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*AIM-1,,,John McCarthy,
%2Predicate Calculus with `Undefined' as a Truth-value%1,
5 pages, March 1963.

John McCarthy,
%2Situations, Actions, and Causal Laws%1,
11 pages, July 1963.

Fred Safier,
%2'The Mikado' an an Advice Taker Problem%1,
4 pages, July 1963.

Horace Enea,
%2Clock Function for LISP 1.5%1,
2 pages, August 1963.

Horace Enea, Dean Wooldridge,
%2Algebraic Simplication%1,
2 pages, August 1963.

Dean Wooldridge,
%2Non-printing Compiler%1,
2 pages, August 1963.

John McCarthy,
%2Programs With Common Sense%1,
7 pages, September 1963.

John McCarthy,
%2Storage Conventions in LISP 2%1,
5 pages, September 1963.

C. M. Williams,
%2Computing Estimates for the Number of Bisections of an NxN
Checkerboard for N Even%1,
9 pages, December 1963.

Stephan R. Russell,
%2Improvements in LISP Debugging%1,
3 pages, December 1963.

Dean Wooldridge, Jr.,
%2An Algebraic Simplify Program in LISP%1,
57 pages, December 1963.

Gary Feldman,
%2Documentation of the MacMahon Squares Problem%1,
4 pages, January 1964.

Dean E. Wooldridge,
%2The New LISP System (LISP l.55)%1,
4 pages, February 1964.

John McCarthy,
%2Computer Control of a Machine for Exploring Mars%1,
6 pages, January 1964.

Mark Finkelstein, Fred Safier,
%2Axiomatization and Implementation%1,
6 pages, June 1964.

John McCarthy,
%2A Tough nut for Proof Procedures%1,
3 pages, July 1964.

John McCarthy,
%2Formal Description of the Game of Pang-Ke%1,
2 pages, July 1964.

Jan Hext,
%2An Expression Input Routine for LISP%1,
5 pages, July 1964.

Jan Hext,
%2Programming Languages and Translation%1,
14 pages, August 1964.

D. Raj. Reddy,
%2Source Language Optimization of For-loops%1,
37 pages, August 1964.

R. W. Mitchell,
%2LISP 2 Specifications Proposal%1,
12 pages, August 1964.  Cost: $2.05

Richard Russell,
%2Kalah -- the Game and the Program%1,
13 pages, September 1964.  Cost: $2.05

Richard Russell,
%2Improvements to the Kalah Program%1,
12 pages, September 1964.  Cost: $2.05

John McCarthy,
%2A Formal Description of a Subset of ALGOL%1,
43 pages, September 1964.  Cost: $2.90

Richard Mansfield,
%2A Formal System of Computation%1,
7 pages, September 1964.  Cost: $1.90

D. Raj. Reddy,
%2Experiments on Automatic Speech Recognition by a Digital Computer%1,
19 pages, October 1964.  Cost: $2.25

John McCarthy,
%2A Proof-checker for Predicate Calculus%1,
7 pages, March 1965.  Cost: $1.90

John McCarthy,
%2Problems in the Theory of Computation%1,
7 pages, March 1965.

Charles M. Williams,
%2Isolation of Important Features of a Multitoned Picture%1,
9 pages, January 1965.

Edward A. Feigenbaum, Richard W. Watson,
%2An Initial Problem Statement for a Machine Induction Research
8 pages, April 1965.

John McCarthy,
%2Plans for the Stanford Artificial Intelligence Project%1,
17 pages, April 1965.

Harry Ratchford,
%2The 138 Analog Digital Converter%1,
9 pages, May 1965.

Barbara Huberman,
%2The Advice Taker and GPS%1,
8 pages, June 1965.  Cost: $1.95

Peter Carah,
%2A Television Camera Interface for the PDP-1%1,
8 pages, June 1965.  Cost: $1.95

Fred Safier,
%2Simple Simon%1,
17 pages, June 1965.

James Painter,
%2Utilization of a TV Camera on the PDP-1%1,
6 pages, September 1965.  Cost: $1.85

Knut Korsvold,
%2An on Line Algebraic Simplification Program%1,
36 pages, November 1965.

Donald A. Waterman,
%2A Filter for a Machine Induction System%1,
19 pages, January 1966.  Cost: $2.25

Karl Pingle,
%2A Program to Find Objects in a Picture%1,
22 pages, January 1966.  Cost: $2.30

*AIM-40, CS-38, AD662880,
John McCarthy, James Painter,
%2Correctness of a Compiler for Arithmetic Expressions%1,
13 pages, April 1966.

Phil Abrams, Dianna Rode,
%2A Proposal for a Proof-checker for Certain Axiomatic Systems%1,
10 pages, May 1966.

Karl Pingle,
%2A Proposal for a Visual Input Routine%1,
11 pages, June 1966.  Cost: $2.00

*AIM-43, CS-49, SS640-836,
D. Raj. Reddy,
%2An Approach to Computer Speech Recognition by Direct Analysis of the
 Speech Wave%1,
Thesis: Ph.D. in Computer Science,
144 pages, September 1966.

James Painter,
%2Semantic Correctness of a Compiler for an Algol-like Language%1,
Thesis: Ph.D. in Computer Science,
130 pages, revised March 1967.

Donald Kaplan,
%2Some Completeness Results in the Mathematical Theory of Computation%1,
22 pages, October 1966.  Cost: $2.30

*AIM-46, CS-50, PB176761,
Staffan Persson,
%2Some Sequence Extrapolating Programs: a Study of Representation and
 Modeling in Inquiring Systems%1,
Thesis: Ph.D. in Computer Science,
176 pages, September 1966.

Bruce Buchanan,
%2Logics of Scientific Discovery%1,
Thesis: Ph.D. in Philosophy U.C. Berkeley,
210 pages, December 1966.

Donald M. Kaplan,
%2Correctness of a Compiler for Algol-like Programs%1,
46 pages, July 1967.  Cost: $3.00

Georgia Sutherland,
%2DENDRAL -- a Computer Program for Generating and Filtering Chemical
34 pages, February 1967.  Cost: $2.65

Anthony C. Hearn,
%2Reduce Users' Manual%1,
53 pages, February 1967.

Lester D. Earnest,
%2Choosing an eye for a Computer%1,
154 pages, April 1967.  Cost: $6.00

Arthur L. Samuel,
%2Some Studies in Machine Learning Using the Game of Checkers II -
 Recent Progress%1,
48 pages, June 1967.  Cost: $3.05

William Weiher,
%2The PDP-6 Proof Checker%1,
47 pages, June 1967.  Cost: $3.00

Joshua Lederberg, Edward A. Feigenbaum,
%2Mechanization of Inductive Inference in Organic Chemistry%1,
29 pages, August 1967.

Jerome Feldman,
%2First Thoughts of Grammatical Inference%1,
18 pages, August 1967.

