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All A.I. Memos published to date are listed below.

Rising  costs  and restrictions  on  the use  of  research  funds for
printing  reports have  made it  necessary to  charge for  reports at
their replacement  cost.  By  doing so,  we will  be able  to reprint
popular reports rather than simply declaring them "out of print".

For people with access to the  ARPA Network, the texts of some  A. I.
Memos are stored online in  the Stanford A. I. Laboratory  disk file.
These are designated below  by "Diskfile:  <file name>"  appearing in
the header.

AIM-1,  John  McCarthy,  "Predicate Calculus  with  `Undefined'  as a
Truth-value" 5 pages, March 1963.

AIM-2  (AD785031), John  McCarthy, "Situations,  Actions,  and Causal
Laws" 11 pages, July 1963.

AIM-3,  Fred Safier,  "`The  Mikado' an  an Advice  Taker  Problem" 4
pages, July 1963.

AIM-4, Horace  Enea, "Clock  Function for LISP  1.5" 2  pages, August

AIM-5   (AD785043),   Horace   Enea,   Dean   Wooldridge,  "Algebraic
Simplication" 2 pages, August 1963.

AIM-6, Dean Wooldridge, "Non-printing Compiler" 2 pages, August 1963.

AIM-7  (AD785044),  John  McCarthy, "Programs  With  Common  Sense" 7
pages, September 1963.

AIM-8,  John  McCarthy,  "Storage Conventions  in  LISP  2"  5 pages,
September 1963.

AIM-9,  C.  M.  Williams,  "Computing  Estimates  for  the  Number of
Bisections of an NxN Checkerboard for N Even" 9 pages, December 1963.

AIM-10  (AD785045),  Stephan   R.  Russell,  "Improvements   in  LISP
Debugging" 3 pages, December 1963.

AIM-11  (AD785046),  Dean  Wooldridge,  Jr.,  "An  Algebraic Simplify
Program in LISP" 57 pages, December 1963.

AIM-12, Gary Feldman, "Documentation of the MacMahon Squares Problem"
4 pages, January 1964.

AIM-13 (AD785047),  Dean E.  Wooldridge, "The  New LISP  System (LISP
l.55)" 4 pages, February 1964.

AIM-14 (AD785035), John McCarthy, "Computer Control of a  Machine for
Exploring Mars" 6 pages, January 1964.

AIM-15 (AD785036), Mark Finkelstein, Fred Safier, "Axiomatization and
Implementation" 6 pages, June 1964.

AIM-16 (AD785037), John McCarthy, "A Tough nut for  Proof Procedures"
3 pages, July 1964.

AIM-17 (AD785038), John McCarthy, "Formal Description of the  Game of
Pang-Ke" 2 pages, July 1964.

AIM-18 (AD785048), Jan Hext, "An Expression Input Routine for LISP" 5
pages, July 1964.

AIM-19, Jan Hext,  "Programming Languages and Translation"  14 pages,
August 1964.

AIM-20 (AD785039),  D. Raj. Reddy,  "Source Language  Optimization of
For-loops" 37 pages, August 1964.

AIM-21 (AD785040), R.  W. Mitchell, "LISP 2  Specifications Proposal"
12 pages, August 1964.

AIM-22  (AD785041),  Richard  Russell, "Kalah  --  the  Game  and the
Program" 13 pages, September 1964.

AIM-23  (AD785049),  Richard  Russell,  "Improvements  to  the  Kalah
Program" 12 pages, September 1964.

AIM-24 (AD785050), John McCarthy,  "A Formal Description of  a Subset
of ALGOL" 43 pages, September 1964.

AIM-25   (AD785051),   Richard  Mansfield,   "A   Formal   System  of
Computation" 7 pages, September 1964.

AIM-26 (AD785052),  D. Raj. Reddy,  "Experiments on  Automatic Speech
Recognition by a Digital Computer" 19 pages, October 1964.

AIM-27  (AD785053),  John McCarthy,  "A  Proof-checker  for Predicate
Calculus" 7 pages, March 1965.

