀*FKQ⊃¬92	9∧3?←3/⊃βπ; α!:)rαO#W*aαβ%D	α#↔-∪'OSL→αCK};Kπ∃π#=α∪O≠∂?[/⊂4*ONsS#↔≡+Eβ≠⎇⊃α∂?oβ3↔a∧{K∨πvK
α7|c↔∂Wf+E%1β→AβC∞;↔M⊃∧SW;∃β	e]Mph(4*≥"ε96≥→5]Mk→]E↓D
→%!α&{;π3"α∃ 2∧	6w∂M↓B∧ε∃λ∩π⊗↑m⊗/:
|bε¬>N'.∨NZ&. Q*π⊗↑},⊗nn≥lr:α∃Dβ∪*∞⊗>/5D∧W.lTβKv5`hPβ"TjH3K0j5-lk&6lH
+∧	:8z≤;λ⊂%dλ∪8-L{{≠$¬∃~→.=<kλ∞<]	→*+β!(~*∪M⎇[~;L\<H∀n
L∧∞_9y.5λ∩]-l(&&vkC"AQTu⊂)e0tk&vk,mf4
ff,m,exUpj%D∩⎇<ND⊂+H∞l;H∪]≠H
%DL∧∞_9y.5λ∩]-l(&&vkC"AQTu⊂)e0tk&vk,mfD
⊂1εvMMfU+λ∪-≤z_9-D⊂+H∧	8;_m⎇≠(

%D⊂~*λ⊃"S8,=~;Y%Y;Y→.;Y→-nλ⊂3λysλ∀∞-xy1∞↑Y(→M}H⊂8l><X=T⊃[≠l≡~;YeZ≠z;NA"T⎇-]8=~-⎇J+λεT≤_9l↑kλ∩N]Y('⊗lkC!!"Tuλ→K0teVlk,fv(
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 dfVL_≠V⊂⊂b≠[≠LYYTVλ%0vr\P w2→y9wwλ&wwy→y⊗⊂ ~T*42CE0'x≥4vzvKawvq	P&rz~7r⊂7Y⊂(4j_t⊂(2\4wr⊂⊂w0v<\tyP4[⊂)x2Yqt∀Vλ→~P8_sryVλ%:w2CE_\[LWεEεB)j gaiV[LVY[\H∀ dfKY_≤⊗λ b≠[
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[≠[≤MWgP+PTV⊂,[y0vP⊗putf[{9u|H∀*42\tyTVβE 4T∀qrw2H w0v≡ytyP∃ytw3H0P)r[pw:4XP!0yYP37yλ)2st[w⊂#y≠{tw3JV⊂_Y⊂80sYyVεE∩:w2P\[YWβEεE)U g⊗aTV[YVL\_P∀⊂b≠[≠M≤Z∀Vλ'↔⊂⊂∀W⊂)y~r40y_w⊗⊂ ~T!wv\:z2yλ#rw2\0z4w[⊂7sεB+2y:→|⊗cy_x49TK⊂_\⊂≤0sryK⊂%:v≡P_\[LWεEεB)j gaiV[LVY\→λ∀ dfKY_X⊗λ b≠[
YYZTK⊂-7t_y⊂&p[70P0[2⊂ vZy⊂(7≥rr4VβE 4T⊂|4wvXz4qP⊂x897Xqt⊂:≠P*7z_v⊂!w\αrectness of Programs), 24 pages, July
STAN-CS-73-383 (AIM-211, AD769673), Yorici Wilks, @i(Natural Language
Inference), 47 pages, July 1973.

STAN-CS-73-384 (AIM-212, AD769379), Annette Hers@-←mSiLXA↓R!)QJA≥K]Ke¬iS←\4∃←LA→eK]G AMe←4ABA'∃[C]i%FA%KAeKgK9iCiS=\RX@T`AaC≥KfXA¬kOkgP@brnL\~∀~)')β≤5π&ZnLZfpjQβ∪~4dbfX↓]←hA¬hA≥)%&RXAH\A∧\↓)Q←g¬dXA↓$Q%KG=O]Si%←\A←_~∃π←9iS]k=kfA'AKKGPh@A'K≥[K]i¬iS←\↓C]HA
eC[E1JA [=eIKe∃H~∃-∃Gi←eLRX@jHAaCO∃fXAβUOkghbrnf8~∀
iS←\↓M←dAQQJA∪9mKeg∀~∃←L↓BA)kIS]NA5CGQS9JRX@`AaCO∃fXA'∃aiKe5EKd@Drnf\4∀~∃'Qβ≤[πLZnfZLrb@Q¬∪~ZdDnXAβ⊂nf`lD`RXA8\@A&8@A'e%IQCe¬\XA↓$Q'KCIGPA'QaCiK≥SKf~)MP∨I¬##∃α&G-β|∧b∧␈,|⊗vN4λ6F.]_λl≥λ∀}-n~→0→ZyPV⊂Y⊂80YpyV⊂∀rx:2[q2y\[YWβE
STAN-CS)73-392, Dh∂]C1HA
\↓↔]ki XA↓R!'←ei%]NAC9HA'Kα@⊗≡
→f*αβ(⊃.∞X=_$9Yβ!(9→→-l_*+∧εl(⊂__pπes, October 1933.
	αSTAN-CS-33-393 (AII-2⊃8, AD70∞d`XfVi/RP⊃αT+π9α-#'↔≠v)α[WL¬Ff.]_D¬∃~→.≥<j+↓QP~*
→8p∀≠4xz`%q fo@HA%KGUegSm∀A!e←≥eCKf$X@rn↓aCOKLXA∨GQ←EKdbrnf8~∀4U~Rε9l~M5]~iMeQαBε&5k⊃Ee1∧
)↓∧	9↓α∩q↓α#|∧↔⊗*DλεJE≡&∞fL]@hU∞-v?⊗≥]VNvw$∧∞rλ∨εN}\≡FN~λ≡ππ⊗|≤6BJDε3~π≤v/~D	v∨&|,W∩β↔⊗s~pQ!PE≥H→bl≥5Rs~k7⊗Rb¬>L⊗62DλεJD-≤&fN|}&∂ε∂∀ε}2λ=voπ↑LW∩¬<8
≤εE(_qryVλ'qz7X2y⊂_NYYWεB∧E)j⊂g⊗aiK[YVINY⊂∀ RfVY→⊗⊂ b
∀V⊂)≠q2y:λ!7v&→yP0w→⊂)4qZ0y2⊂∀0zv⊗λ 4T*~2FE*\rP7`& Sensory Feedback in a @Rogrammable Assembly System), 24 pages,
October !→73.

STAN-CS-73-397  CU326 P30-2_A), Peter Henrici, @i(Computational Complex
Analysis), 14 pages, October 1973.

STAN-CS-73-398 (AIM-199, AD731300), Bruce G.  Bauegart$ @i(Image ContouRing
and Comparing), 52 paces, October 1933.
STAN-CS-0∞fZLrr@QM*fdl↓ f`Zβ⊃e%1∧→0∩∧5`α¬ε≥_v*ε≥lB∧jd∧∧
@H⊂p.]Y→4NVεE ~T)w`,utioN h∂LAMaCgJ↓∪]IKα3';π&)αO@≤∧u]<h∪l@⊂"xzXz4wg≤P0w2λ&2py]⊂)xzXy2yFBαProBlees), 47↓aCOKLXA?≤εF}⊗↑ λε↔-lkAQ@εE↔≠2|: page
λ∧.once center <<reports 400 thru 4→9>> 
@i(REPORTS 400 THRU 499

STAN-CS-73-400 (AIM-223, AD732509), C. A. R. Hoare, @i(RecursIve Data¬
StrucTures), 32pages, No@YK[EKH@brnL\~∀~)')β≤5π&ZnLZh`bQ!∧dHllrb=β&RX↓εT@A∧\@A$8@A⊃←¬eJXA↓RQ≠←αs'S?↔→i↓α∞qα?C/∪πS'v84*OO≠S↔5¬≠SKW≥#WK'v9α∂?v≠↔CQJa↓IUπβπ∨↔~aα;?6+7↔∩↓Ee]~p4(∀U~Rε9l~M5]~iQAIαBB	I∪IYEY|
96∞~i]M5#↓M↓"J55I∪!1αε#9]MMK	% "λ5bα∧∃dα¬∩d∧∧F↑≤,Rb∧
∃∧FNnN2ε}aQ%π⊗|}&∞n]→f:∧L≥f?.≤|R∧&↑=⊗.r∃Dβ∪J∞⊗>∂5D∧&.<]V⊗/$ε∪K≠5aPPh*:DrX:2k;EVCβ"¬λ∀#;vVC+∩∃D∧rr∧
>&N&≡&∞rDλεJD∀λ6∂&≥Mv*ε|aPU∂\≤G⊗JzN&O6≥LVw"λ}&∂ε∞5∩bβG∧πε∞|↑2b∧,≥g.∂/∀βKvE`hPQ*5$eX5~kvES#βT¬εv␈D↔"∧jI∃~JD
"rαλL↔6O4⊗v"	Ubα¬}-⊗>GED∧εJ
>F∞vm}& h(=voπ↑LW∩¬<=⊗.v<T∧&/≡'&n]nCRα
,W≡.≡,6B¬,↑ε␈↔E∃Bβ≠∧∞ε∞>↑5B∧V≥nV∂↔∀ε∪K;EaPPh*:DrX:2k;EVCβ2¬λ∀LjV&#*bλ_C;;VfC*JD
rr∧∃d¬ε/-=⊗w~DλεJD\YV␈↔∀	V}&]Dε6␈$⊂hU-|&␈"∃D∧V∞n\↔↔Jε↔∪;"aQ hU:H∀rl:5S;"VFβ:αλ→∀jk&&bb∧_Fs;C6∩αJbλebα¬}-⊗>GED∧εJλh∀Lb	\⊗w.≥E∩bβV∧πε∞|↑2`h(lV↔↔\≡'Jβ↔⊗s"pQ!PU≥H→bl≥5Vs"kFπααD→→Rk∪&uB∧EX∪ββ4εCC~∃D∧∂↔M∞W∩¬M
vn∂4⊗v"
Mε}n≡4∧εNliwε"AQ$εJ	≥f6←-\↔&N⎇d¬π⊗|<W∂≡≥lr∧∞l≥GO≡≡4ε}2
i↔∂.≥D¬ε/,<Wπ&≥⎇cRε∀λL↑Z9=e∃λ
↓Q\_9l↑kλ⊃L\\]0./(&&vC"AQTu⊂)e0tk&v-π∀
⎇_9Leλ⊂~%λX;X-A TY.
≤X8z,≥λ∩;NL;≠~,\9Xp∩Kα  An Overview),
αF@∃EekCIr@br\h\~∀4∃')β8[π&Z\hZhb@@Qπ'0[)$ZPlXA!λdfbrHl←β&$XA∃C5KfA_8@A!Kβ#↔KO|q↓"SF+G'MJ`4*βJB7?∪.c3';8∧ε}2λλ↔⊗∞β≠⊃-D∀}<nL;<j%DM∧$∞_9y.5α⊂#"X9:py≡P_\[M↔εEεB)j gaiVKM⊗Z_XH∀ dfKY→≤TK⊂"↔λ!↔⊂ [22y9[w⊗⊂*⊂⊂'Wλ⊂!4w→5y2ελ W⊂%⊂⊂*4≠vpyVβE)↔λ+W⊂⊂∃p|t9_zqt⊂_w2⊂,K⊂⊂ Wλ⊂+tv~βs$ @i(After Leibni@h\\\tA	Sg
∨!∪→=(t@A∧A≠kYβ#'C3*αCK?≡+GMα∂βCK?∞≠!βSzα';S/∪π∂SO3∃αC⊗{∨Kπnk';≤hROgO&+7M%bα7πK≡A↓Ee;!04(hRNRεrj∞M5;!5QE~↓"ε&jiIMEbαε⊃6↓AE↓A	Q%1∧Sπ7↔~α∨'C~↓"S#/≠'M%bαβ%"≡CπC∀hR∨KπnkπKMε;⊃α&C↔'I¬+O↔MJa↓IQ~βCπ∨/→1α7∂∪∂!↓I]Q8hP4*N$
96∞~i]Q5#	Q↓"J55I≠⊃1αε#9aAQ+⊃%!α↔∪W∂∃∧99α∂+7∨π↔!1αβJB≡⊗>l*⊃i↓∧λ4*∨.{7↔S⊗K
α↔&KS?IJaαπC⊗K1↓EK9Q84Ph*NRq6∞Mk9Q5Q)↓"B∪⊃MMA3)>εMJaαK?v3⊃αbqαK'6+OQ↓E##↔OM→%1αεI"π;∞cgO'~β?_4TOO?≡KπS'6)αK↔'∪'↔[∞aαπ3>{K'SFkM%1β	Aeβε∨↔MbαπCKNa↓Ee;!84(hRNRεrj∞M5;!5QE2↓"B	∪→MUA:zεM%bα∪?;∞c⊃α∃r↓α/;/#!1αεI"OS↔+∂SW⊗+⊃αC⊗{∨Kπnk';≤hS←'SB↓&∨=¬#>β%BαOSπ&+7↔;'→%1↓↓AβC∞;↔M1∧CK'b↓Ee]"p4(4U~Rε9l~M5]"iQE]αBB	I≠!EAI|
M%1¬∪'∂#∂∪⊃α1rαO'S/→1αβJBO?7*αS#?.;#SMε{9αC⊗{[';8h*S#∂!αCK};Kπ7~αS↔KnK;πS*α∂3↔∞s3e%b↓Yaβε∨↔Mbα7πeβ	e]Qph(4*≥"ε96≥→5]Qk!Ea↓Eα	IM≠↓QU>
→%1α⊗K∂#π⊗!α19ααO'S/→↓"SF+O'MJaαβ%EβK?[Ns≥αSFP4*≡{7CW&+IαC⊗{∨Kπo→αS↔⊗k';π&)α∂3.;3eJa↓EQ 1974.

STAN-CS-74-419 (AIM-233, AD-A000 086), Charles Rieger III (Thesis),
@i(Conceptual Memory:  A Theory and Computer Program for Processing the
Meaning Content of Natural Language Utterances), 393 pages, May 1974.

STAN-CS-74-420 (CSL-TR-50, PB232543/AS), John Wakerly, @i(Partially
Self-Checking Circuits and Their Use in Performing Logical Operations),
46 pages, May 1974.

STAN-CS-74-421 (CSL-TR-51, PB232356/AS), John Wakerly (Thesis), @i(Low-
Cost Error Detection Techniques for Small Computers), 232 pages, May

STAN-CS-74-422 (CSL-TR-79, NASA-TM-62,370), Harold Stone, @i(Parallel
Tri-Diagonal Equation Solvers), 42 pages, May 1974.

STAN-CS-74-423 (CSL-TN-41, PB232860/AS), Gururaj S.  Rao, @i(Asymptotic
Representation of the Average Number of Active Modules in an N-Way
Interleaved Memory), 16 pages, May 1974.

STAN-CS-74-424 (CSL-TR-80, PB232602/AS), Maurice Schlumberger (Thesis,
chapter 1), @i(Logorithmic CommuniCations Networks), 38 pages, May 1974.