William Wichman,
%2Use of Optical Feedback in the Computer Control of an Arm%1,
Thesis: Eng. in Electrical Engineering,
69 pages, August 1967.  Cost: $3.65

Anthony C. Hearn,
%2REDUCE, a User-oriented Interactive System for Algebraic Simplification%1,
69 pages, October 1967.  Cost: $3.65

Monte D. Callero,
%2An Adaptive Command and Control System Utilizing Heuristic Learning
Thesis: Ph.D. in Operations Research,
161 pages, December 1967.

Donald M. Kaplan,
%2A Formal Theory Concerning the Equivalence of Algorithms%1,
20 pages, May 1968.

AIM-60, CS-101, AD672923,
Donald M. Kaplan,
%2The Formal Theoretic Analysis of Strong Equivalence for Elemental
Thesis: Ph.D. in Computer Science,
263 pages, June 1968.  Cost: $9.05

Takayasu Ito,
%2Notes on Theory of Computation and Pattern Recognition%1,
144 pages, May 1968.

Bruce Buchanan, Georgia Sutherland,
%2Heuristic Dendral: a Program for Generating Explanatory Hypotheses in
 Organic Chemistry%1,
76 pages, July 1968.

Donald M. Kaplan,
%2Regular Expressions and the Equivalence of Programs%1,
42 pages, July 1968.  Cost: $2.90

Zohar Manna,
%2Formalization of Properties of Programs%1,
18 pages, July 1968.

*AIM-65, CS-106, AD673971,
Barbara J. Huberman,
%2A Program to Play Chess end Games%1,
Thesis: Ph.D. in Computer Science,
168 pages, August 1968.

Jerome A. Feldman, Paul D. Rovner,
%2An Algol-based Associative Language%1,
31 pages, August 1968.

Edward A. Feigenbaum,
%2Artificial Intelligence: Themes in the Second Decade%1,
39 pages, August 1968.

Zohar Manna, Amir Pnueli,
%2The Validity Problem of the 91-function%1,
20 pages, August 1968.  Cost: $2.25

*AIM-69,, AD677588,
John McCarthy, Edward Feigenbaum, Arthur Samuel,
%2Project Technical Report%1,
90 pages, September 1968.

AIM-70,, AD680072,
Anthony C. Hearn,
%2The Problem of Substitution%1,
14 pages, December 1968.  Cost: $2.10

*AIM-71,, AD677520,
Pierre Vicens,
%2Preprocessing for Speech Analysis%1,
33 pages, October 1968.

*AIM-72, CS-116, AD680036,
Donald L. Pieper,
%2The Kinematics of Manipulators under Computer Control%1,
Thesis: Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering,
157 pages, October 1968.

*AIM-73,, AD678878,
John McCarthy, Patrick Hayes,
%2Some Philosophical Problems From the Standpoint of Artificial
51 pages, November 1968.

*AIM-74, CS-118, AD681027,
Donald Waterman,
%2Machine Learning of Heuristics%1,
Thesis: Ph.D. in Computer Science,
? pages, December 1968.

Roger C. Schank,
%2A Notion of Linguistic Concept: a Prelude to Mechanical Translation%1,
21 pages, December 1968.

Roger C. Schank,
%2A Conceptual Parser for Natural Language%1,
22 pages, December 1968.

Joseph D. Becker,
%2The Modeling of Simple Analogic and Inductive Processes in a Semantic
 Memory System%1,
21 pages, January 1969.

D. Raj. Reddy,
%2On the use of Environmental, Syntactic and Probalistic Constraints in
 Vision and Speech%1,
23 pages, January 1969.  Cost: $2.35

AIM-79,, AD685611,
D. Raj. Reddy, Richard B. Neely,
%2Contextual Analysis of Phonemes of English%1,
71 pages, January 1969.  Cost: $3.70

*AIM-80,, AD685612,
Georgia Sutherland,
%2Heuristic Dendral: a Family of LISP Programs%1,
46 pages, March 1969.

*AIM-81,, AD685613,
David Luckham,
%2Refinement Theorems in Resolution Theory%1,
31 pages, March 1969.

*AIM-82,, AD685614,
Zohar Manna, Amir Pneuli,
%2Formalization of Properties of Recursively Defined Functions%1,
26 pages, March 1969.

*AIM-83, CS-130,,
Roger C. Schank,
%2A Conceptual Representation for Computer-oriented Semantics%1,
Thesis: Ph.D. in Linguistics U. of Texas,
201 pages, March 1969.

*AIM-84,, AD691791,
David Canfield Smith,
%2MLISP Users' Manual%1,
57 pages, January 1969.

*AIM-85, CS-127, AD687720,
Pierre Vicens,
%2Aspects of Speech Recognition by Computer%1,
Thesis: Ph.D. in Computer Science,
210 pages, April 1969.

*AIM-86,, AD691788,
Patrick J. Hayes,
%2A Machine-oriented Formulation of the Extended Functional Calculus%1,
44 pages, June 1969.

*AIM-87,, AD691789,
John McCarthy, A.I. Project Staff,
%2Project Technical Report%1,
98 pages, June 1969.

*AIM-88,, AD691790,
Roger C. Schank,
%2Linguistics from a Conceptual Viewpoint (Aspects of Aspects of a
 Theory of Syntax)%1,
22 pages, April 1969.

AIM-89, CS-125, AD692390,
Jerome A. Feldman, J. Gips, J. J. Horning, and S. Reder,
%2Grammatical Complexity and Inference%1,
100 pages, June 1969.  Cost: $4.50

*AIM-90,, AD691799,
Anthony C. Hearn,
%2Standard LISP%1,
33 pages, May 1969.

J. A. Campbell and Anthony C. Hearn,
%2Symbolic Analysis of Feynman Diagrams by Computer%1,
73 pages, August 1969.

Victor D. Scheinman,
%2Design of a Computer Controlled Manipulator%1,
Thesis: Eng. in Mechanical Engineering,
53 pages, June 1969.

AIM-93.1,, AD693106,
Jerome Feldman,
%2Some Decidability Results on Grammatical Inference and Complexity%1,
31 pages, August 1969, revised May 1970.  Cost: $2.55

*AIM-94,, AD692391,
Kenneth Mark Colby, Lawrence Tesler, Horace Enea,
%2Experiments With a Search Algorithm on the Data Base of a Human
 Belief Structure%1,
28 pages, August 1969.

*AIM-95,, AD694971,
Zohar Manna,
%2The Correctness of Non-deterministic Programs%1,
44 pages, August 1969.

*AIM-96, CS-138, AD696394,
Claude Cordell Green,
%2The Application of Theorem Proving to Question-answering Systems%1,
Thesis: Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering,
166 pages, August 1969.

*AIM-97,, AD694972,
Kenneth Mark Colby, David Canfield Smith,
%2Dialogues Between Humans and an Artificial Belief System%1,
28 pages, August 1969.