AIM-28  (AD785054),  John  McCarthy,  "Problems  in  the   Theory  of
Computation" 7 pages, March 1965.

AIM-29  (AD785055),  Charles  M.  Williams,  "Isolation  of Important
Features of a Multitoned Picture" 9 pages, January 1965.

AIM-30  (AD785056),  Edward  A. Feigenbaum,  Richard  W.  Watson, "An
Initial Problem Statement for a Machine Induction Research Project" 8
pages, April 1965.

AIM-31 (AD785057), John McCarthy, "Plans for the  Stanford Artificial
Intelligence Project" 17 pages, April 1965.

AIM-32  (AD785068),   Harry  Ratchford,   "The  138   Analog  Digital
Converter" 9 pages, May 1965.

AIM-33 (AD785032),  Barbara Huberman,  "The Advice  Taker and  GPS" 8
pages, June 1965.

AIM-34 (AD785069),  Peter Carah, "A  Television Camera  Interface for
the PDP-1" 8 pages, June 1965.

AIM-35, Fred Safier, "Simple Simon" 17 pages, June 1965.

AIM-36 (AD785065), James Painter, "Utilization of a TV Camera  on the
PDP-1" 6 pages, September 1965.

AIM-37, Knut Korsvold, "An on Line Algebraic  Simplification Program"
36 pages, November 1965.

AIM-38  (AD785066),  Donald  A. Waterman,  "A  Filter  for  a Machine
Induction System" 19 pages, January 1966.

AIM-39  (AD785067), Karl  Pingle,  "A Program  to Find  Objects  in a
Picture" 22 pages, January 1966.

AIM-40 (CS-38, AD662880), John McCarthy, James  Painter, "Correctness
of a Compiler for Arithmetic Expressions" 13 pages, April 1966.

AIM-41, Phil Abrams, Dianna Rode, "A Proposal for a Proof-checker for
Certain Axiomatic Systems" 10 pages, May 1966.

AIM-42,  Karl Pingle,  "A  Proposal for  a Visual  Input  Routine" 11
pages, June 1966.

AIM-43 (CS-49,  SS640-836), D. Raj.  Reddy, "An Approach  to Computer
Speech Recognition  by Direct  Analysis of  the Speech  Wave" Thesis:
Ph.D. in Computer Science, 144 pages, September 1966.

AIM-44, James  Painter, "Semantic  Correctness of  a Compiler  for an
Algol-like Language"  Thesis: Ph.D. in  Computer Science,  130 pages,
revised March 1967.

AIM-45, Donald Kaplan, "Some Completeness Results in the Mathematical
Theory of Computation" 22 pages, October 1966.

AIM-46   (CS-50,   PB176761),   Staffan   Persson,   "Some   Sequence
Extrapolating  Programs: a  Study of  Representation and  Modeling in
Inquiring  Systems" Thesis:  Ph.D.  in Computer  Science,  176 pages,
September 1966.

AIM-47,  Bruce  Buchanan, "Logics  of  Scientific  Discovery" Thesis:
Ph.D.  in Philosophy U.C. Berkeley, 210 pages, December 1966.

AIM-48, Donald M. Kaplan,  "Correctness of a Compiler  for Algol-like
Programs" 46 pages, July 1967.

AIM-49,  Georgia  Sutherland,  "DENDRAL  --  a  Computer  Program for
Generating  and  Filtering Chemical  Structures"  34  pages, February

AIM-50, Anthony C. Hearn,  "Reduce Users' Manual" 53  pages, February

AIM-51,  Lester D.  Earnest,  "Choosing an  eye for  a  Computer" 154
pages, April 1967.

AIM-52, Arthur L. Samuel, "Some Studies in Machine Learning Using the
Game of Checkers II - Recent Progress" 48 pages, June 1967.

AIM-53,  William Weiher,  "The PDP-6  Proof Checker"  47  pages, June

AIM-54,  Joshua Lederberg,  Edward A.  Feigenbaum,  "Mechanization of
Inductive Inference in Organic Chemistry" 29 pages, August 1967.

AIM-55, Jerome Feldman, "First Thoughts of Grammatical  Inference" 18
pages, August 1967.

