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.ONCE CENTER <<1963>>
*STAN-CS-63-1, ,AD462108, J. B. Rosen, 
%2Primal Partition Programming for Block Diagonal Matrices%1,
23 pages, November 1963.

*STAN-CS-63-2, ,AD427753, J. M. Pavkovich,
%2The Soultion of Large Systems of Algebraic Equations%1,
46 pages, December 1963.

.ONCE CENTER <<1964>>
*STAN-CS-64-3, ,AD430445, G. E. Forsythe (translated by),
%2The Theorems in a Paper by V. K. Saulev 'On an Estimate of the Error in 
Obtaining Characteristic Functions by the Method of Finite Differences' %1,
6 pages, January 1964.

*STAN-CS-64-4, ,AD434858, Stefan Bergman and J. G. Herriot,
%2Numerical Solution of Boundary Value Problems by the Method of Integral
24 pages, February 1964.

*STAN-CS-64-5,N-6519765, , J. B. Rosen,
%2Existence and Uniqueness of Equilibrium Points for Concave N-Person Games%1,
28 pages, March 1964.

*STAN-CS-64-6, ,AD600164, R. W. Hockney,
%2A Fast Direct Solution of Poisson's Fourier Analysis%1,
28 pages, April 1964.

*STAN-CS-64-7, ,PB176753, J. B. Rosen,
%2Sufficient Conditions for Optimal Control of Convex Processes%1,
29 pages, May 1964.

*STAN-CS-64-8, ,AD603116, G. Golub and W. Kahan,
%2Calculating the Singular Values and Pseudo-Inverse of a Matrix%1,
33 pages, May 1964.

*STAN-CS-64-9, , AD604012, Charles Anderson,
%2The QD-Algorithm as a Method for Finding the Roots of a Polynomial 
Equation When All Roots are Positive%1,
74 pages, June 1964.

*STAN-CS-64-10, ,AD603163, R. L. Causey (Thesis),
%2On Closest Normal Matrices%1,
131 pages, June 1964.

*STAN-CS-64-11, ,PB176754, T. Nakamura and J. B. Rosen,
%2Elastic-Plastic Analysis of Trusses by the Gradient Projection Method%1,
32 pages, July 1964.

*STAN-CS-64-12, ,AD608292, G. Golub and P. Businger,
%2Numerical Methods for Solving Linear Least Squares Problems (and) an Algol
Procedure for Finding Linear Least Squares Solutions%1,
27 pages, August 1964.

*STAN-CS-64-13, N65-27058, , V. Pereyra and J. B. Rosen,
%2Computation of the Pseudoinverse of a Matrix of Unknown Rank%1,
28 pages, September 1964.

*STAN-CS-64-14, TT-65-61724, , V. A. Efimenko (translated by G. Reiter and C. Moler),
%2On Approximate Calculations of the Eigenvalues and Eigenfunctions of 
Boundary Value Problems in Partial Differential Equations%1,
20 pages, November 1964.

.ONCE CENTER <<1965>>
*STAN-CS-65-15, ,AD611366, D. W. Grace (Thesis),
%2Computer Search for Non-Isomorphic Convex Polyhedra%1,
137 pages, January 1965.

*STAN-CS-65-16, ,AD611427, G. E. Forsythe and G. H. Golub,
%2Maximizing a Second Degree Polynomial on the Unit Sphere%1,
31 pages, February 1965.

*STAN-CS-65-17, ,AD611434, G. E. Forsythe and N. Wirth,
%2Automatic Grading Programs%1,
17 pages, February 1965.

*STAN-CS-65-18, ,AD612478, V. Pereyra,
%2The Difference Correction Method for Non-Linear Two-Point Boundary Value 
February 1965.

*STAN-CS-65-19,TT-65-61839, , M. I. Ageev and J. Maclaren,
%2English Equivalents of Metalinguistic Terms of Russian ALGOL%1,
March 1965.

*STAN-CS-65-20, ,PB176755, N. Wirth and H. Weber,
%2EULER:  A Generalition of ALGOL and its Formal Definition%1,
115 pages, April 1965.

*STAN-CS-65-21, ,PB176756, D. D. Fisher, J. von der Groeben and J. G. Toole,
%2Vectorgardiographic Analysis by Digital Computer, Selected Results%1,
104 pages, May 1965.

