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.ONCE CENTER <<1970>>
STAN-CS-70-146, , , G. O. Ramos (Thesis),
%2Roundoff Error Analysis of the Fast Fourier Transform%1,
February 1970, cost $ 2.50.

*STAN-CS-70-147, ,AD699897, G. E. Forsythe,
%2Pitfalls in Computation, or Why a Math Book Isn't Enough%1,
43 pages, January 1970.

*STAN-CS-70-148, ,PB188749, D. E. Knuth and R. W. Floyd,
%2Notes on Avoiding 'GO TO' Statements%1,
15 pages, January 1970.

*STAN-CS-70-149, ,PB188748, D. E. Knuth,
%2Optimum Binary Search Trees%1,
19 pages, January 1970.

STAN-CS-70-150, ,AD699898, J. H. Wilkinson,
%2Elementary Proof of the Wielandt-Hoffman Theorem and of its
Generalization%1, 8 pages, January 1970, cost $ 2.50.

STAN-CS-70-151, , , E. A. Volkov (translated by G. E. Forsythe),
%2On the Properties of the Derivatives of the Solution of Laplace's
Equation and the Errors of the Method of Finite Differences for
Boundary Values in C(2) and C(1,1)%1,
26 pages, January 1970, cost $ 2.50.

STAN-CS-70-152, , , S. Gustafson,
%2Rapid Computation of Interpolation Formulae and Mechanical
Quadrature Rules%1, 23 pages, February 1970, cost $ 2.40.

STAN-CS-70-153, ,AD701358,  S. Gustafson,
%2Error Propagation by Use of Interpolation Formulae and Quadrature
Rules which are Computed Numerically%1,
17 pages, February 1970, cost $ 2.20.

STAN-CS-70-154, , , H. S. Stone,
%2The Spectrum of Incorrectly Decoded Bursts for Cyclic Error Codes%1,
24 pages, February 1970, cost $ 2.40.

STAN-CS-70-155, ,AD705508, B. L. Buzbee, G. H. Golub and C. W. Nielson,
%2The Method of Odd/Even Reduction and Factorization with Application to
Poisson's Equation, Part II%1, 36 pages, March 1970, cost $ 2.80.

STAN-CS-70-156, ,AD713972, G. B. Dantzig,
%2On a Model for Computing Roundoff Error of a Sum%1,
October 1979, cost $ 1.85.

*STAN-CS-70-157, ,AD705509, R. P. Brent,
%2Algorithms for Matrix Multiplication%1,
54 pages, March 1970.

STAN-CS-70-158, , , H. Stone,
%2Parallel Processing with the Perfect Shuffle%1,
36 pages, March 1970, cost $ 2.80.

*STAN-CS-70-159, ,AD708690, J. A. George,
%2The Use of Direct Methods for the Solution of the Discrete Poisson
Equation on Non-Rectangular Regions%1, 2 pages, June 1970.

*STAN-CS-70-160, TR-5, AD707762, T. H. Bredt and E. McCluskey,
%2A Model for Parallel Computer Systems%1,
62 pages, April 1970.

STAN-CS-70-161, SLACR-117, NAN, L. J. Hoffman (Thesis),
%2The Formulary Model for Access Control and Privacy in Computer Systems%1,
81 pages, May 1970, cost $ 3.55.

*STAN-CS-70-162, SLACP-760, AD709564, R. H. Bartels, G. H. Golub and M. A. Saunders,
%2Numerical Techniques in Mathematical Programming%1,
61 pages, May 1970.

STAN-CS-70-163, ,AD708691, H. Malcolm,
%2An Algorithm for Floating-Point Accumulation of Sums with Small Realative
Error%1, 22 pages, June 1970, cost $ 2.35.

STAN-CS-70-164, ,AD708692, V. I. Gordonova (translated by L. Kaufman),
%2Estimates of the Roundoff Error in the Solution of a System of
Conditional Equations, by V. I. Gordonova%1,
16 pages, June 1970, cost $ 2.20.

STAN-CS-70-165, , , H. Bauer and H. Stone,
%2The Scheduling of N Tasks with M Operations on Two Processors%1, 34 pages, 
July 1970, cost $ 2.70.

*STAN-CS-70-166, AIM-128, AD713841, E. J. Sandewall,
%2Representing Natural-Language Information in Predicate Calculus%1,
27 pages, July 1970.

*STAN-CS-70-167, AIM-129, AD712460, S. Igarashi,
%2Semantics of ALGOL-Like Statements%1,
95 pages, June 1970.

*STAN-CS-70-168, AIM-130, AD713252, M. Kelly (Thesis),
%2Visual Identification of People by Computer%1,
138 pages, July 1970.

*STAN-CS-70-169, AIM-126, AD711329, D. Knuth,
%2Examples of Formal Semantics%1,
35 pages, August 1970.

STAN-CS-70-170, TR-6, AD711334, T. Bredt,
%2Analysis and Synthesis of Concurrent Sequential Programs%1,
50 pages, May 1970, cost $ 3.20.

*STAN-CS-70-171, TR-8, AD714202, T. Bredt,
%2A Survey of Models for Parrallel Computing%1, 
58 pages, August 1970.

*STAN-CS-70-172, TR-7, AD714180, T. Bredt,
%2Analysis of Parallel Systems%1,
59 pages, August 1970.

*STAN-CS-70-173, TR-9, AD714181, T. Bredt,
%2The Mutual Exclusion Problem%1, 
68 pages, August 1970.

STAN-CS-70-174, AIM-127, AD711395, Z. Manna and R. Waldinger,
%2Towards Automatic Program Synthesis%1,
55 pages, August 1970, cost $ 3.20.

STAN-CS-70-175, ,AD713842, M. Malcolm,
%2A Description and Subroutines for Computing Euclidean Inner
Products on the IBM 360%1, 14 pages, October 1970, cost $ 1.85.

*STAN-CS-70-176, AIM-131, AD715128, E. A. Feigenbaum, B. C. Buchanan and J. Lederberg,
%2On Generality and Problem Solving: A Case Study Using the DENDRAL
Program%1, 48 pages, September 1970.

STAN-CS-70-177, ,AD715511, R. W. Floyd and D. E. Knuth,
%2The Bose-Nelson Sorting Problem%1,
16 pages, October 1970, cost $ 2.15

STAN-CS-70-178, ,NAN, G. Forsythe and W. F. Miller,
%2Research Review%1, 186 pages, October 1970, cost $ 6.95.

STAN-CS-70-179, AIM-135, AD716566, D. C. Smith,
%2MLISP%1, 99 pages, October 1970, cost $ 4.50.

