perm filename 2.DMD[DAT,LCS] blob sn#443186 filedate 1979-05-19 generic text, type T, neo UTF8
                                                                                2  RESTS: 2, STF, POS, HGT, P5=REST TYPE                                        	P5 = -2=WHOLE, -3=DOUBLE WHOLE, -1=HALF, 0=1/4, 1=1/8, 2=1/16, ETC.                                                                                            	P6)=DOTS.  P6 = -1 MAKES AN INVISIBLE REST (NEEDED IN 'PAGE' PROG.)                                                                                            	P7) HOLDS RHYTHMIC VALUE. (1=QTR, .5=EIGHTH, ETC.)   IF P7 IS                  		NEGATIVE JUSTIFYING AND SPACING ROUTINES WILL IGNORE THE REST.                                                                                                		P8=NUMBER OF MEASURES REST(TO 999).  THE REST WILL ALWAYS                     		   TURN INTO A WHOLE REST (OR A DOUBLE WHOLE IF P5=-3).                        		   A HORIZONTAL LINE WILL DISPLAY BELOW THE REST TO                          		   FACILITATE CENTERING BETWEEN 2 BAR LINES.  (USE P9=-1 TO                   	   	   CENTER IT.) TO CHANGE THE WIDTH OF THIS CENTERING LINE                  		   ALTER P6.  (IF P6=0 THE LINE WILL EXTEND ABOUT 10 UNITS                    		   IN EACH DIRECTION.  A NON-ZERO ENTRY WILL CHANGE THIS.)                                                                                                    		P8=-1 GIVES WHOLE REST (DBL WHL IF P5=-3) WITHOUT NUMBER ABOVE.                                                                                               		P8=-4 MAKES A MEASURE REPEAT SIGN.  ( ./. ) (CENTER WITH P9)                                                                                                  	******************* CENTERING RESTS *******************                                                                                                        	    P9=-1 WILL CENTER WHOLE REST BETWEEN THE POSITION GIVEN IN P3              		  AND THE NEXT FOLLOWING BAR LINE (REGARDLES OF STAFF #).                     		  THE ACTUAL POSITION OF THE REST WILL THEN BE                                		  AUTOMATICALLY PUT INTO P9 AND P3 WILL REMAIN UNCHANGED.                     		  IN THIS WAY CENTERED RESTS MAY BE USED IN THE 'PAGE'                        		  PROGRAM WITHOUT CAUSING ANY CONFUSION IN REGARD TO THE                      		  ALIGNMENT OF RHYTHMIC VALUES.                                                                                                                               	************** CUEING SETUP (FOR USE WITH 'PAGE' PROGRAM) ******                                                                                               	    P10 = 100+n WHERE n IS A STAFF NUMBER WILL CAUSE THE PART                  	      	 EXTRACTOR  TO LOOK ON STAFF n FOR CUE NOTES.  THIS                     		 FEATURE SHOULD BE USED ONLY WHEN A WHOLE MEASURE OF                          		 REST IS INVOLVED. (I.E. P8=-1)  THE NOTES THAT ARE PICKED                    		 UP FROM STAFF n WILL BE CHANGED TO MINI-NOTES AND THEIR                      		 INTERNAL RHYTHMIC (OR SPACE) VALUES CUT IN HALF.  THE                        		 WHOLE REST WILL BE CONVERTED INTO AN INVISIBLE REST WITH                     		 ZERO TIME VALUE.  THE OUTPUT OF THE 'PAGE' PROGRAM MAY BE                    		 EDITED TO MAKE THIS WHOLE REST VISIBLE AGAIN.                                		 P10=100 WILL LOOK ON STAFF 0.  P10=104 LOOKS ON STAFF 4.                     βs