perm filename ARMPRO[1,VDS] blob sn#010355 filedate 1971-06-17 generic text, type T, neo UTF8
00100		A new electric arm is being built to complement the  existing
00200	high  speed arm. This new device is expected to be completed by Sept.
00300	15, 1971 and will become operational shortly thereafter  as  it  will
00400	make  use  of  all  the  existiing  software for the present arm. The
00500	function of this new arm will  be  to  enable  performance  of  tasks
00600	requiring  two  arms;  such  as  transfer motions,  higher  level
00700	manipulative operatiions, and faster  completion  of  existing  tasks
00800	involving sequential grasping and orientation opearations.
00900		In addition the new arm  will  allow  experiments  with  new
01000	terminal  devices  to  be  carried out without restricting vision and
01100	task studies requiring a single arm and an existing hand.
01200		This new manipulator wi be similar in configuration to the
01300	recently completed all