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There are two different arm systems in use by the hand-eye group: WAVE and

The WAVE system was written several years ago by Lou Paul. It runs on the
10 and can control the yellow arm. Documentation for WAVE is in
ARM.LOU[UP,DOC]. WAVE is no longer maintained and is not guaranteed to
always work.

The AL system is the successor to WAVE. AL programs are compiled on the 10
and then run on the hand-eye 11/45. Currently only the blue arm is
interfaced to the 11, though the yellow arm will also be in the near
future. Brief on-line documentation for AL exists in AL.SUM[DOC,HE].
For further information look at AIM 323, the AL users manual, which is
also available on-line in pox format on [DOC,HE].

Any questions about the work being done by the hand-eye group can be
referred to:  Tom Binford (TOB) or Ron Goldman (ARG).