*STAN-CS-65-22, ,AD616676, C. B. Moler (Thesis),
%2Finite Difference Methods for the Eigenbales of Laplace's Operator%1,
142 pages, May 1965.

*STAN-CS-65-23, ,AD618214, B. D. Rudin (Thesis),
%2Convex Polynomial Approximation%1,
44 pages, June 1965.

*STAN-CS-65-24, ,AD616611, V. V. Klyuyev and N. I. Kokovkin Shoherbak (translated 
by G. J. Tee),
%2On the Minimization of the Number of Arithmetic Operations for the 
Solution of Linear Algebraic Systems of Equations%1,
24 pages, June 1965.

*STAN-CS-65-25, ,AD618215, P. G. Hodge,
%2Yield-Point Load Determination by Nonlinear Programming%1,
24 pages, June 1965.

*STAN-CS-65-26, , , G. E. Forsythe,
%2Stanford University's Program in Computer Science%1,
15 pages, June 1965.

*STAN-CS-65-27, ,AD618216, E. A. Volkov (translated by R. Bartels),
%2An Analysis of One Algorithm of Heightened Precision of the Method of Nets 
for the Solution of Poisson's Equation%1,
29 pages, July 1965.

*STAN-CS-65-28, ,AD618217, J. Miller and G. Strang,
%2Matrix Theorems for Partial Differential an Difference Equations%1,
33 pages, July 1965.

*STAN-CS-65-29, ,AD624837, V. Pereyra,
%2On Improving an Approximate Solution of a Functional Equation by Deferred
32 pages, August 1965.

*STAN-CS-65-30, ,SS624-829, S. Marchuk (translated by G. J. Tee),
%2The Automatic Construction of Computational Algorithms%1,
56 pages, September 1965.

*STAN-CS-65-31, ,SS626-315, P. A. Raviart,
%2On the Approximation of Weak Solutions of Linear Parabolic Equations by a 
Class of Multi-step Difference Methods%1,
55 pages, December 1965.

*STAN-CS-65-32, ,SS633-557, R. W. Hockney,
%2Minimum Multiplication Fourier Analysis%1,
53 pages, December 1965.

*STAN-CS-65-33, ,PB176763, N. Wirth,
%2A Programming Language for the 360 Computers%1,
23 pages, December 1965.

.ONCE CENTER <<1966>>
*STAN-CS-66-34, ,SS630-998, J. M. Varah,
%2Eigenvectors of a Real Matrix by Inverse Iteration%1,
24 pages, February 1966.

*STAN-CS-66-35, ,PB176758, N. Wirth and C. Hoare,
%2A Contribution to the Development of ALGOL%1,
64 pages, February 1966.

*STAN-CS-66-36, ,PB176759, J. F. Traub,
%2The Calculation of Zeros of Polyynomials and Analytic Functions%1,
26 pages, April 1966.

*STAN-CS-66-37, ,PB176789, J. D. Reynolds,
%2Cogent 1.2 Operations Manual%1,
33 pages, April 1966.

*STAN-CS-66-38, AIM-40, AD662880, J. McCarthy and J. Painter,
%2Correctness of a Compiler for Arithmetic Expressions%1,
13 pages, April 1966.

*STAN-CS-66-39, ,PB176760, G. E. Forsythe,
%2A University's Educational Program in Computer Science%1,
26 pages, May 1966.

*STAN-CS-66-40, ,AD639052, G. E. Forsythe,
%2How Do You Solve a Quadratic Equation?%1,
19 pages, June 1966.

*STAN-CS-66-41, ,SS638-976, W. Kahan,
%2Accurate Eigenvalues of a Symmetric Tri-Diagonal Matrix%1,
53 pages, July 1966.

*STAN-CS-66-42, ,SS638-797, W. Kahan,
%2When to Neglect Off-Diagonal Elements of Symmetric Tri-Diagonal Matrices%1,
10 pages, July 1966.

*STAN-CS-66-43, ,SS638-798, W. Kahan and J. Varah,
%2Two Working Algorithms for the Eigenvalues of a Symmetric Tri-Diagonal 
28 pages, August 1966.

*STAN-CS-66-44, ,SS638-818, W. Kahan,
%2Relaxation Methods for an Eigenvalue Problem%1,
35 pages, August 1966.

*STAN-CS-66-45, ,SS638-799, W. Kahan,
%2Relaxation Methods for Semi-Definite Systems%1,
31 pages, August 1966.