STAN-CS-↔4-425 (CSL-TR-_1, PB232598/AS), Maurice Schlumberger (Thesi@LX~∃G!CaiKH@dRX↓↓RQ-UY]Ke¬ESYSQrA←L↓IK¬eUSU\A
%.K∧

M→<z.5β"Pm<≥→.$j+∧λ~*∀.\=92-lh⊃<.\;λ∪]Y⎇~∧	9<|l≤y<h
≥H_ 	My{|M≡~≠:,4∪Y=∞⎇|Zj%A"Mm$∞_9y.5λ∪8/∀.-fEC"C!*u⊂3EXtk%fE-Md¬⊂ts¬Z∪K,feλ∀⊂F&lMLFEp4j%D∃≠{,≡h∪_-lh
<z0→H2|1r\8:∀VβE 4T∀2y37\6tw3H:42P∀2y32Xz⊂)qZ:s36→P4w⊂_w⊂ y≤0|P![vx:z→y∀V⊂\⊂80YpyV⊂∪p|FE\[Z↔βE
STAN-CS-74-428 (CSL-TR-76, PB232633/AS), Tomas Lang (Thesis excerpt),
@i(InterconnecTions Between Precessors and Memory Modu@1KfA+β≠';≥¬##∀∀U≠∂#W433∃6/C∂#πv;∃α;,εG>␈-1∩bβ6 λ∞9y<eD∪8>$ε.-m¬@εAεE∀j g⊗PiV[ZX→≤P
!if⊗U)⊗[X⊂(!→Y≠→→K`iTVλ)pvzYv⊂"Wλ⊂'y1]z:⊂∀∃42yt\FE2|_ry8:
T⊂ 4J"s34Xtrw:λ"0z0H)7rz~w3P)Xt2vr\P37yλ$f&$PaP$kj<x"H!wvx≥z2y9JVεE→LP80sYyV⊂&X|P_LMZ↔εEβE)j S⊗aiVMZ⊗Z→L⊂∀!iS⊗j)⊗MXV⊂(⊂→→Z~LYW`iJV⊂)p[zrv⊂⊃U⊂⊂'\1zz:λ∀*42\tyFE→|1ri≤:∀V⊂⊂4T P∪7{2vλ(0y0[62v⊂⊂wvx:]2y⊂ \1t4j→qz:i→P0w2λ)wvrCE x(≠4qpz~ww9TK⊂~~⊂≤0sryK⊂"p|H_\[Zα
CS-'4-03 "Qβ∪~4dfhX↓]←hAαQα:$JM%1∧[↔;≠,εFB∧\≡&J∧=yF↔J≥f"¬-|v/∩λ5`hU≡&@=<{p↔⊂ 4T∀0z22\4ε MatchiNe RuLes fop∧AiQ∀A%KG=K]Si%←\A←_A≥CiUeCHA1C]Ok¬OJ~∃⊃SCY←≥kJAaaeKgMS←]f$X@df↓aCOKLXA≠Cd@brnP\~∀~)')β≤5π&ZnPZhfdQβ∪~4dfjX↓βλ[α@`l@pdpRXAISGQCIHA/KeQeCk
Ja↓YAπβπ∂↔~aα7πHh)EE;!84(hRNRεrj∞M5;!5QM~↓"ε&jiIMYbαε⊃]C!UEMJaα+π≡YαI9αα@.=⊗v∞d⊗v"λL↔6NDλ2`H)JV≡↑≥Rb∧
π⊗↑},⊗o~α+λεf(≤_,|<kλ	\>#"F↔-mAQ@εE)U g⊗aTT[Z⊗M→Z⊂∀∀jYYλ(→P⊂-31), Axel Ru`e and Per Ake Wedin, @i(AlGor`∪@&C7L4T∧f␈∩λ8	.<X8ML(∪[mm~;Y,≡H∪⊃,≡⎇λ∀n≡8<Y.P(97X62vyJT⊂~Xλ80sr\T⊂%:[2P_@970&

STAN-CS-74-4∪5  CSL-TR-88$ A001-071), Thomas G.  Price, @i(Balanced
Computer Systems!, 56 pages, June 1974.
⊗rπMR∧
i∃b¬ε≤∧X,M9{ ¬UαP @ Surv@∃rAC]⊂A'←[∀~∃π←αkCπKO≠?;MJa↓IUπβπ>↑5B∧W]H∞$ε.-m¬@∧AεE∀j gεPiR[JX→S@
 dfFL→\⊗⊂⊂b⊗`X~P⊂~∀V⊂!K⊂⊂%Wλ⊂)4b\βbec@,@Q)Q∃`∂'MJ`4*βJB∂?7π+SπSL¬vv∞βλ∃-l→<\nL8π24[3]⊂⊂⊂w0v,\tyP /d∧A'KαsS↔≠≤∧W4_;Y∧λ{{]←≥
#!∞_9y.∃α⊂%:[<P⊂⊃dj`⊃_hP4*NαH∀rl85S+αT@g∧λ∧ dSTY→\K⊂ b78672⊂)(λA≠¬agQBαα+-αF;+¬αBS#↔≤K@~JDλεJD=x.∞αz2`2
Matching h∂LA¬eKCf↓S\Aπβ#↔K↔zα'7π>+E%1βIeβC∞;↔MD	'.gα('⊗βZ↔εB∧¬αSTAN-CS-34-Pfr@Q=$Znh4jP⊃α≥)MIY¬↓MA∃≠⊃% "λ-⊗≡F≤∧Y∧
iH⊂m}≥≠⊂∩K⊂#rg→P λ.Aπ←YUD⊂∀∞s⊃αIp∧¬~Rλ∧p⊂Xt2y, @i(On the Sol@UiS@?p∧ε}H∪⊂⊂\3rV⊂∀z92`#tpeKα!α3'v+πHQ(6}o
H	-\αp∞tap¬Si@JαCK∨⊗c↔7MR↓α&&JI1↓a8βCπ∨,ε2b∧,X∂∀.-fE@εEεBαSTAN-CS-\hZhhβ↓↓"B⊂ε#≠≠4¬L¬@`iTVλ%0vr\β @⊂\αα7?K⊗K@~@λ∩TE@⊗⊂# !ughn↓$\A↓β∪πSQ∧∧⊗v Q(F}v≥H	∧λ+Hλ	=]=~¬D⊂~*λl<⎇⊂∀0z0∀ep¬P→αnS∂#L¬f 4~;@⊂∀z94g→yP	, 32 pAe`fX↓∃cI@Hh ∪α-e¬@∧¬∀~)'!β≤αjεM∃8εBk
 ¬λ10&ελGελ+λλMβw0v→⊂"W  KnuTh and Rgnald W∞ Mgo@IJXA↓$Qβ@8hRπ;πeK@≡O4
v $⊂;≤
+0Y.L(⊂λ 2uning)( 64 pageq( July  "dj`L~(~∃'	¬≤[πε4nhJhPd@Aβ⊂[α``P@d`pαI1α∪}sπ3⊃∧)0∩α	=g/&¬D∧εJλ↑7&N\≡FNvt
λM||X;.5+λf∧≤_9l↑iλ∩N]≤('⊗mC!! Tuλ→K0teVm%εFh
l+h~j+λλMβzsv_yP%Wλ!97j≡⊂∀*4→ytyTK⊂ 4T⊃vq2r→4w3FB$2zy~yz4qH(97q≠2vP)[v;4w→P 
&Znh4hhh@!β∪~ZHh`XA¬λnpn@fjRX↓εTAε8A∂eK∃\XA$8A∀\@↓/CYI%]OKd0Aλ\@↓$\~∃	Cegi=nXA$8AYg
8A'QC\AC]H↓_\A∩8~∃'i∃S]EKINXA↓$Q!e←≥eKgf↓%Ka←IhA←\↓!e←OICZ[+9IKegQC]IS9NA'sMiK[f$X@j`↓aCOKLX~∃∃UYr@bdnh\~(~∃')¬≤[π&4nhZhPj@Q'1βπ ZDhhpR0A∀\A \@A
g5CYXtAβ\A%[aYK5K]iCQS←\A=LA→π_RX@hTAaCO∃fXA'∃aiK[	Kd@bdnh\~(~∃')¬≤[π&4nhZhPn@Qβ%~ZddDXAβλ\pnlfDRXA_8AβSK1Y↑XA4\AβS∃YY↑A¬]HA$8A.\~)/KsQICkGP0A↓RQMK[C]QSGfA=LA!CMGCXA%\A→π_RX@n`AaCO∃fXA'∃aiK[	Kd@bdnh\~(~∃')¬≤[π&4nhZhPp@Q'TfdlA@f`ZfLRXAλ8A∂←Y⊃MCeD0A↓RQ5CieS`A
'_[)HZr`X↓βλnp\``pR0A\@↓¬CgW∃ihAC9HAα\A∀\AM[SiP4∀Q)Q∃gSfX↓GQCaQKd@f$XA↓R!∪]iKIMKeK9GJAS8A≠kYQSae←
&Znh4hjb@!π'_[Q$Zrb0Aβλn`lrrr$XAα\↓'[Si @Q)Q∃gSfX↓GQCaQKd@j$XA↓R!α~∃≠=ISMS∃HA/←IWS]N↓'KhAACOS]≤AβYO=eSiQ4RX@h@AaCO∃fXA∨
iWEKH@brnPX~∀~)')β≤5π&ZnPZhjdQβ∪~4dhdX↓βλ[α@``@j@`RXA(\A$\↓→←n@!)QKg%fRXA↓RQβkQ←[Ci%F~∃π=IS]Nh@AπQ=SGJA=LA	CQBA'iIkGikIKfRXbb`AACOKf0A'KaQK[EKH@brnPX~∀~)')β≤5π&ZnPZhjfQβλ[∧```@@fhRX↓	←]C1HA
\↓↔]ki XA↓R!%C]I=ZACQeWSILRX@f@~∃aC≥KfXAMKaiK5EKd@Drnh\4∀~∃'Qβ≤[πLZnhZPjh@QM*fdl↓ f`ZLjRXA0\@A&8@A∃K9]S]OLXA↓R!αAπ←5akiCQS←]C0~∃βaAeWCG Ai↑AMS[kYβ#π;↔␈+Mα↔∨#'7π&K?9%b↓EEβε∨↔MbαO↔C&+7↔∩↓Ee]"p4(∀U~Rε9l~M5]"iQUUαBε⊃6↓AA↓βAM%1¬∪?↔↔!α∃9ααSπKV91αεI"π∪>)6∪'≡S?';"αOCπvs';≤hRSK↔/→1α∪}k';π&{KM1∧∧⊗v"λLWπ&¬XfO↔>D¬≡.≡,6BJDεCαπ≤v/~D
6/πL]V⊗/$ε∪K;EaPPh*:DrX:2k;ERC+2¬λ∀LjV&C~bλ_Blεε2βC⊗U∩b¬%`λ∧λX;Zl]λ∀Edλ∃_/≥≠|K∧
KHλλ-βv62\VεE)⊂⊂(0]v⊂0w→⊂%↔  Feldman, @i(AL, A Prkgbamming Syctem fOp Automation:
Preliminary Report), 117 pages, OcTober 1974.
&Znh4hjn@!β∪~ZHhhXAαs?Qβ∂!α:RM→%!αZqα59∧≠?3Jaαβ%E#↔9α≥∪'S'≡KG7Mε{⊂⊂h*↔↔↔∃∃Bβ:∞⊗>∂5D∧}∨M|&/∩ε∪∪;"aQ hU:H∀rl:5S;"VBSBαλ→∀jk&FRb∧_FsC#ε⊗bJB	%b∧↔\8
Artificial Intelligence), 95 pages, October 1974.

STAN-CS-74-460 (PB238148/AS), T.  Porter and I.  Simon, @i(Random Insertion
into a Priority Queue Structure), 25 pages, October 1974.

STAN-CS-74-461 (AIM-247, AD-A005 041), N.  M.  Goldman (Thesis),
@i(Computer Generation of Natural Language from a Deep Conceptual Base),
316 pages, October 1974.

STAN-CS-74-462 (AIM-248), K.  Pingle and A.  J.  Thomas, @i(A Fast,
Feature-Driven Stereo Depth Program), 15 pages, October 1974.

STAN-CS-74-463 (AIM-249, AD-A002 261), Bruce Baumgart (Thesis),
@i(Geometric Modeling for Computer Vision), 141 pages, November 1974.

STAN-CS-74-464 (AIM-250, AD-A003 488), Ramakant Nevatia (Thesis),
@i(StrucTured DescRiptions of Complex Curved Objects for Becognition and
Visual Me@5←erR0@bdj↓aCOKLXA≥←β3↔7-⊃↓Ee;!0⊂h!Q%≥$→aT
~TrBkβdTαD→QS∪+∃D∧"X⊗ββ
ε6s~JDλRbα	¬bα¬=
FF/=_e∃β"P
∃∪60i→LHλλ∀∀]3U0X<l\λ⊂{m↑≥=→.$∀≤[l↑X;(M|H⊂,NZ<z-lh∀~∂≡z8z,≥\h∀L\x8	2~w3FE⊂w:4vZqy7q~pr⊂*~2y0x≡P)r`,ectiOn), 409 pagas, Nh∂mK5EKd@Drnh\4∀~∃'Qβ≤[πLZfhZPll@Q¬∪∩ZdTdXAβ⊂[α``H@dhl$XA→KMiKdA∃Ce@;,ε7"αX	
,8y;NA ¬)2\p¬arch inArtiFicial Iftelh	SO∃]GJX↓⊃Kke%giSF↓!e←OIC[[Sαs≥!β∞s⊃α≠,εG>␈-1PEπ-zF}≡⎇N2J@λ
f$∞_9y.5α⊂'7]2vq2\⊂_\[M↔εEεB)j gaiV[M⊗Z≠≠H∀ dfKY→→ελ b⊗`L_≠P~M→∀V⊂∪U⊂⊂ Zrv6'H0w2∀↔⊂+r↑t90zXt⊗εE⊂4T!t→qutw→P(97[s9P4[⊂:42H&rz0Kfpz4→vpz4XyP7cλ#4y9]⊂'y2→y⊂&7YtqTVλ~ZFE≤0sryK⊂'7`6ember 1974,

STAN-CS-74-468 (AD-A003 832), S* Krogdahl, @i(A Combinatkrial Base foR Some
Optimal Matroid IntersEction Algorithms), 25 pages, November !→74.

STAN-CS-74-469, H. Brown, @i(Molecular Structure EduCidation III), 38
pages, December 1974.

STAN-CS-74-450, L. Trabb Pra`o, @i(Stable Sorting and MeRging with Mptimal
Time and Space Bounds), 75 pages, December 1974.

