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The BATCH command is used to delay execution of an arbitrary string
of monitor and possibly user commands to run programs or anything
else that can normally be done from a terminal.  The BATCH command
accepts a command string and enters a LATER request to run a program
which enters the commands through a pseudo-teletype.  The format is
like that of the REMIND command, except that the only relevant
switches are /DATE, /TIME, and /COUNT.  The "message" is a command or
sequence of commands.  A special switch, /DO, causes certain
character conversion to be done when entering the commands, as in the
DO program.

The BATCH command can be used to run a command file through a
pseudo-teletype immediately by using the /NOW switch and not giving a
date or time.  Otherwise, the command must include a date and/or
time, as for REMIND.

When a batch job is delayed (not /NOW), it is allowed a limited amount
of execution time.  The default limit is one hour.  It can be changed
with /TLIMIT=mins or /TLIMIT=hrs:mins in the command string.

For more details, see the file MAIL.BH[UP,DOC].