perm filename 1.DMD[DAT,LCS] blob sn#443185 filedate 1979-05-19 generic text, type T, neo UTF8
                                                                                1 NOTES: 1, STAFF, POS, NOTE NUM(VERT. POS.),                                   	(P5) STEM DIR & ACCI,                                                          	(P6) FILLED IN? (≥0) (USE -1 FOR 1/2 NOTE, WHOLE, AND DBL.WHL.)                	(P7)NUM OF TAILS(1=8TH,4=64TH, ETC.)                                           		(IF 2 DIGITS, LFT IS NUM OF DOTS.)                                            	(P8)STEM EXT. BY NT NUM.  (999 IS SAME AS 0 HERE.)                             	(P9)=-1 TO SUPPRESS LEDGER LINES.                                                      	 (P9 USUALLY STORES RHYTHMIC VALUE FOR SPACING.)                       		 ANY NEG. NUM. IN P9 WILL CAUSE THE NOTE TO BE IGNORED                        		 BY ALL JUSTIFYING ROUTINES. (USE -2 IF YOU WANT THE                          		 LEDGER LINES TO APPEAR.)                                                     	(P10)=-1 PUTS SLASH ON GRACE-NOTE TAIL (1000 IN P8=SAME)                       	     =1 PUTS NOTE ON STAFF BELOW, =2 PUTS IT ON STAFF ABOVE.                   	(P11)=ACCENTS, FERMATA, ETC. (SEE CODE 9 FOR LIST)                             	      2 ITEMS MAY BE ENTERED.  E.G. FOR A STACCATO AND                         	      AN ACCENT TYPE 705.  THE 1ST  DIGIT IS FOR THE DOT,                      	      THE LAST 2 FOR THE ACCENT.                                               	      THE 1ST ITEM WILL BE FARTHEST AWAY FROM THE NOTE HEAD.                   	      ADD DECIMALS TO DISPLACE THE ITEMS  VERTICALLY.                                  (P12)=CHANGE SOURCE POS. OF STEM. (USE WITH P4=400+)                        P4: +100 GIVE MINIS                                                                 +200 GIVE DIAMOND SHAPE (HARMONICS), P6=-1 MAKES BLACK DIAMOND.         	+300 GIVE 'X' NOTES (FOR PERCUSSION, ETC.)                                     	+400 = NO NOTE HEAD.                                                           	+500 GET EARLY MUSIC PACKAGE (SEE EARLY.F4 FOR INFO).                              P5: <10= NO STEM, 10-15=STEM UP, 20-25= STEM DOWN                           	1,11 OR 21=FLAT; 2,12,22=#; 3,13,23=NATURAL; 4=DBL b; 5=DBL #                      P6: POS NUM OR 0 = BLACK NOTE, ANY NEG NUM = WHITE NOTE.                                 10,-10 'HOMES' TO RIGHT OF STEM.                                   	     20,-20 'HOMES' TO LEFT OF STEM.                                           	     USE THIS WHEN IT IS NECESSARY TO DISPLACE NOTES (OR WHOLE                    	     CHORDS) ONE NOTE WIDTH.  (SEE INFO RE. "HOMING" OF BEAMS               	     IN SUCH CASES.  SECT. ???)                                                 	30,-30(FOR 0,-1) PUTS DOTS IN PROPER PLACE IN COMPLEX CHORDS.                       IF P7 HAS 2 DIGITS THE NOTE IS DOTTED; 2ND DIG. IS NUM OF TAILS.          		    IF 2ND DIGIT IS 1 AND P6 IS NEG. A WHOLE NOTE PRINTS.                     		    IF 2ND DIGIT IS 2 A DOUBLE WHOLE NOTE PRINTS.                             	DECIMALS AFTER P5 OR P7 SPACE OUT ACCIDENTAL OR DOT.                           	ADD 100 TO P7 TO SPACE A DOT TO EXACTLY THE POSITION OF ANOTHER                	DOT ON A NOTE PLACED TO THE RIGHT OF AN UPWARD STEM.                           βs