perm filename ANNOU1[DOC,AIL] blob sn#075286 filedate 1973-12-04 generic text, type T, neo UTF8
This is a test of the announcement mechanism for SAIL system
news.  There will be a file ANNOUN[X,AIL] which will contain
a complete history of announcements.  

Here is the first such announcement:

The SAIL hackers at SU-AI have just (4-Dec 1973) put up a new
SAIL system at SU-AI.  Over about the next three or four
days, these files will be put onto [X,AIL].  This [X,AIL]
version will not be frozen, although it will be "slushy"--
I.e. it will be quite close to the base into which mergers
of the other site stuff is to be made.  We will be fixing
bugs here at SU-AI over the next week or two. 

As of 1 January, 1974, [X,AIL] will be officially frozen until
sometime in February or March, 1974.  During this period,
various sites will be merging in their site-dependent code
here at SU-AI.  If you have some things that are to be
included, inform us soon, so that we can plan a time for
your changes to be merged in. 

The file SAIL.NEW[UP,DOC] contains some documentation of
new features.  Also, the file LIES[X,AIL] now contains
a list of known manual bugs.