*STAN-CS-70-180, AIM-132, AD715665, G. Falk (Thesis),
%2Computer Interpretation of Imperfect Line Data as a Three-Dimensional 
Scene%1, 187 pages, October 1970.

*STAN-CS-70-181, AIM-133, , A. C. Hearn,
%2Reduce 2 - User's Manual%1,
85 pages, October 1970.

*STAN-CS-70-182, AIM-134, AD748565, J. Tenenbaum (Thesis),
%2Accomodation in Computer Vision%1, 
452 pages, Septmeber 1970.

*STAN-CS-70-183, AIM-136, AD717600, G. M. White,
%2Machine Learning Through Signature Trees...Application to Human Speech%1,
40 pages, October 1970.

STAN-CS-70-184, ,AD715512, M. Malcolm,
%2A Note on a Conjecture of J. Mordell%1,
5 pages, October 1970, cost $ 1.85.

*STAN-CS-70-185, ,TID22593, E. Nelson,
%2Graph Program Simulation%1,
175 pages, October 1970.

*STAN-CS-70-186, AIM-137, AD715513, D. E. Knuth,
%2An Empirical Study of Fortran Programs%1,
50 pages, November 1970.

*STAN-CS-70-187, ,AD197154, G. Dantzig et al.,
%2Mathematical Programming Language (MPL) Specification Manual for
Committee Review%1, 82 pages, December 1970.

*STAN-CS-70-188, AIM-138, PB197161, E. Ashcroft and Z. Manna,
%2The Translation of 'Go To' Programs to 'While' Programs%1,
28 pages, December 1970.

STAN-CS-70-189, AIM-139, AD717601, Z. Manna,
%2Mathematical Theory of Partial Correctness%1,
24 pages, December 1970, cost $ 2.40.

*STAN-CS-70-190, ,AD719398, J. Hopcroft,
%2An N Log N Algorithm for Minimizing States in a Finite Automaton%1,
12 pages, December 1970.

*STAN-CS-70-191, SLACP-904, PB198494, V. Lesser,
%2An Introduction to the Direct Emulation of Control Structures by a
Parallel Micro-Computer%1,
26 pages, December 1970.

STAN-CS-70-192, ,AD719399, J. Hopcroft,
%2An N Log N Algorithm for Isomorphism of Planar Triply Connected Graphs%1,
6 pages, December 1970, cost $ 1.90

*STAN-CS-70-193, AIM-140, NAN, R. Schank,
%2Intention, Memory and Computer Understanding%1,
59 pages, December 1970.

*STAN-CS-70-194, ,PB198495, D. E. Knuth,
%2The Art of Computer Programming - Errata et Addenda%1,
28 pages, December 1970.

STAN-CS-70-195, ,723871, B. L. Buzbee, F. W. Dorr, A. George and G. H. Golub,
%2The Direct Solution of the Discrete Poisson Equation on Irregular
Regions%1, 30 pages, December 1970, cost $ 2.60.

STAN-CS-70-196, ,AD725167, C. B. Moler,
%2Matrix Computations with Fortran and Paging%1,
13 pages, December 1970, cost $ 2.10

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.ONCE CENTER <<1971>>
STAN-CS-71-197, ,NAN, D. E. Knuth and R. L. Sites,
%2Mix/360 User's Guide%1,
11 pages, January 1971.

STAN-CS-71-198, ,AD726170, R. Brent (Thesis),
%2Algorithms for Finding Zeros and Extrema of Functions without Calculating
250 pages, February 1971.

STAN-CS-71-199, ,PB198415, Staff,
%2Bibliography of Stanford Computer Science Reports 1963-1971%1,
28 pages, February 1971.

STAN-CS-71-200, ,PB198416, J. G. Herriot and C. H. Peinsch,
%2ALGOL 60 Procedures for the Calculation of Interpolating Natural Spline
30 pages, February 1971.

STAN-CS-71-201, ,AD722434, J. Hopcroft and R. Tarjan,
%2Planarity Testing in V Log V Steps: Extended Abstracts%1,
18 pages, February 1971.

STAN-CS-71-202, SLAC-117, NAN, H. J. Saal and W. Riddle,
%2Communicating Semaphores%1,
21 pages, February 1971.

STAN-CS-71-203, AIM-141, AD730506, B. Buchanan, E. Feigenbaum and J. Lederberg,
%2The Heuristic DENDRAL Program for Explaining Empirical Data%1,
20 pages, February 1971.

STAN-CS-71-204, ,PB198510, D. Ingalls,
%2FETE - a Fortran Execution Time Estimator%1,
12 pages, February 1971.

STAN-CS-71-205, AIM-142, AD731383, Robin Milner,
%2An Algebraic Definition of Simulation Between Programs%1,
20 pages, March 1971.

STAN-CS-71-206, ,AD726158, D. E. Knuth,
%2Mathematical Analysis of Algorithms%1,
26 pages, March 1971.

STAN-CS-71-207, ,AD726169, J. Hopcroft and R. Tarjan,
%2Efficient Algorithms for Graph Manipulation%1,
19 pages, March 1971.

STAN-CS-71-208, ,AD726171, J. A. George (Thesis),
%2Computer Implementation of the Finite Element Method%1,
220 pages, March 1971.

STAN-CS-71-209, AIM-143, AD724867, J. McCarthy and Staff,
%2Project Technical Report%1,
80 pages, March 1971.

STAN-CS-71-210, ,PB201917, J. Gerry Purdy,
%2Access - a Program for the Catalog and Access of Information%1,
28 pages, March 1971.

STAN-CS-71-211, ,AD727104, M. Malcolm,
%2An Algorithm to Reveal Properties of Floating-Point Arithmetic%1,
8 pages, March 1971.

STAN-CS-71-212, ,AD727107, M. A. Morgana,
%2Time and Memory Requirements for Solving Linear Systems%1,
7 pages, March 1971.

STAN-CS-71-213, ,PB201629, R. Tarjan,
%2The Switchyard Problem: Sorting Using Networks of Queues and Stacks%1,
13 pages, April 1971.

STAN-CS-71-214, ,AD727108, R. L. Graham, D. E. Knuth and T. S. Motzkin,
%2Complements and Transitive Closures%1,
6 pages, April 1971.

STAN-CS-71-215, ,AD727115, M. Malcolm,
%2PL360 (Revised) - a Programming Language for the IBM 360%1,
91 pages, May 1971.