STAN-CS-74-471 (AIM-253, AD-A003 487), B. Faucht, K& M. Co@1ErAC9HA$\α↓α
_hRCπK↑KO?9bαβ%"&C∃α'w#↔Kπ∨#'?9ε{⊂∩∧≥lf/⊗]l6/~Dλ⊗66\>G~b≥f"∧≥nF.wM≥vw~
JDε3Bπ≤v/~DλF.≡]\&/∩ε↔∪;"aQ hU:H∀rl:5S;"VFs∩αλ→∀jk&VBb∧_ETβεTβ#βu∃B∧bd	αr¬≡\⊗jε≥lB∧jd∧∧Rr	⊗vv≥¬@hT
&/≡\≡&≡B∃Dβ*∞⊗>/5D∧&.<]V⊗/$ε∪K;EaPPh*:DrX:2k;EVC;~¬λ∀LjV&S*bλ_BlεεRβ#⊗%∩b∧ed¬∨/.]6Jbλ
∩D∂↑Mvn∂M≤2¬π-|w⊗∞QQ%6/-≤fN≡≡M⊗}r	→∪Rα
∞&}?,≥W~ε/∀∧∞f|\'⊗∞≤4ε∞vD	F}>≤<⊗b¬,\G.∨M≥vrJAQ#∪B∞⊗>/5D∧&.<]V⊗/$ε∪K;EaPPh*:DrX:2k;EVC;"¬λ∀LjV&S2bλ_Blεεrβ+f5∩b∧edα¬:d∞f}r	Vv↑T⊗v"λEb∧~aQ$g.==ε∞jDλεJD∀	V/&
|F}f|␈∩ε6}$¬6/-≤gNNlt¬π⊗|}&∞o5∃Bβ#T∞ε∞>↑5B∧&\<Vn⊗↑!PS⊗vBph!Q%≥$→eT≥~VvRk#vTαD→US∪+uD∧"X⊗ββ*εF∪~JD	Rr∧5d∧v/|←∩αEMW≡O5∃B∧ε∃λf␈⊗\≥@hU<]V∞wM≤7~ε|d∧dM:∧π>OM∧∧∂π
M⊗≡∂M≥vw~∞Mr¬π-|w⊗∞Tλ6␈↔,\7&v↑>2Jbε↔β"π≤v/~AQ$V∞n\↔↔Jε↔∪;*aQ hU:H∀rl:5S;*VFs2αλ→∀jk&Wαb∧_ETβεdβ∪KE∃B∧≡},F.fDλw⊗.]dε∞vDλF∂6≤D∧⊗∂.>F␈:AQ$εJλ∀∧GO
εN⊗≡M⊗v:∀∧↑v}⎇F.&|T∧⊗∂<Tε6␈$⊂hU∞-v?⊗≥UU.vL↑'∨&≥lFNvt
7O∨L]RJbεFRπε≤|W~b	,⊗w.≡/∩β⊗vRph!Q%≥$→eT≥~VvRk#vtαFv}Dε∂"	jDM~∃D¬2rλ=π6∂L≥Bε∞lD∧"r∧
6/∂\]f≡/5∃Bβ∧∞ε∞>↑5B∧V≥nV∂↔∀ε∪K;UaPPh*:DrX:2k;UVC;B¬
5+≠&d¬β≠¬V32JDλrr∧¬d∧>}N\"ε∞lD∧Rr	¬b¬>≥M6Nw=⎇bb∧
∃∧NfEQPT≡⎇lFO&≥⎇f."λ]⊗>.n?↔∨&]↑2ε∞lDπ&FTλ6}o∞↑F∂&≥⎇bε}d∞FF*	-w⊗&≥d∧≡∞m⎇fN≡≥APT6}-RJbεfbπε≤|W~bλlV↔↔\≡'Jβ↔⊗s*pQ!PU≥H→bl≥5Vs*kFw∩αE:V3∪2
ε3αk7¬∩b∧ed∧≡F≡LVfNd⊗v"	%bα∧L]V␈⊗L≥g"bλ
≥V∂&≥⎇bε}dλVN>]nf∞g\↑2ε}dλFN6l↑&.wM≤⊗bε≥lB∧NnLV?⊗≥APT␈↑&∂&}.2Jbε&Bπε≤|W~bλlV↔↔\≡'Jβ↔⊗s*pQ!PU≥H→bl≥5Vs*kGεααD⊗εβCCεE∩b∧M⎇f∞fDλRrα	=g/&¬D∧εJ	mw&/4
7.o5∃Bβ#T∞ε∞>↑5B∧6\.'.∂/∀βKvU`hPQ*5$eX5~kvUS#C∀¬¬≥+6&b¬β6¬S≠J∃D∧Rr	⎇FN>↑%B∧ε∃λFN6l↑&.v<T∧n/M
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∞⊗>/5APT6\.'.∂/∀βKvU`hPQ*5$eX5~kvUS#C$¬¬≤d_:αkVG∩bεm}Bε∂D	e$M5∃B∧Rdλ∩rαλn&N.M\⊗rb	%b∧bd∧∧⊗.nMF/HQ(⊗v"
∃∧∞rλ≥F>␈-≡FFjmw∩∧m≥f&Nlp∧⊗/>D∧n∂L=ε/~
"r∧E`∧?⊗≥⊗jbλ
ε∞≡=≥f8h*>↔.∂,↑2π>≡Mα∧/≤\⊗b¬>≡V∂⊗↑5∩bβ∧∞ε∞>↑5B∧n≡,6Bβ↔⊗s*pQ!PU≥H→bl≥5Vs*kGεBαD_ETβ⊗∀βC≠%∃B¬∩d	Brαλ}&∞F≥Tε∞vDλRrα
7V.\XL\~+λλ
*∪{AQS=;∞M<≠∩,<=~=LT∀Y<∞,<y3NL=~;mnh≠yD	;]→,|<\j%D.λ∞9y<eD∪8<L=λ.&v+C"AQTu⊂)e0tk&v+-∞εd
∀u&6MH∀ε6,me∃λ⊂+D∧⊂Z[nzh_-lλ⊃kD∧∩H∧λ{{≥,%β"P
∃⊃:9l]\≤[l-→;<d[|@	\=≤Z,<<h⊂.>{xz,≡→9∞⎇=~λ
≥{\j%D.(∞9y<eD∪8<L=λ.&v+C"AQTu⊂)e0tk&v+-∞εt
∀sλ_t,&Vlj+∧	KHλ	¬Hλ⊃N-99≠,≥Kλ⊂
eTpic Classification), 34 paces, April 1975.

STAN-CS-75-488 (AD-A011 445), B. Bollobas, P. Erdos and E. Szemeredi, @i(On
Complete Subgraphs of r-Chromatic Graphs), 16 pages, April 1975.

STAN-CS-75-489 (AD-A011 833), E.  Szemeredi, @i(Regular Partitions of
Graphs), 8 pages, April 1975.

STAN-CS-75-490 (AD-A014 429), R.  William Gosper, @i(Numerical Experiments
with the SpecTpad Test), 31 Pages, May 1975.
STAN-CS-75-491, G. D.  Knotp (Thesi@LRXA↓$Q	KY∃iS←\↓S\A¬%]Cer↓'i←e¬OJ~∃QeKKf$X@rf↓aCOKLXA≠Cd@brnT\~∀~)')β≤5π&ZnTZhrd0A$\@↓'KIO∃oSGVQ)QKMSfRX↓↓RQ#USGWg=ahRXfjdAACOKf0A≠Cr4∀bbnT\~∧~)')β≤5π&ZnTZhrfQ!∧dPhhdb=β&RX↓$\A↔UeWR[Mk←]S<XA↓R!	KgGβ∪''v9απW&{7πS
β'84U#↔K7~β?→αf;∨W∞;↔Mα∂≠O?∂LS↔⊃¬;'S!¬##↔'⊂αC↔KOβ#↔K∞aα∪↔6K∂↔MJa↓M]πβπ∨↔~`4*7∂I↓Ee;)84(hRNRεrj∞M5;)5Qe"aα∃9∧A9↓α≡SC↔↔##←πO#∃1αW⊃1↓"&C↔O'~I1αβJBO?W⊗≠∃α∪∞s∨Wπ>(4*∪.∪W∨∨Ns≥αS}{3M%b↓MQUπβπ∂↔~aα7πJ↓Ee]*p4(Q*5$eX5~kvUS#KT¬∧"X⊗β"εF#"JD
∃¬&FTλF/ε]lF.v<T∧?⊗≡	αε6}!PT⊗≡8W

%H∃0↔→2y;w[r⊂∀*~2yt`3)( @I(An Iterative Block
Lanczos Method forthe Solution oF Large Sparse SymmeTpic Eigenproblems),
133 pages, May 1975.

STAN-CS-75-497 (AD-A016 825), R.  L. Graham and L.  Lovasr, @i(Distance
Matriceq of Trees), 48 pages( August 1975.
&Znj4hrp@!β∪~ZHjrXA¬λ[α`Dn@`dTRXA⊂8@A'C5Kh@QQQKgSβ→%1αεI"πW&{7πSN≠π33Hh*CK␈3';≥¬##∃α≡{CK↔≥#;↔O~β?→α'∪π;OdS'?w→α';6{3K≥lr∧␈∞M⊗nO,\B∧≡|LRJ@λD&A \_,|αyV⊂⊂zszy]⊂_\[MW

STAN-CS-75-499 (AIM-260), D. C.  Smith (Thesis), @i(PYGMALIOF:  A Creative
Programmifg↓]mSI←][KαsQ%1β	eMβε∨πMbαπW∨/≠Q↓EK9U8∀Ph);;-CQβC∞;∀4(.once ceNter <<repopps 500 thru 599>> 
@i(REPORTS 500 THRU 599

STAN-CS-75-500 (PB246708/AS)( R.  KurhπR['U←]S↑0A↓RQQ←oCe⊃bA¬KQiKd~)	KMS9SiS←9fA←L↓!e←OIC[[Sαs≥α∪∞s∨Wπ>+M%1β⊃eβC∞;↔M1∧W∂W∨!↓Ee;)84(hRNRεrjεM5;)5UAλ↓"ε&h¬S∪3∃D∧"X⊗β∩¬α∪αJD	rbα
∃∀≤[l<9≥<L≥λ⊃=L]]_c!,<h∀m|]→x.,(∩;NL<\].∞≤j+∧πλ≤_,|<kλλ≡9⎇<nD.-fU@εEεB)j gaiV[MTZX→λ∀ dfKY≠→ελ b⊗`L_[⊂≤≤⊂V⊂∪Tε @Etp	KeMK\XA↓RQ's9GQe←9SuCi%←\A←α04*∂|¬f∨/.,Vw"
λM|y<|l↑h+λε⊗α⊂80YpyV⊂⊂zszy]⊂_\[MW

λSTAN-CS-↔5)503 (AIM-263, AD-A016 807), O(@AAKiiKI`∂π→bαβ%"&C∃α\≤7-βRFE∀93qb\βsing Sq`'QKZA≥"ε≡∃⊂I1↓IαβCπ∨-→1απ,∧w/∨Dε∪Km+C!↓α@
↓Mαp¬∃α⊂ ↔λ⊂"y2≠yR⊂)α  L.  Gbaha`~A¬]HA
∃⊃{@⊂∀x0p∩se Graphs @]SiPA⊃K]gJ↓→←]NααCπSG→%!↓λεBπε≤|W5α⊂ zYzyz 1975.
ifA←α1α∂?n∪';π&{@⊗N>5∩bβ4∧πε∞|XeD⊂90∪]yz⊂_NXπ5.
⊂)→αVQ64, AD-A01\@bnl$XA5p∧α∧≡|,F}rDλεJDβxλ %p¬CiSα{;πD
&.∂=xM≥Yc"L≥Yλ⊃]Xπp∀ati`∨]¬XA'Kαkπ;SL∧75+λf∧≤_9l↑hε⊂ ]pπus@P@b`%8εR`!α@

SP	β≤αj≥~β(@5-0
`@8∧αD→P&&M*+∧	+H⊃m}Y≠p↔⊂ 4T∃4πwards aS`@7∞sS'
βsεE⊃<p∞amic Binding)(λ@@⊂εRπε≤|W5α⊂ zYβustbrnj8~∀4U~Rε9l~M +vUS+β¬D∧V∞β90→H ¬ve, @i(On Co@5a`↔SL¬f 4≥~→$
≤X;Ntz4`6e Cl@=`∂WK*β?2⊃P@*Y;⊂⊂]4sw), 14↓aCOKβ→1απ,∧w/∨Dε∪Km+C!↓α@
⊃6¬β	P~β4∧l%∃α⊂&Gλ⊂#s %p¬`∪?p∧ε∞vDλ∩bαλλM}z⎇0→≠{yutK⊂ 4T⊃4s24[3FE 4he Maxi`≠C0A∪@;≤¬⊗&.βXp∩H&pz9~|⊂7`& a L@¬aOJA≥`πC@¬∩bβv λ∞9y0→K⊂ r`'ust 190∞j\4⊂⊂∀*:DrX:2km+ ~LX⊂∀ Q⊗`X_Mβ 0 *PRP⊃αλ¬b∧~d⊗∞z≥f"∧E`λλUβ⊂%w≥z4⊗⊂⊂4T w_v8	`'αK@~ε|dπ&FQQ%∨..N&∞∨M_
LT⊂;⊂∪[y0	`)!ZAM←β⊃α?,Xλ.L<⎇⊂⊂βommon Di@YSg←ELRP⊃↓α⊂∧∞_9y.T∧ Audπkgh4⊂	E@⊗rR`!α@

SP	β≤αj≥~β(@5-0
bbQβλ[∧`bn@Hr`⊃∃D¬αrλNV⊗@|⎇⊂_w2⊂%α E.A)e←β+@∨≡UD∧εJλ9v .α;py→F@
e@QQP∨⊃∧¬v $⊂{p⊗X4p∞ator`∪C0A⊃CGαC';≥Ja↓MU¬βπ>↑5@hT≤X	n↑⎇λ'⊗βZWεB∧¬αSTAN-CS-35-∃12 (P@247_95/AS)( Robert↓
xDλX;_-ly9⊂∃92riJT∧ 53 pageq(λA∨
pε aT⊗X\≠
T⊂%↔λ&⊂!2[:62lK⊂ 4T⊂P)zi≥2|P7Y⊂*2aZ70	ques f@=`~¬

*⊂(	]8|[n∞[y|L≥(⊂{mn≤[s∧
;Z5↓QPX<l\λ≠p↔λ0P*9→rP&r[wy<TK⊂→\P≤0sryK⊂'qj≠q2y⊂\[ZWβE
STAN-CS-75-515, R. P.  Brent, @i(Fast MultiplE-Precision Evaluation of
Elementary Functions), 22 pages, October 1975.

STAN-CS-75-516 (SU326 P30-42), J. Stoer, @i(On the Relation Between
Quadratic Termination and Convergence Properties of MiNimizAtion
Algorithms), 103 pages, October 1→75.

STAN-CS-75-517, V.  Chvatal and C.  Thomassen, @i(Distances in Orientations
of Graphs), 24 pages, October 1975.

STAN-CS-75-518 (AD-A018 461), V.  Chvatal and P.  L.  Hammer,
@i(Aggregation of InequAlitieq in Integer PRogrammifg	, 27 pages, October

STAN-CS-75-519 (AIM-266, AD-A019 641), R. Davis, B. Buchanan and E.¬
Shortliffe, @i(Production Rules as a Representation for a Knowledge- Based
Consultation Program), 37 pages, November 1975.

STAN-CS-75-520 (AIM-267, AD-A019 664), F.  W. von Henke, @i(On the
Representation od Data Structures in LCF with Applications to Program
Generation), 41 pages, November 1975.

STAN-CS-75-521 (AIM-268), C. Thompson, @i(Depth Perception in Stereo
Computer Vision), 11975.

STAN-CS-75-523 (AIM-270, AD-A019 467), J.  F. Reiser, @i(BAIL -- A Debugger
for SAIL), 26 pages, November 1975.

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Overview of Production Systems), 40 pages, November 1975.

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Solution of Elliptic Partial Differential Equations), 24 pages, January

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Approach to Automatic Language Understanding and Belief Structures:  With
Disambiguation of the Word `For' ), 254 pages, January 1976.

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@i(Addition Chains with MultiplIcative Cost), 7 pages, January 1976.