*STAN-CS-66-46, ,SS638-809, G. E. Forsythe,
%2Today's Computational Methods of Linear Algebra%1,
47 pages, August 1966.

*STAN-CS-66-47, ,PB173335, P. Abrams,
%2An Interpreter for 'Inverson Notation' %1,
61 pages, August 1966.

*STAN-CS-66-48, ,SS639-166, W. M. McKeeman (Thesis),
%2An Approach to Computer Language Design%1,
124 pages, August 1966.

*STAN-CS-66-49, AIM-43, SS640-836, D. R. Reddy (Thesis),
%2An Approach to Computer Speech Recognition by Direct Analysis of Speech 
143 pages, September 1966.

*STAN-CS-66-50, AIM-46, PB176761, S. Persson (Thesis),
%2Some Sequence Extrapulating Programs:  A Study of Representation and 
Modelling in Inquiring Systems%1,
176 pages, September 1966.

*STAN-CS-66-51, ,AD648394, S. Bergman, J. G. Herriot and T. G. Kurtz,
%2Numerical Calculation of Transonic Flow Patterns%1,
35 pages, October 1966.

*STAN-CS-66-52, ,PB176762, A. C. Shaw,
%2Lecture Notes on a Course in Systems Programming%1,
216 pages, December 1966.

*STAN-CS-66-53, ,PB176757, N. Wirth,
%2A Programming Language for the 360 Computers%1,
81 pages, December 1966.

.ONCE CENTER <<1967>>
STAN-CS-67-54, ,AD662882, G. Golub and T. N. Robertson,
%2A Generalized Bairstow Algorithm%1,
10 pages, January 1967.

STAN-CS-67-55, ,AD647200, D. A. Adams,
%2A Stopping Criterion for Polynomial Root Finding%1,
11 pages, February 1967.

STAN-CS-67-56, ,PB176764, F. L. Bauer,
%2QD-Method with Newton Shift%1,
6 pages, March 1967.

STAN-CS-67-57, ,PB176765, D. Gries,
%2The Use of Transition Matrices in Compiling%1,
60 pages, March 1967.

STAN-CS-67-58, ,PB176766, V. Tixier (Thesis),
%2Recursive Functions of Regular Expressions in Language Analysis%1,
146 pages, March 1967.

STAN-CS-67-59, ,SS650-116, J. H. Wilkinson,
%2Almost Diagonal Matrices with Multiple or Close Eigenvalues%1,
18 pages, April 1967.

STAN-CS-67-60, ,SS650-117, J. H. Wilkinson,
%2Two Algorithms Based on Successive Linear Interpolation%1,
13 pages, April 1967.

STAN-CS-67-61, ,SS650-610, G. E. Forsythe,
%2On the Asymptotic Directions of the S-Dimensional Optimum Gradient Method%1,
43 pages, April 1967.

STAN-CS-67-62, ,SS650-620, M. Tienari,
%2Varying Length Floating Point Arithmetic:  A Necessary Tool for the 
Numerical Analyst%1,
38 pages, April 1967.

STAN-CS-67-63, ,SS650-627, G. Polya,
%2Graeffe's Method for Eigenvalues%1,
9 pages, April 1967.

STAN-CS-67-64, ,SS651-201, P. Richman,
%2Floating-Point Number Representations:  Base Choice Versus Exponent Range%1,
32 pages, April 1967.

STAN-CS-67-65, ,PB176767, N. Wirth,
%2On Certain Basic Concepts of Programming Languages%1,
30 pages, May 1967.

STAN-CS-67-66, ,AD652921, J. M. Varah (Thesis),
%2The Computation of Bounds for the Invariant Subspaces of a General 
Matrix Operator%1,
240 pages, May 1967.

STAN-CS-67-67, ,AD652992, R. H. Bartels and G. H. Golub,
%2Computational Considerations Regarding the Calculation of Chebyshev 
Solutions for  Over-Determined Linear Equations Systems by the Exchange 
63 pages, June 1967.

STAN-CS-67-68, ,PB176768, N. Wirth,
%2The PL 360 System%1,
63 pages, June 1967.

STAN-CS-67-69, ,PB176769, J. Feldman and D. Gries,
%2Translator Writing Systems%1,
127 pages, June 1967.

STAN-CS-67-70, ,AD655472, S. Bergman, J. G. Herriot and P. L. Richman,
%2On Computation of Flow Patterns of Compressible Fluids in the Transonic 
77 pages, July 1977.