AIM-56, William  Wichman, "Use  of Optical  Feedback in  the Computer
Control of an Arm" Thesis: Eng. in Electrical Engineering,  69 pages,
August 1967.

AIM-57, Anthony C. Hearn, "REDUCE, a User-oriented Interactive System
for Algebraic Simplification" 69 pages, October 1967.

AIM-58, Monte  D. Callero,  "An Adaptive  Command and  Control System
Utilizing Heuristic Learning  Processes" Thesis: Ph.D.  in Operations
Research, 161 pages, December 1967.

AIM-59, Donald M. Kaplan, "A Formal Theory Concerning the Equivalence
of Algorithms" 20 pages, May 1968.

AIM-60 (CS-101,  AD672923), Donald M.  Kaplan, "The  Formal Theoretic
Analysis of Strong Equivalence for Elemental Programs"  Thesis: Ph.D.
in Computer Science, 263 pages, June 1968.

AIM-61, Takayasu  Ito, "Notes  on Theory  of Computation  and Pattern
Recognition" 144 pages, May 1968.

AIM-62,  Bruce Buchanan,  Georgia Sutherland,  "Heuristic  Dendral: a
Program for Generating  Explanatory Hypotheses in  Organic Chemistry"
76 pages, July 1968.

AIM-63, Donald M. Kaplan, "Regular Expressions and the Equivalence of
Programs" 42 pages, July 1968.

AIM-64,  Zohar Manna,  "Formalization of  Properties of  Programs" 18
pages, July 1968.

AIM-65 (CS-106,  AD673971), Barbara J.  Huberman, "A Program  to Play
Chess end Games" Thesis: Ph.D. in Computer Science, 168 pages, August

AIM-66,  Jerome   A.  Feldman,  Paul   D.  Rovner,   "An  Algol-based
Associative Language" 31 pages, August 1968.

AIM-67  (AD680487), Edward  A. Feigenbaum,  "Artificial Intelligence:
Themes in the Second Decade" 39 pages, August 1968.

AIM-68, Zohar Manna,  Amir Pnueli, "The  Validity Problem of  the 91-
function" 20 pages, August 1968.

AIM-69 (AD677588), John  McCarthy, Edward Feigenbaum,  Arthur Samuel,
"Project Technical Report" 90 pages, September 1968.

AIM-70 (AD680072), Anthony C. Hearn, "The Problem of Substitution" 14
pages, December 1968.

AIM-71 (AD677520), Pierre Vicens, "Preprocessing for Speech Analysis"
33 pages, October 1968.

AIM-72  (CS-116,  AD680036),  Donald L.  Pieper,  "The  Kinematics of
Manipulators  under  Computer Control"  Thesis:  Ph.D.  in Mechanical
Engineering, 157 pages, October 1968.

AIM-73 (AD678878), John McCarthy, Patrick Hayes,  "Some Philosophical
Problems From  the Standpoint of  Artificial Intelligence"  51 pages,
November 1968.

AIM-74  (CS-118,  AD681027), Donald  Waterman,  "Machine  Learning of
Heuristics"  Thesis: Ph.D.  in  Computer Science,  ?  pages, December

AIM-75, Roger C. Schank,  "A Notion of Linguistic Concept:  a Prelude
to Mechanical Translation" 21 pages, December 1968.

AIM-76, Roger C. Schank,  "A Conceptual Parser for  Natural Language"
22 pages, December 1968.

AIM-77,  Joseph  D.  Becker, "The  Modeling  of  Simple  Analogic and
Inductive Processes  in a Semantic  Memory System" 21  pages, January

AIM-78, D. Raj.  Reddy, "On the  use of Environmental,  Syntactic and
Probalistic Constraints in Vision and Speech" 23 pages, January 1969.

AIM-79  (AD685611),  D.  Raj. Reddy,  Richard  B.  Neely, "Contextual
Analysis of Phonemes of English" 71 pages, January 1969.

AIM-80 (AD685612), Georgia  Sutherland, "Heuristic Dendral:  a Family
of LISP Programs" 46 pages, March 1969.