STAN-CS-71-216, AIM-147, AD732457, R. E. Kling,
%2Reasoning by Analogy with Applications to Heuristics Problem Solving:
a Case Study%1,
180 pages, May 1971.

STAN-CS-71-217, AIM-148, AD731730, E. A. Ashcroft, Z. Manna and A. Pnueli,
%2Decidable Properties of Monadic Functional Schemas%1,
9 pages, May 1971.

STAN-CS-71-218, ,AD731038, N. G. Debruijn, D. E. Knuth and S. O. Rice,
%2The Average Height of Plane Trees%1,
7 pages, May 1971.

STAN-CS-71-219, AIM-144, NAN, Lynn Quam (Thesis),
%2Computer Comparison of Pictures%1,
120 pages, May 1971.

STAN-CS-71-220, TR-14, AD727116, Harold Stone,
%2Dynamic Memories with Enhanced Data Access%1,
32 pages, February 1971.

STAN-CS-71-221, AIM-145, AD731729, B. G. Buchanan, E. Feigenbaum and J. Lederberg,
%2A Heuristic Programming Study of Theory Formation in Science%1,
41 pages, June 1971.

STAN-CS-71-222, , PB235417/AS, W. J. Meyers (Thesis),
%2Linear Representation of Tree Structure (a Mathematical Theory of
Parenthesis-Free Notations)%1,
245 pages, June 1971.

STAN-CS-71-223, ,PB203429, Susan Graham (Thesis),
%2Precedence Languages and Bounded Right Context Languages%1,
192 pages, July 1971.

STAN-CS-71-224, AIM-146, PB212183, A. Ershov,
%2Parallel Programming%1,
15 pages, July 1971.

STAN-CS-71-225, ,PB203344, Ake Bjorck and Gene Golub,
%2Numerical Methods for Computing Angles Between Linear Subspaces%1,
30 pages, July 1971.

STAN-CS-71-226, SLAC-133, , J. E. George,
%2SIMPLE - A Simple Precedence Translator Writing System%1,
92 pages, July 1971.

STAN-CS-71-227, SLAC-134, , J. E. George (Thesis),
%2GEMS - A Graphical Experimental Meta System%1,
184 pages, July 1971.

STAN-CS-71-228, ,PB203343, Linda Kaufman,
%2Function Minimization and Automatic Therapeutic Control%1,
30 pages, July 1971.

STAN-CS-71-229, ,AD732766, E. H. Lee and G. E. Forsythe,
%2Variational Study of Nonlinear Spline Curves%1,
22 pages, August 1971.

STAN-CS-71-230, ,PB203601, R. L. Sites,
%2ALGOL With Reference Manual%1,
141 pages, August 1971.

STAN-CS-71-231, AIM-149, AD732644, Rod Schmidt (Thesis),
%2A Study of the Real-Time Control of a Computer Driven Vehicle%1,
180 pages, August 1971.

STAN-CS-71-232, ,AD733073, C. B. Moler and G. W. Steward,
%2An Algorithm for the Generalized Matrix Eigenvalue Problem%1,
50 pages, August 1971.

STAN-CS-71-233, ,NAN, Wayne Wilner,
%2Declarative Semantic Definition%1,
211 pages, August 1971.

STAN-CS-71-234, ,NAN, Gene H. Golub,
%2Some Modified Eigenvalue Problems%1,
38 pages, September 1971.

STAN-CS-71-235, AIM-150, NAN, R. W. Floyd,
%2Toward Iterative Design of Correct Programs%1,
12 pages, September 1971.

STAN-CS-71-236, ,AD737648, G. H. Golub and George Styan,
%2Numerical Computation for Univeariate Linear Models%1,
35 pages, September 1971.

STAN-CS-71-237, TR-16, AD737270, D. C. Van Voorhis,
%2A Generalization of the Divide-Sort-Merge Strategy for Sorting Networks%1,
67 pages, September 1971.

STAN-CS-71-238, TR-17, AD735901, D. C. Van Voorhis,
%2A Lower Bound for Sorting Networks That Use the Divide-Sort-Merge Strategy%1,
13 pages, September 1971.

STAN-CS-71-239, TR-18, AD736610, D. C. Van Voorhis,
%2Large [g.d.] Sorting Networks%1,
84 pages, September 1971.

STAN-CS-71-240, AIM-151, AD738568, Ralph London,
%2Correctness of Two Compilers for a LISP Subset%1,
42 pages, October 1971.

STAN-CS-71-241, AIM-152, AD732642, Alan Bierman,
%2On the Inference of Turing Machines from Sample Computations%1,
31 pages, October 1971.

STAN-CS-71-242, AIM-153, AD738569, Patrick Hayes,
%2The Frame Problem and Related Problems in AI%1,
24 pages, November 1971.

STAN-CS-71-243, AIM-154, AD738570, Z. Manna, S. Ness and J. Vuillemin,
%2Inductive Methods for Proving Properties of Programs%1,
24 pages, November 1971.

STAN-CS-71-244, ,AD738027, R. Tarjan (Thesis),
%2An Efficient Planarity Algorithm%1,
154 pages, November 1971.

STAN-CS-71-245, AIM-155, , John Ryder (Thesis),
%2Heuristic Analysis of Large Trees as Generated in the Game of Go%1,
350 pages, November 1971.

STAN-CS-71-246, AIM-156, AD740141, Ken Colby, S. Weber, Frank Hilf and H. Kraemer,
%2A Resemblance Test for the Validation of a Computer Simulation of Paranoid
30 pages, November 1971.

STAN-CS-71-247, AIM-157, , Yorick Wilks,
%2On Small Head -- Some Remarks on the Use of 'Model' in Linguistics%1,
16 pages, December 1971.

STAN-CS-71-248, ,AD739335, Michael Fredman and Donald Knuth,
%2Recurrence Relations Based on Minimization%1,
35 pages, December 1971.

STAN-CS-71-249, ,NAN, Bary Pollack,
%2An Annotated Bibliography on the Construction of Compilers%1,
140 pages, December 1971.

STAN-CS-71-250, AIM-158, AD740127, Ashok Chandra and Zohar Manna,
%2Program Schemas with Equality%1,
13 pages, December 1971.

.ONCE CENTER <<1972>>
STAN-CS-72-251, TR-19, AD736814, Harold Stone, 
%2An Efficient Parallel Algorithm for the Solution of a Tridiagonal Linear
System of Equation%1, 24 pages, January 1972.

STAN-CS-72-252, SU326 P30 14, , M. A. Saunders,
%2Large-Scale Linear Programming Using the Cholesky Factorization%1,
40 pages, January 1972.

