perm filename ARPA[3,2]7 blob sn#100339 filedate 1974-05-08 generic text, type T, neo UTF8
Welcome to SU-AI.

***   For TTY control commands, 'HELP TTY' ***
***   FTP  MAIL, MLFL service  now  available.  ***

Login by "L NET,GUE<return>".   Report problems with NCP/FTP  to Jeff
Rubin (JBR),  (415) 497-4971.  Please type "TYPE SYSTEM.USE[NET,GUE]"
if you've never read it.

We are asking network guests to tell us your name as you log in; this
is merely curiosity, not incipient restriction of access--please don't
feel paranoid about it!  (The monitor command "FINGER GUE" will tell
you the names of other network guests currently logged in.)

You will probably want to type "HELP ARPA" occasionally, for special
information pertaining to our network interfaces.