perm filename BAT0.LOG[HST,NET] blob sn#886347 filedate 1990-08-16 generic text, type T, neo UTF8
;Batch job for nightly host table update.
Thursday    16-Aug-90    03:00  66F  19C

.run update[hst,net]
Getting latest version number from NIC name server.

Connection closed.
NIC's version string is VERSION: 1708

Saved version string is VERSION: 1704

Getting new host table from NIC name server.

Connection closed.
New host table successfully installed.
Our PUP network directory is version 20254
No update of PUP network directory needed.

New NIC or PUP table installed.  Please check the log and run HOSTS3.

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   0:39'47,   0:39'47,   3:49'22,420,9676,9676