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00100	Alan:
00300		Im sending you this note  by  personal  delivery  because  it
00400	seems  to  be  the  only  easy way to get in touch with you.  I fully
00500	understand and concur with your opposition to telephones.
00700		The subject matter is a friend of mine who has  been  working
00800	here  at the A.I. Project for the past year or so.  Craig Cook is his
00900	name, and he's now looking around for a  position  in  A.I.   related
01000	fields  in  the  area.    He's  interviewing  at  XEROX today and has
01100	mentioned that he would very much like to talk with you.   Craig  has
01200	worked  in  the  Hand-Eye  group  and has done the programming of our
01300	Sierra Camera.  He also has done a lot of programming related to  arm
01400	and  camera  calibration.  In my opinion he is very well qualified in
01500	hardware    related    programming,    especially    where     noise,
01600	non-linearities,  and  other  non-cookbook programming considerations
01700	are essential. He has a  very  good  grasp  of  the  use  of  Fourier
01800	Transforms  and  the like. I hope you will have a few minutes to talk
01900	with him as I feel that you may have some common  areas  of  interest
02000	which could prove mutually fruitful. If not, maybe you could suggest
02100	some other possibilities.
02300		On another matter.   I'm  working  less  than  full  time  at
02400	Stanford  and  am in the midst of forming a new company.  The name is
02500	VICARM and it makes mechanical arms and related hardware.  The  first
02600	product  will  be  the M.I.T. arm, a small desk top arm.  VICARM will
02700	also be selling the Stanford Arm, similar in configuration to the arm
02800	we are using here.
02900		Should you be interested in an arm, let me know.
03200						Sincerely,