STAN-CS-72-253, AIM-159, NAN, J. A. Feldman and P. C. Shields, %2Total
Complexity and the Inference of Best Programs%1, January 1972.

STAN-CS-72-254, , AD740330, G. E. Forsythe, %2Von Neumann's Comparison Method
for Random Sampling from the Normal and Other Distributions%1, 19 pages,
January 1972.

STAN-CS-72-255, AIM-160, AD740140, J. A. Feldman, %2Automatic Programming%1,
20 pages, January 1972.

STAN-CS-72-256, ,AD740331, V. Chvatal, %2Edmonds Polyhedra and Weakly
Hamiltonian Graphs%1, 22 pages, January 1972.

STAN-CS-72-257, ,PB208519, N. Wirth, %2On Pascal, Code Generation, and
the CDC 6000 Computer%1, 39 pages, February 1972.

STAN-CS-72-258, ,AD740332, Harold Brown, %2Some Basic Machine Algorithms
for Integral Order Computations%1, 15 pages, February 1972.

STAN-CS-72-259, ,PB208595, Clark A. Crane (Thesis), %2Linear Lists and Priority
Queues as Balanced Binary Trees%1, 131 pages, February 1972.

STAN-CS-72-260, ,AD740110, Vaughan R. Pratt (Thesis), %2Shellsort and
Sorting Networks%1, 59 pages, February 1972.

STAN-CS-72-261, SU326 P30 15, , Gene H. Golub and Victor Pereyra,
%2The Diffenentiation of Pseudoinverses and Nonlinear Least Squares
Whose Variables Separate%1, 35 pages, February 1972.

STAN-CS-72-262, ,PB209357, Staff, %2Bibliography%1, 36 pages, February 1972.

STAN-CS-72-263, ,AD741189, David A. Klarner and Ronald Rivest,
%2A Procedure for Improving the Upper Bound for the Number of n-Ominoes%1,
31 pages, February 1972.

STAN-CS-72-264, AIM-161, AD741189, Yorick Wilks, %2Artificial Intelligence
Approach to Machine Translation%1, 42 pages, February 1972.

STAN-CS-72-265, AIM-162, AD744634, Neil Goldman, Roger Shank, Chuck Rieger and
Chris Riesbeck, %2Primitive Concepts Underlying Verbs of Thought%1,
80 pages, February 1972.

STAN-CS-72-266, AIM-163, NAN, Jean Cadiou (Thesis), %2Recursive Definitions of Partial
and Functions and Their Computation%1, 160 pages, March 1972.

STAN-CS-72-267, , PB209629, Pierre E. Bonzon, %2MPL (An Appraisal Based on
Practical Experiment)%1, 26 pages, March 1972.

STAN-CS-72-268, , AD742348, V. Chvatal, %2Degrees and Matchings%1,
16 pages, March 1972.

STAN-CS-72-269, , AD742747, David Klarner and R. Rado,
%2Arithmetic Properties of Certain Recursively Defined Sets%1, 30 pages,
March 1972.

STAN-CS-72-270, , PB209616, G. Golum, J. H. Wilkinson and R. Underwood,
%2The Lanczos Algorithm for the Symmetric Ax = λ Bx Problem%1,
21 pages, Marcy 1972.

STAN-CS-72-271, , NAN, William E. Riddle (Thesis), %2The Modeling and
Analysis of Supervisory Systems%1, 174 pages, March 1972.

STAN-CS-72-272, AIM-164, AD742748, Zohar Manna and J. Vuillemin,
%2Fixedpoint Approach to the Theory of Computation%1,
25 pages, March 1972.

STAN-CS-72-273, , PB209806, V. Chvatal and J. Sichler,
%2Chromatic Automorphisms of Graphs%1, 12 pages, March 1972.

STAN-CS-72-274, , AD742749, D. Klarner and Richard Rado,
%2Linear Combinations of Sets of Consecutive Integers%1,
12 pages, March 1972.

STAN-CS-72-275, , AD742750, David A. Klarner,
%2Sets Generated by Iteration of a Linear Operation%1,
16 pages, March 1972.

STAN-CS-72-276, , AD745022, Linda Kaufman (Thesis),
%2A Generalized LR Method to Solve Ax = Bx%1, 70 pages, April 1972.

STAN-CS-72-277, SLAC-149, NAN, C. T. Zahn,
%2Region Boundaries on a Triangular Grid%1, 40 pages, April 1972.

STAN-CS-72-278, , SU326 P30-17, Paul Concus and Gene H. Golub,
%2Use of Fast Direct Methods for the Efficient Numerical Solution of Nonseparable
Elliptic Equations%1, April 1972.

STAN-CS-72-279, , AD744313, Michael Osborne,
%2Topics in Optimization%1, 143 pages, April 1972.

*STAN-CS-72-280, AIM-165, AD742751, D. A. Bochvar,
%2Two Papers on Partial Predicate Calculus%1, April 1972.

STAN-CS-72-281, AIM-166, AD743598, Lynn Quam, Sydney Liebes,
Robert Tucker, Marsha Jo Hanna and Botond Eross, %2Computer Interactive
Picture Processing%1, 41 pages, April 1972.

STAN-CS-72-282, AIM167, AD747254, Ashok K. Chandra,
%2Efficient Compilation of Linear Recursive Programs%1, 40 pages, April 1972.

STAN-CS-72-282, , NAN, David R. Stoutemyer,
%2Numerical Implemtation of the Schwarz Alternating Procedure for Elliptic
Partial Differential Equations%1, 131 pages, May 1972.

STAN-CS-72-284, O.R. 72-6, AD745778, V Chvatal,
%2Edmonds Polyhedra and a Hierarchy of Combinatorial Problems%1, 49 pages, May 1972.

STAN-CS-72-285, , PB210910, Robert Floyd and Alan J. Smith,
%2A Linear Time Two Tape Merge%1, 16 pages, May 1972.

STAN-CS-72-286, , PB211036, Ashok K. Chandra,
%2On the Solution of Moser's Problem in 4 Dimensions, and Related Issues%1,
32 pages, May 1972.

STAN-CS-72-287, AIM-168, AD746146, Shigaru Igarashi,
%2Admissibility of Fixed-Point Induction in First-Order Logic of Typed Theories%1,
36 pages, May 1972.

*STAN-CS-72-288, AIM-169, NAN, Robin Milner,
%2Logic for Computable Functions* Description of a Machine Implementation%1,
36 pages, May 1972.

*STAN-CS-72-289, AIM-170, AD748607, Yorick Wilks,
%2Lakoff on Linquistics and Natural Logic%1, 20 pages, June 1972.

