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ACRONYM is a system for reasoning about vision and manipulation. At its core
is a three dimensional geometric modelling system. It provides a modelling
language, a model editor and associated graphics support. A simulator has
been built on top of the modelling system to provide offline debugging for
AL manipulator programs. A cross-eyed stereo display gives real time three
dimensional views of the blue arm at work on the hand-eye table. There
is a rule-based reasoning system for reasoning about the appearance of modelled
objects. It interacts with a bottom up shape description system and a syntactic
graph matcher to interpret pre-processed grey-level images. Eventually ACRONYM
will carry out tasks which involve the interaction of vision and manipulation.

The top node for documentation is WHERE[DOC,ROD]. Details of how to run some
demos can be found in HOWTO[DOC,ROD]. Simulator documentation is in