STAN-CS-67-71, ,AD655230, M. A. Jenkins and J. F. Traub,
%2An Algorithm for an Automatic General Polynomial Solver%1,
38 pages, July 1967.

STAN-CS-67-72, ,PB175581, G. H. Golub and L. B. Smith,
%2Chebysev Approximation of Continuous Functions by a Chebyshev Systems 
of Functions%1,
54 pages, July 1967.

STAN-CS-67-73, ,AD662883, P. Businger and G. H. Golub,
%2Least Squares, Singular Values and Matrix Approximations (and) an ALGOL 
Procedure for Computing the Singular Value Decomposition%1,
12 pages, July 1967.

STAN-CS-67-74, ,AD657639, G. E. Forsythe,
%2What is a Satisfactory Quadratic Equation Solver?%1,
9 pages, August 1967.

STAN-CS-67-75, ,PB175793, F. L. Bauer,
%2Theory of Norms%1,
136 pages, August 1967.

STAN-CS-67-76, ,AD657450, P. M. Anselone,
%2Collectively Compact Operator Approximations%1,
60 pages, April 1967.

STAN-CS-67-77, ,PB176770, G. E. Forsythe,
%2What To Do Till The Computer Scientist Comes%1,
13 pages, September 1967.

STAN-CS-67-78, ,PB176771, K. M. Colby and H. Enea,
%2Machine Utilization of the Natural Language Word 'Good' %1,
8 pages, September 1967.

STAN-CS-67-79, ,AD662884, R. W. Doran,
%2360 U.S. Fortran IV Free Field Input/Output Subroutine Package%1,
21 pages, October 1967.

STAN-CS-67-80, ,AD662902, J. Friedman,
%2Directed Random Generation of Sentences%1,
30 pages, October 1967.

STAN-CS-67-81, ,AD661217, G. H. Golub and J. H. Welsch,
%2Calculation of Gauss Quadrature Rules%1,
28 pages, November 1967.

STAN-CS-67-82, ,PB176775, L. Tesler, H. Enea and K. M. Colby,
%2A Directed Graph Representation for Computer Simulation of Belief Systems%1,
31 pages, December 1967.

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.ONCE CENTER <<1968>>
STAN-CS-68-83, ,AD664237, A. Bjorck and G. Golub,
%2Iterative Refinements of Linear Squares Solutions by House-Holder 
28 pages, January 1968.

STAN-CS-68-84, ,AD692680, J. Friedman,
%2A Computer System for Transformational Grammar%1,
31 pages, January 1968.

STAN-CS-68-85, ,PB177426, K. M. Colby,
%2Computer-Aided Language Development in Nonspeaking Mentally Disturbed 
35 pages, December 1968.

STAN-CS-68-86, ,PB179162, H. R. Bauer, S. Becker and S. L. Graham,
%2ALGOL With Programming%1,
90 pages, January 1968.

STAN-CS-68-87, ,PB178176, J. Ehrman,
%2CS 139 Lecture Notes Part 1, Sections 1 thru Preliminary Version%1,
188 pages, 1968.

STAN-CS-68-88, ,AD665672, S. Schechter,
%2Relaxation Methods for Convex Problems%1,
19 pages, February 1968.

STAN-CS-68-89, ,PB180920, H. R. Bauer, S. Becker and S. L. Graham,
%2ALGOL W (revised)%1,
42 pages, March 1968.

STAN-CS-68-90, ,PB178177, V. R. Lesser,
%2A Multi-Level Computer Organization Designed to Separate Data Accessing 
from the Computation%1,
20 pages, March 1968.

STAN-CS-68-91, ,PB178114, N. Wirth, J. W. Wells, Jr. and E. H. Stterthwaite, Jr.,
%2The PL360 System%1,
89 pages, April 1968.

STAN-CS-68-92, ,PB178078, H. Enea,
18 pages, March 1968.

STAN-CS-68-93, ,PB178078, G. E. Forsythe,
%2Computer Science and Education%1,
50 pages, March 1968.

STAN-CS-68-94, SLACR-84, , A. C. Shaw (Thesis),
%2The Formal Description and Parsing of Pictures%1,
205 pages, April 1968.

STAN-CS-68-95, , , J. Friedman and R. W. Doran,
%2A Formal Syntax for Transformational Grammar%1,
47 pages, March 1968.