STAN-CS-76-541, Donald E.  Knuth, @i(Mathematics and Computer Sc@%K]GJh~∃π←AS]NA]SiPA→S]Si∃]Kgf$X@f`↓aCOKLXA≠CIGP@bdnl\~(~∃')¬≤[π&4nlZjPd@Qβ%~Zdn\XAβλ5α`dnhjhR0A5←Q¬dA≠C9]BAC9HAβI$A'QC5SdXA↓RQ)Q∀~∃)Q∃←eKi%GCXA¬gaKGQfA←L↓iQJA=aiS[¬XA
SaKIa←%]hRXdhAa¬OKfX↓≠CeG @brnX\~∀~)')β≤5π&ZnXZjhf0Aλ\@↓α\A5¬mJXA↓RQ∨aQS[CX↓!←YsAQCgJ↓'←ei%]NRXnbAa¬OKfX4∃≠Ce
P@br\l\~∀4∃')β8[π&Z\lZjhX@Q'→¬π Zb\bjRX↓\A¬¬gWKiPAC]H↓_\A'UgiKV0A↓RQQQJA	∃gSO\↓←LAB4∃→←n↓π←gh↓)SIK<A∂eCAQSGf↓)Ke[%]CXR0@djAACOKf0A≠Ce
P@br\l\~∀4∃')β8[π&Z\lZjh\XA%←	KehA∀\A)CIUC\X↓↓RQ∪QKeCi%mJAβ1O←eSQQ[fA→←dA∂1←ECX↓
&Znl4jhr@!β∪~ZHjpHA¬λ[α`Hn@hjTRXA	¬mSHA1kGWQ¬ZAC]⊂A≥←e%QSgB↓'kuk-RX~∃↓RQβkQ←[Ci%FA!e=OeCZ↓)KeS→SGCi%←\A,h@A-KISMSG¬iS←\5∨eCK9iKHAAe←←L↓%kYKLA←d~)βeeCefXA%∃G←eILAC]H↓!WS]QKefR0@hpAACGKf0A≠Ce
S9IS]Nαβ∧4*nc'7.iα';&+C↔;&+;Qα≡+Q%1β⊃IβC∞;↔M1∧SW;∃β	e]Yph(4*≥"ε96≥→5]Yk)UE↓D
⊃6¬β→I↓M!9%1α&{;π∪"α∃)α↑sWS!bαβ%"&C∃αO&S∃β|1βS#*απKQε{_4*≡{7CW&+IαC⊗{∨Kπnk';≥Ja↓U]πβπ∨↔~aα+Wv)↓Ee;184(hRNRεrj∞M5;15UU∩↓"ε&jiI]eJaα;?⊗K#O¬¬≠WkW↑I↓"SF+O'MJaαβ%DWS?nS'hR[↔KN3'∂π&K?9β|1αCK};Kπ7~β←'SBαπ?7εc↔aα&S¬α∨#KW∂'+K↔MJa↓Ee"βCπ∨/→04*6+KW∂∪e↓EK9Y84Ph*NRq6∞Mk9Y5U+→↓"ε"j¬AM∩↓]]IJaαI9∧)9αS∂∪+π9bαβ%"≡{7C3/C'Seε{→α7}s?S?v(4*;/#←?K←→β≠?∩α∂?7π+S';:α∂?;W+;∂SN{;M%b↓IEβε∨↔Mbα+W;*↓Ee]2p4(∀U~Rε9l~M5]2iUUQbα→9↓¬→9αg*↓"S#/≠'M%bαβ%"n{∪↔3Ns≥βSF)α←KO#∃α.Cπ['␈⊃β?_hR∂?7π+S↔I¬βK?∨⊗7M¬b↓EaUπβπ∂↔~aα+Wv)↓Ee;184(hRNRεrj∞M5;15UU*↓"ε&jiIaAJaα∪π6K⊃α⊃rα∨K?∨≠7π9bαβ%"n{;S∃∧≠πK∪zαO'7.cπS'}qβ?_hRS?3/∪π;∂Ns≥β'rα∪'O≤ε&/&T
ε∂↔N4∧n∞n\f∞∨N↑&Nvt⊗v"λ≡7≡.\-GJJDε#*π≤v/~D	V∂HQ&∪K;eaPPh*:DrX:2k;eVS+2D	Brα	%bα∧}]⊗⊗∂4¬¬&F↑=↔~JDλεJEMR∧∞l≥GO≡≡4ε}2	↔≡F≥lphT≥Lv␈⊗≤Mεo~∃Dβ≠d∞ε∞>↑5B∧∂\}W∨"ε↔∪;2aQ hU:H∀rl:5S;2VVS:αλ_Blε6"β&%∩b∧Ud¬~r∧
LWFOO∃∩bβ↔∀πε∞|↑2b∧≡\w/∨Dε∪K;eaPPh*:DrX:2k;eVS+B¬λ∀LjV'β
s∃D∧"X⊗β#∩εVβ:JD&}F≡$∧n∞ml∩ε∞lD¬⊗N=↔⊗ Q*v∞fM≥f>/%D∧εJ	≡2επ=⎇V/&≥\R:π=⎇V/&≥\W~ε,↑G&/$∞FF∞dε∞g|∨↔~;t∧∧NwL↑&nONLVw Q,↔∨≡↑.FN}n4εNr∞∞&␈6≥lrππ-|w⊗∞T6␈↔,\7&v↑>2JbεF∩πε≤|W~b	.Vv*ε↔∪;2D∞&/6≡<V h)\↔⊗≡∧ε∪K;uaPPh*:DrX:2k;eVS+J¬λ∀"l⊗ε3∩β6GαJbλ|Vv*λ⎇vg.%D¬2r	=F.n∀⊗v"λub¬:d
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v2¬∞-v?⊗≥]VNvt	F∞v}\⊗>/5∃Bβπ∀πε∞|↑2b∧≡\w/∨Dε∪K;eaPPh*:DrX:2k;eVS3~DλBrα	Eb¬↔↑>6.fD¬¬&F↑=↔~JDλεJE>L↔&*
,W∨&},↔&N⎇d∧∞n⎇lphT=⎇Vo.m≤6∂&≥lr¬π-|6/∨<↑2Jbε⊗s~π≤v/~Dλ↔.?↑>Bβ⊗vbph!Q%≥$→eT≥~Vvbk+fDαD→US∪C5D∧E¬¬Vs2ku∃B¬⊗≥lF∞fDλF∂6≡4αE&↑6O~∃D∧εJλ≡πεf≤<↔&N⎇n0hV|d∧n/L∀∧f/l]B∧↑m}vf.L|Rπ&t∞FF*λ=vw∨N.V∨&≥⎇bb∧\≥⊗w&]l⊗v≡T⊗v"
↑6*ε|d∧f∂,|PhT=mw>f\Lv*∧,≡6/~∃Dβ≠βD∞ε∞>↑5B∧W]K∩β⊗vbph!Q%≥$→eT≥~Vvbk+fTαDEX∪β≠$πββ∩∃D∧Rrλ5bα¬>N&N←|↑&&
f∞g\T¬π⊗|-F.o4f␈∩	≥f≡}↑
∩Dw]\W⊗N<≥B∧n↑Mε}'4f␈⊂Q)f}vM≥f.∂-O∩∧≡⎇n7'⊗≥≥f."timiZation), 262 pages$ November 1→76.

STAN-CS-76-567  ⊃β%~ZdpPRXA%¬MCKX↓
S]W∃X@Q)!KgSf$XA↓R!π←]gQakGi%]NAC9H~∃	∃EkOO%]NA≠¬]Sak1Ci←d↓!e←OIC[fR0@bnb↓aCOKLAaCO∃fPAβUOkghbrnl8~∀
&Znl4jlp@!β∪~ZHpjXAA∧Zdjd@bf`<e/εR0A(\@↓≡T@A	S]M←IHXAλ8Aλ\~)∂e←gM[C\X↓εTA$8A→kR0A$\A\A¬←1YKfX↓$\Aα8A
TA'!S[C]<XA$\↓⊂\A)¬sY←d0A$\A \A∂←1I[C\0A∀\@↓ \A∃¬emSf0A,\~)λ\@AMGQKS9[C\X↓(\@A∧\@A∂¬MM←e⊂XA↓R!qaY=eCi←IrA'iUIrA←_Aπ←[AkiKd↓∪]iK≥eCiK⊂~∃βgMK[EYdA'sgQK[f@4A!e←≥eKgf↓%Ka←Ih@fR0@ffl↓aCOKLXAβk≥kgh@Drnl\4∀~∃'Qβ≤[πLZnlZTlpZhQβ∪~4dpj\PXA!∧4djr@Df`↑g]εRXAPX@A≡8A¬C]→←eHX↓εTA∧αq↓α∪,¬∩`h(qbα∧⎇≥fJb	Ub∧>≥m∩b∧∃`λλ⎇_<p∩\α, T. Ishida, M. S. Muj@QCEBX↓
z'"βE∃Bβ∪VTπε∞|↑2b∧.]f*β↔⊗s:pQ!PU≥H→bl≥5Vs2kVg∩αEλ%S∪3∀πβ"x~2Jb	-vFrλubα∧Z'εN}EB∧ε∃λ6∞f>]F∂&≥⎇bε}aQ&NwL↑'ε}L≡FNvt	f∂'↑,⊗b¬>	FNvTλg.v>M⊗}w4
8zx,|(→P↔\∧E!`[1zv0]4w3@ with @-Splines), 46 pages, Fo@YK[EKH@brnXX∩∧~)'!β≤αjεM∃8εbk+v∧αD→QS∪Ce∃B∧&}Xvf∂4	F.v≤@αE&Z6O~∃D∧εJλ→SRαλ≥b∧∂.M⊗&N=≤⊗`hαR0↔≥2r6$Yβa`≥Gα)απC∧ε&}∞=π&@h⊃~.≤{yQ.<P4`. Mathematics as HeuRistiC Search!,
λ350 pages, JeLy 1976.

λSTAN-CS-↔4-57⊃ (AIM-287	, Mi@
QCKX↓%←IKISGV@!)QKg%bRXA↓RQ	SMGeKi∀Aπ←]QeWXA=H∩¬B↓%WE←PAβeZ$X@rp↓aCOKLXAβk≥kgh@Drnl\4∀~¬'Qβ≤[πLZnlZTnd@Q¬∪~Zd`pRXAI←EKePA
QCeH↓(∂↔gG∪πW∂Baαβ%D9α~|`4*C⊗K7πIJa↓MYπβπ∂↔~aαO↔¬#↔7/⊃↓Ee;184(hRNRεrj∞M5;15U]~↓"ε⊃l	AMIβIQU%bαπK;*α+?;∂≠O↔→bαβ%"&C∃αO&S'?vKeααjSK↔(h*≠?⊗+OQ%b↓eAβε∨πMbα; ?lYV⊗/$ε∪K;eaPPH*:DrX:2k;eVS;"¬λ∀LjV#βJJD	&}Fd
&.O<Z"αF\M↔&@|J+∧λ~*∀h→3λ∪,≥]8;¬∃λ-g↓"\⊂,|<kλλ≡9⎇<nD.-feC"C!*u⊂3EXtk-fE--m$¬⊂23%VN,∧λ10&εH
π⊗λ∧V⊂∪0s1`9 W&  Smith, @i(SAIL TutoRiad),
←β3↔7/⊃↓Ee;18$λhRNRεpj∞M5915E]2↓"ε⊃l	AMUβ→UA¬bα∂?3Nqα7∞&KπK]_	¬D⊂~*λL=→<M]8π4`.e the Chromatic
Number @=H	β¬∧;CπC@¬∩bβf⊂λ∞9y<eD⊃→0l]8Y4Dε.-mEa C"J:⊂3C(~i(KX[[@
 df@-291, AK444εbfR0A¬eKα≠∃α,∧6F∞βX;ED⊂[tm∞8(∪\α2y1→y3P !nd
John McCa`%QQrXA↓RQ)QIK@∃αα,W6N↑}2ε@yH∩ED∃y0∀↑2s10]vSqP⊂βompUter Power↓C]HA!k[C\4⊂
¬'Qβ≤[πLZ`≥YhεS 7λ
⊂(E0,fTL ≤JT∧ J@=`∂/
λ	@v4sr\α and Arne SundqtroM,	∃↓αI"S#,¬w,=~0⊃Xv⊂0w→⊂(90Xz4q`!l A`'ββ↔∂S~β?2λ∧p↔[p¬ I@9SiSC0[¬@?αXLL<XP∃αa`→@,∧PhU∞-v⊗@→;<d
8π⊂#≠8¬`∪Hαα∪gl≥VN∨5∃Bβ3$λ≤βryVλ ∧ec@∃[EKdα↓Ee]2p4(Q*5$eX5~@-mK&Vn(

9⊂0t¬V,∧⊂∩XRP⊃α4{@⊗/>@λλ0yur]⊂0w2λ q10\β Rafii, @i(The A0
Inve@I`∂'⎇`λ	]y→0⊗λ4πf Pph∂OE¬ZA!C≥S]NA	KQC@4¬⊗␈∩∃Dβ≠α∞λλ,\αyV⊂⊃2qr`-ber 190∞l\4⊂⊂∀*:DrX:2kmK ~N_⊂∀ RdVYL∀V⊂*→y90→ TπS@;|∧w,9λλ
*⊃≠n|<Y≤d(⊂λ 2ocedupa`_~)+]IKI`∂Sπv#';≥∧{⊂∩¬<X,≥]~0nTV⊂→L⊂80sYyP Octobep 1974.¬

λSTAN-CS-\h	5UA	↓"εLi5I@⊗5B∧EX∪β#$εSβBα+λλL8π4`%l BoBph∂nAα;⊃α&+@↔↔∀
vNv|}&∞	β"H
*⊂;D	⎇Y0→≥4r{@ ob KRL), 40 pages$ November !dnd\~(~∃'	¬≤[πε4nlZj`d@Qβ⊂[α`f`@plf$XA,\↓∂#[∂#π1⊃∧i9αIp∧α∧>≤,WJ@λ_;LD⊃@
,<⎇3∞Nh⊂smly<[M≥Yh∪.]≥~0m⎇≠|Z-lj+λπ∀≤_9l↑iλ⊃\y;8L↑Hλλ@976.

STAN-CC-77%583  AD-A038 864$XA,\↓βQmCQCXHA↓RQ	KQKe[S9S]NAQQJA'β#π'dKSd∀TsW7/⊃β?→ε	α∨K∂β!%1β→eβC∞;↔M1∧3↔K,∧↔πJ∧∪∪;:aQ hU:H∀rl:5S;:TWβ"αλ_Blε7αβCfU∩b∧Myf∞fDλR`$λ∩{N↑~λλ
*⊃→-L=~3mnh∃~≡λ∀∀L↑y<]LQ"TX-l≠{;L↑|j+∧εlH∀≤y<k∧λY8\N\<↑(ε↔-mkAQ@εE)U g⊗aTV[[VM\~V⊂∀↔⊂⊂![w1zyK⊂#W⊂λ$∪⊂#[v:q⊂_w2⊂"⊂⊂'SS2py<K⊂ 4T∪:p
∃≥K]Ke¬YSuK⊂Aπ←])k@∨π&)α∨K∞#'↔;"α7πSF{⊃%1β!MβC∞;↔M⊃∧3↔K,∧↔↔Jε∪∪;:aQ hU:H∀rl:5S;:VWβ2αλ→∀jk'⊗Bb∧_ATβF$β+e∃B∧v≤=π.jλLW↔≡
zvO'$λ⊗v"-vF∂$	V∞vl⊃@hT
7O∨L]Rε6} ∧∂/M⎇V∂&≤4¬π⊗|}&∞hQ)V}&≤m⊗≡∂M≥vrJDεC*π≤v/~Dλf.↔.Xλ./(.&vkC"AQTu⊂)e0tk&vk-.εt
⊂1¬X,n∧π
KHλλ|<Y>%D∀K@∧	Hλλ}X:_-Uλ⊃D
kC"I-z≠\m⎇Kλ_-lλ⊃D∧⊃+H∧	{]=
L>~=∂∀∀Y<n]≥≤hm|H⊂L≥Y≥z,N~β"I];Z3-∨X=~-⎇J+λε6H≤_,|<kλλl8\],≡↑('⊗mkC!!"Tuλ→K0teVmk-'πλ
∀λ%,MMDεn+h~j+λ
M{↑(λl;H⊂ed⊂z_-eλ⊂~%	{H⊂m⎇<≥=
#"Tm≥Y⎇;≡H∃X-N9(⊃\{{<
}z=~-⎇J+λεVh≤_,|<kλλl8\],≡↑('⊗mkC!!"Tuλ→K0teVmk-'π(

-meVKλ⊂(E0,g∧∞
?<⎇→-T→[|D∞~→(	≥]→<N∞Y=_.M;{H
|H∀≤M}→:;D(∀L∨#"Pn/<⎇_-M≠y|L≡~~8dλ_=_%∃λmD∞_9y.5λ⊃Y,.]8<O∀.-fuC"C!*u⊂3EXtk-fU-.,∧¬⊂1(⊗nπεN
+∧λ≠{X-Lλ⊃+D∧∩{].Mλ_;LD∪:0⊃Z0rv⊂∀W⊂⊂(_z2y9[w⊗εE⊂4T$r→w:4z~ryP3≤7vP(_y:4z~ww⊂$[;7v:]4ww9JV⊂→→λ80sr\V⊂#2X9:py≡P_\[MWεEεB)j gaiV[MVZ\XH∀ dfKY≤ZTK⊂)7q→y:⊂!K⊂!7v≠2yP∀∃42yt\TV⊂ ~T+2y~s4qp]4ww⊂∃4ytg[εE+t]44w⊂_P(97Yy0vvXq62P⊂yyrvX6<P)↑yz2vJV⊂→~
P80sYyV⊂#→q9:`\<P_\M[WεEβE)j S⊗aiVM[VZ\L⊂∀ dSVY≤[
V⊂)7X2y: Aartwright, Jr∞  (Thesis), @i(A Practical
αForial Semantic Definition and Verification Systems fkr Typed LISP), 158
pages, Fegruary 1→77.