*STAN-CS-72-290, AIM-171, AD746147, Roger Schank,
%2Adverbs and Beliefs%1, 30 pages, June 1972.

STAN-CS-72-291, , AD746189, Donald E. Knuth,
%2Some Combinatorial Lemmas%1, 21 pages, June 1972.

STAN-CS-72-292, , AD746150, V. Chvatal, D. A. Klarner and D. E. Knuth,
%2Selected Combinatorial Research Problems%1, 31 pages, June 1972.

STAN-CS-72-293, TN-32, PB212234, J. A. Lukes (Thesis),
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20 pages, June 1972.

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October 1972.

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November 1972.

STAN-CS-72-323, , , Michael A. Malcolm and John Palmer,
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listed on the abstract as %2On the Lu Decomposition of Toeplitz Matrices%1),
11 pages, November 1972.

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Artificial Reason%1, 14 pages, November 1972.

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Distinguish Human Paranoid Patients from a Computer Simulation of Paranoid
Processes?%1, 12 pages, December 1972.

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68 pages, December 1972.

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.ONCE CENTER <<1973>>
*STAN-CS-73-330, AIM-184, AD758651, Malcolm Newey,
%2Axioms and Theorems for Integers, Lists and Finite Sets in LCF%1,
53 pages, January 1973.

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12 pages, January 1973.

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March 1973.

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220 pages, March 1973.

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Nonspeaking Autistic Children%1, 8 pages, April 1973.

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%2Multi Dimensional Analysis in Evaluating a Simulation of Paranoid Thought
Processes%1, 10 pages, April 1973.

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April 1973.

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%2Expected Time Bounds for Selection%1, 51 pages, April 1973.

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21 pages, April 1973.

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6 pages, April 1973.

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Systems%1, 8 pages, April 1973.

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25 pages, May 1973.

STAN-CS-73-362, appears in print as STAN-CS-73-398.

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May 1973.

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Pattern Recognition%1, 36 pages, May 1973.

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David C. Luckham, %2Automatic Program Verification I: Logical Basis and its
Implementation%1, 50 pages, May 1973.

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Complex Organic Molecules%1, 30 pages, June 1973.

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5 pages, June 1973.

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30 pages, June 1973.

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June 1973.

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30 pages, June 1973.

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XII:  Exhaustive Generation of Cyclic and Acyclic Isomers%1, 60 pages, September

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September 1973.

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October 1973.

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Spline Functions%1, 40 pages, November 1973.

⊗STAN-CS-73-403, AIM-224, AD773391, C. A. R. Hoare,
%2Hints on Programming Language Design%1, 29 pages, December 1973.

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.ONCE CENTER <<1974>>
STAN-CS-74-404, , AD775452, N. S. Sridharan,
%2A Catalog of Quadri/Trivalent Graphs%1, 48 pages, January 1974.

STAN-CS-74-405, , NAN, R. Davis and M. Wright,
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40 pages, February 1974.

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February 1974.

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and Artificial Intelligence%1, 50 pages, March 1974.

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March 1974.

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May 1974.

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Content of Natural Language Utterances%1, 393 pages, May 1974.

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Operations%1, 46 pages, May 1974.

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May 1974.

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Interleaved Memory%1, 16 pages, May 1974.

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May 1974.

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Schuffle-Exchange Network%1, 32 pages, May 1974.

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May 1974.

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Expressions%1, 23 pages, May 1974.

∞STAN-CS-74-432, AIM-235, AD-A006 898, Richard Weyhrauch and Arthur Thomas,
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%2Natural Language Understanding Systems Within the A.I. Paradigm -- A Survey
and Some Comparisons%1, 25 pages, July 1974.

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245 pages, July 1974.

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STAN-CS-74-439, OR-74-7, SU326 P30-32, Richard W. Cottle, Gene H. Golub and
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⊗STAN-CS-75-475, AIM-257, AD-A005 413, M. C. Newey (Thesis),
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October 1975.

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November 1975.

STAN-CS-75-532, , , Pat E. Jacobs (staff),
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.once center <<1976>>
STAN-CS-76-533, LBL-4604, SU326 P30-44, P. Concus, G. H. Golub and D. P. O'Leary,
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Elliptic Partial Differential Equations%1, 24 pages, January 1976.

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Structures:  With Disambiguation of the Word 'For' %1,
254 pages, January 1976.  

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32 pages, January 1976.  Cost: $2.60

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Introductory Discussion%1,
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7 pages, January 1976.

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25 pages, March 1976.

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and Assembly%1,
25 pages, May 1976.  Cost: $2.40

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19 pages, August 1976.  
∞STAN-CS-76-558, AIM-281.1, AD-A042 507, Zohar Manna and Richard Waldinger,
%2Is 'sometime' sometimes better than 'always'?  Intermittent assertions
in proving program correctness%1,
41 pages, June 1976, revised March 1977.  Cost: $2.85

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38 pages, August 1976.  

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229 pages, July 1976.  Cost: $8.10

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and Use of Large Knowledge Bases%1,
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%2Calculation of interpolating Natural Spline Functions Using De Boor's 
Package for Calculating with B-Splines%1,
46 pages, November 1976.

⊗STAN-CS-76-570, AIM-286, , Douglas Lenat (Thesis),
%2AM: An Artificial Intelligence Approach to Discovery in Mathematics
as Heuristic Search%1,
350 pages, July 1976.

∞STAN-CS-76-571, AIM-287, , Michael Roderick (Thesis),
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98 pages, August 1976.  Cost: $4.45

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36 pages, September 1976.  Cost: $2.70

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90 pages, November 1976.

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178 pages, August 1976.  Cost: $6.70

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54 pages, November 1976.  Cost: $3.20

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61 pages, December 1976.

⊗STAN-CS-76-577, AIM-291, AO44 713, Bruce Buchanan, Joshua Lederberg and John McCarthy,
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28 pages, November 1976.

STAN-CS-76-578, , AD-A035 219, Joseph Oliger and Arne Sundstrom,
%2Theoretical and Practical Aspects of Some Initial-Boundary Value Problems 
in Fluid Dynamics%1,
62 pages, December 1976.

STAN-CS-76-579, SLACP-1826, , Forest Basket and Abbas Rafii,
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30 pages, December 1976.

∞STAN-CS-76-580, AIM-292, , Terry Winograd,
%2Towards a Procedural Understanding of Semantics%1,
30 pages, October 1976.  Cost: $2.55

⊗STAN-CS-76-581, AIM-293, AD-A042 508, Daniel Bobrow and Terry Winograd,
%2An Overview of KRL%1,
40 pages, November 1976.