AIM-98, CS-139, AD695401,
James Jay Horning,
%2A Study of Grammatical Inference%1,
Thesis: Ph.D. in Computer Science,
166 pages, August 1969.  Cost: $6.35

Bruce G. Buchanan, G. L. Sutherland, E. A. Feigenbaum,
%2Toward an Understanding of Information Processes of Scientific
 Inference in the Context of Organic Chemistry%1,
66 pages, September 1969.

Zohar Manna, John McCarthy,
%2Properties of Programs and Partial Function Logic%1,
21 pages, October 1969.

Richard Paul, G. Falk, J. A. Feldman,
%2The Computer Representation of Simply Described Scenes%1,
16 pages, October 1969.

Donald A. Waterman,
%2Generalization Learning for Automating the Learning of Heuristics%1,
74 pages, July 1969.

John Allen, David Luckham
%2An Interactive Theorem-proving Program%1,
27 pages, October 1969.  Cost: $2.45

Joshua Lederberg, Georgia Sutherland, B. G. Buchanan, E. A. Feigenbaum,
%2A Heuristic Program for Solving a Scientific Inference Problem:
 Summary of Motivation and Implementation%1,
15 pages, November 1969.  Cost: $2.15

Manfred Heuckel,
%2An Operator Which Locates Edges in Digitized Pictures%1,
37 pages, October 1969.

Michael Edwin Kahn,
%2The Near-minimum-time Control of Open-loop Articulated Kinematic
Thesis: Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering,
171 pages, December 1969.

Gilbert Falk,
%2Some Implications of Planarity for Machine Perception%1,
27 pages, December 1969.

Michael D. Kelly,
%2Edge Detection in Pictures by Computer Using Planning%1,
28 pages, January 1970.

Roger C. Schank, Lawrence Tesler, Sylvia Weber,
%2Spinoza II: Conceptual Case-based Natural Language Analysis%1,
107 pages, January 1970.

Edward Ashcroft, Zohar Manna,
%2Formalization of Properties of Parallel Programs%1,
58 pages, February 1970.

Zohar Manna,
%2Second-order Mathematical Theory of Computation%1,
25 pages, March 1970.

Franklin D. Hilf, Kenneth M. Colby, David C. Smith, William K. Wittner,
%2Machine-mediated Interviewing%1,
27 pages, March 1970.

Kenneth Mark Colby, Franklin D. Hilf, William A. Hall,
%2A Mute Patient's Experience With Machine-mediated Interviewing%1,
19 pages, March 1970.

Alan W. Biermann, Jerome A. Feldman,
%2On the Synthesis of Finite-state Acceptors%1,
31 pages, April 1970.

Ugo Montanari,
%2On the Optimal Detection of Curves in Noisy Pictures%1,
35 pages, March 1970.  Cost: $2.70

Kenneth Mark Colby,
%2Mind and Brain, Again%1,
10 pages, March 1970.

John McCarthy, et al,
%2Project Technical Report%1,
75 pages, April 1970.

Ugo Montanari,
%2Heuristically Guided Search and Chromosome Matching%1,
29 pages, April 1970.  Cost: $2.50

Joseph Becker,
%2An Information-processing Model of Intermediate-Level Cognition%1,
Thesis:  Ph.D. in Computer Science (May 1972),
123 pages, May 1970.

Kenneth Mark Colby, David Canfield Smith,
%2Computer as Catalyst in the Treatment of Nonspeaking Autistic
32 pages, April 1970.

Irwin Sobel,
%2Camera Models and Machine Perception%1,
Thesis: Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering,
89 pages, May 1970.

Roger C. Schank,
%2'Semantics' in Conceptual Analysis%1,
56 pages, May 1970.

Bruce G. Buchanan, Thomas E. Headrick,
%2Some Speculation About Artificial Intelligence and Legal Reasoning%1,
54 pages, May 1970.

M. M. Astrahan,
%2Speech Analysis by Clustering, or the Hyperphoneme Method%1,
22 pages, June 1970.  Cost: $2.30

Kenneth Mark Colby, Sylvia Weber, Franklin Hilf,
%2Artificial Paranoia%1,
35 pages, July 1970.

*AIM-126, CS-169, AD711329,
Donald E. Knuth,
%2Examples of Formal Semantics%1,
34 pages, July 1970.

AIM-127, CS-174, AD711395,
Zohar Manna, Richard J. Waldinger,
%2Towards Automatic Program Synthesis%1,
54 pages, July 1970.  Cost: $3.20

*AIM-128, CS-166, AD713841,
Erik J. Sandewall,
%2Representing Natural-language Information in Predicate Calculus%1,
27 pages, July 1970.

*AIM-129, CS-167, AD712460,
Shigeru Igarashi,
%2Semantics of ALGOL-like Statements%1,
95 pages, June 1970.

*AIM-130, CS-168, AD713252,
Michael D. Kelly,
%2Visual Identification of People by Computer%1,
Thesis: Ph.D. in Computer Science,
238 pages, July 1970.

*AIM-131, CS-176, AD715128,
Edward A. Feigenbaum, Bruce G. Buchanan, Joshua Lederberg,
%2On Generality and Problem Solving: a Case Study Using the Dendral
48 pages, August 1970.

*AIM-132, CS-180, AD715665,
Gilbert Falk,
%2Computer Interpretation of Imperfect Line Data as a Three-dimensional
Thesis: Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering,
187 pages, August 1970.

*AIM-133, CS-181,,
Anthony C. Hearn,
%2Reduce 2%1,
85 pages, October 1970.

*AIM-134, CS-182, AD748565,
Jay Martin Tenenbaum,
%2Accommodation in Computer Vision%1,
Thesis: Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering,
452 pages, September 1970.

AIM-135, CS-179, AD716566,
David Canfield Smith,
99 pages, October 1970.  Cost: $4.50

*AIM-136, CS-183, AD717600,
George M. White,
%2Machine Learning Through Signature Trees. Applications to Human
40 pages, October 1970.

Donald E. Knuth,
%2An Empirical Study of Fortran in Use%1,
44 pages, November 1970.

*AIM-138, CS-188, PB197161,
Edward Ashcroft, Zohar Manna,
%2The Translation of 'GO-TO' Programs to `WHILE' Programs%1,
28 pages, January 1971.

AIM-139, CS-189, AD717601,
Zohar Manna,
%2Mathematical Theory of Partial Correctness%1,
24 pages, January 1971.  Cost: $2.40

*AIM-140, CS-193,,
Roger C. Schank,
%2Intention, Memory, and Computer Understanding%1,
59 pages, January 1971.

*AIM-141, CS-203, AD730506,
Bruce G. Buchanan, Joshua Lederberg,
%2The Heuristic DENDRAL Program for Explaining Empirical Data%1,
20 pages, February 1971.

*AIM-142, CS-205, AD731383,
Robin Milner,
%2An Algebraic Definition of Simulation Between Programs%1,
21 pages, February 1971.

*AIM-143, CS-209, AD724867,
John McCarthy, et al,
%2Project Technical Report%1,
80 pages, March 1971.