AIM-81 (AD685613), David Luckham, "Refinement Theorems  in Resolution
Theory" 31 pages, March 1969.

AIM-82  (AD685614),  Zohar  Manna,  Amir  Pneuli,  "Formalization  of
Properties of Recursively Defined Functions" 26 pages, March 1969.

AIM-83 (CS-130),  Roger C. Schank,  "A Conceptual  Representation for
Computer-oriented  Semantics"  Thesis:  Ph.D.  in  Linguistics  U. of
Texas, 201 pages, March 1969.

AIM-84  (AD691791), David  Canfield Smith,  "MLISP Users'  Manual" 57
pages, January 1969.

AIM-85  (CS-127,  AD687720),   Pierre  Vicens,  "Aspects   of  Speech
Recognition  by  Computer"  Thesis: Ph.D.  in  Computer  Science, 210
pages, April 1969.

AIM-86 (AD691788), Patrick J. Hayes, "A  Machine-oriented Formulation
of the Extended Functional Calculus" 44 pages, June 1969.

AIM-87  (AD691789),  John  McCarthy,  A.I.  Project  Staff,  "Project
Technical Report" 98 pages, June 1969.

AIM-88 (AD691790),  Roger C. Schank,  "Linguistics from  a Conceptual
Viewpoint (Aspects of Aspects of a Theory of Syntax)" 22 pages, April

AIM-89 (CS-125, AD692390), Jerome A. Feldman, J. Gips, J. J. Horning,
and S. Reder, "Grammatical Complexity and Inference" 100  pages, June

AIM-90 (AD691799),  Anthony C. Hearn,  "Standard LISP" 33  pages, May

AIM-91, J. A.  Campbell and Anthony  C. Hearn, "Symbolic  Analysis of
Feynman Diagrams by Computer" 73 pages, August 1969.

AIM-92,  Victor  D.  Scheinman,  "Design  of  a  Computer  Controlled
Manipulator" Thesis: Eng.  in Mechanical Engineering, 53  pages, June

AIM-93.1 (AD693106),  Jerome Feldman,  "Some Decidability  Results on
Grammatical Inference and Complexity" 31 pages, August  1969, revised
May 1970.

AIM-94 (AD692391), Kenneth Mark Colby, Lawrence Tesler,  Horace Enea,
"Experiments With  a Search  Algorithm on  the Data  Base of  a Human
Belief Structure" 28 pages, August 1969.

AIM-95 (AD694971), Zohar Manna, "The Correctness of Non-deterministic
Programs" 44 pages, August 1969.

AIM-96 (CS-138, AD696394), Claude Cordell Green, "The  Application of
Theorem  Proving  to  Question-answering  Systems"  Thesis:  Ph.D. in
Electrical Engineering, 166 pages, August 1969.

AIM-97  (AD694972),  Kenneth   Mark  Colby,  David   Canfield  Smith,
"Dialogues Between Humans and an Artificial Belief System"  28 pages,
August 1969.

AIM-98 (CS-139, AD695401), James Jay Horning, "A Study of Grammatical
Inference" Thesis: Ph.D. in Computer Science, 166 pages, August 1969.

AIM-99,  Bruce  G.  Buchanan, G.  L.  Sutherland,  E.  A. Feigenbaum,
"Toward  an  Understanding  of  Information  Processes  of Scientific
Inference in  the Context of  Organic Chemistry" 66  pages, September

AIM-100,  Zohar Manna,  John  McCarthy, "Properties  of  Programs and
Partial Function Logic" 21 pages, October 1969.

AIM-101,  Richard  Paul,  G.  Falk,  J.  A.  Feldman,  "The  Computer
Representation of Simply Described Scenes" 16 pages, October 1969.

AIM-102, Donald A. Waterman, "Generalization Learning  for Automating
the Learning of Heuristics" 74 pages, July 1969.

AIM-103, John  Allen, David  Luckham "An  Interactive Theorem-proving
Program" 27 pages, October 1969.