STAN-CS-68-96, ,AD673673, L. B. Smith,
%2Interval Arithmetic Determinant Evaluation and its Use in Testing for a
Chebyshev System%1,
26 pages, April 1968.

*STAN-CS-68-97, , , W. F. Miller,
%2Research in the Computer Science Department at Stanford University%1,
49 pages, April 1968.

STAN-CS-68-98, ,PB179162, H. Bauer, S. Becker and S. Graham,
%2ALGOL With Implementation%1,
147 pages, May 1968.

STAN-CS-68-99, ,PB179057, J. Friedman,
%2Lecture Notes on Foundations for Computer Science%1,
212 pages, June 1968.

STAN-CS-68-100, ,PB178877, T. H. Bredt,
%2A Computer Model of Information Processing in Children%1,
60 pages, June 1968.

STAN-CS-68-101, AIM-60, AD672923, D. M. Kaplan (Thesis),
%2The Formal Theoretic Analysis of Stront Equivalence for Elemental 
263 pages, June 1968.

STAN-CS-68-102, ,AD677982, A. Pnueli,
%2Integer Programming Over a Cone%1,
29 pages, July 1968.

STAN-CS-68-103, ,AD692689, T. H. Bredt and J. Friedman,
%2Lexical Insertion in Transformational Grammar%1,
47 pages, June 1968.

STAN-CS-68-104, ,AD673010, R. Bartels,
%2A Numerical Investigation of the Simplex Method%1,
122 pages, July 1968.

STAN-CS-68-105, ,AD673674, P. Richman (Thesis),
138 pages, August 1968.

STAN-CS-68-106, AIM-65, AD673971, B. Huberman (Thesis),
%2A Program to Play Chess End Games%1,
168 pages, August 1968.

STAN-CS-68-107, ,AD668558, M. Jenkins,
%2A Three-Stage Variable-Shift Iteration for Polynomial Zeros and its
Relation to Generalized Rayleigh Interation%1,
46 pages, August 1968.

STAN-CS-68-108,AD692681, J. Friedman (editor),
%2Computer Experiments in Transformational Grammar%1,
36 pages, August 1968.

STAN-CS-68-109, ,AD692690, J. Friedman,
%2A Computer System for Writing and Testing Transformational Grammars -   Final 
14 pages, September 1968.

STAN-CS-68-110, ,PB180920, H. Bauer, S. Becker, S. Graham and E. Satterthwaite,
%2ALGOL W (revised),
103 pages, October 1968.

STAN-CS-68-111, ,AD692691, J. Friedman and T. Martner,
%2Analysis in Transformational Grammar%1,
18 pages, August 1968.

STAN-CS-68-112, ,AD692687, J. Friedman and B. Pollack,
%2A Control Language for Transformational Grammar%1,
51 pages, August 1968.

STAN-CS-68-113, ,PB188705, W. J. Hansen,
%2The Impact of Storage Management on Plex Processing Language 
253 pages, July 1968.

STAN-CS-68-114, ,PB182156, J. George,
%2Calgen, An Interactive Picture Calculus Generation System%1,
75 pages, December 1968,

STAN-CS-68-115, ,AD692686, J. Friedman, T. Bredt, R. Doran, T. Martner and B. Pollack,
%2Programmer's Manual for a Computer System for Transformational Grammar%1,
199 pages, August 1968.

STAN-CS-68-116, AIM-72, AD680036, D. Pieper (Thesis),
%2The Kinematics of Manipulators Under Computer Control%1,
157 pages, October 1968.

STAN-CS-68-117, ,PB182151, D. Adams (Thesis),
%2A Computational Model with Data Flow Sequencing%1,
130 pages, December 1968.

STAN-CS-68-118, AIM-74, AD681027, D. Waterman (Thesis),
%2Machine Learning of Heuristics%1,
235 pages, December 1968.

STAN-CS-68-119, ,AD692681, G. Dantzig, et al.,
%2Mathematical Programming Language%1,
91 pages, May 1968.

STAN-CS-68-120, ,PB182166, E. Satterthwaite,
%2Mutant 0.5:  An Experimental Programming Language%1,
60 pages, February 1968.

.ONCE CENTER <<1969>>
STAN-CS-69-121, ,AD682978, C. B. Moler,
%2Accurate Bounds for the Eigenvalues of the Laplacian and Applications
to Rhombical Domains%1,
17 pages, February 1969.