AIM-144, CS-219,,
Lynn H. Quam,
%2Computer Comparison of Pictures%1,
Thesis: Ph.D. in Computer Science,
120 pages, May 1971.  Cost: $5.05

*AIM-145, CS-221, AD731729,
Bruce G. Buchanan, Edward A. Feigenbaum, Joshua Lederberg,
%2A Heuristic Programming Study of Theory Formation in Science%1,
41 pages, June 1971.

*AIM-146, CS-224, PB212183,
Andrei P. Ershov,
%2Parallel Programming%1,
14 pages, July 1971.

*AIM-147, CS-216, AD732457,
Robert E. Kling,
%2Reasoning by Analogy with Applications to Heuristic Problem Solving:
 a Case Study%1,
Thesis: Ph.D. in Computer Science,
191 pages, August 1971.

AIM-148, CS-217, AD731730,
Edward Ashcroft, Zohar Manna, Amir Pneuli,
%2Decidable Properties of Monadic Functional Schemas%1,
10 pages, July 1971.  Cost: $2.00

AIM-149, CS-231, AD732644,
Rodney Albert Schmidt, Jr.,
%2A Study of the Real-time Control of a Computer-driven Vehicle%1,
Thesis: Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering,
180 pages, August 1971.  Cost: $6.75

Robert W. Floyd,
%2Toward Interactive Design of Correct Programs%1,
12 pages, September 1971.

*AIM-151, CS-240, AD738568,
Ralph L. London,
%2Correctness of Two Compilers for a LISP Subset%1,
41 pages, October 1971.

*AIM-152, CS-241, AD732642,
Alan W. Biermann,
%2On the Inference of Turing Machines from Sample Computations%1,
31 pages, October 1971.

*AIM-153, CS-242, AD738569,
Patrick J. Hayes,
%2The Frame Problem and Related Problems in Artificial Intelligence%1,
18 pages, November 1971.

*AIM-154, CS-243, AD738570,
Zohar Manna, Stephen Ness, Jean Vuillemin,
%2Inductive Methods for Proving Properties of Programs%1,
24 pages, November 1971.

*AIM-155, CS-245,,
Jonathan Leonard Ryder,
%2Heuristic Analysis of Large Trees as Generated in the Game of Go%1,
Thesis: Ph.D. in Computer Science,
300 pages, December 1971.

AIM-156, CS-246, AD740141,
Kenneth Mark Colby, Franklin D. Hilf, Sylvia Weber, Helena C. Kraemer,
%2A Resemblance Test for the Validation of a Computer Simulation of
 Paranoid Processes%1,
29 pages, November 1971.  Cost: $2.50

*AIM-157, CS-247,,
Yorick Wilks,
%2One Small Head -- Some Remarks on the use of `Model' in Linguistics%1,
17 pages, December 1971.

AIM-158, CS-250, AD740127,
Ashok Chandra, Zohar Manna,
%2Program Schemas With Equality%1,
13 pages, December 1971.  Cost: $2.05

AIM-159, CS-253,,
Jerome A. Feldman, Paul C. Shields,
%2Total Complexity and Inference of Best Programs%1,
40 pages, April 1972.  Cost: $2.85

*AIM-160, CS-255, AD740140,
Jerome A. Feldman,
%2Automatic Programming%1,
20 pages, February 1972.

*AIM-161, CS-264, AD741189,
Yorick Wilks,
%2Artificial Intelligence approach to Machine Translation%1,
44 pages, February 1972.

*AIM-162, CS-265, AD744634,
Roger C. Schank, N. Goldman, C. J. Rieger, C. K. Riesbeck,
%2Primitive Concepts Underlying Verbs of Thought%1,
102 pages, April 1972.

*AIM-163, CS-266,,
Jean M. Cadiou,
%2Recursive Definitions of Partial Functions and Their Computations%1,
Thesis: Ph.D. in Computer Science,
160 pages, April 1972.

AIM-164, CS-272, AD742748,
Zohar Manna, Jean Vuillemin,
%2Fixpoint Approach to the Theory of Computation%1,
29 pages, April 1972.  Cost: $2.50

*AIM-165, CS-280, AD742751,
D. A. Bochvar,
%2Two Papers on Partial Predicate Calculus%1,
50 pages, April 1972.

AIM-166, CS-281, AD-743598,
Lynn H. Quam, S. Liebes, R. B. Tucker, M. J. Hannah, B. G. Eross,
%2Computer Interactive Picture Processing%1,
40 pages, April 1972.  Cost: $2.85

AIM-167, CS-282, AD747254,
Ashok K. Chandra,
%2Efficient Compilation of Linear Recursive Programs%1,
43 pages, June 1972.  Cost: $2.90

AIM-168, CS-287, AD746146,
Shigeru Igarashi,
%2Admissibility of Fixed-point Induction in First-order Logic of Typed 
40 pages, May 1972.  Cost: $2.85

*AIM-169, CS-288, AD785072
Robin Milner,
%2Logic for Computable Functions: Description of a Machine Implementation%1,
36 pages, May 1972.

*AIM-170, CS-289, AD748607,
Yorick Wilks,
%2Lakoff on Linguistics and Natural Logic%1,
19 pages, June 1972.

*AIM-171, CS-290, AD746147,
Roger Schank,
%2Adverbs and Belief%1,
30 pages, June 1972.

*AIM-172, CS-299, AD752801,
Sylvia Weber Russell,
%2Semantic Categories of Nominals for Conceptual Dependency Analysis of 
 Natural Language%1,
64 pages, July 1972.

*AIM-173, CS-305, AD755139,
Gerald Jacob Agin,
%2Representation and Description of Curved Objects%1,
Thesis: Ph.D. in Computer Science,
134 pages, October 1972.

*AIM-174, CS-303, PB212827,
Francis Lockwood Morris,
%2Correctness of Translations of Programming Languages -- an Algebraic
Thesis: Ph.D. in Computer Science,
124 pages, August 1972.

AIM-175, CS-307, AD785073
Hozumi Tanaka,
%2Hadamard Transform for Speech Wave Analysis%1,
Diskfile: HADAM.HT[AIM,DOC],
34 pages, August 1972.  Cost: $2.65

*AIM-176, CS-308, AD754109,
Jerome A. Feldman, J. R. Low, D. C. Swinehart, R. H. Taylor,
%2Recent Developments in SAIL -- an ALGOL based Language for Artificial 
22 pages, November 1972.

*AIM-177, CS-311, AD785071
Richard Paul,
%2Modelling, Trajectory Calculation and Servoing of a Computer Controlled 
Thesis: Ph.D. in Computer Science,
89 pages, November 1972.

*AIM-178, CS-312, AD754108,
Aharon Gill,
%2Visual Feedback and Related Problems in Computer Controlled Hand eye
Thesis:  Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering,
130 pages, October 1972.

*AIM-179, CS-320,,
Bruce G. Baumgart,
%2Winged Edge Polyhedron Representation%1,
46 pages, October 1972.