AIM-104, Joshua Lederberg, Georgia Sutherland, B. G. Buchanan,  E. A.
Feigenbaum, "A Heuristic  Program for Solving a  Scientific Inference
Problem:   Summary  of  Motivation  and  Implementation"   15  pages,
November 1969.

AIM-105,  Manfred  Heuckel,  "An  Operator  Which  Locates  Edges  in
Digitized Pictures" 37 pages, October 1969.

AIM-106, Michael Edwin Kahn, "The Near-minimum-time Control  of Open-
loop  Articulated  Kinematic  Chains"  Thesis:  Ph.D.  in  Mechanical
Engineering, 171 pages, December 1969.

AIM-107, Gilbert  Falk, "Some Implications  of Planarity  for Machine
Perception" 27 pages, December 1969.

AIM-108, Michael  D. Kelly, "Edge  Detection in Pictures  by Computer
Using Planning" 28 pages, January 1970.

AIM-109, Roger C. Schank, Lawrence Tesler, Sylvia Weber, "Spinoza II:
Conceptual Case-based Natural  Language Analysis" 107  pages, January

AIM-110, Edward Ashcroft,  Zohar Manna, "Formalization  of Properties
of Parallel Programs" 58 pages, February 1970.

AIM-111,   Zohar   Manna,   "Second-order   Mathematical   Theory  of
Computation" 25 pages, March 1970.

AIM-112, Franklin D. Hilf, Kenneth M. Colby, David C.  Smith, William
K.  Wittner, "Machine-mediated Interviewing" 27 pages, March 1970.

AIM-113, Kenneth Mark  Colby, Franklin D.  Hilf, William A.  Hall, "A
Mute  Patient's  Experience  With  Machine-mediated  Interviewing" 19
pages, March 1970.

AIM-114, Alan W.  Biermann, Jerome A.  Feldman, "On the  Synthesis of
Finite-state Acceptors" 31 pages, April 1970.

AIM-115, Ugo Montanari, "On the Optimal Detection of Curves  in Noisy
Pictures" 35 pages, March 1970.

AIM-116, Kenneth Mark Colby, "Mind and Brain, Again" 10  pages, March

AIM-117, John McCarthy, et  al, "Project Technical Report"  75 pages,
April 1970.

AIM-118, Ugo Montanari,  "Heuristically Guided Search  and Chromosome
Matching" 29 pages, April 1970.

AIM-119,   Joseph   Becker,  "An   Information-processing   Model  of
Intermediate-Level Cognition" Thesis:  Ph.D. in Computer Science (May
1972), 123 pages, May 1970.

AIM-120,  Kenneth  Mark  Colby, David  Canfield  Smith,  "Computer as
Catalyst in the Treatment of Nonspeaking Autistic Children" 32 pages,
April 1970.

AIM-121, Irwin Sobel, "Camera Models and Machine  Perception" Thesis:
Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering, 89 pages, May 1970.

AIM-122,  Roger C.  Schank, "`Semantics'  in Conceptual  Analysis" 56
pages, May 1970.

AIM-123,  Bruce G.  Buchanan, Thomas  E. Headrick,  "Some Speculation
About  Artificial Intelligence  and  Legal Reasoning"  54  pages, May

AIM-124,  M.  M. Astrahan,  "Speech  Analysis by  Clustering,  or the
Hyperphoneme Method" 22 pages, June 1970.

AIM-125, Kenneth Mark Colby, Sylvia Weber, Franklin Hilf, "Artificial
Paranoia" 35 pages, July 1970.

AIM-126  (CS-169, AD711329),  Donald  E. Knuth,  "Examples  of Formal
Semantics" 34 pages, July 1970.

AIM-127  (CS-174,  AD711395),  Zohar  Manna,  Richard  J.  Waldinger,
"Towards Automatic Program Synthesis" 54 pages, July 1970.

AIM-128 (CS-166, AD713841), Erik J. Sandewall, "Representing Natural-
language Information in Predicate Calculus" 27 pages, July 1970.

AIM-129 (CS-167,  AD712460), Shigeru  Igarashi, "Semantics  of ALGOL-
like Statements" 95 pages, June 1970.