STAN-CS-77-593 (HPP-77-1), A. C. Scott, W.J. Clancey, R.A	Cm%fXAC9HA
\4∃⊂L@↓'Q←eQYSMM∀XA↓R!qaY¬]CiS=\AπCACESY%iSKf↓←DA!I←AkGQS←\[	CgKH4∃π←]MkYiCQS←\AMsgiK5bRX@L`AaC≥KfHA¬aeSXbrnn8~∀
&Rnn4jrh@!'→βε4d``R0AIo%\A \A'ie%i`∪↔∩↓"S#/≠'M¬bαβ%"4K3∀4Tk'∨K∂#'?9Ja↓EE⊂βCπ∨/→1αππ∪'1↓I]]_hP4*N$
96∞~i]M∃+IU1αV{#)α?∪↔∨≥∧c↔←'~↓"S#/≠'M%bαβ%"∞c∨?KM##7M∧3?Iα≤εε∂↔<T∧n∂N-↔@hαQ2,\;]X-N9(∀∞-x[⊃-↑h∧V⊂_Y⊂8_qryVλ x94[⊂_\[MTε

λSTAN-CS-↔5-596 (H@!@ZnnZTRXA≠¬eVA∀8A'iK→SVAC9HA
C9GrA≠¬eiS\0A↓RQ∧A%Km%KnA←_~∃↔]=oYKI≥JA¬CMKHA!I←EYK4A'←YYS]NA¬fABA	CgSf↓M←dA∧A∂K]∃iSGf↓qaKIS[K]P~∃	KMSO]S9NA'sMiKZR0@rnAACOKf0Aβae%X@br\nT~∀4∃')β8[π&Z\jZjr\@Q⊃¬↓5]]i1%1α↔∪W∂∃∧99α,≠#π≠∞qβπ≠ αS?5∧i9α↔LεF≡F]IB`h(λ
%	9y→-E1~4L\⎇→9∧	→8<Mm9Y`⊂≠s⊂ ⊂@I←IkGQS←\AIkYKf$X@db↓aCOKLXAβaISX@Bdjn@8hP4*N$
96∞~iUMTW∪Bαλ_Blε@∧ε∞
J%D⊂<[LT∃@	-{X<n≤9H_-lλ⊃≠ml9→λUβ⊂%w≥z4⊗⊂⊂4T FB*94{~pr⊂ [3wy4]46P+Z7yrP⊂w0v<\tyP$\w∪z), 32↓aCOKLXAβaISX@bdjnL~(~∃')¬≤[π&4nfJjdr@Aβ⊂[α`hβ↓↓QQλI1α∪}sπ3⊃∧)1α=nW&B≥f"∧≡-f}fD
Mε(h(X∞∞8⎇→,D∪~3L\<Z5∂∀≠yH∀∀z0⊗\42P"\zp{ !lenc@∀AβYO=eSiQ4RX@jXAaCO∃bPAβAeSX~(brnn8~∀
∀9]Kqh↓aCOJ4∀.once center <<reports 600 thru 699>> 
@i(REPORTS 600 THRU 699

STAN-CS-77-600 (AD-A040 538), Mark R. Brown (Thesis), @i(The Analysis of a
Practical and Nearly Optimal Priority Queue), 102 pages, April 1977.

STAN-CS-77-601 (AD-A045 652), John F. Reiser (Thesis), @i(Analysis of
Additive Random Number Generators), 34 pages, April 1977.

STAN-CS-77-602, C.  DeBoor and G.  H. Golub, @i(The Numerically Stable
Reconstruction of a Jacobi Matrix fpom Spectral Data), 21 pages, April

STAN-CS-77-603 (AD-A041 292), Roberp E. Tarjan, @i(Reference Machines
Require Non-Linear Time to Maintain Disjoint SeTq), 45 pages, April 1977.

STAN-CS-77-604 (AD-A040 399), Tony F,∧@Aε8AπQC8AC]H↓∃←gKAPA∨Y%O@↔I`h*β%D≠?;S⊗{1β?2βS#∃∧#'OOOβπS'6KSeβ|1α3π@¬U>.lN&}6d
GOεT	V/&
εmxDλX<\nA ¬'`2der Systemq of Hype@IE←YSAβc@,S'?w→%!↓#)βCπ>+E "λ≡π⊗NDε∪K≠uaPPH*:DrX:2kmk%Fε(

λεP↔↔-14, AD-A042  0β→Q%1¬⊃0∩∧u`λ
=89~¬D∃@⊂∪U⊂&t]1t2`,l, B∞
A.↓∂#↔≤εF.Z≥f"∧%`∧π8z_-l9Kλλ
*⊂ ⊂∪wr2`, fgr↓→KCe9S]NAMsgiK5bRX@HdAaC≥Kf@0hR+G≠*↓Ee]8p4(∀U~Rε9l~M%]8iQAYbα7'∂F↔1αRqα∂3∞s∂eβ∞s⊃α∪|sπ3⊃∧)1α=nW&BDλεJD∀
πε@yx	0[vp	ng a`≥H4⊂
CK|∪3↔∃m≠?3[L¬f 4∀y0⊗Zw0q∧K⊂_X~λ80sr\β(λA∃β+;∃↓α⊂∞&VβP∞

S@)¬_[π~iU@:β)LεTλ∧!iS⊗j)εLYYTVλ)zy`!n @∨O%GWRX↓↓RQ≥β↔∂'4¬⊗≡∂M_mnh_;LD∀≤[m|β9P &or~∃¬Egi@⊗∂Qα&S¬ααO↔ε/4λ
α pages _A)k]J@Dr`≥]ph ⊂@"Tuλ→β⊗aiKXπ7-X`p@1∧K@∨'l≥b¬≡≥]vrαα⊂
4→ytp∪), @i(Lπ\A≤¬vn(⊂	`5brec@U`O'αh	!QTY0∩≥qtq4[4z4`%pεRX@D`dAaα⊂≡<kλ	.αp∞e 19778~∀4U~Rε9l~M +vp&@_≤P∀⊂b⊂
∂∀≠yC!!wvq~w0r7\αial Algo@ISiQ[LRP⊃↓K9βCπ>+@~@λ∩P~[2P⊂⊃dh
dr\RP⊃ααLW.↑(∃m≥Xπsy_p∧ _A↓RQαA→`π\X
m}X¬P &or @+αs∪↔Kα8
DipπG←@,ε'<αTV⊂~⊂8 !dπ@↔Mbα+@.βY(ε↔-m`↔βE
nnαiP∪∀¬∧LUPG↔λε⊂ Q⊗`X~
α 703)(λAT¬vF∂$	V∞vβX ⊗λ)0	c@!CeHA]CYISαs⊂≡<Kβ! 4T*~2P& /dπSFAα{⊂∩∧=x.∞αz2`2 Pro@≥`π]]⊗v:α+λπ⊗λ≤⊂⊂Yβ`fX↓∃`↔lTβKvpAQ@εE)U g⊗aTT¬774h	EIαB"BAhεs 5α[V⊂⊂b⊂
A@hd@@8εS %+λ∩¬@⊂⊂ ⊂@∃]P≠e∧s'%β∞s⊃α↔';πK⊃∧	0⊂@"QP∩Zpπenbau`~X↓↓RQ↔+3∃6⊗@≡9λ∃-l→<\nL8π24[3P7`& Signals), 23 @AC@∨↔~aα+Wv)↓E@⊗p
e@∧¬∀~)' ∩εp¬T:hεP↔\Z`→E~aα¬9ααOC↔&K∂πSzaαβ%D{9αO|¬V*∧=Hλ.yryP≠pε @#UCgR[9Koi←αqα7↔&C?'1Q& -βy⊂)↑yz6yH4πf Non`→Sαs↔πI∧3∨↔↔∪π'
∧+GWπαM⊗}w5∃Bβ≠∀λ≤βryVλ%:w2H_X	7\Xλ (αC"J:α g-@π&@5αp
eVβ_Z (AIM4dr`%Jaαk⎇↔$⊂εpw≠0V⊂ Y4P ∪@!C[@'α ∧λ~*∃
(⊂p↔[8εergence o`4T3W;∂&K?;M∧εFz∧m_∞\α87`)np	fAα{⊂∩¬,Xλn↑\z0≠→P"2`&in`∪@&K?;MJa↓QU∧εε∞y<k∧	];Y$ε,∧[@7,∧⊂∀!Q%≥⊂3@⊗PβS ~@8εrkL-+∧
KH⊃mMβ{t`.pπWRAα;⊃αzqαC'α-vv@Y8=%D⊂~*	@8¬`≠Kβ∪'∂πbα7/M
v'~hn⊂:42CE#4`2pπhA¬%QCe[=]SFA∃ckC@&K?9β∞s⊃β≠|ε"π~→(
NβwV@ Di`≠Kαs@≡Nβ{X-D∀⎇≠mp¬s Pp¬P∨d∧VjJAQ#C2∞λλ,@p¬s, Jp@;*↓Ee]8¬`hPβ"TjH3K0j5α[[@-4∧bl@!βλ@6λεβ#2∧∧l&∃+λ∩]8π=⊗Sβtto Krei@M`
βπv!α+}8	.
.4ry M`iQ=HRX@HjAaC≥Kf@1¬≠↔CS,¬V⊗/$ε∪KmkC!↓α@
STAJ-CS-0∞nZβ1E@:¬λ∀L@+,lε¬+λ∃↑\XP∃βi`≥←α;@⊗∞ED∧εJ	xD∞{{9$λ{{]↑⎇→1∧
}z=~-⎇\c"M|β⊂#r[2y0z~{2P&~w3r`)qtics about the Sci@∃]iSM%FA'iUIrA←α1α3πv;Wπ∨*I1↓I(h#Cπ>+E "λ8	.∞→;8L↑Hλλ@953&

SDAN-CC-73%618  HPP-77-28$ AD-A045 948)(λA≥%YfA∀8@A;L¬G>{{@⊗λ 4T H(97b≥qz4`/n	αSystem↓H ?$λ↔/&⎇\↔&N4λF.'\8

≥{J+∧εH⊂__pπes, Sep@QK[EKβ⊃↓Ee;90⊂hαC"J:⊂3C(~i)`≠KY_\P
 b⊗`L~≠⊂~∞_TV⊂∃β(@A(XA!CUXAC]⊂A$\A∀X@A	¬aUC\0A↓RQQS[JZααOCπ≤∧PhUN,⊗&*Yxf .h~3D(⊂λ %bbde Gaee)ineering), 18 pages, SepTember 1977,

STAN-CS-7↔-622, G. H.  Golqb, M.  Heath and G.  Wahba, @i(Generalized
Cross-Validation as a Method dor Choosing a Good Ridge Pabameter), 25
pages, September 1977.

STAN-CS-77-623, D.  Boley and G.  H.  Golub, @i(Ifvepse Eigenvalue Problems
fkr Band Matrices), 71 pagas, September 1977.
STAN-CS-77-624 (AIM-301, AD-A044 231)(λA→∃ciKd↓Ce]∃ghXAα+Q9β∞a91α∧I"K↔≡+;P4U∪↔O↔∂∪∂!βLqα∂?oβWS↔∩αO∂'.s∂∃%b↓EEaπβπ∂↔~aαO↔¬#↔7-⊃↓Ee;90⊂h!Q%≥$→aT≥~Vrrk3&TαDEX∪β#dεβKα∃D∧n∂-0¬∩rλ.&␈>d⊗v"
an, @i(A
αF@¬chA≠∃aOS]≤AβIO=aSiQ4RP@hHAaCO∃bPA'∃aaK[	Kd@@λπ∪;~aQ hU:H∀rl:5S;:Vf#2bλ≥f'⊗↑p∧
R∧⊗∞zDλεJD⎇`π&FT	F}␈∧
≤[pML9*+∧εL(∀≤y<k∧	x⎇≠l,<H'⊗mkC!! Tuλ→K0teVmk%F&h
E∃λ∀Z,=_<Y∧	KH∪
≡≥≠{D;Y
≠_;L≡H⊃|L≡~≤j%Dl ⊂≤0sryK⊂'qz≠q2y\[[WβE
STAN-CS-77-620 (AD-A048 787), Richard J.↓→Sai=\AC]⊂A%←E∃e`A
&Znn4lf`@!β∪~ZL`dXA¬λ[β≡Pr@nlDRPA5=QCdA5C]]B↓C]HAISGQCIHA/C1IS]O∃d~∃↓$Q's]QQKgSLt@A	IKC[fz|A!I←OeC5fRX@DbrAa¬OCfX↓∨Gi←	Kd@bdnn\~(~∃')¬≤[π&4nnZlLb@Aβ%~Zf`LXAβλ5α`j`p`lR0A≥CG!kZA	∃egQ←]SitAα;⊃αV{#πI∧kπ;;λ`4*βJB';≠/∪↔;∂*αKW3/→β≠?∩αCK??∪π5α∞s;?S∂#'?9Ja↓QYπβπ∨↔~aα?∂&{↔Iβ	e]]ph(4*≥"ε96≥→5]]k1MI↓D
&55≠↓Q1α!6¬A!A↓Ya I1αS}#⊃α+.3≠↔KJα←π∨v+I↓"&C↔O'~I04*∧I"#π⊗#←πK*α[↔KN3'∂π&K?9%b↓EAI¬βπ∂↔~aα?∂&{↔Iβ	e]]ph(4*≥"ε96≥→5]]k1MM↓D
&55≠↓U1α!6¬A!A↓YYαI1α←Nc3'πjα≠πW>CQ↓"&C↔O'~I04
∧I"7?&K[πSN{9βπv!α';&+;O'}sπ3''Iβ'9ε	α∂?oβWS↔∩αO'7.cπS'}qα7?&+1%1β	AP4Uβπ∂↔~aα?∂&{↔Iβ	eM]ph($*:DrX:2k≠uRc≠"D
x	LM8;[D;Yλ%H∪KD
_8	6→z:⊗⊂⊂4T @∪αew Ppkof ob Global
Convergence fOp∧AiQ∀A)eS⊃SCO←9CXA#0AβYO=eSiQ4RX@b`AaCO∃fP⊃α}≠S/-⊃↓Ee;90⊂h!Q%≥$→eT≥~Trrk36UB∧:d	αrαλ⎇vg8KλλeH∃↔λ&:uP_w2⊂&K⊂&↔ Mverton, @i(A Blkck
Lanczos Method to Computer the SiNgular ValUe and CorrespoNdifg↓'SMOUYCd~)-KGiIfA←L↓BACQaSpR0@p`AACGKf0A∨Gi=EKd@Drnn\4∀∩∃'Qβ≤[πLZnnZXfl@Q¬λ[α`Pp@np`RP⊃α↑+;;↔&AαA9ααβ@.,UB∧ε∃λ5vJλ=vw6↑,v.v<Tε}0Q*GεN⎇⎇f}n↑N&N~	→g&/,λmL8π:9JT∧ "5 pageq(λA∨
~Trrk34p∧	≤;⊃$
X;<m=kλλ
*∪sD∞~→(λ|<λ∀nN]8p~≥y2P'Yα Se@EkC@;≤∧W4≠yC!
≠z3NNh≠sD(⊂r.1v2TK⊂→≠⊂≤0sriK⊂)r`0te`≠E∃`	↓EK9P~@A"C!)j gaiVKMβ(
Rε6βx@⊂∀wv; )ng a↓∂3πα8d
βs⊂(]pr90]4qP(≤4πg`%¬[[@'v84*C⊗{#↔o→%!↓!IβCπ>+@~@λ∪p⊃]4πbe@H@bbn\Xλ$!Q%≥⊂3@⊗PβS% .β95IMJ↓"ε&h¬S≠βeD∧"X∩β+~ε⊂
fU+λ⊂m}Y→0⊗≠⊂#q2Yw⊂0w→⊂"0{~p∧ Bap¬gi←β90 (αP⊂∀J'w⊂(≤4πgbam Sy@9iQKgαK@~∧α{[n⎇→9→lU+λ
 S⊗a`∪-4ε`≥T¬Mε∧λ∧ dST¬3 7, AD5α`j@~↓E@;e∃B¬Vβz_.⊂ 
anna and Ri@
QCeHααP≡∞β→~-ly<@⊗βE 4T∀z90∃@
i`↔K,∧B¬π-x	n0p
ming @/%iQ←@,εB¬⊗\8
.9tw`.)(λ@@λεαπε≤|W5α⊂"2Xp¬`≠E∃`	↓EK9P~@@εEεBαSTAN-CS-\h
 +d¬_H∀ dfKYX⊂_0Aβλ[∧`jf@Dph@%bα∪π[L∧B∧⊗≤.7&@⎇h