*AIM-180, CS-321, AD759712,
Ruzena Bajcsy,
%2Computer Identification of Textured Visual Scenes%1,
Thesis:  Ph.D. in Computer Science,
156 pages, October 1972.

*AIM-181, CS-325,,
Bruce G. Buchanan,
%2Review of Hubert Dreyfus' `What Computers Can't Do': a Critique of 
 Artificial Reason%1,
14 pages, November 1972.

*AIM-182, CS-326, AD754107,
Kenneth Mark Colby and Franklin Dennis Hilf,
%2Can Expert Judges, using Transcripts of Teletyped Psychiatric Interviews,
 Distinguish Human Paranoid Patients from a Computer Simulation of Paranoid
10 pages, December,1972.

*AIM-183, CS-344, AD759716,
Roger C. Schank,
%2The Fourteen Primitive Actions and their Inferences%1,
70 pages, March 1973.

*AIM-184, CS-330, AD758651,
Malcolm Newey,
%2Axioms and Theorems for Integers, Lists and Finite Sets in LCF%1,
53 pages, January 1973.

*AIM-185, CS-333, AD757367,
Ashok K. Chandra, Zohar Manna,
%2On the Power of Programming Features%1,
29 pages, January 1973.

*AIM-186, CS-332, AD758645,
Robin Milner,
%2Models of LCF%1,
17 pages, January 1973.

*AIM-187, CS-331, AD757364,
George E. Collins,
%2The Computing Time of the Euclidean Algorithm%1,
17 pages, January 1973.

*AIM-188, CS-336, AD758646,
Ashok K. Chandra,
%2On the Properties and Applications of Program Schemas%1,
Thesis: Ph.D. in Computer Science,
231 pages, March 1973.

*AIM-189, CS-337, PB218682,
James Gips, George Stiny,
%2Aesthetics Systems%1,
22 pages, January 1973.

AIM-190, CS-340, AD759714,
Malcolm Newey,
%2Notes on a Problem Involving Permutations as Sequences%1,
20 pages, March 1973.  Cost: $2.25

AIM-191, CS-341, AD764272,
Shmuel M. Katz, Zohar Manna,
%2A Heuristic Approach to Program Verification%1,
40 pages, March 1973.  Cost: $2.85

AIM-192, CS-345, AD785074
George E. Collins, Ellis Horowitz,
%2The Minimum Root Separation of a Polynomial%1,
13 pages, April 1973.  Cost: $2.05

*AIM-193, CS-346, AD759717,
Kenneth Mark Colby,
%2The Rationale for Computer Based Treatment of Language Difficulties
 in Nonspeaking Autistic Children%1,
13 pages, March 1973.

AIM-194, CS-347, PB221170/4,
Kenneth Mark Colby, Franklin Dennis Hilf,
%2Multidimensional Analysis in Evaluating a Simulation of Paranoid
10 pages, May 1973.  Cost: $2.00

*AIM-195, CS-356, PB222164,
David Canfield Smith, Horace J. Enea,
Diskfile: MLISP2.DAV[AIM,DOC],
91 pages, May 1973.

*AIM-196, CS-357, AD762471,
Neil M. Goldman, Christopher K. Riesbeck,
%2A Conceptually Based Sentence Paraphraser%1,
88 pages, May 1973.

*AIM-197, CS-358, AD762470,
Roger C. Schank, Charles J. Rieger III,
%2Inference and the Computer Understanding of Natural Language%1,
63 pages, May 1973.

AIM-198, CS-364, AD763611,
Ravindra B. Thosar,
%2Estimation of Probability Density using Signature Tables for
 Application to Pattern Recognition%1,
37 pages, May 1973.  Cost: $2.75

AIM-199, CS-398, AD771300,
Bruce G. Baumgart,
%2Image Contouring and Comparing%1,
52 pages, October 1973.  Cost: $3.15

⊗AIM-200, CS-365,,
Shigeru Igarashi, David C. Luckham, Ralph L. London,
%2Automatic Program Verification I:  Logical Basis and its
50 pages, May 1973.

*AIM-201, CS-366, AD763673,
Gunnar Rutger Grape,
%2Model Based (Intermediate Level) Computer Vision%1,
Thesis:  Ph.D. in Computer Science,
256 pages, May 1973.

*AIM-202, CS-368, AD764396,
Roger C. Schank, Yorick Wilks,
%2The Goals of Linguistic Theory Revisited%1,
44 pages, May 1973.

*AIM-203, CS-369, AD764274,
Roger C. Schank,
%2The Development of Conceptual Structures in Children%1,
31 pages, May 1973.

*AIM-204, CS-373, AD765353,
Kurt VanLehn,
%2SAIL Users Manual%1,
Diskfile:  SAIL.KVL[AIM,DOC],
122 pages, July 1973.

*AIM-205, CS-370, AD764288,
N. S. Sridharan, et al,
%2A Heuristic Program to Discover Syntheses for Complex Organic
30 pages, June 1973.

AIM-206, CS-377, AD764652,
Yorick Wilks,
%2Preference Semantics%1,
20 pages, July 1973.  Cost: $2.25

AIM-207, CS-378, AD767333,
James Anderson Moorer,
%2The 'Optimum-comb' Method of Pitch Period Analysis in Speech%1,
25 pages, June 1973.  Cost: $2.40

AIM-208, CS-379, AD767334,
James Anderson Moorer,
%2The Heterodyne Method of Analysis of Transient Waveforms%1,
25 pages, June 1973.  Cost: $2.40

*AIM-209, CS-380, AD767695,
Yoram Yakimovsky,
%2Scene Analysis using a Semantic Base for Region Growing%1,
Thesis:  Ph.D. in Computer Science,
120 pages, July 1973.

AIM-210, CS-382, AD767335,
Zohar Manna, Amir Pnueli,
%2Axiomatic Approach to Total Correctness of Programs%1,
25 pages, July 1973.  Cost: $2.40

*AIM-211, CS-383, AD769673,
Yorick Wilks,
%2Natural Language Inference%1,
24 pages, September 1973.

*AIM-212, CS-384, AD769379,
Annette Herskovits,
%2The Generation of French from a Semantic Representation%1,
20 pages, September 1973.

AIM-213, CS-385,,
Ravindra B. Thosar,
%2Recognition of Continuous Speech: Segmentation and Classification
using Signature Table Adaptation%1,
37 pages, September 1973.  Cost: $2.75

*AIM-214, CS-386, AD767332,
Walter A. Perkins, Thomas O. Binford,
%2A Corner Finder for Visual Feedback%1,
59 pages, September 1973.

*AIM-215, CS-387, AD769380,
Bruce G. Buchanan, N. S. Sridharan,
%2Analysis of Behavior of Chemical Molecules: Rule Formation on
 Non-homogeneous Classes of Objects%1,
15 pages, September 1973.