STAN-CS-76-582, , AD-A038 863, V. Chvatal, M. R. Garey, and D. S. Johnson,
%2Two Results Concerning Multicoloring%1,
9 pages, December 1976.

∞STAN-CS-76-591, AIM-295, , Robert C. Bolles (Thesis),
%2Verification Vision Within a Programmable Assembly System%1,
245 pages, December 1976.  Cost: $8.55

∞STAN-CS-76-592, AIM-296, , Robert Cartwright (Thesis),
%2Practical Formal Semantic Definition and Verification Systems%1,
158 pages, December 1976.  Cost: $6.15

.ONCE CENTER <<1977>>
STAN-CS-77-583, ,AD-A038 864, V. Chvatal,
%2Determining the Stability Number of a Graph%1,
39 pages, February 1977.

STAN-CS-77-584, ,AD-A038 865, Donald E. Knuth,
%2Deletions That Preserve Randomness%1,
32 pages, February 1977.

STAN-CS-77-585, , , P. Concus, G. H. Golub and D. O'Leary,
%2Numerical Solution of Nonlinear Elliptic Partial Differential Equations 
by a Generalized Conjugate Gradient Method%1,
43 pages, February 1977.

∞STAN-CS-77-586, AIM-294, AD-A042 516, Nachum Dershowitz and Zohar Manna,
%2The Evolution of Programs: A System for Automatic Program Modification%1,
45 pages, February 1977.  Cost: $2.95

STAN-CS-77-587, ,AD-A038 867, M. R. Garey, R. L. Graham, D. S. Johnson, and D. E. Knuth,
%2Complexity Results for Bandwidth Minimization%1,
36 pages, February 1977.

STAN-CS-77-588, ,PB-266 381/AS, Tony Fan C. Chan,
%2On Computing the Singular Value Decomposition%1,
57 pages, February 1977.

STAN-CS-77-589, HPP-77-2, AD-A038 866, Robert S. Engelmore and H. P. Nii,
%2A Knowledge-Based System for the Interpretation of Protein X-Ray
Crystallographic Data%1,
36 pages, February 1977.

STAN-CS-77-590, ,AD-A038 868, Donald E. Knuth and Michael S. Paterson,
%2Identities from Partition Involutions%1,
22 pages, February 1977.

∞STAN-CS-77-591, AIM-295, , Robert C. Bolles (Thesis),
%2Verification Vision Within a Programmable Assembly System%1,
245 pages, February 1977.  Cost: $8.55

∞STAN-CS-77-592, AIM-296, , Robert Cartwright, Jr. (Thesis),
%2A Practical Formal Semantic Definition and Verification Systems for 
Typed LISP%1,
158 pages, Fegruary 1977.  Cost: $6.15

STAN-CS-77-593, HPP-77-1, ,
A. C. Scott, W. J. Clancey, R. Davis, and E. H. Shortliffe,
%2Explanation Capabilities of Production-Based Consultation Systems%1,
30 pages, April 1977.

STAN-CS-77-594, SLAC-200, , Edwin P. Stritter (Thesis),
%2File Migration%1,
112 pages, April 1977.

STAN-CS-77-595, , , John Gregg Lewis (Thesis),
%2Algorithms for Sparse Matrix Eigenvalue Problems%1,
212 pages, April 1977.

STAN-CS-77-596, HPP-77-5, , Mark J. Stefik and Nancy Martin,
%2A Review of Knowledge Based Problem Solving as a Basis for a Genetics 
Experiment Designing System%1,
97 pages, April 1977.

STAN-CS-77-597, HPP-77-6, , Bruce G. Buchanan and Tom M. Mitchell,
%2Model-Directed Learning of Production Rules%1,
21 pages, April 1977.

STAN-CS-77-598, ,AD-A040 486, Arne T. Jonassen and Donald E. Knuth,
%2A Trivial Algorithm Whose Analysis Isn't%1,
32 pages, April 1977.

STAN-CS-77-599, ,AD-A040 441, Donald E. Knuth and Arnold Schonhage,
%2The Expected Linearity of a Simple Equivalence Algorithm%1,
56 pages, April 1977.

STAN-CS-77-600, ,AD-A040 538, Mark R. Brown (Thesis),
%2The Analysis of a Practical and Nearly Optimal Priority Queue%1,
102 pages, April 1977.

STAN-CS-77-601, ,A045 652, John F. Reiser (Thesis),
%2Analysis of Additive Random Number Generators%1,
34 pages, April 1977.

STAN-CS-77-602, , , C. DeBoor and G. H. Golub,
%2The Numerically Stable Reconstruction of a Jacobi Matrix from Spectral 
21 pages, April 1977.

STAN-CS-77-603, ,AD-A041 292, Robert E. Tarjan,
%2Reference Machines Require Non-Linear Time to Maintain Disjoint Sets%1,
45 pages, April 1977.

STAN-CS-77-604, ,AD-A040 399, Tony F. C. Chan and Joseph Oliger,
%2Control of the Dissipativity of Lax-Wendroff Type Methods for First Order
Systems of Hyperbolic Equations%1,
45 pages, April 1977.

STAN-CS-77-605, HPP-77-14, AD-A042 834,
R. G. Smith, T. M. Mitchell, R. A. Chestek and B. Buchanan,
%2A Model for Learning Systems%1,
22 pages, June 1977.

STAN-CS-77-606, , , Michael J. Clancy and Donald E. Knuth,
%2A Programming and Problem-Solving Seminar%1,
104 pages, June 1977.

STAN-CS-77-607, TR-133, , Susan Owicki,
%2Specifications and Proofs for Abstract Data Types in Concurrent Programs%1,
26 pages, June 1977.

STAN-CS-77-608, , , Istvan Simon,
%2On Some Subrecursive Reducibilities%1,
102 pages, June 1977.

STAN-CS-77-609, ,AD-A043 362, Robert E. Tarjan,
%2Complexity of Combinatorial Algorithms%1,
97 pages, June 1977.

⊗STAN-CS-77-610, AIM-297, , Terry Winograd,
%2A Framework for Understanding Discourse%1,
24 pages, June 1977.

⊗STAN-CS-77-611, AIM-298, AD-A046 703, Zohar Manna, Richard Waldinger,
%2The Logic of Computer Programming%1,
90 pages, June 1977.

STAN-CS-77-612, HPP-77-7, AD-A042 756, H. Penny Nii and Edward A. Feigenbaum,
%2Rule-Based Understanding of Signals%1,
23 pages, June 1977.