STAN-CS-69-122, ,AD687450, W. C. Mitchell and D. L. McCraith,
%2Heuristic Analysis of Numerical Variants of the Gram-Schmidt
Orthonormalization Process%1,
21 pages, February 1969.

STAN-CS-69-123, ,AD696982, R. P. Brent,
%2Empirical Evidence for a Proposed Distribution of Small Prime Gaps%1,
18 pages, February 1969.

STAN-CS-69-124, ,AD687719, G. H. Golub,
%2Matrix Decompositions and Statistical Calculations%1,
52 pages, March 1969.

STAN-CS-69-125, AIM-89, AD692390, J. Feldman, J. Horning, J. Gips and S. Reder,
%2Grammatical Complexity and Inference%1,
100 pages, June 1969.

STAN-CS-69-126, ,AD702898, G. Dantzig,
%2Complementary Spanning Trees%1,
10 pages, March 1969.

STAN-CS-69-127, AIM-85, AD687720, P. Vicens (Thesis),
%2Aspects of Speech Recognition by Computer%1,
210 pages, April 1969.

STAN-CS-69-128, ,AD687717, G. H. Golub, B. L. Buzbee and C. W. Nielson,
%2The Method of Odd/Even Reduction and Factorization with Application
to Poisson's Equation%1,
39 pages, April 1969.

STAN-CS-69-129, , , W. F. Miller,
%2Research in the Computer Science Department%1,
82 pages, April 1969.

STAN-CS-69-130, AIM-83, PB183907, R. C. Schank (Thesis),
%2A Conceptual Dependency Representation for a Computer-Oriented
201 pages, March 1969.

STAN-CS-69-131, SLAC-96, , L. B. Smith (Thesis),
%2The Use of Man-Machine Interaction in Data-Fitting Problems%1,
287 pages, March 1969.

STAN-CS-69-132, , , Never Printed.

STAN-CS-69-133, ,AD687718, G. H. Golub and C. Reinsch,
%2Handbook Series Linear Algebra:  Singular Value Decompositions and
Least Sequares Solutions%1,
38 pages, May 1969.

STAN-CS-69-134, ,AD700923, G. H. Golub and M. A. Saunders,
%2Linear Least Squares and Quadratic Programming%1,
38 pages, May 1969.

STAN-CS-69-135, SLACR-102, , D. Gries,
%2Compiler Implementation Language%1,
113 pages, May 1969.

STAN-CS-69-136, SLACR-104, , I. Pohl (Thesis),
%2Bi-Directional and Heuristic Search in Path Problems%1,
157 pages, May 1969.

STAN-CS-69-137, ,AD698801, P. Henrici,
%2Fixed Points of Analytic Functions%1,
7 pages, July 1969.

STAN-CS-69-138, AIM-96, AD696394, C. C. Green (Thesis),
%2The Application of Theorem Proving to Question-Answering Systems%1,
162 pages, June 1969.

STAN-CS-69-139, AIM-98, AD695401, J. J. Horning (Thesis),
%2A Study of Grammatical Inference%1,
166 pages, August 1969.

STAN-CS-69-140, ,AD698799, G. E. Forsythe,
%2Design - Then and Now%1,
15 pages, September 1969.

STAN-CS-69-141, ,PB188542, G. Dahlquist, S. C. Eisenstat and G. H. Golub,
%2Bounds for the Error of Linear Systems of Equations Using the
Theory of Moments%1,
26 pages, October 1969.

STAN-CS-69-142, , , G. H. Golub and R. Underwood,
%2Stationary Values of the Ratio of Quadratic Forms Subject to
Linear Constraints%1,
22 pages, November 1969.

STAN-CS-69-143, ,AD694464, M. A. Jenkins (Thesis),
%2Three-Stage Variable-Shift for the Solution of Polynomial Equations
with a Posteriori Error Bounds for the Zeros%2
(has also been printed incorrectly as STAN-STAN-CS-69-69-138), 199 pages, August 1969.

STAN-CS-69-144, ,AD698800, G. E. Forsythe,
%2The Maximum and Minimum of a Positive Definite Quadratic Polynomial on
a Sphere are Convex Functions of the Radius%1,
9 pages, July 1969.

STAN-CS-69-145, ,AD698798, P. Henrici, 
%2Methods of Search for Solving Polynomial Equations%1,
25 pages, December 1969.

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