*AIM-216, CS-389, AD771299,
Larry Masinter, N.S. Sridharan, J. Lederberg, S. H. Smith,
%2Applications of Artificial Intelligence for Chemical Inference:
XII.  Exhaustive Generation of Cyclic and Acyclic Isomers%1,
60 pages, September 1973.

*AIM-217, CS-391, AD770610,
N. S. Sridharan,
%2Search Strategies for the Task of Organic Chemical Synthesis%1,
32 pages, August 1973.

*AIM-218, CS-393, AD772063/4WC,
Jean Etienne Vuillemin,
%2Proof Techniques for Recursive Programs%1,
Thesis:  Ph.D. in Computer Science,
97 pages, October 1973.

*AIM-219, CS-394, AD769674,
C. A. R. Hoare,
%2Parallel Programming: an Axiomatic Approach%1,
33 pages, October 1973.

AIM-220, CS-396, AD772064/2WC,
Robert Bolles, Richard Paul,
%2The use of Sensory Feedback in a Programmable Assembly Systems%1,
26 pages, October 1973.  Cost: $2.45

⊗AIM-221, CS-447, AD787631/1WC,
Luigia Aiello, Mario Aiello, Richard Weyhrauch,
%2The Semantics of PASCAL in LCF%1,
78 pages, October 1974.

∞AIM-222, CS-467,,
Mario Aiello, Richard Weyhrauch,
%2Checking Proofs in the Metamathematics of First Order Logic%1,
55 pages, August 1974.  Cost: $3.25

*AIM-223, CS-400, AD772509,
C. A. R. Hoare,
%2Recursive Data Structures%1,
32 pages, December 1973.

⊗AIM-224, CS-403, AD773391,
C. A. R. Hoare,
%2Hints on Programming Language Design%1,
29 pages, December 1973.

⊗AIM-225, CS-406, AD775645/5WC,
W. A. Perkins,
%2Memory Model For a Robot%1,
118 pages, January 1974.

⊗AIM-226, CS-407, AD778310/3WC,
F.H.G. Wright II, R. E. Gorin,
61 pages, April 1974.

⊗AIM-227, CS-408, ADA003483,
A. J. Thomas, T. O. Binford,
%2Information Processing Analysis of Visual Perception: A Review%1,
50 pages, June 1974.

⊗AIM-228, CS-409, AD776233/9WC,
Lester Earnest (ed.),
%2FINAL REPORT:  The First Ten Years of Artificial Intelligence 
 Research at Stanford%1,
118 pages, July 1973.

⊗AIM-229, CS-411,,
D.B. Anderson, T.O. Binford, A.J. Thomas, R.W. Weyhrauch, Y.A. Wilks,
%2AFTER LEIBNIZ . . . : Discussions on Philosophy and Artificial Intelligence%1,
43 pages, April 1974.

⊗AIM-230, CS-412, AD786721/1WC,
Daniel C. Swinehart,
%2COPILOT:  A Multiple Process Approach to Interactive Programming Systems%1,
Thesis:  Ph.D. in Computer Science,
213 pages, August 1974.

⊗AIM-231, CS-413, ADA001814,
James Gips,
%2Shape Grammars and their Uses%1,
Thesis:  Ph.D. in Computer Science,
243 pages, August 1974.

⊗AIM-232, CS-414, AD780452/9WC,
Bruce G. Baumgart,
%2GEOMED - A Geometric Editor%1,
45 pages, May 1974.

⊗AIM-233, CS-419, ADA000086/9WC,
Charles J. Rieger, III,
%2Conceptual Memory:  A Theory and Computer Program for Processing the
Meaning Content of Natural Language Utterances%1,
Thesis:  Ph.D. in Computer Science,
393 pages, June 1974.

⊗AIM-234, CS431, not at NTIS,
Kenneth Mark Colby, Roger C. Parkison, Bill Faught,
%2Pattern-Matching Rules for the Recognition of Natural Language Dialogue
23 pages, June 1974.

∞AIM-235, CS-432, ADA006898/1WC,
Richard  W. Weyhrauch, Arthur J. Thomas,
%2FOL:  A Proof Checker for First-order Logic%1,
57 pages, September 1974.  Cost: $3.30

⊗AIM-236, CS-433, AD784513/4WC,
Jack R. Buchanan and David C. Luckham,
%2On Automating the Construction of Programs%1,
65 pages, May 1974.

⊗AIM-237, CS-436,,
Yorick Wilks,
%2Natural Language Understanding Systems Within the AI Paradigm --
A Survey and Some Comparisons%1,
40 pages, December 1974.

⊗AIM-238, CS-437, ADA005040,
Christopher K. Riesbeck,
%2Computational Understanding:  Analysis of Sentences and Context%1,
Thesis:  Ph.D. in Computer Science,
245 pages, May 1974.

⊗AIM-239, CS-438, AD786720/3WC,
Marsha Jo Hannah,
%2Computer Matching of Areas in Stereo Images%1,
Thesis:  Ph.D. in Computer Science,
99 pages, July 1974.

⊗AIM-240, CS-444, AD787035,
C. Cordell Green, Richard J. Waldinger, David R. Barstow, Robert Elschlager,
Douglas B. Lenat, Brian P. McCune, David E. Shaw, and Louis I. Steinberg,
%2Progress Report on Program-understanding Systems%1,
47 pages, August 1974.

∞AIM-241, CS-446, AD786723/7WC,
Luigia Aiello, Richard W. Weyhrauch,
%2LCFsmall:  an Implementation of LCF%1,
45 pages, August 1974.  Cost: $2.95

⊗AIM-242, CS-452, ADA000500/9WC,
James R. Low,
%2Automatic Coding:  Choice of Data Structures%1,
Thesis:  Ph.D. in Computer Science,
110 pages, August 1974.

⊗AIM-243, CS-456, ADA003815,
Raphael Finkel, Russel Taylor, Robert Bolles, Richard Paul, Jerome Feldman,
%2AL, A Programming System for Automation%1,
130 pages, November 1974.

⊗AIM-244, CS-457, not at NTIS,
Kenneth Mark Colby,
%2Ten Criticisms of PARRY%1,
7 pages, September 1974.

⊗AIM-245, CS-458, AD784816/1WC,
Jack Buchanan,
%2A Study in Automatic Programming%1,
Thesis:  Ph.D. in Computer Science,
148 pages, May 1974.

⊗AIM-246, CS459, ADA000085/1WC,
Terry Winograd,
%2Five Lectures on Artificial Intelligence%1,
93 pages, September 1974.

⊗AIM-247, CS-461, ADA005041/9WC,
Neil Goldman,
%2Computer Generation of Natural Language From a Deep Conceptual Base%1,
Thesis: Ph.D. in Computer Science,
318 pages, January 1974.

∞AIM-248, CS-462,,
Karl Pingle, Arthur Thomas,
%2A Fast, Feature-Driven Stereo Depth Program%1,
15 pages, May 1975.  Cost: $2.15

⊗AIM-249, CS-463, ADA002261,
Bruce Baumgart,
%2Geometric Modeling for Computer Vision%1,
Thesis: Ph.D. in Computer Science,
141 pages, October 1974.