STAN-CS-77-613, , , E. Spedicato,
%2On Some Classes of Quasi-Newton Methods for Systms of Nonlinear Algebraic 
31 pages, June 1977. 

∞STAN-CS-77-614, AIM-299, , Zohar Manna, Adi Shamir,
%2The Convergence of Functions to Fixedpoints of Recursive Definitions%1,
45 pages, June 1977.  Cost: $2.95

STAN-CS-77-615, , , R. Glowinski and O. Pironneau,
%2Numerical Methods for the First Biharmonic Equation and for the Two-
Dimensional Stokes Problem%1,
86 pages, June 1977.

STAN-CS-77-616, ,AD-A046 311, Heinz-Otto Kreiss and Joseph Oliger,
%2Stability of the Fourier Method%1,
25 pages, September 1977.

⊗STAN-CS-77-617, AIM-300, , Terry Winograd,
%2On some Contested Suppositions of Generative Linguistics about the
Scientific Study of Language%1,
25 pages, September 1977.

STAN-CS-77-618, HPP-77-28, AD-A045 948, Nils J. Nilsson,
%2A Production System for Automatic Deduction%1,
42 pages, September 1977.

STAN-CS-77-619, ,AD-A046 481, W. J. Paul and R. E. Tarjan,
%2Time-Space Trade-Offs in a Pebble Game%1,
8 pages, September 1977.

STAN-CS-77-620, , , J. Bolstad and J. Oliger,
%2Adaptation of the Fourier Method to the Nonperiodic Initial Boundary 
Value Problem%1,
80 pages, September 1977.

STAN-CS-77-621, HPP-77-25, AD-A046 289, E. A. Feigenbaum,
%2The Art of Artificial Intelligence:  I. Themes and Case Studies of 
Knowledge Engineering%1,
18 pages, September 1977.

STAN-CS-77-622, , , G. H. Golub, M. Heath and G. Wahba,
%2Generalized Cross-Validation as a Method for Choosing a Good Ridge 
25 pages, September 1977.

STAN-CS-77-623, , , D. Boley and G. H. Golub,
%2Inverse Eigenvalue Problems for Band Matrices%1,
75 pages, September 1977.

*STAN-CS-77-624, AIM-301, AD-A044 231, Lester Earnest, et. al.,
%2Recent Research in Computer Science%1,
118 pages, September 1977.  Cost: $5.00

STAN-CS-77-625, ,AD-A046 090, Mark R. Brown and Robert E. Tarjan,
%2A Fast Merging Algorithm%1,
42 pages, September 1977.

STAN-CS-77-626, , , Andrew C. Yao,
%2On the Loop Switching Addressing Problem%1,
21 page, October 1977.

STAN-CS-77-627, ,AD-A048 786, Richard J. Lipton and Robert E. Tarjan,
%2A Separator Theorem for Planar Graphs%1,
31 pages, October 1977.

STAN-CS-77-628, ,AD-A048 787, Richard J. Lipton and Robert E. Tarjan,
%2Applications of a Planar Separator Theorem%1,
34 pages, October 1977.

STAN-CS-77-629, , , Andrew C. Yao,
%2The Complexity of Pattern Matching for a Random String%1,
43 pages, October 1977.

∞STAN-CS-77-630, AIM-302, Zohar Manna and Richard Waldinger
%2Synthesis:  Dreams => Programs%1,
119 pages, October 1977.  Cost: $5.05

⊗STAN-CS-77-631, AIM-303, AD-A050 806, Nachum Dershowitz and Zohar Manna,
%2Inference Rules for Program Annotation%1,
46 pages, October 1977.

∞STAN-CS-77-632, AIM-304, AD-A048 684, Todd Jeffery Wagner (Thesis),
%2Hardware Verification%1,
102 pages, October 1977.  Cost: $4.55

∞STAN-CS-77-633, AIM-305, AD-A048 660, William Faught (Thesis),
%2Motivation and Intensionality in a Computer Simulation Model%1,
104 pages, October 1977.  Cost: $4.60

STAN-CS-77-634, , , W. Hoffmann and B. N. Parlett,
%2A New Proof of Global Convergence for the Tridiagonal QL Algorithm%1,
18 pages, October 1977.

STAN-CS-77-635, , , G. H. Golub, F. T. Luk and M. L. Overton,
%2A Block Lanczos Method to Computer the Singular Value and Corresponding 
Singular Vectrs of a Matrix%1,
80 pages, October 1977.

STAN-CS-77-636, ,AD-A048 788, Kenneth P. Bube,
%2C↑m Convergence of Trigonometric Interpolants%1,
25 pages, October 1977.

STAN-CS-77-637, , , Lyle Ramshaw,
%2On the Gap Structure of Sequences of Points on a Circle%1,
26 pages, September 1977.  Cost: $

STAN-CS-77-638, SU326 P30-57, , Dianne Prost O'Leary,
%2A Generalized Conjugate Gradient Algorithm for Solving a Class of
Quadratic Programming Problems%1,
49 pages, October 1977.  Cost: $

∞STAN-CS-77-639, AIM-306, AD-A053 175, Cordell Green and David Barstow,
%2On Program Synthesis Knowledge%1,
63 pages, November 1977.  Cost: $3.45

∞STAN-CS-77-640, AIM-307, AD-A053 176, Zohar Manna and Richard Waldinger,
%2Structured Programming Without Recursion%1,
10 pages, December 1977.  Cost: $2.00

∞STAN-CS-77-641, AIM-308, AD-A053 184, David Barstow (Thesis),
%2Automatic Construction of Algorithms%1,
220 pages, December 1977.  Cost: $7.85

STAN-CS-77-642, , , Andrew C. Yao,
%2On Constructing Minimum Spanning Trees in k-Dimensional Spaces
and Related Problems%1,
37 pages, November 1977.  Cost: $

STAN-CS-77-643, , , Kunio Tanabe,
%2A Geometric Method in Nonlinear Programming %1,
53 pages, December 1977.  Cost: $

STAN-CS-77-644, , , Bernard Mont-Reynaud (Thesis),
%2Hierarchical Properties of Flows and the Determination of Inner Loops%1,
164 pages, December 1977.  Cost: $

STAN-CS-77-645, , , Richard J. Lipton, Donald J. Rose, and Robert Endre Tarjan,
%2Generalized Nested Dissection%1,
32 pages, December 1977.  Cost: $

STAN-CS-77-646, AIM-309, , C. G. Nelson and Derek C. Oppen,
%2Efficient Decision Procedures Based on Congruence Closure%1,
15 pages, December 1977.  Cost: $

.ONCE CENTER <<1978>>
STAN-CS-78-647, , , Andrew C. Yao,
%2A Lower Bound to Palindrome Recognition by Probabilistic
  Turing Machines%1,
20 pages, January 1978.

