perm filename BBOARD[3,2]5 blob sn#821234 filedate 1986-07-29 generic text, type C, neo UTF8
C00001 00001
C00002 00002	There are several online bulletin board files for the Ethernet computer
C00005 ENDMK
There are several online bulletin board files for the Ethernet computer
community at Stanford.  These are the appropriate place for discussions of
various topics (except for system gripes, which should be reported with the
GRIPE command or directly to the system managers).  The files holding the local
copies of these bulletin boards are on the directory [BB,DOC].

You can send a message to any of these bulletin boards by addressing it to a
Bulletin Board address shown below.  Such messages must contain a subject field
for the benefit of readers on other systems who scan the subjects to decide
which messages to read; many computers will reject messages without a subject.

The bulletin board files can be read using the READ command (e.g., READ ETC),
but the best way to keep up with new messages is to use CKSUM (READ CKSUM for
details) for swapping to E with the list of pages that have been changed.

File		  Bulletin Board  Contents
- - - -		  - - - - - - -   - - - - -
JOBS.TXT[BB,DOC]    SU-JOBS	  Jobs wanted or offered.
MARKET.TXT[BB,DOC]  SU-MARKET     Things for sale, "Where do I buy X?",
				  comments on merchants and service providers,
				  "Who is a good dentist?", etc.
EVENTS.TXT[BB,DOC]  SU-EVENTS     Announcements of seminars, concerts and
				  other events inside and outside Stanford;
				  ticket offers and requests go to MARKET.
COMPUT.TXT[BB,DOC]  SU-COMPUTERS  Comments on computer services, "How do you
				  do X on system Y?"; no ads for computers --
				  they go to MARKET.
CSD.TXT[BB,DOC]     CSD           Announcements specific to the Computer
				  Science Department, complaints about coffee
				  service in Jacks Hall, etc..
ETC.TXT[BB,DOC]     SU-ETC	  Everything else.