⊗AIM-250, CS-464, ADA003486,
Ramakant Nevatia,
%2Structured Descriptions of Complex Curved Objects for Recognition and
Visual Memory%1,
Thesis:  Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering,
126 pages, October 1974.

⊗AIM-251,  CS-465, ADA001373,
Edward  H.  Shortliffe,  
%2MYCIN:   A  Rule-Based Computer  Program  for  Advising Physicians  
Regarding  Antimicrobial Therapy Selection%1, 
Thesis: Ph.D. in Medical Information Sciences, 
409 pages, October 1974. 

⊗AIM-252, CS-466, ADA002246,
Lester Earnest (ed.),
%2Recent Research in Artificial Intelligence, Heuristic Programming, and
Network Protocols%1,
74 pages, July 1974.

∞AIM-253, CS-471, ADA003487,
Bill Faught, Kenneth Colby, Roger Parkison,
%2The Interaction of Inferences, Affects, and Intentions in a Model of
38 pages, December 1974.  Cost: $2.75

∞AIM-254, CS-472, ADA005407/2WC,
Lynn Quam, Marsha Jo Hannah,
%2Stanford Automatic Photogrammetry Research%1,
15 pages, November 1974.  Cost: $2.15

⊗AIM-255, CS-473, ADA005412/2WC,
Norihisa Suzuki,
%2Automatic Program Verification II:  Verifying Programs by Algebraic
256 Logical Reduction%1,
29 pages, December 1974.

⊗AIM-256, CS-474, ADA007563/0WC,
Friedrich W. V.Henke, David C. Luckham,
%2Automatic Program Verification III: A Methodology for Verifying Programs%1,,
45 pages, December 1974.

⊗AIM-257, CS-475, ADA005407/2WC,
Malcolm C. Newey,
%2Formal Semantics of LISP With Applications to Program Correctness%1,
Thesis:  Ph.D. in Computer Science,
184 pages, January 1975.

⊗AIM-258, CS-476, ADA006294/3WC,
Cordell Green, David Barstow,
%2A Hypothetical Dialogue Exhibiting a Knowledge Base for a 
Program-Understanding System%1,
38 pages, January 1975.

⊗AIM-259, CS-498,,
Hanan Samet,
%2Automatically Proving the Correctness of Translations
Involving Optimized Code%1,
Thesis:  PhD in Computer Science,
214 pages, May 1975.

⊗AIM-260, CS-499, ADA016811/2WC,
David Canfield Smith,
%2PYGMALION: A Creative Programming Environment%1,
Thesis:  PhD in Computer Science,
193 pages, June 1975.

∞AIM-261, CS-501, ADA016808/8WC,
Odd Pettersen,
%2Procedural Events as Software Interrupts%1,
8 pages, June 1975.  Cost: $1.95

∞AIM-262, CS-502, ADA016810/4WC,
Odd Pettersen,
%2Synchronization of Concurrent Processes%1,
14 pages, July 1975.  Cost: $2.10

∞AIM-263, CS-503,,
Odd Pettersen,
%2The Macro Processing System STAGE2: Transfer of Comments to the Generated Text%1,
20 pages, July 1975.  Cost: $2.25

∞AIM-264, CS-506,,
Michael Gordon,
%2Operational Reasoning and Denotational Semantics%1,
33 pages, August 1975.  Cost: $2.65

∞AIM-265, CS-507,,
Michael Gordon,
%2Towards a Semantic Theory of Dynamic Binding%1,
28 pages, August 1975.  Cost: $2.50

∞AIM-266, CS-517, ADA019641,
Randall Davis, Bruce Buchanan, Edward Shortliffe,
%2Production Rules as a Representation for a Knowledge-Based Consultation
37 pages, October l975.  Cost: $2.75

∞AIM-267, CS-520, ADA019664/2WC,
Friedrich W. von Henke,
%2On the Representation of Data Structures in LCF with Applications to
  Program Generation%1,
41 pages, September l975.  Cost: $2.85

∞AIM-268, CS-521, ADA019663/4WC,
Clark Thompson,
%2Depth Perception in Stereo Computer Vision%1,
16 pages, October 1975.  Cost: $2.15

∞AIM-269, CS-522, ADA019569/3WC,
David C. Luckham, Norhisa Susuzki,
%2Automatic Program Verification IV: Proof of Termination Within a Weak Logic
 of Programs%1,
29 pages, October 1975.     Cost: $2.50

⊗AIM-270, CS-523, ADA019467,
John F. Reiser,
%2BAIL -- A debugger for SAIL%1,
26 pages, October 1975.

∞AIM-271, CS-524, ADA019702/0WC,
Randall David, Jonathan King,
%2An Overview of Production Systems%1,
40 pages, October 1975.  Cost: $2.85

∞AIM-272, CS-525,,
Sundaram Ganapathy,
%2Reconstruction of Scenes Containing Polyhedra From Stereo Pair of Views%1,
Thesis:  Ph.D. in Computer Science,
204 pages, December 1975.  Cost: $7.40

⊗AIM-273, CS-534,,
Linda Gail Hemphill,
%2A Conceptual Approach to Automated Language Understanding and Belief
 Structures: with Disambiguation of the Word `For'%1,
Thesis: Ph.D. in Linguistics,
254 pages, May 1975.

∞AIM-274, CS-536, ADA020942/9WC,
David Grossman, Russell Taylor,
%2Interactive Generation of Object Models with a Manipulator%1,
32 pages, December 1975.  Cost: $2.60

∞AIM-275, CS-537, ADA020943/7WC,
Robert C. Bolles,
%2Verification Vision Within a Programmable Assembly System: An
  Introductory Discussion%1,
82 pages, December 1975.  Cost: $4.00

∞AIM-276, CS-539, ADA021055/9WC,
Zohar Manna, Adi Shamir,
%2A New Approach to Recursive Programs%1,
25 pages, December 1975.  Cost: $2.40

⊗AIM-277, CS-542, ADA027454,
Zohar Manna, Adi Shamir,
%2The Theoretical Aspects of the Optimal Fixedpoint%1,
24 pages, March 1976.

∞AIM-278, CS-549, ADA027455,
David Luckham, Norihisa Suzuki,
%2Automatic Program Verification V: Verification-Oriented Proof Rules
 for Arrays, Records and Pointers%1,
48 pages, March 1976.  Cost: $3.05

⊗AIM-279, CS-552,,
Norihsa Suzuki,
%2Automatic Verification of Programs with Complex Data Structures%1,
Thesis:  Ph.D. in Computer Science,
194 pages, February 1976.

