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C00009 00003	Bearings required on arm
C00010 00004	Desirable improvements to make
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		Parts list for Stanford Arm

Joint #1

U9M4 Motor- Photocircuits Corp.  Glen Cove, N.Y.
FS11-00-04-5-014 Brake.  General Time, Torrington Conn.  
HDC-5C-100-2-BL (2 tooth difference model) Harmonic Drive-USM Corp.,Wakefield,Mass.
030/105 Tachometer- Micro Mo Electronics, Cleveland, Ohio.
KA 040 XP3 Bearing-Prec. 3-  Kaydon Bearing- Muskegon, Mich. 
KB 040 XP3 Prec. 3.  Bearing-  Kaydon.
Potentiometer Element Material- order from New England Instrument Co.
	Natick, Mass. (One sheet 3" x 18" of 100 ohms per square Resistofilm
	material will make all the pot elements.)

Joint #2

U12M4 Motor- Photocircuits Corp.
FS11-00-04-5-014 Brake-  General Time.
HDC-5C-100-2-BL- (2 tooth difference model) Harmonic Drive,   USM Corp.
030/105 Tachometer- Micro Mo Electronics
KA 040 XP3 Prec. 3 Bearings  2 Required-  Kaydon.

Joint #3

402-14 (20 vdc winding) Motor , Magnedyne Inc.  Carlsbad, Ca. 
FS17-00-06-5-014 Brake  - General Time Co.
8103-R5K-L.10-LT Potentiometer- Beckman Helipot.  Palo Alto, Ca.
477501 Bearing,  New Departure
MFS3KDD Bearing- Fafnir
2112N913 N- Tachometer- HICO. , Menlo Park, Ca.
G176 Spur Gear- Boston Gear.
G583-4 Rack-  Boston Gear.
34KDD Bearing- 16 reqd. -Fafnir.

Joint #4

1937D-100-12v. Motor- Magnetic Technology, Canoga Park, Ca.  
HDC-1C-72-2 Harmonic Drive.  USM Corp.
2112N913 N - Tachometer-  HICO
FG2-1078-902 Brake Armature-  General Time
3TKR-10-14U Bearing- Split Ball Bearing Div., MPB Bearing Corp. Lebanon, N. H. 
B544DD Bearing- Fafnir
B542DD Bearing- Fafnir
P120A5-150 Gear- Winfred M. Berg Inc.  499 Ocean Av.  East Rockaway, N.Y.
P120A7-52 Gear- Winfred M. Berg.

Joint #5

1937D-100-12v Motor- Magnetic Technology
2112N913 N Tachometer- HICO
FS08-00-04-5-014 Brake- General Time
HDC-1C-72-2 Harmonic Drive-  USM Corp.
KAA10XL0 Bearing- Kaydon
MFS3KDD Bearing- Fafnir (.3750x.8750 flanged,double shields, prec. 3 or better)
MFS1KDD7 Bearing-  Fafnir (.2500 x .6250 flanged, double shields-prec. 3 or better)
B541DD Bearing- Fafnir

Joint #6

NT-0741-C Motor- Inland Motor Corp.  Radford, Va.
050/004  Tachometer- Micro-Mo Electronics
FS08-00-02-5-014 Brake - General Time
B538DD Bearing- Fafnir
B539DD Bearing - Fafnir
AVF8K20  Bearing 2 reqd.-Fafnir (or S518FC-MPB)
AVF8K16  Bearing 1 reqd.-Fafnir (or S418FC- MPB)
AVF12K20 Bearing 1 reqd.-Fafnir (or S5632FC- MPB)
P64A21-100 Gear- Winfred M. Berg.
YWS6412 Pinion Wire- Boston Gear (1 foot req'd)
P120A5-126 Gear- Berg
PS120S2-12 Gear- Berg


NT-0741-C Motor-  Inland Motor Corp.
FS08-00-02-5-014 Brake- General Time
78CSB502 Potentiometer- New England Instruments
P120A10-130 Gear- Winfred M. Berg
P120S9-32   Gear- Berg
P96A5-90    Gear- Berg
PS96S4-16 s.s. pinion shaft- Berg (96dp, 16teeth) 
R2-14 Rack-Berg, 1 piece reqd., 64 dp, 11 inches long.
S1-10 precision rod- Berg (.1562 dia., 24 inches long, 303 stainless steel rod)
YWS6410 Pinion Wire- 6 inches-  Boston Gear (64dp, 10 teeth)
B25-4 Oilite bushing- Boston- 1 piece reqd.
S6316FCHH Bearing- MPB Corp.- 1 reqd.
S418FC- Bearing- MPB Corp. - 1 reqd.

Electrical Components Required (preliminary)

Tape Cable- Burndy or Hughes
Main Connector -Amphenol 57-40500 and 57-30500 -one each
Tape Cable Connectors- Cinch- 50-30-C10 - Four req'd.
#4 brake-  #40 gauge nyclad wire- 1/4 lb. spool is enough.
Hand connector- Augat 14 pin 3m cable connector and low profile dip socket
	to match- one each req'd.
3M Flex Cable
Shielded Cable-  Micro Cable Corp.

Notes: Most bearing brands are interchangeable- substitutions are OK.
	Gears from PIC, Sterling, Berg are interchangeable, sometimes
	different bore sizes or hub styles are acceptable in case of
	a particular number being out of stock.

All parts (or equivalents) listed above are supplied in the standard 
proposed kit of parts for the arm.  Some assemblies will be included,
where necessary.  Encoder version has encoders substituting for pots.
Bearings required on arm

S418FC - 2 ea
S518FC - 2 ea
S5632FC- 1 ea
S6316FCHH- 1 ea
SR6FRHH -2 ea (or Fafnir MFS3KDD .375x.875 FDD, prec. 3)
SR4FCHH - 1 ea ( or Fafnir MFS1KDD7  .250x.625 FDD, prec. 3)
3TKR 10-14U (.625x.875 x.156, prec. 1 or better)


B538DD - 1 EA
B539DD -1 EA
B541DD - 1 EA
B542DD - 1EA
B544DD - 1EA
34KDD - 16 EA


477501 - 1 EA


KA040XP0 - 3 EA
KB040XP0 - 1 EA
KAA010XL0 - 1 EA

Desirable improvements to make

#5 joint

Clearance for H.D. axial and radial
Thinner walls- take off .020 on o.d.
Mount motor and H.D. on same plate
Remove brg. recesses on one or maybe both sides.(done on one side 4/25/74