perm filename BBOARD[3,2] blob sn#835572 filedate 1987-03-06 generic text, type T, neo UTF8
There are several online bulletin board files for the Ethernet computer
community at Stanford.  These are the appropriate place for discussions of
various topics (except for system gripes, which should be reported with
the GRIPE command or directly to the system managers).  The files holding
the local copies of these bulletin boards are on the directory [BB,DOC].
A list of some of these electronic bulletin boards and guidelines on their
use are contained in the file SUBBD.LES[UP,DOC].

The bulletin board files can be read using the READ command (e.g., READ ETC),
but the best way to keep up with new messages is to use CKSUM (READ CKSUM for
details) for swapping to E with the list of pages that have been changed.

For more information, see SUBBD.LES[UP,DOC].