M→<p∀\β), @i(Ae@Q←[CI%F~*≤¬vw∨L.V∨&≥xD
βs⊂ [3wy4]46yTK⊂→→0 pagepεP⊃α&+∂π\,W$.-f@Tε¬

λ¬')β8[π&Zβ9P~@-I→⊂ w2≤2{P!Kα Yao, @i(Mn C@=]gi@↔+∂S'v9α7≥m⊗o.β(∀n8π74[3P"9→p¬s @%\⊂∀-0(M8εr`.pπS@?v1αO∧∧⊗≡<h⊂⊂[2⊂!2[0z2`$ Pro@	YK@7~I1↓Mαpλ∞9y0→K⊂ ∞o@YK[EKβ⊃↓E@⊗p
e@∧¬∀~)' ∩εp¬T:hεP↔\Z`→Q~aα/WvK=αS∞sπ∃bαβ%"λ∧∧>9{9.NX∧qP∪p¬thod in↓_ >mH
-l88	εBαPro@≥`π]]⊗v:α+λεVh≤⊂⊂Yp¬s, Dece@5EKd@Dr`≥]ph ⊂@"Tuλ→K0teVβ[V@644 _A	Ke@;∂∪⊃α]xNE4Y0≤[0zr (The@MSf@%bαβ%"FK↔Kπα,6FN<≥B¬π-x↑]~0∩\β
∃←α1α6β≠p≠\β and p	QJ↓	KiKβ∪7'l≡FN}dλl@⊂ 	nner L@=←afR0@bl@ ∧πε∞|XeD⊃→0⊃Yvq2`2 10∩nβ90⊂@ ¬εE∀h∧AN5∞MT¬`≠KXε45, R`∪GαCπK⊃∧Q0∩∧β~0_≥4πn, Dh∂]C1HA)p∧¬⊗@|y+∧8π2 Rh∂EKβ∪Qα↔v#@⊗(β"U≡X¬0w⊂ 4T⊃p¬`≥Kβ∪π3'T∧V"∧βY0→]2r⊂"~yyr`#ti`∨\αI1↓Mα λ∞9y0→K⊂"2`#embe@H@bbnβ90⊂@ ¬εE∀h∧AN5∞MT¬`≠KXε46 (AIM4f`rR0AεLA≤X	αlX∞ww⊂ !nd Dep¬KFAX	α|∧⊂_→w⊗⊂ ~T"s &icie@9h⊂∀(LV≡O=_md∀≤[l<αr0∃@IKfA¬¬`∂π⊃∧¬vr∧=xL@y:r`.c`
Aπαc?OW⊗)% "∧¬(∞9y0→K⊂"2`#embe@H@b`%8εr`!α@

SP	β≤αj≥~β(@8-0hnαaαπlN&/:λ5bα¬≤≥rb∧
∧β≠p≠Yy⊂!7]w2⊂ 4o Palind`%=[@∃αα,V≡}⎇m↔&Nβ{C!1<P(≤αh∂EC	SYS@≤εFN~λ¬≥.4p∞g↓≠CGQ%]KfR0@d`Aββπ>↑5B∧V≥nV∂↔∀ε∪KnC!∧¬
STAH[πLZ`≥ahεc#B¬λ∀"l⊗εS"β⊗@e∃α⊂"7[0pd↓
*'KC >|∧X.
≤∧TVλ≠_λ @AC@∨↔~aα+πw+πKeβ	e@;¬aP@!αE)j⊂dε-CS-0∞pZβ1Qe↓DBBAT¬`≤XTV⊂⊂αruc@∀A≥d∧∧.αqt0[0p∞ @¬]HAα#←πK ∧∧
@i(D@≥	Iβ⊂⊃β∞s⊃α\X
∃αb"g⊃) f≥λ⊂*42Zy⊂ x≤4∧ic@¬iS@?w→α&≥\Vw≡≥xE∃α⊂⊂∩TAaCO∃`
  Q)&∞w\≡'Jβ↔⊗sBpβ"C!)j gaiV@78-6%0 (AD5α`j@ ∧β
~≠p⊗XyP& %nga`+α)βπl@λ
-βq2`2t E.↓)CeU¬\XA↓αI"∧Q(f∂∨Dλ⊗f>}-↔&FTλ	M}H⊃P∀[24w3H ∧ominato@I`
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uLtise@PA∨eI∃`'l}2J@λλ	Xλ80sr\β(λA≠¬`∂!β	eMaph ⊂@"Tuλ→β⊗aiKXπ8-Xjd@Q¬∪⊂∃5≠	E%1∧;@⊗.t	f.g=xD8π2 Dere@,Aε@9αα0∨πXED⊂~*λ∀∀z0⊗\4∧if@%Kd4T∪πO↔ ∧ε}rλX	L@4qt`%npλA	∃GSgSα{9απd∧v␈⊗α8
4≠yP	, 20 p@¬H∂/5D∧n∂,9αβα-`≤αλ
 .βA5@3T5B¬Nβx	`3i Shilh∂CGαA1αβJB7WLM∩m→<[-≥X;λε¬,(⊃MMβ{TVλ_Xλ @AC@∨↔~`4*+∞sWπKβ∀βKwAQ@εE)U g⊗aTT¬784hjh@!!∧dpβAUIA|
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∧;K?O≡)1αβJBO?≠';πK∃¬∪↔OSNc';≥εK84*?∪πC#N≠Mβπv!αCK};Kπ7nK;≥αf;∨W∞;↔M%b↓MAβε∨↔Mbα7πeβ	e]aph(4*≥"ε96≥→5]ak1YQ1d ProblemSolving:  The Contract Net Approach), 27 pageq,
June 1978.
STAN-CS-78-668 (HPP% .`Zb`R0AβYC%\A¬←9]KhX↓↓RQ¬¬∨¬β∧αaα¬α∧∧↔↔≡↑$ε&@|H⊂!QT]3U0X<l\λ∀v.>→; ⊂∃ytw3H0P!b[pw:4XP#y0[vpy∧K⊂~_@≤0sryK⊂%:g→P_\[N↔εEεB)j gaiV[N⊗[≠≤K⊂0{ !il[bibStocimeyep and F.  Frances Yao, @i(On the
Optimality ob LInear Merge)( 11 pages, June 1dnpL~(~∃')¬≤[π&4np@539A1α⊗{;π3"α19α?∪π#πjaαπ;'∪↔]α~qαgπzaβπ≠ α→9↓∧3Kπ≠≤+@~¬≤≥r`h(	∩DNliw⊗n≡M⊗}rλ-w.vN4ε∂⊗T
v.∞4	⊗rπMR¬≡
π⊗↑-LVjJDε3Hh.λ⊗>∂5D∧W.lTβKw¬`hPQ*5$eX5~kw¬S3;∀¬∧LUV32∃D∧V/.-vf"λ⎇⊗w∨≡&*αλMε/≡≡5∩b∧
∃∧v∂NXL≥λ∪_-l⎇89lQ"T≤M|y<|m≥Yh~-d_;@λ≡=≠{,≡~8h
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<z90↔_p¬, 190∞dZβ	e@;¬∃Bβ∪4ε⊂≤0sr`3, @≥←β3↔7,ε"βα-`≤αλ
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@ppdep∧AkI`πe∧∧⊗v"	]⊗≡F≤X∧		Hλ	@{2y:≠w⊗⊂ ~T)z2\4∧ength
Algorithms dh∂dA5S]@'nKk'lpλ∀⊂{⊂⊂\βs o@_A≥@?v#'6lXL]]~0,-α2P#≥w1z4[w9TVλ~[FE≤0sr`3, @≥←β3↔7,ε"βα-f¬@∧¬∀~)' ∩εp¬T:hεP↔`Z`→@∧∧∧λ{{[M≤αP%↔λ)z0w≠2|P∀→p4z7\α), @i(Bi@	YS@??∪πC#Jβ?2λ∧p~_w37`2dλ
*≤¬voπ↑LW$∀xp∀Yw1rP∀2x7`2ts _@Dr`→Mhε∪K≠¬∃Bβ∧∧πε∞|XeD⊂π7`6embe@H@b`%8πα`!α@

SP	β≤αj≥~β(@8-0`!α⊂λ¬λ10&εM(Gεh∧V⊂∪4πui@LA)eC	DA!CIIP≥↓E##↔OLε2J@λ⊂⊂∀J)rzεBαRep@IKgK]QCiS←αqβπl@
≡=λ∩-nα2y9Yqz4`/n), 85 pages _A⊃KGK[	Kd@@λπ∪ 7λπεEβE)`∀AL∧[π~iP≠Bβ(≤⊂⊂λAD-A0&5 26%), @∃C
←E@=¬3π3∪,ε2αEMW=<j+∧λ~*∀≡\z0↔→β Fl@=oGQCIif~∃α;⊃αα8	.4ryVT0y0v≠2p Gp¬CaQLRP⊃↓α f4≤_9l↑hε⊂"→qrvq→y⊂⊂⊃dh
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λ∧⊂∀*:DrX:2k≠¬RcC:¬λ∀L@+,l&Uα⊂ b`X≠~H≠_\∧K⊂)4aZ0y2 Tπ@↔gG∪πW∂@¬B∧ε∃
¬MV␈↔∀λl@⊂#7i≠pr⊂)→pyw`.ing), 41 @AC@∨↔~aαβ↔≤∧Vn⊗↑ βKw↓`hPβ"TjH3K0j5-nβ&g∞λ
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x;≥↑H⊃x-l→<K∧λ~*∪md≥~→$	~;Y,≡H∪→,≡⎇λ∀n≡8<Y.4∀≤[l-→;(∞⎇=~β!,(∀=,≤≤X=
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yC"J∞[y|L≥(⊃;NN[|≡%∃λ-Ft≤_9l↑kλ∪M}Y;8L↑H&&w	C"AQTu⊂)e0tk&w-N'∀
,n%∃λ∩X-\<h⊂L][Y=∞Eλ∪→.⎇<h⊂n,8<↑%A"T[l,<]λλ]Y{→-]|Y(≥Yλ∀M|Y<]∧	9;≠n=λ⊂
∃∀p0iyNHλλ∀∩{[n⎇→9→lU0X<l\λ⊂{mn⎇;≥≥]β"Lm|H∀nN]8⎇∞↑X;λλ≥X;≡.=<j+∧εM(≤≤y<k∧
y<≥]8Y<Dε.-n¬a"C"EmY>≥∧∞_9y!Q@.once center <<reports 700 thru 7→9>> 
@i(REPORTS 700 THRU 799
STAN-CS-78-700 (HPP-78-28, AD-A068 230), Reid Garfield Smith (Thesis), @i(A
Framework for Problem Solvingin aDistributed Processing Environment),
150 pages, December 1978.

STAN-CS-79-701, Mitch L Model (Thesis), @i(Monitoring System Behavior in a
Complex Computational EnviRonment), 189 pages, January 1979.

STAN-CS-79-702, Yossi Shiloach, @i(An LεQ\@$U↓RP↓∪Y←Oxe∩RA5CqS[UZ[
&Znr4n`h@!βλ[α@lp@dLdRXAI←YC]⊂Aα\AMoKKh0A↓RQ∧A'keYKrA←_AiQJ↓'iCi∀A←L~)'←Mi]CeJA→←dA!¬eiSC0A	SM→KeK]QSCXA∃ckCi%←]fR0@fbAACGKf0A∃C]UCer@Drnr\4∀~∃'Qβ≤[πLZnrZ\`jXAI←EKePA→Ko%b@Qπ
←hRA⊃esgI¬YJXA%∪∩@QQQKgSβ→%1αεI"∨↔v+Cπ3OS↔⊂4U3?K?v{%α∪N∨Kπo→βπ; α∨↔?n+SK'~αO↔π⊗≠#';8¬∩bβ↔⊗bπε≤|W~B	,⊗w.≡/∩β⊗w∩ph!Q%≥$→eT≥~Vw∩k;∧eB∧2dλg⊗∞l9↔
∃∧?⊗≡	αβ∩Y≡6}n}.εFO=Pλ
L=→*%D,C!._9y.5α⊂%0[:py<H_\[\K∧AεE∀j g⊗PiVSLKYX∪Fλ!t94\P+0wλ+|u@_w2⊂"≠w0v2λ"W⊂%[8z4ελ 4T H(97s\0p
ming and	αPRobdeM-SolVing Semanap∧RX@`fAaC≥KfHA)C]kCIr@br\r\4Ph ∃≥H→bl≥5P
g∃α[X≤⊂ w2≤2{P!Kα Yao, @i(An Analp∪GαK@~ε|dε
∧β90⊗[y<P [47q`]4sw ScheMe
JDε∪Bπ≤v/~βλ∩L≥]8<O∀.-g∃@εEεB)j gaiV@78-709 (AD5α`lPα↓IMEJaα7π⊗YαI9∧∪C/←p∧ε∞vD
∃∧&/=_	ma X;LD⊂;X-O<z0→H4πf A @a`)∧A'ieUGike∀AMODααK↔C⊗+G.nM⊗v:λ8n∞α2r Life@LRP⊃↓+4+C∞;↔MDλF.≡]\&/∩∧∧ ≤M\⊂∞