STAN-CS-78-648, ,AD-A054 143, Donald E. Knuth,
%2Mathematical Typography%1,
68 pages, January 1978. 

STAN-CS-78-649, HPP-78-1, , Bruce G. Buchanan and Edward A. Feigenbaum,
%2DENDRAL and Meta-DENDRAL:  Their Applications Dimension%1,
25 pages, January 1978.  

STAN-CS-78-650, ,AD-A054 144, Thomas Lengaue and Robert E. Tarjan,
%2A Fast Algorithm for Finding Dominators in a Flow Graph%1,
40 pages, February 1978.  

STAN-CS-78-651, AIM-310, , Nachum Dershowitz and Zohar Manna,
%2Proving Termination with Multiset Orderings%1,
30 pages, March 1978.  Cost: $2.50

STAN-CS-78-652, AIM-311, , Greg Nelson and Derek C. Oppen,
%2A Simplifier Based on Efficient Decision Algorithms%1,
20 pages, March 1978.  Cost: $2.26

STAN-CS-78-653, , , Yossi Shiloach,
%2Multi-Terminal 0-1 Flow%1,
18 pages, January 1978.  Cost: $2.20

STAN-CS-78-654, , , Yossi Shiloach,
%2The Two Paths Problem is Polynomial%1,
23 pages, September 1977.  Cost: $2.40

STAN-CS-78-655, , , Germund Dahlquist,
%2On Accuracy and Unconditional Stability of Linear Multistep Methods for
Second Order Differential Equations%1,
8 pages, March 1978.  Cost: $1.90

STAN-CS-78-656, , , Michael T. Heath,
%2Numerical Algorithms for Nonlinearly Constrained Optimization%1,
142 pages, March 1978.  Cost $5.70

STAN-CS-78-657, AIM-312, , John McCarthy, Masahiko Sato, Takeshi Hayashi, and Shigeru Igarashi,
%2On the Model Theory of Knowledge%1,
12 pages, April 1978.  Cost: $2.00

STAN-CS-78-658, SLAC-205, , Leonard J. Shustek (Thesis),
%2Analysis and Performance of Computer Instruction Sets%1,
177 pages, March 1978.  Cost: $6.00

STAN-CS-78-659, SLAC-206, , John E. Zolnowsky (Thesis),
%2Topics in Computational Geometry%1,
63 pages, March 1978.  Cost: $3.45

⊗STAN-CS-78-660, AIM-313, , Bruce E. Shimano (Thesis),
%2The Kinematic Design and Force Control of Computer Controlled 
135 pages, March 1978.

STAN-CS-78-661, , , John R. Gilbert and Robert E. Tarjan,
%2Variations of a Pebble Game on Graphs%1,
23 pages, April 1978.  Cost: $2.35

STAN-CS-78-662, , , Andrew Chi-Chih Yao,
%2New Algorithms in Bin Packing%1,
50 pages, May 1978.  Cost: $3.10

STAN-CS-78-663, , , Eric Grosse,
%2Software Restyling in Graphics and Programming Languages%1,
30 pages, May 1978.  Cost: $2.55

STAN-CS-78-664, , , Peter Bjorstad and Jorge Nocedal,
%2Analysis of a New Algorithm for One-Dimensional Minimization%1,
18 pages, May 1978.  Cost: $2.20

STAN-CS-78-665, TR-152, , T. M. McWilliams and L. C. Widdoes, Jr.,
%2SCALD:  Structured Computer-Aided Logic Design%1,
39 pages, March 1978.  Cost: $2.80

STAN-CS-78-666, TR-153, , T. M. McWilliams and L. C. Widdoes, Jr.,
%2The SCALD Physical Design Subsystem%1,
28 pages, March 1978.  Cost: $2.50

STAN-CS-78-667, HPP-78-7, , Reid G. Smith and Randall Davis,
%2Distributed Problem Solving:  The Contract Net Approach%1,
27 pages, June 1978.  Cost: $2.50

STAN-CS-78-668, HPP-78-10, , Alain Bonnet,
%2BAOBAB, A Parser for a Rule-Based System Using a Semantic Grammar%1,
41 pages, June 1978.  Cost: $2.85

STAN-CS-78-669, , , Paul K. Stockmeyer and F. Frances Yao,
%2On the Optimality of Linear Merge%1,
11 pages, June 1978.  Cost: $2.05

STAN-CS-78-670, , , Ronald L. Graham, Andrew C. Yao, and F. Frances Yao,
%2Information Bounds are Weak in the Shortest Distance Problem%1,
39 pages, June 1978.  Cost: $2.80

STAN-CS-78-671, AIM-316, , Jerrold Ginsparg (Thesis),
%2Natural Language Processing in an Automatic Programming Domain%1,
172 pages, June 1978.  Cost: $6.55

⊗STAN-CS-78-672, , , Tony F. C. Chan (Thesis),
%2Comparison of Numerical Methods for Initial Value Problems%1,
195 pages, June 1978.

STAN-CS-78-673, SU36 P30-59, , Tony F. Chan, William M. Coughran, Jr., Eric H. Grosse 
and Michael T. Heath,
%2A Numerical Library and its Support%1,
22 pages, July 1978.             

STAN-CS-78-674, SU326 P30-60, , Tony F. Chan and Roland Glowinski,
%2Finite Element Appoximation and Iterative Solution of a Class of Mildly
Non-Linear Elliptic Equations%1,
76 pages, November 1978.

STAN-CS-78-675, AIM-317, , Donald E. Knuth,
%2Tau Epsilon Chi, a system for technical text%1, 200 pages, November 1978.

STAN-CS-78-676, SLACR-213, , John Phineas Banning (Thesis),
%2A Method for Determining the Side Effects of Procedure Calls%1, 283 pages,
November 1978.

STAN-CS-78-677, , , Frank M. Liang (editor),
%2Comprehensive Examinations in Computer Science, 1972-1978%1,     pages,
November 1978.

STAN-CS-78-678, AIM-314, , Derek C. Oppen,
%2Reasoning About Recursively Defined Data Structures%1, 15 pages, 
November 1978.

STAN-CS-78-   ,  , Connie J. Stanley (editor),
%2Bibliography of Stanford Computer Science Reports, 1963-1978%1,
    pages, November 1978.

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