AIM-130 (CS-168, AD713252), Michael D. Kelly,  "Visual Identification
of People by Computer" Thesis: Ph.D. in Computer Science,  238 pages,
July 1970.

AIM-131 (CS-176, AD715128), Edward A. Feigenbaum, Bruce  G. Buchanan,
Joshua Lederberg,  "On Generality and  Problem Solving: a  Case Study
Using the Dendral Program" 48 pages, August 1970.

AIM-132 (CS-180, AD715665), Gilbert Falk, "Computer Interpretation of
Imperfect Line  Data as a  Three-dimensional Scene" Thesis:  Ph.D. in
Electrical Engineering, 187 pages, August 1970.

AIM-133   (CS-181),   Anthony   C.   Hearn,   "Reduce   2"  Diskfile:
REDUCE.ACH[AIM,DOC], 85 pages, October 1970.

AIM-134 (CS-182, AD748565),  Jay Martin Tenenbaum,  "Accommodation in
Computer Vision" Thesis: Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering,  452 pages,
September 1970.

AIM-135 (CS-179, AD716566),  David Canfield Smith,  "MLISP" Diskfile:
MLISP.DAV[AIM,DOC] 99 pages, October 1970.

AIM-136  (CS-183,  AD717600),  George  M.  White,  "Machine  Learning
Through  Signature Trees.  Applications  to Human  Speech"  40 pages,
October 1970.

AIM-137, Donald E. Knuth, "An  Empirical Study of Fortran in  Use" 44
pages, November 1970.

AIM-138  (CS-188,  PB197161),  Edward  Ashcroft,  Zohar  Manna,  "The
Translation  of  `GO-TO'  Programs  to  `WHILE'  Programs"  28 pages,
January 1971.

AIM-139  (CS-189,  AD717601), Zohar  Manna,  "Mathematical  Theory of
Partial Correctness" 24 pages, January 1971.

AIM-140 (CS-193), Roger  C. Schank, "Intention, Memory,  and Computer
Understanding" 59 pages, January 1971.

AIM-141 (CS-203, AD730506), Bruce G. Buchanan, Joshua Lederberg, "The
Heuristic DENDRAL  Program for Explaining  Empirical Data"  20 pages,
February 1971.

AIM-142 (CS-205, AD731383), Robin Milner, "An Algebraic Definition of
Simulation Between Programs" 21 pages, February 1971.

AIM-143 (CS-209, AD724867), John McCarthy, et al,  "Project Technical
Report" 80 pages, March 1971.

AIM-144  (CS-219), Lynn  H. Quam,  "Computer Comparison  of Pictures"
Thesis: Ph.D. in Computer Science, 120 pages, May 1971.

AIM-145 (CS-221, AD731729), Bruce G. Buchanan, Edward  A. Feigenbaum,
Joshua Lederberg, "A Heuristic Programming Study of  Theory Formation
in Science" 41 pages, June 1971.

AIM-146 (CS-224, PB212183), Andrei P. Ershov,  "Parallel Programming"
14 pages, July 1971.

AIM-147 (CS-216,  AD732457), Robert E.  Kling, "Reasoning  by Analogy
with  Applications  to  Heuristic  Problem  Solving:   a  Case Study"
Thesis: Ph.D. in Computer Science, 191 pages, August 1971.

AIM-148  (CS-217,  AD731730),  Edward  Ashcroft,  Zohar  Manna,  Amir
Pneuli,  "Decidable  Properties  of  Monadic  Functional  Schemas" 10
pages, July 1971.

AIM-149 (CS-231, AD732644), Rodney  Albert Schmidt, Jr., "A  Study of
the Real-time Control of a Computer-driven Vehicle" Thesis:  Ph.D. in
Electrical Engineering, 180 pages, August 1971.

AIM-150,  Robert  W.  Floyd, "Toward  Interactive  Design  of Correct
Programs" 12 pages, September 1971.

AIM-151  (CS-240, AD738568),  Ralph  L. London,  "Correctness  of Two
Compilers for a LISP Subset" 41 pages, October 1971.