SDAL-CC-59-7⊃0  AD-A068 210), LlOy`λA)IKMKi!K\XA↓RQ≥k5KeCG¬XAπ←αkC@/L≡FN}dλl@∧¬∃@&C∃αO≤¬π>∂-%T=≤Z0→]4πff@∃XA)@⊗;O≠|ε&n∂M→vrJDεC∩π≤v/~βλ'⊗n+C!↓αA)j⊂e⊗aiK[\⊗@711, Tom Michae@0A≠@'&≠#↔MDαE&Xm≡h∧V⊂⊂4T ⊗ep¬gS←αqαOC∞≠↔Miααπ8Q(↔ππ-xλ,=λ≥≠dλ{{Xl↑≥λ∪\<[Z-lh∧V⊂_[⊂ 0a`∂Kf0A∪↔≤∧Vn⊗↑ λε↔-n↔βE
EIαBε⊃X⊂ε@≤⊂⊃\LTV⊂"≠w0v $ @
\@↓↔]ki XA↓R!)QJA∃`Kπ&	β >dλ6}o∞X
↑@εE(≤αh∂OE¬[[@'v9% "∧Wαπε≤|W5α⊂% !npCEd@bbndXλ (αC"J:α g-@π&@5αp∞%VβXYVλ πene Col@UDXA≤εF/εXD	X8	`( a`≥Hαα≡F≤∧[↑h⊂ !n @→←α91α∧¬∩Dλβ"R↑|y0↔_2y3@-Schu@HA≠Ki!←@⊃β4¬w$≥~→$
 AX  ⊗Aa	↓u∧→% "∧Vαπε≤|W5α⊂% !npCEd~∀br\rP_Q!P@*u⊂3EXtk ≠NT¬71P@Qπ≤a6@$βK _Mα0 ∩X↓
CgiC9K@∪¬bα≠K↔&+@⊗N=0λλt7s@, Petep∧⊂∀)o⊗*@λ⊃_-d∀{⊂∩Xz7q and Gio @/%K@∪↔⊗C?3⊃bαβ%"αλ44⎇*@∞D∧⊂(⊃M}]_	0[⊗z7VH(1w`$e
∃)IC]gYαS ?%∃B∧V≥nV∂↔∀ε∪Kn+C!∧¬
STAH[πLZ`≥ehεs(
@)8Zbl@λ¬∩b∧,∧Y-nα⊂ ∀8A⊃CSαcC↔Kp∧ε∞vDλ'.αqrP∪↔⊂$4]9ww, @i(S-1~∃¬`∂#LεF.∨L¬0→→P 
anua`_R0A∃C]UCer@Dr`≥eph ⊂@"Tuλ→β⊗aiKXπ9-\b`→↓D
& *T∧lF%+λ∪-≤z_9-D⊃y0↔\αgef@_XA↓R!αA
e¬[@↔←|ε&@4→[p→λ!ww:≤αh∂XAαK8 (*λM|α:q`4ion Syste@5`
%1β→UβC∞;↔MD	&∞w\≡'Jβ↔⊗sJPβ"C!)j gaiV@79(
nbβ9↓"εLi5MI ¬∩b¬-xλL↑]λ⊂l≡]_y~qt: and John McCa`%QQrXA↓RQ%Kα≠WKOLεf(hαT⊂→≠pπrampεAC@~α≠@.βXp~~ww9P~w⊂0@ Fir`'β!α?K&+@∩¬MV␈↔∃∃Bβ≠$λ≤βryVλ&pq1Z⊂_\[NTε~∀4⊂
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*∪p↔λ!y4bλ'x:4[t⎇0z~ww⊂ &or Boundary Valu`
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e@⊃SGCX↓	KGSβ≠'?9∧kπ/'v9`$,⊂λ∞2{4`%w of compUter-based↓GYS]%GC@1∧∧F.≡≤∧r-⎇H_:,Nh∧V⊂
Y⊂8 Yp¬s, February
&Rnr4jdh@!β∪~ZLdjRX↓∃WQ\αα7∞∂AN-CS-79-727 (AIM-327), Robert Edliot Filman (Thesis), @i(The Interaction
of ObservAtion and Inference), 235 pages, March 1979.

STAN-CS-79-728, Yossi Shiloach, @i(Union-Member Algorithms for Lkn-
Disjoint Sets), 12 pages, January 1979.
PAi↑4∃!Ci A!e←	YK[f$X@hf↓aCOKLXAβaISX@bdnr\~(~∃')¬≤[π&4nrZnL`XA
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fDλ@9)(λA⊗{↔K ∧∧.vL,R¬&≤-&∞rDλεJDl≡7"∧≥Hv␈⊗α8
4≠yP3 /p∧⊂∀*9vgX∧w3H(0p∀h ProBlees), 49 pageS, A`@ISX@@	IP≠JaQ hU8¬⊂)E0p	VMβ9- .LjP⊃αRqα!d
*∩|M⎇Y8p∃Yy∪p∪ @πC@;|¬fN≡≥D∧6←-Pλ≥Yλ⊂~~2P ⊃Z
Algora`)!ZRX@HfAaC≥Kf@1∧CKπb↓Ee]Jp4(Q*5$eX5~@-n+&VmKλ	%H∩βD
z;∩m≥\{p↔⊂ 4T∪4πte on the Practic@¬XA'Sα;;'≠L∧6∞v<Tε}⊂β"P~~2P"9_⎇0	n↓∪]mKβ∪@≡
∃Dβ∪α∞λλ,|αyV⊂⊂x94`, 117→,λ
(hRNBεp¬T:i(@9-0∞f@8¬B∧∞βY≤L↑h⊂kD∧⊗8;d8π2 F.  Fp¬C@;≤∧W4⊗8;eD⊂~*	]H≥~T⊂=P∩\αage- ca`'α(4*∂|¬Wε@→>~.O(≠p∪λ)rv %cting phe i(iPαα⊗/>@

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e5αv3Bαλ∧u&6MH∀ε6λε[~JT⊂!0[20v , LeV@∃ckJX↓∂@↔Ko+;⊃α&# '≤X
.z⊂0w→⊂"0wβE w2≤2rV⊂⊂4T!`/mputations RelAted To G-StabiLitq @=H	α∪Ns↔πI∧kW3SO≠S↔@hR7πSF{∪M¬b↓I]β∧∨/5D∧n∂∀ε∪K;∃aPP@ Tuλ→K0teVn+%f7(

λεP↔→-14, AD-A054 075), J,∧A$\α↓αGWL¬ff∞βKλλ
*∩3LN8⎇~-⎇H∪⎇L↑@εE&_y3rP⊃0z0@⊂αase@LRP@bβIβCπ>+E "	\↔Jβ↔⊗sJpβ"C!
u⊂3EXtk%g∃-m∧∧¬∀⊂#KXY∀Vλ)↔⊂)K⊂!py≥8πriGhp and D.A(A∨AaKLX↓↓RQ)!JA→←≥SFA←_~∃βYαKπO'v9%1↓∪!βCπ>+E!αne↓EK9e8∀Ph*NRq6∞Mk9e5]!	1α3Lc∃α#∂∪?3⊃¬∪π7OF]↓"&C↔O'~I1αβJB≠?Kn3'kNs∃βSF)απ;∞cgO'_h+/→∧3∨?⊗KS#7~I1↓E∪→βCπ>+M!αW+;∃↓λπ∪;JaQ hU:H∀rl:5S;JVvC∩α	
¬αkw∃S∩Dλ∀"l⊗εs"βεp∞¬∃λ⊂;Ml(⊃x.,≠Y<ED⊂~*	8π21≠wuP7YεA y≥4s4qZpr⊂$[82v ,igence:  Search)( 100 pages$ June L979.
	αSTAN-CS-79-\hf@Q¬∪∩ZfHpRXA)kCLA	kY]KL[%←UαE↓α&C↔O'~I1αβJB≡>εcQ↓α¬∧;?π⊂hR7Kπ.sS↔⊃∧≠?77∞s⊃α3∞s∨Wπ>)β≠?⊂∧∧NwLZ&∞∨M~f*¬∞-v}∩λ9vw∨N.V∨&≥⎇bJBε∩s*π≤v/~AQ$W.lTβKw∃`hPβ"TjH3K0j5-n+&v
+∧	→8p~≠y⊂#p\1tpFSwv4g_P⊂λDhesis),
α@@$Q!Ke→←e@7∞s∂¬β|1αWC&S∃α∞c↔?KLεFFO4λ	M}H⊂Y.
~8p.L9λ⊃≡_(⊂∀[⊂0P"~yz94X8z2rβE"0z_q0yrJT∧ 320 pages$ June 1979.
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Boufds kn Time-Space Tradeobfs in a↓!KEE1JA∂C5JRX@`dAaC≥Kf@1∧SW3@∀ε∪K;∃aP@@ Tuλ→K0teVn+ ≠M≠⊗⊂ [0p∞ Bor`≥Sαs⊂~αα⊂
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g∃-mε$¬⊂∧ ⊂P-39-Dh
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≤9I|aQP;⊃m}X∧p∀hm fo@HA→S]∃CdA∧ε&}∨,≥VnNβY`∀K⊂_Y pageS, Be@1r@br\rT4Ph ∃≥H→bl≥5P
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SPAN5β&J@8π∩k≠T¬(¬λ23 ⊗LYXTVλ paine Kant (Thesi@LRP⊃α∧I".lh
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xz1-ly(_-lλ∪8.M→;8.M8|j%D,$∧∞_9y.∃α⊂%:[<P⊂@959.

SDAN-CC-59-757  ⊃⊃A Znr4dfXA¬λ[α`\j@h`HRPA-αK∂S?∩α	9↓∧≠3↔OL∧Vg≡=∃B∧V≥\W~¬5aPD⊗]mf/'D⊗v"
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⎇Z8z.O(∀⊂→≠x2y:~pyP'Yα Partial MrdeRpεRX@HbAaC≥KfHAMKaiK5EKd@Drnr\4∀∩¬'Qβ≤[πLZnrZβ9P∪
¬λ∀"l⊗πβ"β∧ %∃α⊂"7]pπlas B.  W`gh0A↓RQ≥←ggSββ';≥¬;'S#␈+P4(NWεf≤<↔&*λN&∞w=]↔∂≡≥yg
@λ∀q.∞→;8L↑Hλ ≤M\WεEβE)b S⊗aaVM\VS[⊂⊂ dSTYYY⊂ b⊗PX≤→P→_TVλ"7w0[2⊂"Wλ%w:z~⊗⊂ 4J&bb Q'g*ελ0BE)↑yz2vH37y_v840X2z⊂ $esign), 110 pages, September 1979.
STAN-CS-79-↔4∧f@Q¬λ[α`\h@pnXRXA	=k@∨3∂→α	9αα←/>AB∧ε∃λ∩¬∨≥]V/'-≤2∧≡≥⊗ph(LV≡}↑
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@λ∀q.∞→;8L↑@εE_N[\WεB∧¬αSTAN-CS-80-↔4∧p@1¬β↔S↔⊂α∨π∂~βπ;⊃∧c↔?;L!α¬9∧c↔[πpaαβ%D≠πWO∞aα;↔';?K>4ε}rλ⎇ε∂ Q)↔4_(⊃↑→<[-≥X∧y`4ic COmputatign∨)(λ@D@AaCO∃bP⊃α|≠S >,XDε,.¬A ¬εE∀h gεPiVP↔→-0∞l@J↓"ε⊃l	AaMβ!MI%bαW'MI⊗∞j	)vF@H⊂p⊗_w1rlH∀*42\tyTVλ 4T*≤αa`≥g→KdA←α04*K,¬F*@(⊂X.≤9λ⊃/∞→<]
pages, October 1979.

STAN-CS-79-773 (AD-A083 170), Tony F.  Chan, Gene H.  Golub and Randal J.
LeVeque, @i(Updating Fopmulae and a Pairwise Algorithm foR Computing Sample
Var`∪C9GKfR0@bbAACGKf0A≥←m∃[EKdbrnr8~∀4U~Rε9l~M5]Ji]MQαBε⊃6↓aM↓λπ∪~JDλv.vT	αr∧⎇yG.∩≥f"¬-x&/↔D	"b¬
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Orthogonal DeCompo@MSiS←8RP⊃↓≠→βCπ>+E "	mw6.\,Wαβ↔⊗sJPβ"C!
u⊂3EXtk%g∃α[[JH∀ b-A08# 288), Persi Diaconi@LACMHααK/;∞c⊃α∨⊗#πUD∧εJλMε(hαP;L≥≤∧q`)pεA←L↓'Cc@,∧Vwε≤≥B∧∂∞λW-990↔≥9P;t]4⊂# %e`	EC
βSzαOWT∧V∨'5∃Bβ#∧λ≤βryVβE'7`6embe@H@b`%;I0⊂@ ¬εE∀h g-@π&J@8π∩kmmH¬
~~0→H80p %p∧AgkAKegKα#↔Mα≥"ε)6≥→5Mehεs+α/∩∧f|h↔4_;Y∧λβpqiJT∧
BengdAspvAlhλAC9HA%Sα≠#πK ∧∧*@Hλ∀nMβw2Vλ 4T%Z0qt4↑pp∞'s Linear @!β∪??,≥VnNβYc!λ8ε3w\αithm)(λ@@λε2πε≤|W5α⊂'7]2rq2\α 1979(4Ph ∃≥H→bl≥5P
g∃α[[@7 (AD5α`p@~↓E@;e∃B¬∩iEbα∧|∧X-8εP !nd N9∀]α\α↓αO3|∧⊗v*DλεJDβ{C!!ww9]0p∞t↓(∂.α9z∞D⊂{p∩→yP0w→⊂ λarmoni@=kfA∂ICaQf$X@bnαβCπ∨,ε2b∧LXλl]8Y0→λ_X	7dXλ (αC"J:α g-@π&@5αp∞%Vβ[\
 b⊗`L≤→P~Mβ3 ∩X↓	CmSα!α.β≠⊂∀[z⊂!`(aw _A↓RQαA!S@↔K∂∪∂#'≤∧⊗`@ ¬ y\wqt`!tive Architecture f@=`	βSF)αCπα,⊗f@→;λλ↑X;∃,≡~;{D
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.92w:βE)|`3te`≠f↓∂?Kα,V∨"∃Dβ,(⊂__pπes, N`∨mα+7↔⊂∧βKw∃`hPβ"TjH3K0j5αX⊂⊂-4εph@!⊃! ZβAA5IJaα7πα-2∧V\h	N2|P)]2s4`+ (ThepπSfR0A↓RQAYC@;vK;≥β>KS 4T≠?;O'∪π'nN2J@λλDf∧≤_9l↑hε⊂%_w:py≡P_\\↔

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λRewrite Rules), 52↓aCOKLXA∃C9kCeRbr`@αp4(Q*5$eX5~K∧∧&W
λ_	0$ππ(∞,&%+λ⊃
⎇X;⊃∧λ+H∩mnαz4, @i(Algorithms in ModernMathematicpεAC]⊂~∃π←αkCGS-⊃αO∂L∧Vv≡U∃Bβ∪T∞ε∞y<k∧	X;],≡↑('↔C!! Tuλ→K0teW%gεiλ∩¬IKH∀o≥;(_-lλ∩KI¬H∃z-Mz;\m⎇Kλ⊂
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T⊂→	λ80sr\T⊂%0[:py<CE_\\↔αEεB)j gaiV\⊗[\≤λ∀ dfKYYZ, AD-A086 574!, JohnMcCarthy, @i(Cip¬Gk[MGeSAQS←\@4~∃αA→←eJA=HA
←αq67∨v{S/;L→αK↔∂≠?;'v9%!↓	)βCπ>+E1α6+KW∂∪e↓EKAA8∀Ph($(1;?v≠∃β∂.sS↔IβasK↔ε{KSMβAAAβ&CKU↓CIeyyh*β%E∩⊗B>∃"M↓aβ↓αR"∃)↓aeHh(4*≥"ε96≥→5aAkAAA1∧#?;πf!α∃9∧[;WSBaαβ%D#↔∂'εC↔K'v9β¬αfK;↔π∩α∂?;?∪W↔;&Kπ04T+;∂KOβS'?rI1↓EαβCπ∨/→1αππ∪'1↓IaA8hP4*N$
96∞~iaA5C↓E↓"!6¬AK	↓Ma"I1αK∞k↔iα∂S'iα.a67π∨∪%↓"&C↔O'~I1αβJB?9β&C∃α∪/≠'∨9bαWO∃bβπ;⊂hR';S.;KπSN{9β?2α∪πS
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4→ytyTK⊂ 4T∪wr2f≠4p∞g↓iQJA∃]`≠π⊗{;'↔w!β/_hSπ9α,ππεf}-⊗v:
hVFN=H	$↑(∪,\9\h
&R`@αiaAYbβeαα⎇⊗f@~8;$	+H⊂m}9z≤L≥Kλ∩N↔⊂∀*~2yt`3)(λA↓αI"?9∧εFF*λ≡ππ⊗βz~-\=→#!)wv 5ti`∨\αβ?2	∂↔ε/,-vfN4	⊗vOM_⊗bl-x
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f@P80sYyP June
190⊂@αp4(Q*5$stigatkrs),
αK/≠↔πK≤Aβ'→∧CC'4K∂'πbα';S,c3'∨,s∂∃β∞s⊃α≠⎇+;∪π&K?;M∧{⊂∩¬∞-v >X;;-≥Yj+↓QJ	m$∞_9y.T∧ May 1980).

