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The ACCESS monitor command is used to gain access to any directory in
the system, provided that you know its password.  ACCESS is invoked in
a similar way to the ALIAS command.  In fact, ACCESS is exactly like
ALIAS, except that you get ownership rights to the directory you've
aliased to after you give the password.

Unlike ALIAS, however, ACCESS runs a program in your core image.

ACCESS works by ALIAS'ing you and granting you a special privilege
called the AAO (Access Alias as Owner) privilege.  If you reference
any file on your alias PPN when you have AAO, you are given full
ownership access to it.  If you change your alias PPN with the ALIAS
commannd or the DSKPPN UUO, you lose your AAO privilege; otherwise,
you keep it until you log out.

In addition, ACCESS with no argument grants you your normally entitled
privileges.  Suppose you are 1,FOO with password BAR, but you have it
set up so you don't have to use it locally.  Your directory 2,FOO is
protected against you, but you have two ways of gaining access to
it, if 2,FOO has the MAS bit set:

(1)  You can type ACCESS 2,FOO and give 2,FOO's password, OR
(2)  You can type ACCESS and give your password "BAR".

The second form of ACCESS effectively eliminates the need to log out
and log in using the ! delimiter.