AIM-152 (CS-241,  AD732642), Alan W.  Biermann, "On the  Inference of
Turing Machines from Sample Computations" 31 pages, October 1971.

AIM-153 (CS-242, AD738569), Patrick J. Hayes, "The Frame  Problem and
Related Problems in Artificial Intelligence" 18 pages, November 1971.

AIM-154  (CS-243,   AD738570),  Zohar   Manna,  Stephen   Ness,  Jean
Vuillemin, "Inductive Methods for Proving Properties of  Programs" 24
pages, November 1971.

AIM-155  (CS-245),  Jonathan Leonard  Ryder,  "Heuristic  Analysis of
Large Trees as Generated in the Game of Go" Thesis: Ph.D. in Computer
Science, 300 pages, December 1971.

AIM-156  (CS-246, AD740141),  Kenneth Mark  Colby, Franklin  D. Hilf,
Sylvia  Weber,  Helena  C.  Kraemer,  "A  Resemblance  Test  for  the
Validation of a Computer Simulation of Paranoid Processes"  29 pages,
November 1971.

AIM-157 (CS-247), Yorick  Wilks, "One Small  Head -- Some  Remarks on
the use of `Model' in Linguistics" 17 pages, December 1971.

AIM-158  (CS-250,  AD740127), Ashok  Chandra,  Zohar  Manna, "Program
Schemas With Equality" 13 pages, December 1971.

AIM-159  (CS-253),  Jerome  A.  Feldman,  Paul  C.   Shields,  "Total
Complexity and Inference of Best Programs" 40 pages, April 1972.

AIM-160   (CS-255,   AD740140),   Jerome   A.   Feldman,   "Automatic
Programming" 20 pages, February 1972.

AIM-161  (CS-264, AD741189),  Yorick Wilks,  "Artificial Intelligence
approach to Machine Translation" 44 pages, February 1972.

AIM-162  (CS-265,  AD744634),  Roger C.  Schank,  N.  Goldman,  C. J.
Rieger,  C.  K.  Riesbeck,  "Primitive Concepts  Underlying  Verbs of
Thought" 102 pages, April 1972.

AIM-163 (CS-266), Jean  M. Cadiou, "Recursive Definitions  of Partial
Functions and Their Computations" Thesis: Ph.D. in  Computer Science,
160 pages, April 1972.

AIM-164 (CS-272,  AD742748), Zohar  Manna, Jean  Vuillemin, "Fixpoint
Approach to the Theory of Computation" 29 pages, April 1972.

AIM-165 (CS-280,  AD742751), D.  A. Bochvar,  "Two Papers  on Partial
Predicate Calculus" 50 pages, April 1972.

AIM-166 (CS-281, AD-743598), Lynn  H. Quam, S. Liebes, R.  B. Tucker,
M. J.  Hannah, B. G. Eross, "Computer Interactive Picture Processing"
40 pages, April 1972.

AIM-167 (CS-282, AD747254), Ashok K. Chandra,  "Efficient Compilation
of Linear Recursive Programs" 43 pages, June 1972.

AIM-168  (CS-287,  AD746146),  Shigeru  Igarashi,  "Admissibility  of
Fixed-point  Induction  in  First-order  Logic  of   Typed  Theories"
Diskfile: FIXPNT.IGR[AIM,DOC] 40 pages, May 1972.

AIM-169  (CS-288,  AD785072),  Robin  Milner,  "Logic  for Computable
Functions:  Description   of  a  Machine   Implementation"  Diskfile:
LCFMAN.RGM[AIM,DOC], 36 pages, May 1972.

AIM-170 (CS-289, AD748607), Yorick Wilks, "Lakoff on  Linguistics and
Natural Logic" Diskfile: LAKOFF.YAW[AIM,DOC] 19 pages, June 1972.

AIM-171  (CS-290, AD746147),  Roger Schank,  "Adverbs and  Belief" 30
pages, June 1972.

AIM-172   (CS-299,   AD752801),  Sylvia   Weber   Russell,  "Semantic
Categories of Nominals for Conceptual Dependency Analysis  of Natural
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