SDAN-CC-80% 0@r@Aβ%~Rff`RP⊃αn{K∨πpαM)α|¬π>␈mz&N}LTαE&Z6O~∃D∧εJλ≥b∧/∞LVw&≥⎇`hVβyH
~→;n<P0w→⊂4z9H x8 ,ication to the AutoMation h∂LA%]Ikgβ#@⊗N≥APD∂>8Vn⊗M_W5+λ'εH≤_,\αyV⊂⊂x94`, 118⊂,	α
SPAN5β&J@A↓5aEα↓"ε⊃l	AeEβ	IQ¬bα)9αnK∂#π,¬B¬∨LX	-L(_;LD⊂;Y∞=h⊂e@⊂,pwK⊂ 4T∪5{riλ!3r`.ds f@=`λ (αX;\αq90ZqP"2Xtyt`/n Trees ∩XbdAa¬K@↔Mbα+GM∀βKαλλ↔βE
`@αiaEEαBBZ≥hε∪Bbλ_Blπ⊗∩β≠⊗5∩b¬>LW6.d	Rb∧|XM\9Kλλ
Defi@9SiS←8AP∨→¬βπO∂∞aβ≠| λ
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βs⊂ \αpif@%GSCX↓∪]iKαc3'∨,¬f≡*∃Dβλ≤⊂⊂Yp¬s, S`ai∃[EKdα↓Ee@∧∧AQ@εE)U g⊗aTT¬8  4pbf@!β∪~ZLh`@%bα#πn4¬ε/LXD	8πy0]2qP∀∃42y`)pεRXA↓RQ?↔≠Sπ∂d∧PhT≤hm≤α0w1YP0w2λ'0s$Yβati@=\AS\αβS#∃¬∪↔πD
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&␈&|O↔ε/4λ⊗v Q*π⊗@y→0⊃]4sw Rp@3-→aα¬∧[; ?⎇H	,Ly(∀L↑≤Y0→Yw:0z~ww⊂ &or C@=[aki∃`Aπ←αs@∨.β→_.M9{\e∃β"LFελ≤⊂⊂Yp¬s, Aug`+Mh@br``\4Ph ∃≥H→bl≥5P∞ε¬,∧⊂⊃T@Q↓¬↓5aAhε∪ %+λ⊃,Nβpp∩d H ≤AMQP∨K&c'≠*aα5: ¬bb¬
∃∃→{aQT_<↑\h⊂↔[⊂ 
e@⊃SGCX↓∂?7¬+S'lpλ¬UαP∀1) @≠Kα#'∂πbα∨N,XMl=~0⊃\β: @)!JAπQ¬YK@;>+@~ε|aPD≡M_M≤x;λλwvx*]4p∞g0@PdR↓∂?;≤εVg_8
4[w⊂ ∪@eciK[LAM@?⊂∧¬εG≤∧p∀Xtpw9Nα The R`∨Yα)β >aQ$∂↔M_	M≤z8;∧	8π:2[4∧igence Techniques), 5& pageS, @∃@,¬GJβ↔↔βαpβ"C!)j gaiV@79(
ED∀[pL↑]λ∪¬@⊂!6*[T∧ M∞D., @i(Ae@Q←[CI%]NAi!JA'iUIrA←α1α∂3Ls'∂π`h ∀Gα8λ']42y`%pεA←\↓BA)S5JS∨e%K]iKα!α&≤¬_$λX8p∩Nα  The RX↓!eOUα+∂Q¬b↓EIβ∧∨/5APTv|h	-\Y<@⊂\[\WβE
STAN-CS)79-817, Jeff@IKrA'α≠?SQ¬3'SS-⊃↓"SF+G'MJaαβ%D;π∪O≠'Mβ|∧b∧≡|≥F/≡<X@hT≡6FNlp
%D,$$∞_9y.∃α⊂ zYzyz⊂\X⊂↔βE
STAN-CS-8 -818 (AIM-341, AD-A091 18\RPA/%YP∪'∞iα3?,K@~¬<9ε/⊗M~2αEMW∞O5∃B∧ε∃λWGπ,Z7∞N⎇aPEπ-xλl\≥<Y.∀_;Y∧
≤[yn8εP"→y4p⊗ation$X@bn`AaCO∃bP⊃α∂+∨WO ↓Ee@∧∧AQ@εE)U g⊗aTT\⊂⊂-811 (AD-A091 1``RXA
xbπ&T∧n∞m_∞]_=~-⎇H≠p∪λ#0∂bmal PRoofs),	α130 pages$ Aucust 1980.

STAN-CS-(0-820 (HPP-80- $HRPA/%YYSC4AmC\↓≠KYY∀@Q)Q∃gSfR0~∃↓R!αA	←5CSL[%]IKa∃]IK]PA'cGQKZA)!ChAβ%IfAS8Aπ←]MiekGβ#'?;8α/;?>c↔∪∨*jπO, 4*∂|sOW3&S'?rαCK??∪π7MJa↓EE∩βCπ∨/→1α+.s∃↓EKAA84Ph*NRq6∞MkAA5a∪	04*&{W3∂→α	9¬;↔OQε;⊃α∨∪π'≥∧	9αS␈3↔e0hRβ%"≡+7'πw#'∂#∞K;Mβ∞s⊃αWvK∂#πNqα∂?6+C'≠?→β'→∧#'K↔≤εB¬π-xG.∨N4ε}H⊂λ \84pvλ'y22\9PVεBα20 pa`∂Kf0A'Kaβ#↔7,ε"β↔εαpHαC"J:⊂3C(:k*¬WLC↓QPY3L}λ⊂<n∞X;⊂⊗λ∀*42\tyTVβE 4T⊃q34`#ieftAlgoRithms fgr↓GCeI¬S\A'¬iSgMαKππdKSeβ∞s⊃α∪Ls↔πI¬βK >},⊗nn≥lphU∞-v⊗F]↑2Jbπtπε∞|Z2b¬<X∞L98Y.∧..ε¬A"C!
David Elh	S←β!αO#∂9↓"SF+G'MJ`4*βJB/;?>c↔β∨*jβπO,∧B¬⊗↑N&N/l≥Bε}d∩¬⊗]H↔&N⎇l⊗b∧L≡F∞⊗≡8R∧n≤=εNvU∃@hS'εαπε≤|W
Bλ≡V?/>@βK∧∧AQ@εE)U g⊗aTV\_⊗N→~⊗εB*:w3H,zw Mea,
@i(LACD, A Danguage for@πQS]∃g@∃α≡CπKπ∨#↔Iα&+G'∨rI04)3→βCπ>+M1α}≠S?-⊃↓EeC↓84(hRNRεrj∞M5C↓5aI*`4*
rαA9α≤∧6Fv}."`h(	∩E⊗\i⊗v.Dλ⊗v∞Lε<m≡h_;LD∩;<∞-⎇Y;,]]≤h
⎇H∀p↔[p¬ Factoring AlgoriThis),
30 pages, NoVembeR 1980.

GiO Wieder`oLd, Anne Beetem0AC]H↓∂Cee∃i`Aπ!←ehX4∃↓RQ⊃CiCE¬gBAβAae←C
PAi↑↓π←[[U]SGCQS←\A%\A-→M∩A	KMSO\R0~∀bb↓aCOKLXA∨GQ←EKdbr`@8~∀4U~Rε9l~M5aαiaI]`h*π≠'∪↔]α≡C%6∂FK!αg∞y04(	∩D}d
FF*λλλ.8ε6"[⊂!wf\8z0z~ww⊂#≠y⊂:4→P!w0\9pquH(97q≠2vTVβE_X@≤0sryK⊂'7`6embeR 1980.
Donald E, Knuth and Mi@
QCKX↓\A!1CgfX4∃↓RQ	eKCW%]NA!¬aCOe¬aQfA%]i↑A1S]Kf$X~)31βCπ>+E "	mw6.\,W∩β↔↔βαpQ!PU≥H→bl≥5Wβαkε#∩`H(,Vv?Dλ↔∂πl≥Fbε≥lB∧↔,≥fZ∧β~8-lkβ"H
*∃~T⊃~;Ml<H∃≤[→(
∞[x[]*+β!&,h≤≤y<k∧λ→8q-\Y<Hε↔,λλ↔βE
STAN-CS-8 -830,
@avId Matula, Yossi Shi@1←CGP↓C]HAI←EKePA)Ce)C\X~)↓RQ)]↑A→S9KCd[QS[JA¬YO←e%iQ[f↓MP∨I∧3'[∃l≠?3?⊗K;≥β
αC &≥l↔∩∧},↔εB∃APC∪4∞ε∞y<k∧λ→8p∩[q2y\Xλ .
∧I"π9∧y#+]Iv.r∀λ⊗f>}-↔&FTλf␈∩	\↔FN↑]R∧v↑Nv␈⊗4λff←u∃@hS∧∀πε∞|↑2b∧L\6.n,Z"εc↔εαph!Q%≥$→aT≥~WεαkC4!@hTL≥fwJλMvf/eAPTε∃
]9→(λ}X<∩∞5+β"FFh≤⊂,|αyV⊂⊃2qrfX2y⊂_N\_↔εB∧E)j⊂g⊗aiK\_⊗LYVεE∩7t7∀:yyr[4∧ Gilbert (Theqis),
@i(Grap@ A'Ka¬eCi←HA)QK=aK[f↓C]H@↓'aCEMJA∂CUcgSC8AYS5S]Ci%←\RX4∀b`h↓aCOKLXA	K
v $≥~→$λZ:_.-;{Z,4⊃<=,≡~;{E∃β"L&7(≤_,|<kλλL8y;,,<H'↔C!!"Tuλ→K0teW.ε6+β"H↑X∧qP∩↔⊂#y≠yyrP
*42yZyTVεB 4T \897l~vpz4[w⊂0w→⊂'x 4imaz@¬iS←\↓←DA1KGie=\A	K9cSiR↓≠Caf$X∩∧bDpAaC≥KfHA⊃KGK[	Kd@Bdp`L~(~∃'	¬≤[π&4pbZPLlX~∃i←QC@⊂α7π≠v	βπ; ∧∧∞n≡ ¬ε@]90⊗~VεE ~T*2f\7y0vλ+2y4Y4qpz~ww⊂'Yα CoNcurrenp PRocrams( PApp I: The TempOp¬CHA→`π\X
m}Xc"Lmβy⊂![w1zi≤αent Prggrams),
70 pageS, Januari 190⊂@
p4(Q*5$eX5~K∧⊃SC≠uAPT↔,XλlT⊃k@λ∞8z_-l9Kβ!(~*∀L↑y8<L=λ≠sDλ>≤→.∞λ∀v.>→;<e∃β"Lg∧≤_9l↑iλ⊃L\\]0⊂\<P⊂LN_WεEβE)j S⊗aiVN_V\→N⊗εE(→z2y⊂⊂αrgwn,
π⊗↑},⊗j∧.Y⊗f&≥lrJ`Q&∪~π≤v/~Dλf.↔.Xλ.∂(λλ@981.

ApphuR L& Samue@0X∩*∧¬∩E≡
xND∃x:.Nh+β!εmh⊂__pπes, Februari 190⊂@λp4(Q*5$eX5~@,λλ@-840,
λ@	←]¬YHA
8A↔]kQPX~∃↓RQ-Kβ∪'π≤S'∨p∧ε}∩	H
←YfR0~∀lAAC@∨↔~aα+πw+πKeβ	eaEph  (αTuλ→K0teW+ ≤
_VεE⊃4πnald E.↓↔]ki X∩*∧¬∩DG\h	M\9I|dλ9→{n4z46H90p@ AlgeBpa),
6 pAg`fX↓≠CeG @brpDXλ$λhRNBεpj∞M5C	5aQ⊂`4*7L∧6F∞]D¬∩rλ|Vv/<XL↑~β!(~*∃
(∀[mL(≠p∪λ(60w≤P 	n Intelligent Teaching Syctems),
19 pageS, No@YK[EKH@bbp@\∩∧~(~∃'	¬≤[π&4pbZpPfX~∃i←QC@⊂α7πml∩ε∞l@λλ≥8<@⊂∀4εue@1RX~∃↓RQ)K5a←eC0A-Ke%MSGCQS←\A=H	α∂|s∂WK⊗+;@"

Bλ↔↔λ∩2'$∀≤[nm9Y`⊂∩w;0y~pp∞c@∃`
≥f"∧≥]↔$∀≠],]~+β!λ~*∃]<≠p→_v⊂#"\αifiCatioN h∂LA
←]Gkβ∪@⊗.n@¬π⊗|}&∞o5D¬ε∂,¬⊂∩dd]⊂λ(97{~w3P"]2w::Xv4z4YyPVεB→ZP8_pπes, March 1981
SPAN5β&JPβ	5aQ*`4*@-x
≡H∪8-mX(⊂⊂[2⊂ vZy⊂ ⊂@9kC@3J`4*βJBS↔7∧{@⊗∞βλ∃L↑Z9P∀Xpz4`/n of Concuprent ProGpa`≠f0A!C@↔!α&YR↓αS#*α0⊗↑e↑F.o
xL≥λβ"H≥≥→0→≠0z4`6e),
45 pae`fX↓≠CeG @bbpD~∀4U~Rε9l~M +∧∧ ⊗N~≠⊗εB ∧anny Do@1KlX~)↓RQ&C∃αβ_∞L≥]~0↔→P#r`.eralS Stbihπ@∃α∞;π'e∃@hS&dπε∞|XeD⊂εpy_t⊂⊂⊃dpb4Ph ∃≥H→bl≥5P∞ε∃αXλ (β90 (αR→-n↑(⊃E@⊂ o@IiP@0hRβ%"αMε*∧βxλ 4imal Lh∂GW%]NA∧ε&}⊗β→0⊗H4p∞ @∧A∪'α,V∨&\@λλ≤|∧q`,ic Graph),
6 @AC@∨↔~aα7πα,6Bβ↔↔βλhαC"J:α g-@π&@5β%W
  Q(εJDβ{@≡M→(∀∞4πbl@∃ZA←L↓∪]akβ#S'lpλλt4w2\βe C@!CeCGβ#↔KMJ`4)@∀λ≤βryVλ x94[⊂_\\F@

SP	β≤αj≥~β(1-849,
To@!`@*	m↔=~9x-tVεE⊂4T"`8peri@5K]i@~β?9β&C∃α=lV*∧>-↔&/-_md~;@⊂_P 
NRq6∞Mhπβαkαλ
X∧¬∃β1HK↔ ε`∩rλ∧p_→qz7`2,λ
*∧¬∩Eε↑,f␈⊗β:0↔→β Re@5←iJA=aKeCQS←]f↓@≠≠ Public Key Protocols),
22 pages, May 1981
Zohar Manna & Richard Waldinger,
@i(Deductive Synthesis of the Unification Algorithm),
51 pages, June 1981.

Richard Paul Gabriel, (Thesis)
@i(An Organization  for Programs in Fluid Domains),
190 pages, June 1981.

Jonathan Jay King, (Thesis)
@i(Query Optimization by Semantic Reasoning),
128 pages, June 1981

V.Ya. Pan,
@i(The Bit Operation Complexity of Approximate Evaluation of Matrix
and Polynomial Products Using Arithmetic),
6 pages, June 1981.

V. Ya. Pan,
@i(The Additive and Logical Complexities of Linear and Bilinear
Arithmetic Algorithms),
21 pages, June 1981.

Daniel Boley,
@i(Computing the Controllability/Observability Decomposition of a
Linear Time-Invariant Dynamic System, A Numerical Approach),
81 pages, June 1981.

Rodney A. Brooks, (Thesis)
@i(Symbolic Reasoning Among 3-D Models and 2-D Images),
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