perm filename MATHEX.MF[1,3]1 blob sn#495922 filedate 1980-01-31 generic text, type T, neo UTF8
% The Computer Modern Math-Extension family of fonts (by D. E. Knuth, 1979).
new pt;	% one virtual point
pt=typesize/10;	% assumes 10 point specifications

% The following subroutines break up the large characters on an Alphatype CRS,
% assuming that $10\\{pt}$ equals 10 points.
subroutine eighteen:
if mode=2: crsbreak;
subroutine twentyfour:
if mode=2: crsbreak (ph+pb-12pt).cf;
subroutine thirty:
if mode=2: crsbreak (ph+pb-12pt).cf; crsbreak (ph+pb-18pt).cf;

input mathdl;	% the large delimiters
input mathop;	% the large operators
input mexext;	% nonstandard characters (any of the codes
			% \¬017, \¬037, \¬055--\¬057, \¬077, \¬104--\¬105, \¬140--\¬157, \¬167, \¬176, \¬177)
texinfo slant, 6pu, 3pu, 2pu, px, 18pu, 2pu, prt;
% (The calling file should supply the remaining \&{texinfo}.)