∞AIM-280, CS-555,,
David D. Grossman,
%2Monte Carlo Simulation of Tolerancing in Discrete Parts Manufacturing
 and Assembly%1,
25 pages, May 1976.  Cost: $2.40

∞AIM-281.1, CS-558,AD-A042 507,
Zohar Manna, Richard Waldinger,
%2Is 'sometime' sometimes better than 'always'?  Intermittent assertions
in proving program correctness%1,
41 pages, June 1976, revised March 1977.  Cost: $2.85

Russell Taylor,
%2Synthesis of Manipulator Control Programs from Task-level Specifications%1,
Thesis: Ph.D. in Computer Science,
229 pages, July 1976.  Cost: $8.10

⊗AIM-283, CS-552,,
Randall Davis,
%2Applications of Meta Level Knowledge to the Construction, Maintenance
 and Use of Large Knowledge Bases%1,
Thesis: Ph.D. in Computer Science,
304 pages, July 1976.

⊗AIM-284, CS-567,,
Rafael Finkel,
%2Constructing and Debugging Manipulator Programs%1,
Thesis:  Ph.D. in Computer Science,
171 pages pages, August 1976.

⊗AIM-285, CS-568,PB-259 130/3WC,
T. O. Binford, D. D. Grossman, C. R. Lui, R. C. Bolles, R. A. Finkel,
M. S. Mujtaba, M. D. Roderick, B. E. Shimano, R. H. Taylor, R. H. Goldman,
J. P. Jarvis, V. D. Scheinman, T. A. Gafford,
%2Exploratory Study of Computer Integrated Assembly Systems, Progress Report 3%1,
336 pages, August 1976.

∞AIM-285.4, CS-568,PB-259 130/3WC,
T. O. Binford, C. R. Lui, G. Gini, M. Gini, I. Glaser, T. Ishida,
M. S. Mujtaba, E. Nakano, H. Nabavi, E. Panofsky, B. E. Shimano, R. Goldman,
V. D. Scheinman, D. Schmelling, T. A. Gafford,
%2Exploratory Study of Computer Integrated Assembly Systems, Progress Report 4%1,
255 pages, June 1977.  Cost: $8.85

⊗AIM-286, CS-570,,
Douglas Lenat,
%2AM: An Artificial Intelligence Approach to Discovery in Mathematics
as Heuristic Search%1,
Thesis: Ph.D. in Computer Science,
350 pages, July 1976.

∞AIM-287, CS-571,,
Michael Roderick,
%2Discrete Control of a Robot Arm%1,
Thesis: Engineer in Electrical Engineering,
98 pages, August 1976.  Cost: $4.45

∞AIM-288, CS-572,,
Robert Filman, Richard Weyhrauch,
%2An FOL Primer%1,
36 pages, September 1976.  Cost: $2.70

∞AIM-289, CS-574,,
John Reiser (ed.),
178 pages, August 1976.  Cost: $6.70

∞AIM-290, CS-575, AD-A042 494,
Nancy W. Smith,
%2SAIL Tutorial%1,
54 pages, November 1976.  Cost: $3.20

⊗AIM-291, CS-577, AO44713,
Bruce Buchanan, Joshua Lederberg, John McCarthy,
%2Three Reviews of J. Weizenbaum's Computer Power and Human Reason%1,
28 pages, November 1976.

∞AIM-292, CS-580,,
Terry Winograd,
%2Towards a Procedural Understanding of Semantics%1,
30 pages, October 1976.  Cost: $2.55

⊗AIM-293, CS-581, AD-A042 508,
Daniel Bobrow, Terry Winograd,
%2An Overview of KRL%1,
40 pages, November 1976.

∞AIM-294, CS-586, AD-A042 516,
Nachum Dershowitz, Zohar Manna,
%2The Evolution of Programs: A System for Automatic Program Modification%1,
45 pages, December 1976.  Cost: $2.95

∞AIM-295, CS-591,,
Robert C. Bolles,
%2Verification Vision Within a Programmable Assembly System%1,
Thesis: Ph.D. in Computer Science,
245 pages, December 1976.  Cost: $8.55

∞AIM-296, CS-592,,
Robert Cartwright, 
%2Practical Formal Semantic Definition and Verification Systems%1,
Thesis: Ph.D. in Computer Science,
158 pages, December 1976.  Cost: $6.15

⊗AIM-297, CS-610,,
Terry Winograd,
%2A Framework for Understanding Discourse%1,
24 pages, April 1977.

⊗AIM-298, CS-611, ADA046703,
Zohar Manna, Richard Waldinger,
%2The Logic of Computer Programming%1,
90 pages, June 1977.

∞AIM-299, CS-614, ADA049760,
Zohar Manna, Adi Shamir,
%2The Convergence of Functions to Fixedpoints of Recursive Definitions%1,
45 pages, May 1977.  Cost: $2.95

⊗AIM-300, CS-617,,
Terry Winograd,
%2On some Contested Suppositions of Generative Linguistics about the
Scientific Study of Language%1,
25 pages, May 1977.

∞AIM-301, CS-624, ADA044231,
Lester Earnest, et. al.,
%2Recent Research in Computer Science%1,
118 pages, June 1977.  Cost: $5.00

∞AIM-302, CS-630, ADA049761,
Zohar Manna, Richard Waldinger
%2Synthesis:  Dreams => Programs%1,
119 pages, October 1977.  Cost: $5.05

⊗AIM-303, CS-631, ADA050806,
Nachum Dershowitz, Zohar Manna,
%2Inference Rules for Program Annotation%1,
46 pages, October 1977.

∞AIM-304, CS-632, ADA048684,
Todd Wagner,
%2Hardware Verification%1,
Thesis: PhD in Computer Science,
102 pages, September 1977.  Cost: $4.55

∞AIM-305, CS-633, ADA048660,
William Faught,
%2Motivation and Intensionality in a Computer Simulation Model%1,
Thesis: Ph.D. in Computer Science,
104 pages, September 1977.  Cost: $4.60

∞AIM-306, CS-639, ADA053175,
Cordell Green, David Barstow,
%2On Program Synthesis Knowledge%1,
63 pages, November 1977.  Cost: $3.45

∞AIM-307, CS-640, ADA053176,
Zohar Manna and Richard Waldinger,
%2Structured Programming Without Recursion%1,
10 pages, December 1977.  Cost: $2.00

∞AIM-308, CS-641, ADA053184,
David Barstow,
%2Automatic Construction of Algorithms%1,
Thesis: Ph.D. in Computer Science,
220 pages, December 1977.  Cost: $7.85

∞AIM-309, CS-646,,
C. G. Nelson, Derek Oppen,
%2Efficient Decision Procedures Based on Congruence Closure%1,
15 pages, January 1978.  Cost: $2.15

∞AIM-310, CS-651,
Nachum Dershowitz and Zohar Manna,
%2Proving Termination with Multiset Orderings%1,
33 pages, March 1978.  Cost: $2.65

∞AIM-311, CS652,
Greg Nelson and Derek C. Oppen
%2Simplification by Cooperating Decision Prodcedures%1,
20 pages, April 1978.  Cost: $2.25